The NBA just caved to China in a pathetic way


The world of sports has taken a turn for the worse by becoming political.

Some of the most vocal figures in sports politics reside in the NBA, patting themselves on the back for ripping America.

And now the NBA just caved to China in a pathetic way.

Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James, Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr, and San Antonio Spurs coach Greg Popovich are just a few of the NBA luminaries who attack Donald Trump as if it were a full-time job.

Popovich even sat for an interview with the far-left publication The Nation in order to get in even more digs at Trump.

What would the American people do without these multimillionaires “speaking truth to power”?

The reality is these NBA voices are perfectly fine taking shots at Trump because they have nothing to lose.

In fact, they’ll be rewarded.

But when real courage is required, they mysteriously lose the ability to speak.

Such is the case with the NBA’s relationship vis-à-vis China.

The conflict first began last fall when Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey tweeted support for pro-freedom protesters in Hong Kong.

This was a slap in the face to the Chinese Communist Party, and they came down on the NBA like a piano falling from the sky in a Looney Tunes sketch. 

The NBA immediately bent the knee, and Morey was almost fired for his tepid endorsement of Hong Kongers.

And now the NBA is groveling to China again.

NBA commissioner Adam Silver said in an interview with TIME:

“We’ve had a long history in China. and certainly, this is a bump in the road in our relations…[W]e come to China with a certain set of core American values and principles. I understand also they have a different form of government, and they have a different view how things have been done, how things should be done. Hopefully, we can find mutual respect for each other.”

What a cowardly statement.

There is no mutual respect, only a veritable show trial where the options are exile or death.

China is a country literally has over 1 million Uyghur muslims in concentration camps, forces women to undergo abortions or sterilizations, and has finally annexed Hong Kong.

Popovich was silent about the Chinese atrocities.

Kerr deflected and said America has problems with gun violence.

LeBron was the worst of the three and lectured Morey about not being educated.

Slamming Trump in America takes no guts whatsoever.

Calling out China for their human rights violations with money on the line is completely different.

Since LeBron is so “woke,” perhaps he could criticize China for barring Africans from entering a McDonalds, or speak out about the Africans who were evicted due to the coronavirus.

That’s a fight that might take a little courage.

Has the NBA forever ruined its brand by kowtowing to China?

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  2. All the NBA cares about is money. Their representatives are all eunuchs because their higher calling is greed. They have no ethics or morals. As Confucius said “he who lives in glass house should not throw rocks.” they are nothing but emasculated hypocrites.

  3. A Black person cannot go into a McDonalds in China and the woke NBA Doesn’t have a problem with that!!! LOL!LOL!LOL! Would the NBA, have a problem if black people weren’t allowed in McDonalds here in the USA??? Answers please!! Answers please!! Take your foot out of your mouth and answer the question!!

  4. I would not watch an NBA game if they played in my yard. I went to a Spurs game when they played Cleveland in San Antonio. King James as he is called spent half the game complaining to the refs and the other half coaching. That was my first and last NBA experience. It was years ago and I have not missed that experience at all.

  5. It is pathetic that the NBA, an American entity, has stooped so low and caved to the chinese, world’s WORST (along with Saudia Arabia) human rights offenders. Where are peoples brains; does anyone care that china loves to do ethnic cleansing, non ccp people, put them away, steal their organs and hair, and anything else they can make a buck on. Pathetic, the world should condemn them instead of kowtowing to them. Stop giving Trump Hell, thankfully he has the sense to see you for what you really are, despicable.

  6. How The NBA just caved to China in a pathetic way…?? When the Chinese OWNS the NBA; some black players will backstab the USA in a jiffy but, still want to be paid in US Dollars. (NBA Hypocrites)

  7. Pro sports will not last. People are tired of the athletes telling people how to think and live.
    They are not just part of the swamp but they are sinking in quick sand.

  8. The NBA turned LIBERAL and is BALLESS for bowing and kneeling to the RADICALS . We are completely DONE with the NBA .

  9. NBA, do you mean the No Backbone Association. Easy to blame Trump for everything, that doesn’t take any work to pile on. Just a bunch of spoiled elites. If they would talk like that in China or any other dictatorship country let’s see how far that would get them. Just one reason why I don’t watch them. NFL is next. National Fools League.

  10. Let’s see there are no fouls called for walking, palming, carrying, double dribbling and very seldom for charging. The game has no room for good zone defense or defensive players right to their places on the court without being called for blocking the offensive player path to the basket. In short the rules have been changed to help the offensive players to score and the defensive player little room to be great at their game. Dr. James Naismith the inventor of the game of basketball and wrote the original basketball rule book and founded the University of Kansas basketball would not recognize the game today.

  11. The NBA and James are the biggest hypocrites anywhere. They can paint anything they want on the courts they use and put any slogan they want on their shirts. I sure as hell will not be watching and I hope they all go bankrupt.

  12. Well James. Maybe you should have continued your education before you lecture the USA. If you are curious ( since you think your self educated) you should read :” MAO, the untold story “, by John Holliday . You will find your destiny there. Best of luck

  13. NBA (NO BASKETBALL ANYMORE) I have’nt watched a single game since the Baltimore Bullets left for Washington ages ago. Thats when real men played the game before these creeps showed up and ruined the game with their showboat dunks. They should have raised the Rims higher to make it fairer for all players.

  14. This is ridiculous ! You get paid millions, which you don’t deserve, but you care about China more than Americans. This is not at all about race and it never was. You all are as racist as you think we are. It’s about power and now NBA is going to lose millions I hope, and NFL. You all get to play in a country with freedoms and privileges you don’t even recognize. You sit there and condemn our president. Move to China, and play basketball there. It’s the only noble thing you can do. I love America and never thought I would live to see people hate it so much, you are willing to kill your own race and others.

  15. NBA shows no allegiance to the United States. If their allegiance is to China they should move their teams there.
    To be honest Americans are sick and tired of people that say the hate this country. If they hate us why don’t they leave and go to a country of their liking. The truth is that the NBA and other businesses are selling us out for the money.

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