The most uppity Joe Biden supporters will regret their votes with this shocking change on Black Friday


America’s economy is in the toilet and there’s no one to blame but Joe Biden.

The Democrats’ hasty decisions to overturn everything Donald Trump did has put the U.S. on a collision course with absolute destruction.

And this shocking change on Black Friday could be the last straw that makes even the most uppity Joe Biden supporters regret their votes.

You see them far more often than you’d like these days – uppity entitled customers who go entitled tirades against “the help” instead of the insane policies and politicians who are responsible.

The front-line worker on the receiving end is actually someone who wants to earn their living.

They’re someone who volunteered to pick up the load of those who decided to leech off everyone else and get on the Democrats’ dole.

Right now front-line retail workers – like everywhere else – are in short supply.

In fact, Joe Biden and the Democrats have messed up the country so bad that Macy’s is pulling employees from its corporate offices to fill in at retail locations so they can remain open on Black Friday.

The intentions behind Macy’s move is a good one.

But it’s sure to be a nightmare and lead to a bunch of uppity Biden supporters in the blue-haired set having meltdowns at the Department store’s counters on Friday.

Because we all know it’s generally front-line workers – and not corporate employees – who actually know the day to day operations in most stores.

Black Friday is the biggest shopping day of the year.

Macy’s is one of the biggest department stores in the world.

Yet, even Macy’s can’t staff its stores because of Joe Biden’s socialist policies.

The Washington Post recently reported:

“Macy’s is asking corporate employees to volunteer for shifts in its department stores on Black Friday and other busy holiday shopping days, at a time when the retail sector is struggling to fill more than 1 million job openings.”

One million job openings!

Macy’s, one of the largest retailers in the world, has one million jobs it cannot fill.

Internal emails intercepted by The Washington Post show that corporate employees are being asked to fill in by helping to fold clothes, clear dressing rooms and restock merchandise.

On an internal employee website Macy’s outlined what it’s calling a “Holiday All Hands-On Deck” strategy, “As a company, we understand that business continues to be different, and where we can, we want to influence our high traffic moments, finding ways to elevate the customer experience.”

The supply chain issues, rising inflation and Biden’s socialist policies are hurting even the mega retailers now.

Maybe this shocking change on Black Friday will finally be enough to make even the most uppity Joe Biden supporters regret their votes.

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