The media’s smear of the Covington kids just backfired in a breathtaking way


Liberals have truly gone off the deep end.

And the ones in the mainstream media are destroying their credibility in the process.

Now their smear of the Covington Catholic kids is about to backfire in a breathtaking way.

Leftists who are obsessed with the issue of climate change have turned 16-year-old Greta Thunberg into a mascot for their movement.

Any criticism of her absurd climate scare tactics is met with instant backlash, and even harassment.

But months ago, these same Leftists tried to completely destroy the lives and reputations from children at Covington Catholic High School in Kentucky.

The main target of the Left’s outrage was Nicholas Sandmann, and his great crime was wearing a MAGA hat.

For that act, he and his classmates were hit with an unbelievable wave of negativity and slander.

They were accused of taunting and obstructing a Native American man at a protest event.

The unbelievable smear would’ve worked if there hadn’t been extensive video evidence proving the kids were completely innocent.

Sandmann struck back against the slander with a massive lawsuit, and a judge ruled that his case can move forward.

Daily Wire reports:

A federal judge in Kentucky ruled on Thursday that a $275 million lawsuit from Covington Catholic student Nicholas Sandmann against NBCUniversal can proceed in court, the third lawsuit from Sandmann that the judge has allowed to proceed.

“U.S. District Court Judge William Bertelsman dismissed parts of the lawsuit while allowing discovery on allegations that the network’s coverage defamed the teen by reporting that he ‘blocked’ Native American elder Nathan Phillips in a Jan. 18 encounter at the Lincoln Memorial,” The Washington Times reported.

Sandmann’s lawsuit could be a huge turning point.

It would be a wake-up call to the Democrat Media Complex that smears everyone and everything that stands in its way.

Sandmann and his cohort were doxxed, threatened, and essentially branded for life.

Former CNN host Reza Aslan even remarked that he wanted to punch Sandmann in the face.

But hey, it’s wrong to criticize Thunberg when she says her dreams have been stolen because of inaction on climate change.

These major news outlets may have no choice but to settle, because a loss in court would mean they would actually have to employ journalist ethics.

Do you think the media was irresponsible in its coverage of the Covington Catholic kids?

Let us know in the comment section.


  1. Those boys were harassed & attacked by adult thugs & that was just fine with the media! Everything the Main Stream Media did was to bully & attack those young boys!! They endangered & scarred their lives forever! You have to admit that the Main Stream Media are really sick mentally deranged people!

    • Nothing better than getting them exposed to the whole world! Their wallets will be much lighter, the audience much smaller. America is now witnessing just how evil left has been. Expose them and be as vigilant as they are. Don’t let them intimidate you.
      We are proud Americans and we will win!
      MAGA 2020!!!

        • The suits just need to add them by name so that they will each be responsible if the network fails to pay. They also need to be forced to dig into their personal assets so they can learn what responsibility is all about.

    • 💯 Correct. The left and the media have gone WAY TOO FAR THIS TIME. There needs to be jail time for harassment of minors. This is clear discrimination against Catholic children. This cannot be accepted. Where is the law in all of this! Don’t we have laws for religious persecution?? Kentucky we need to see some arrests! This is just the beginning! The left has waged war against the rights of conservatism and we have been quiet. Not anymore!!

      • What I do not understand is why they are not also pressing charges of harassment to this so-called Native Elder (age is the only qualification he as for that title) who strode up to Nick, got within inches of his face and for 20 min stood there drumming and chanting trying to intimidate and antagonize Nick, in the Natives attempt to get the Nick and the other kids to react negatively. In the interview Nick did on GMA the fully biased interviewer asked him if he felt standing there, not moving was aggressive and that he (Nick) owed the Native man who is half a century older then this teen, an apology! This is how demented these people are! If anyone did that to any of their children they would justifiably punch this Native old man and knock that massive chip off his shoulder- As I would! And I’m a woman! This whole incident shows just how far the left has fallen into degeneracy and mental illness- Reality and common sense mean nothing to them.
        I hope Nick and the other kids own these MSM outlets when this is done and he uses some of the Funds to open a school on this Native elders res. – they are obviously in desperate need of one! Nick acted with dignity, respect, and courage, he did not react negatively, but he did not back down to old bullies! He has more character, principles, and honor then this old used up Indian and his fellow haters combined with every single one of the Liberal idiots and Dems together!
        God Bless Nick and his fellow classmates who will suffer for years from the hate the left spews while they’re screaming about how tolerant, loving and peaceful they are. LOL what a joke the liberals have become! They should be ashamed fo themselves- but that would require self-awareness and a conscience so I do not expect them to.

    • The only way Sandman can get any recompense or help prevent this abuse to other young people is to sue the media Hopefully, the judgment will result in recompense to all those young people affected and will hold the leftist media to answer and not jump to startling conclusions next time.

  2. Left-Wing Media has long ago lost its credibility for me – and for millions of other Americans. The single most effective way to fight these propagandists who constantly honor Joseph Goebbels is to use the law to take them down for their lying.

    The First Amendment has been a facade that Left-Wing Media hides behind. It is time to pull them out from behind it and slap the sh!t outta them.

  3. No, the media was not irresponsible for their presentation of the “attack” – the media was totally RESPONSIBLE FOR AN INTENTIONAL SMEAR of the reputation/actions/inactions of a class of students who were easily understood to be waiting for a bus to pick them up. Who approached who, in what manner of posture and body language – that was also readily available information that was edited out of the story by the venomous media, especially since one of the young WHITE MALE students was wearing a (horrors!) red MAGA hat! I hope their law suit is successful. The looney leftists are beyond learning anything

  4. I really hope they don’t settle out of court. I would like to see a very public trial where the evidence shown will clearly be a win for Sandman. MSM Woolf really have to watch what they report and probably get rid if some of their lying so called journalists.

    • Yes, probably the only way the media will be throttled is for hefty fines leveled against them. They are now making up stories out of whole cloth to present their narrative. I think the liberal press thinks the general public is stupid. But it goes back to the education system turning out liberally indoctrinated students. I am hoping but not sure that the Covington kids will prevail in this case.

  5. I can’t wait for justice to be served on the MSM…Oh, I mean “Pravda”. I don’t think the First Amendment protects these SOBs from constantly lying and distorting the truth.

  6. The media and press, (most of them), has been lying to us, since Trump announced his intent to run for office. They were bad enough, but adopted tactics used by news outlets under harsh leaders like Joseph Stalin, Mao Zedong, and Ho chi Min, a one party favoring outlet. They report only what benefits their favorite political party agenda, the omit facts, or ignore them, they make up stuff to suit their ideology using race baiting, victimhood myths, and exaggeration of events. Honestly, except for the brain washed, most know their being fed non-stop bull. Hatred for Trump news, press, magazines, and entertainment has created legions of dangerous brain dead zombies. A congress where half the members would see out the sovereignty of a nation for political gain then claim their patriots supporting the consultation they plan to rewrite in their twisted logic.

  7. I feel so badly for those young men, but they’ve now seen the ugly underbelly of adult life in America, thanks to liberal outrage. When I was young, people would read the news, watch the news on TV, and talk to others about stories before forming opinions. Now, the MSM forms the opinions for them, and they gobble it up, along with the B.S. on entitlements they are told they deserve. WTF is wrong with all these so-called ‘progressives’? Don’t they realize that whatsoever progressive to one person can be regressive to another? This is a democratic REPUBLIC, where we all benefit from debating differing ideas and reaching agreeable compromises. God help us!

  8. I believe that news organizations should be investigated and should have code of ethics and it should not be an inside job! They should be regulated and they should report news without bias opinion, let the people make up their own mind. The so called Main Street media today is an arm of the DemocRAT Party and it is dividing the country and even causing riots! It is time congress starts overseeing them with strict policies and strict and swift action if caught not compiling tithe guidelines and if they get three strikes 1 billion dollar fine and then loss of license to give news!

  9. These were kids, not public figures in any way. A MINIMUM amount of PROFESSIONAL journalistic investigation would have brought to light the fact that THEY were the ones being harassed. The whole incident was disgusting. The slobbering media, in an attempt to do their usual political smear job at ANY cost to ANYONE and be the FIRST to do so, put out a damaging story which was factually incorrect and put these children’s lives at risk from the screwballs on the left. I for one hope they get paid out MILLIONS of dollars each.

  10. same old news media that destroyed our vets returning from combat in the VIETNAM WAR. BUT WITH DIFFERENT FACES ! Of course, i was one of many returning VETS. yahoo is trying to block my statement, people !

  11. Hopefully Covington kids will not settle but force a court decision huge penalty allowing the FCC to investigate pulling their broadcast licences. Goes for cable networks too as far as suites are concerned. Then the slandering lying broadcasters themselves.

  12. same old news media that destroyed our vets returning from combat in the VIETNAM WAR. BUT WITH DIFFERENT FACES ! Of course, i was one of many returning VETS. yahoo is trying to block my statement, people ! YAHOO IS PART OF THE PROBLEM.

  13. For well over forty years the Main Sewer Stream Fake Media has been performing for their handlers…they have recently been reinforced by the Gestapo censors in social media…to ensure the “one” perverted narrative. The brainwashing continues unabated !!!

  14. No one intelligent pays any attention to the feckless pusillanimous pipsqueaks that are today’s crop of pseudo journalists. The morons that listen and believe are pathetic!

  15. The Remote Left Media with the help of the carefully planted Judges and political allies will worm their way out of this as usual.

    It’s been coming to this kind of thing inch by inch, little by little since the early 1960s.

    Well, many people did their best to warn their friends and neighbors and were smeared just like the Covington Kids but on a far smaller scale. Remember hearing or saying this – “It can’t happen here!”. But it did.

    So here it is and it isn’t going away. They don’t care about TRUTH out there in Remote Left Land, they only care about results.

  16. I hope these kids sue them out of business, every single one of them. I do feel bad about all the employees that had nothing to do with all the lying but at least the owners and the management along with the hosts all need to go. Americans used to rely on reporters to keep goverment honest but when they joined up with these corrupt officials we lost all that. They are trying to sway opinions by lying and making things up so that they can continue everything they have been doing to get rich and this has to stop.

  17. I pray Sandmann doesn’t settle for a dime less than his $275 million. This will open the door for all the others who have had their lives destroyed by these “main-stream” media NAZIS.

  18. You could say that they are irresponsible, but they are actually communists and what you perceive as irresponsibility is actually agenda and ideology.

  19. He’s a rude little boy who is going to end up going to jail for crimes of moral delinquency But then look where he is being educated,in a catholic school of all places. Lol

    • You’re about as sick as the garbage media is James Barry. I would expect that you are also probably a dope head thug. Video plainly shows that the Indian guy was the one actually taunting the kids but you are stupid and fried from drugs to know. Thugs like you is what is wrong with this country.

    • Ok C’mon everyone. Please pay attention to James. Everyone read his comment……..say how mean he is… him names and give him lots and lots of attention so he can giggle and show all his friends. Okay James? Are we all better now? Okay good boy. Now you can go back on Twitter.

    • james, you truly have no clue at all what you are talking about. It was not the boy’s fault. It is obvious that you have not had any education at all. You are just a brainwashed lib

  20. Political parties sponsored the first American newspapers.
    But there are laws covering things said in print libel, etc.
    T V news , internet etc. The laws never caught up with technology!
    The Democratic party saw the TV as a great way to organize there political agenda and Took over 90% of news networks,
    Now they have 90% of internet!
    The old laws for print, newspapers magazine did not get updated for todays technology. So now false news, fake news, totally partisan news, just to put it you can outright lie and make falsehoods up if its aligns to your political party! I Read history, and as a independent I can see things more clearly.
    Sad that more and more people are deceived by news organizations aligned to political parties!

  21. I am so happy this is happening. I really hope he wins. I am sick and tired of MSM lies and bias. They should be accountable because they are not doing journalism but they have become a liberal progressive propaganda machine.

  22. The suits just need to add them by name so that they will each be responsible if the network fails to pay. They also need to be forced to dig into their personal assets so they can learn what responsibility is all about.

  23. Of course………so sad………..the so called NEWS BUSTERS from most TV NETWORKS and most NEWSPAPERS are so weak and only for themselves………. a dead breed………do not need them in most ways any more……..death notices and traffic jams, weather, school crossings. sports results (even that is so bad) but that is all we need……get a real every day life ………..FAMILY FIRST? NBC/COMCAST/INFINITY………..just provide OUR/your minds as to the disgust and total workings brought to bare within YOUR OWN PALACE……………how be you????????? intermingle within your own domain………. Comcast just today bumped their TV and Internet fees effective 12/20/2019…….must note that a few price items of less regard went down……….all a game and how things become with and without at least respect to more than just your stockholders??????? been there and done that and I wish you BAD……….yes your bottom line is of course the must DO and that is more then very well done…………so what do and can you (COMCAST/NBC) would, at least try to do something for the USA for ‘ALL OF WE THE PEOPLE’…………..

  24. I hope Sandman and the rest take the media for every cent they have!! These KIDS were bullied, harassed, threatened with physical violence, etc from all the news stations (ABC, CBS,NBC, CNN, ET AL) The hags on The View (CBS) asked for Sandman’s address, phone number, etc. Other has been celebrities wanted their heads on platters. These were CHILDREN minding their own business, for God’s sake! Not ONE of the stations did a basic fact check on what they reported. All because he was wearing a MAGA hat! And once they found out the kids were from a CATHOLIC school, it was like icing on the proverbial cake!

  25. Lately I have heard our local newspapers advertise the following statements: “It’s not that we report the news but we make the news.” And then they wonder why they loose the general public.

  26. The myriad of comments before this one, save one, are right on the money. I believe I saw every video from a variety of sources of this event. The students were quietly waiting for their bus to arrive. Into the area marched a contingent of Indians and although there was far more than ample room around in which they could assemble themselves, they straight away marched right up to the students and into their faces. The Indians deliberately baited the kids! Notably, the kids didn’t take the bait, which made the attempt all the more obvious. It was left to the news media to do the “doctoring” of their respective presentations.

  27. The media was not only irresponsible, they were cruel bullies……. I can’t think that anyone who has a child would support such a cruel take on this story… if a parent did this in a public place they would be charged with child abuse…which is what it is…..

  28. It’s no wonder people are fleeing the church when young MAGAts represent Roman Catholics in such a demeaning way. They’re a reflection of racist parenting.

  29. Too bad that idiotic lying attention seeking Indian idiot cannot be sued but than again maybe a respectable Native American could tell him that he is a disgrace and take his drum and smack him up side the head with it. I just could not believe how for a day or two the so called MSM had the Indian guy and his stupid drum telling how his Vietnam experiences taught him to deal with hostile crowds It was kind of the same way that they ate up the nonsense spewed by that Jackass Jossie Smollet.I saw videos of him when the BS was reported and you could tell by his mannerisms that there was some type of deception going on but nobody cared he was a victim of evil conservatives in Chicago that no one else knew existed

    • Yes, and he wasn’t even a Vietnam Veteran at all. He was in the Marine Corp and worked as a refrigeration repairman, who wasn’t very good at that either.

  30. No individual, including minors, should be verbally assaulted. Further, outright intimidation is an expression of ” epic bullying,” and that conduct is criminally abusive, e.g., violation of personal safety.

  31. Hopefully Sandman tells the media to take any settlement offer and do a reverse bowel movement with it. Court cases would take many years and there would always be the risk of losing, but if successful, would send a strong message.


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