The media did something horrifying that could bring ISIS to America


Radical Islamic terrorists want to destroy everything we hold dear in America.

But, far too often, the liberal media downplays the very real threat they pose.

And the media just did something horrifying that could bring ISIS to America.

Every year, homegrown radical Muslims defect from the U.S. to fight for ISIS terrorists in the Middle East.

Being thoroughly enamored by the backward Islamic ideology, they are willing to join the enemy to fight against America.

But now, with President Trump in office, ISIS is losing ground, having just a small fraction of the power they had under former President Obama.

And some of those defectors are trying to come back to the United States.

One of those radicals is Hoda Muthana, who left her family in 2015 to marry an ISIS fighter in Syria.

But, after spending years in Syria, calling for the deaths of Americans, and birthing a child, she wants to come home.

And, in response, media outlets are writing sob stories about her being an “Alabama mother” who simply went down the wrong path.

As reported by ABC News:

With U.S.-backed forces closing in on ISIS in Syria, young mother Hoda Muthana is pleading for a second chance and the opportunity to return home to her family in Alabama.

“I realized I’ve made a big mistake and I know I’ve ruined my future and my son’s future and I deeply, deeply regret it,” she said in an interview with The Guardian newspaper.

Muthana is one of 1,500 foreign women and children living in a Kurdish-run refugee camp in northern Syria.

Muthana’s family lawyer, Hassan Shibly, told ABC News the young mother was “brainwashed” by ISIS and now feels “tremendous remorse.”

Many mainstream media “reporters” do everything they can to downplay the violent rhetoric spread by Muthana.

They include innocent-looking pictures of her with her young child, and broadcast her pleas for sympathy.

It seems that the mainstream media is trying to help her in her hope to come back to the U.S.

But with a President like Donald Trump, it is unlikely her cries for sympathy will go far.

President Trump’s tweet regarding Hoda Muthana can be seen below.

Do you think this ISIS-supporting woman should be let back into the United States?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


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  2. Absolutely not!!! The muslims use taqqiya to lie to the infidels to get their way so I am sure she is lying and acting sorry as a way to get back to the U.S. to continue her jihad….

  3. This woman was never a citizen of the United States. She was born here but her father was a ambassador of a Muslim country. Therefore she is not an anchor baby. Any child born because their parent is here to speak for their country cannot bare a citizen.

  4. As a mother I feel sorry for her, but that’s as far as I would go, she has proven she is an enemy. These people will say and do anything to bring more great President and America down. It’s called tough love, her parents couldn’t stop her before, how they think they can now from spreading terrorism in this country. This country cannot afford to set a precedent of this kind. Let stay there and live by her choice.

  5. Are you kidding?? She has been fighting and killing Americans with her husband and she wants to come back to America?? Really?
    It’s nothing more then an ISIS ploy to organize and spread their poison in America.

  6. Why not send Rep. Ilhan Omar to join her in the refugee camp? She celebrated the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the United States after we offered her refuge from Somali violence and now actively supports Palestinian terrorist groups.


  8. Would she agree to denounce islam and become a public speaker against it’s evils? In that case I would consider a second chance and have her closely monitored. If she still wants to follow islam then no way.

  9. No she can’t not come to USA is not s citizen. She left on her own to join Isis. She thought that before she left she is the emony of the United States

  10. Our nation did not allow Nazis to legally enter, and revoque the citizenship of those Nazis , who did come illegally. The same should be applied to ex ISIS members. They did not give any of their victims a second chance. They dont deserve a second chance. The government has the duty to protect the nation, and must not allow those individuals back in. Ihlan Omar doesnt represent the best of our nation.

  11. Treason is a badge of honor for the Godless NAZI Commie liberal Racist Demoncrat Party and RINOs! The party of hate, hypocrisy, lies, deception, Fake News (Russian Collusion and Jussie M hoax) the list is endless! And the clueless minions that follow them!

  12. President d trump is a First Class INSANE IDIOT but once I agree with him in the case involving Honda Muthana. Isis Trash like that does Not Belong Here In The USA. Given the chance, I would SPIT Right In Her Face.

  13. Hell no , she made her decision , let her deal with it. The radicals already here , IN CONGRESS , need to be removed from office & deported .

  14. She has had since 2015 to realize her mistake and try to come home. Now that they are clearing the area of ISIS and she has to be in a refugee camp, she has at last seen the error of her ways?????????????? Seriously? I wouldn’t touch her with a ten foot pole, being a plant in the USA is not what we need.

  15. Absolutely NOT! Not one single person that makes a decision to go and fight for terrorists should be allowed back in this country! I don’t care if you were young and stupid! There are consequences for all our actions. Deal with it. You got what you wanted. I have NO sympathy for someone who hates this country enough to defect and hook up with terrorists. Keep all your terrorist ways away from this country! I put my life on the line by serving this great nation of ours in the military to stop creeps like this, and I definitely don’t want your mindset corrupting others! You are no longer a US citizen, and you are no longer welcome back on our soil!

  16. I definately agree.She’s not a U.S. citizen, and even if she was, she became a traitor soon as she left to join the enemy of our Country. DO NOT LET HER COME BACK.

  17. The anti-West Muslim groups like CAIR know full-well that they have the Trump-hating media in their pocket, and can depend on its support. Even more telling is that they have managed to insert their influence directly into the halls of government ought to be a screaming wake up call for America. Both Tlaib and Omar have made their agendas crystal clear.

  18. She must stay out now. She cannot be trusted. It’s sad that she cannot be with her family, but our nation must be kept safe. We cannot know what she brings with her. It’s not right to sacrifice the safety of our country for one person. Let her family move to her.

  19. The enemy of America and Americans are the anti-American rhinos and especially the anti-American democrats and their tool for their anti-American agendas the bought out biased medias propaganda LIES and the deep state of affairs and the so-called elections of about 40 muslims who work in government who hate America and Americans and you Americans who just complain and do Nothing because of blind patriotism to past government corruption are the ingredients for the destruction of America from within!

  20. Heck no. By leaving she swore allegiance to an ENEMY of our nation. She is also the daughter of a Diplomat and therefore not a US Citizen even thou she claims otherwise. This another reason to get rid of the anchor babies legislation that exists in our books.

  21. Enough hate has immigrated to the US, both illegally and legally. We need to start sending them back, not take in more. Nobody could ever have talked me into turning my back on my country. Never in a million years. The mind of someone that does, has to be messed up in some way. Who knows if she will join some other Muslims that hate us. We are always hearing that people who have been radicalized were such nice neighbors. Never causing problems. Then, all of a sudden, they strap some bombs to their chest and walk into a crowded movie theater. But she has a head start. She has had their ideology burned into her brain for, at least, four to five years. I wouldn’t take the chance of losing American lives, or letting her indoctrinate somebody’s son or daughter. She made the choice. That’s what life is, a bunch of choices. You make the wrong ones, and you have to suffer the consequences. We all do. Why should she be any different? Send the baby for someone to adopt, before he becomes like Mom. I always feel for the children that are dragged down because of their parents’ stupid decisions. Save the child so he doesn’t burn in hell like his mother.

  22. I wholeheartedly agree with Michael. Rep. Ilhan Omar, another traitor, should be sent to join this “poor, mistreated” woman who betrayed her country!

  23. NOT AT ALL !! She made a choice and actually sympathized with ISIS against America. She is probably a plant ! We already have enough alien Invaders without someone bringing destruction on American soil. She does not need to come back.


  25. ALL muslims are cockroaches and cancers and they will destroy our country IF we let them….Do NOT.
    They are all taught to lie, to kill, and to follow their homosexual, female hating, pedophile, prophet and destroy all other lives except their own. They will overtake us with their birthrate and sharia laws IF we let them…
    DO NOT LET THEM….!! Send them all back from whence they came and let us live in peace and sanity.
    And send the entire left with them…!!

  26. NO WAY!!! NO WAY !!! NO WAY !!! can’t be trusted I feel she is a plant, a way to enter into a U.S. SHOULD BE TREATED AS A TRADER A DEFECTOR FOR EVER

  27. I agree 100% with you. She is the one who lied to her parents and went over there. She is the one that denounced the US and burned her passports. So yep, she can stay where she is.

  28. I’m a mother also but I don’t feel sorry for her! She lied to her parents about where she was headed and burned her passport and denounced the US so she can just keep her butt there.

  29. Wrong, although I support of her not being allowed back into the USA. Many pregnant female foreigners come to the U.S. to have their baby born here. This is another back door method that a large number of foreign women enter the USA and it isn’t talked about. The born child become a US citizens because of a birthright law (should be eliminated) and can receive some benefits. Also any US citizen that visit a foreign enemy state, their passport should be permanent confiscated on their return to the US. That include Ilham Omar.

  30. Okay, you come back to America and then you will be very sorry. I would send this Muslim woman right to GITMO to be tried and hung by the neck.

  31. ANYONE who has supported ISIS should NOT be allowed in the USA. If they try to enter the USA, they need to be immediately sent to Gitmo. As for this particular female, she is NOT EVEN A US CITIZEN! HELL NO!!

  32. She never WAS a US Citizen. That’s why they can say no without any hoops to jump through. She is the daughter of a Foreign Diplomat and therefore not eligible for US Birthright Citizenship. Her child is Syrian born. She made her bed when she left 4 years ago. Now she can live with the consequences.

  33. I totally agree with you! Everyone of the those radicals imported by obama need to be deported back to country of origin. Those who are homegrown need to find their way into prisons.

  34. The difference is that those who come here to give birth are not Diplomats of a Foreign Country. Her Father was here as a Foreign Diplomat at the time of her birth so she did NOT receive birthright citizenship.. which as you stated needs to be eliminated. The 14th Amendment has been badly abused over the years. Anyhow, she has never been a US Citizen.

  35. She, as an adult, made her decision to go and join ISIS. She has no right to expect the United States to accept her back with open arms. She has spent much time calling for the death of American citizens. Hoda Muthana is a traitor to the United States. By marrying an ISIS fighter, she has pretty much tossed her American citizenship in the toilet. She does not care about this country or its’ citizens. She is only thinking about herself. This is one very selfish person.

  36. I agree she and others who left the US for Isis or because they didnt like Trump being President like some of our so called elite movie stars like Matt Damon who fled the country because Trump was President he should not be allowed to make money off of America either its funny how his beliefs and his movies dont co inside his movies the Bourne Identity ones are all based on spys and violence let him stay in Australia see if he makes as much money there. Back to this women we all know that these people are not above strapping bombs on themselfs and thier children to kill Americans and now its no secret that the Obama Administration and George Bush knew about 911 when a sitting President like Bush is told America is under attack and he sits in a schoolroom as calm as he can be smileing and reading a book without once going to ask what happened or leaveing to find out why and where we were under attack instead sat very contently without questions reading a book about a goat most Presidents would have been on the phone or with his administration he did nothing basically all it leads up to is scoreing points with terrorist Let this women rot in Syria it was her choice to turn her back on America now its Americas turn to turn thier back on these terrorist and thier cohorts some of which are right here under our noses in the form of the Demorcrat Party Right Barack Hussien Obama how bout it Hillary and Bush the coward what do you have to say .I can guaurentee its nothing truthfull common practice Demorcrats these days they wouldnt know the truth or how to tell it if it bit them in the azz.Throw the new jack azz Cortez in the mix and you have a very big pile of cow manure.

  37. HELL NO! Keep that ISIS loving trash out the U.S.A.,don’t want or need American haters, that ememy of this country needs to be keep right where their R,that LOSER is of no excuse!

  38. Your comment is correct. The USA is NOT this terrorist’s home. She is not a citizen. She is a citizen of the nation that her father was employed by as ambassador. She needs to stay on the “list” of those banned from entering our nation.

  39. She made her decision when she went over there . Anybody who leaves here to join ISIS , should automatically lose their citizenship .
    She has been radicalized & should NOT be allowed to come back . Don’t care who her father is .


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