The Liberal media’s new LGBT posterboy just revealed how twisted they really are


The left has been on a propaganda campaign promoting unscientific notions of gender.

They want everyone to believe the lie that there are infinite genders on a sliding scale.

But the left’s latest LGBT posterboy for their disgusting PR campaign just revealed their true colors.

The left is beginning to weaponize children in the war on culture.

It started when Good Morning America interviewed an 11-year-old “drag kid” named Desmond.

Then Desmond got a “performance” gig dancing at a gay bar, where patrons threw cash at him, that made national headlines.

The liberal media sung their praises, advocating the “tolerance” of children such as Desmond.

Now, CNBC just made the child the posterboy of the left’s grotesque LGBT campaign in a new video.

The Daily Wire reports:

CNBC, which is owned by NBC Universal News Group, showcased the child as an “LGBTQ youth” advocate. “This 11-year-old drag kid is using his voice to encourage LGBTQ youth to be themselves,” reads the media company’s caption to the video.

In December, the 11-year-old boy, dressed in full-drag as a Gwen Stefani-lookalike, danced on stage at a gay bar in Brooklyn, New York, called 3 Dollar Bill. As he took off his coat and revealed his outfit, he bounced around onstage to No Doubt’s “Like a Girl”; cheering grown men were handing him single dollar bills, as you might see in a strip club.

As previously reported by The Daily Wire, Desmond was promoted by NBC’s TODAY Show in June. “Meet the 10-year-old ‘drag kid’ taking over social media with inspiring message,” reads the caption video on Desmond. Left-wing site The Daily Beast gushed over Desmond’s drag and his progressive parents in a disturbing piece from February titled, “RuPaul Loves ‘Drag Kid’ Desmond. You Will Too. Fiercely.” The young child has been relentlessly praised and promoted by drag queen RuPaul, the host of VH1’s RuPaul’s Drag Race. When Desmond was just seven years old, he was featured in a music video for Season Six winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race Jinkx Monsoon. In the video, Desmond dances on top of a bar in a red dress, long gloves, and jewelry. As an 8-year-old, the child was introduced on a NYC stage in full-drag by actor Tituss Burgess.

The left’s weaponization of a child for their propaganda campaign is sickening.

But it doesn’t stop there. As we previously reported, LGBT activists in Britain were caught loading autistic kids with gender-bending drugs after telling them they weren’t the gender they were born with.

Sadly, many parents these days see themselves as LGBT activists first and parents second.

So they see no issue with using their child as a pawn to virtue signal to their “progressive” friends.

Do you think the left has gone too far? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below


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  2. If anyone is guilty of committing crimes it is the damn litards LGBT agenda! These perverts all need to be thrown in jail for the pedophiles that they are and exploiting youngsters for their sick ungodly agenda!

  3. These people are so sick it’s The television networks that showed that they should be banned from our television then nothing but rotten filthy dirty peopledisgusting they’re not even human beings to use an 11-year-old boy in drag is beyond belief all you people that did that you’re nothing but a bunch of disgusting filthy dirty people

  4. Libs belong to satan and the worse they get the more we know that Jesus’ coming is getting closer. The world is going insane.

  5. The LGBTQ movement has gained tremendous power and influence, much at the hands of Barack Obama. The mainstream media, Hollywood and the democratic party are all complicit in promoting this deviant lifestyle, even when it involves children.

  6. This is child abuse pure and simple. The perps who support these vile acts should be prosecuted under existing child abuse laws regardless of who they are…parents or other supposed guardians. Indeed, the abused children should be removed from the custody of these perps and given a proper upbringing with whatever counseling is necessary (depending on how much damage has already been done).

  7. As long as the parents get cash money for their kid being a drag queen why not.where the law allowing an11 year old in a place that serves alcohol Charlie 7559

  8. I’m rarely at a loss for words. But…this is so disgusting on so many levels there just are no words to describe how I feel about it. There are no words low enough to describe the left knee jerk liberal’s on this subject. They have now gone about as low as they can go by using children like this. The parents need to be arrested for child abuse for allowing this.

  9. It’s disgusting enough that the child is allowed to dance at a bar but this is going too far. They are totally distroying that child’s like. Why can’t they leave children out of their sick agenda? That poor child will never have a normal life. This is nothing short of the worst type of child abuse. The least they could do is leave children out of their sick agenda. The Bible states “As it were in the days of Noah, so will the coming of the Lord be”. God does NOT approve of this sicking behvior and to do this to an innocent child is the absolute worst.

  10. The state they are in should be fined for allowing a 10 year old child into the Bar for anything. Makes you wonder how many people had sex with the child. How many city officials were in the bar at the time, the reason it was allowed . Nd you are right that mom and dad should be in jail for allowing it.

  11. Any parent that allows or directes these actions to be done to anyone under the age of 18 should be arrested for child abuse and tried in court. Kids under 18 are still tying to figure out what they are themselves and sure don’t need the bizarre coaching of mentally ill individuals confusing them even more.

  12. What ever happened to the protection of children ? An 11 year old dancing in front of grown men(use that term loosely) — where is child protection and child welfare agencies. The kids should be taken from the parents then the parents and the promoters of this BS need to see the inside of a prison. The news media dirtbags who are airing this crap need to lose their license. As far as the left going too far — these libtard scumbags always go too far and that is why there can be NO compromise with them. You give them an inch and they take a mile — it never ends. We have laws in this country(or supposed to have) protecting our kids — ENFORCE THOSE LAWS !!!!!!

  13. I’m torn. This is a complex subject that can’t be fairly addressed in an article like this. But frankly, much as I would like it not to be so, this is IMHO child abuse. If a ten year old girl danced for money in a straight club, most people would be up in arms, and this is no different. So in this one limited instance I am forced, for sake of brevity only, NOT COMPLETENESS, to side with the article writer.

  14. …AND the ‘ lgbtqrix-whatevers ‘ are BEING THROWN INTO ELECTED OFFICE WITH AN AGENDA FoR OUR CHILDREN.. – obozos Common Core Indoctranation- was & is Still being taught..!!!.. WE NEED TO TAKE BACK OUR GOVERNMENT FROM THE ‘ LEFTIST- DEMON- RATS- DEVIL WORSHIPERS’.. !!! KEEP UR GUNS…!! A WAR IS COMMING..!!

  15. …AND the ‘ lgbtqrix-whatevers ‘ are BEING THROWN INTO ELECTED OFFICE WITH AN AGENDA FoR OUR CHILDREN.. – obozos Common Core Indoctranation- was & is Still being taught..!!!.. WE NEED TO TAKE BACK OUR GOVERNMENT FROM THE ‘ LEFTIST- DEMON- RATS- DEVIL WORSHIPERS’.. !!! KEEP UR GUNS…!! A WAR IS COMMING..!!

  16. This is only a part of the communist agenda, and now, may have been adopted by the “liberals”, who are actually communists, and the Islamic terrorists. It is all outlined in the COMMUNIST MANIFESTO, pleas read this, it’s online, and then read the “good sounding” UN AGENDA 21……. See what American freedom is facing.

  17. I’m saying the Libs one day will live to regret pushing the LGBT on the American people and their family. There is only two genders…….male and female. That’s the way God made us, no other way! And guess what, God will win this battle in the end!

  18. People who do that to their own or anyones kids, should be hung, Quartered ,and fed to maggots! then Acid should be poured on the maggots, to rid the universe of every drop of the evil dna in the bloodlines of humanity!

  19. How many Muslims show up for this child’s dancing? The prophet married(?) a child!

    Is the child adopted? Lack of parental love suggests that this might be the case.

    Are the parents (?) queer? Their actions suggest they are.

    Has the child had counselling? If not he should have although in California I believe that is against the law. The family (?) are not apparently Californians.

    Where is this child receiving his education? Public schools, private schools, home schooling, or no scholling? This may be an issue that would allow him to be removed from his parents (?) care.

    It seems obvious that this child is at extreme risk to be suicidal by the time he becomes a teen and into his twenties.

  20. Donald J. Trump the people of this great country will not be silent if the persecution of Publisher and Truth teller Julian Assange moves forward. Against the backdrop of #FakeNews Wikileaks has been instrumental in exposing the Clinton cabal and ensuring your victory against her. We are greatful for his help and we are demanding, not asking that you return that favor on behalf of the American people and issue a Pre-Emptive Presidential Pardon IMMEDIATLEY!!! #OperationFreeAssange


  22. This “boy” is not 21 years old and it should be illegal for him, or ANYONE under 21 yo to perform in a bar (or is the age 18 now)!!

  23. Eric, is there a sense of decency in you?? Do I detect you’re feeling sorry for the child and his being abused?? I’m truly taken aback and pleased to see you share human feelings, like the rest of us do….for the sake of brevity, of course!

  24. This is wrong, no matter how anyone looks at this! This kids parents, the bar owner and anyone promoting this need to be prosecuted for child exploitation and committing lewd acts on a minor! As an adult the choice is a person’s right but to use a child to push an agenda for their own purposes and profit!! This is wrong in so many ways.

  25. It will increase & get worse. By the time the cup of the wrath of God is poured out some will wonder why it did not come sooner. The answer: God’s mercy. He is not willing/wanting/wishing any should perish/suffer. But people get what they choose. God did not create us to be robots, He gave us a free will. So if you think someone is getting away with something guess again. No one gets away with anything.

  26. Christ said if anyone brings harm to a child, it would be better for a millstone to be tied around his neck and have him thrown into the water. The fact that the mother watched and allowed the child to watch at the age of 2,rupaul’s drag race tells me all I need to know…I think she should start looking for the millstone..

  27. (1 Corinthians 14:33) “For God is not the author of confusion…” God made man and woman so that man would leave his parents and cleave to the woman. Then they were told to have babies. All this other cr** is a man made mess. God’s commands cannot be followed when children follow sick men.
    What they are doing to this young BOY is abusive. It is aiding and abetting. Actually, it is leading him into a horrible, sinful life. I could want to have ten moons because the sky would be beautiful. But God made only one, for a reason. So their will never be more than one. Got made only one man and one woman for a reason, to multiply. So man and woman are the only two sexes (genders). They need to quit pushing this mental sickness on our children. You will be judged by God whether you believe in him or not.

  28. It should be Chicago’s Very Own Michael O. But, alas, I guess he/she, dick-in-a-dress, chick-with-a-dick, is too ashamed to come out still. LOL.

  29. Paedophilia of the worst kind, homosexual pedophilia, I hope that Communist scum Francis is listening, but then again that man has proven how psychotic he is in taking the love your enemy proverb to extremes in telling us to pray for those who only pray and hope for the deaths of those who do not adhere to the doctrines of Muhammad/allah.

  30. That child needs to be put on Psychotropic medication and receive some seriously psychiatric counseling.

  31. Flaming faggot boys make adult flaming faggot men like “Butt Pirate Bathhouse Barry Osama” and 1 of his butt buddies Rahm Emanuel seriously giddy.

  32. My prediction is this….this child will ultimately end up taking his own life and it will be HIS parents and the queer RuPaul and CNBC and it’s associates that will be the cause. It’s sad that such perversion is spread. Instead of letting this child merely grow up and possibly in the future require mental help/therapy, HE is being exploited to further an insane and biologically impossible ideology.

  33. I couldn’t have said it better Carol. God bless you for speaking the truth of God’s Word. Thank you!

  34. A person’s gender is coded into his/her body at CONCEPTION. The nuclei of the cells of females have two X-chromosomes; those of males have one X-chromosome and one Y-chromosome. This is permanent and unalterable.There are approximately 35,000,000,000,000 cells in an adult human body.
    If their nuclei contain only X-chromosomes, she is FEMALE. If half of the chromosomes are Y-chromosomes, he is MALE . It is NOT a sliding scale. Either ALL of the chromosomes are X-chromosomes, and the person is female OR half of them (~17,500,000,000,000) are Y-chromosomes, and the person is male.
    Inasmuch as this can NOT be changed in any way, there is no such thing as a sex change. Only the person’s APPEARANCE can be changed and thirty-five trillion witnesses testify that he/she is a liar.
    Removing the sex organs which he/she was born with merely make him/her a EUNUCH with a body made up of cells of his/her original sex.

  35. Here are some FACTS: when a man or woman will NOT be corrected w/the TRUTH, of whatever sort it is that is TRUE, then according to Ephesians 4:19 a man/woman can GO past the point of Feeling, as they will either give themselves OVER to their LUSTS or they will reject the same! There are two results of either of these paths taken. 1. They will take the right road and come to the right “Conclusion” and outcome! 2. They will take the most chosen path and take a road that results in their being GIVEN UP and GIVEN OVER to the LUSTS ot the flesh; in which case there will NOTHING but VILE Imaginations and “Lasciviousness” which will work all “UNCLEANNESS” w/greediness! People who go this way, do NOT put off what they Instinctively KNOW, in the beginning, is ROTTEN and wrong! If a man can be fooled into believing this lie, he can also be fooled into believing that he won’t be held accountable to a “HOLY” GOD! Isaiah 66:5 KJV “Hear the word of the LORD, ye that tremble at his word;…”

  36. Completely agree. Where are the police and social workers who should be taking these underaged children into protective custody.

  37. I believe the only way to see the transgender movement in its reality is to search Who they are made up of.I would like to know Who are the Real Transgenders in Power.I know for a cause to go forward with the Protection that the LGBT and Trans have been given,that tells me there are many of these individuals in positions of extreme power,like Reps.Congressmen,etc lased in Our Gov’t.I would like to know Who are the Most Powerful of these.

  38. They should arrest the parents, permanently remove the child and shut down the bar for allowing a minor to come into the bar.

  39. I third that. Why aren’t CFS putting these kids into foster homes and wh aren’t the cops jailing the pedophiles that are encouraging this exploitation?

  40. This is a tough question for whick there is no clear answer. For sure we all owe Julian Assange a big debt of gratitude for exposing corruption in politics. But on the other hand he has published highly sensitive information that could (and possibly did) cause the death of many of our secret agents

  41. unfortunately avoiding them isn’t the answer. They will spread their pedophilia and cause so much harm to the people least able to defend themselves (children) if they are simply avoided. The law needs to do something about this gross perversion of God’s law and nature

  42. I predicted this many years ago. When the LGBTQ&A started demanding special treatment and the liberals were only too happy to go along, I said how long before pedophilia would be their next demand. And now it’s happened. I can only hope there is a special place in hell for these pedophiles and the parents who donate their children to their cause. And add the politicians who do their bidding and promotion

  43. It seems to me that when the world was a saner place, people who imagined they were something other than what they were underwent psychiatric treatment. Otherwise, we be overwhelmed with people who think they are Napoleon Bonapartes and other mentally ill people.

  44. Good point, I didn’t think about the laws concerning minors in a place that serves alcohol. Although by all rights children should not be allowed into a gay bar just for the perversion that is going on inside even if they don’t serve alcohol.
    Where is maxine and others who want to get in the face of conservatives but give these pedophiles a pass?

  45. There is nothing humorous about this outrageous behavior by these LGBTQ&A but forgive me if I do allow a chuckle about how they are trying to promote communism and islamism. Look into history and the first people to be picked up and disappeared in any communist or islamic regime are the very same LGBTQ&A

  46. Next thing we hear, will be Bill the C. dating her and taking her/he to his children’s Island where he takes in his delights with his pedophiles friend.

  47. LGBTQ is a hoax with the sole purpose of achieving more legal rights from the constitution than those of heterosexual law-abiding citizens. The entire hoax will be exposed in my forthcoming book, “God Did Not Become Man-MAN BECAME CHRIST.”

  48. You cannot allow these sick animals to force this type of sick and perverted ways on us we know that God created male and female. God come quickly to save our children from these sick demons.

  49. Leftists are self-deluded and self-impugned. Here are the scientific facts:

    ( — Dr. Paul R. McHugh, the former psychiatrist-in-chief for Johns Hopkins Hospital and its current Distinguished Service Professor of Psychiatry, said that transgenderism is a “mental disorder” that merits treatment, that sex change is “biologically impossible,” and that people who promote sexual reassignment surgery are collaborating with and promoting a mental disorder. Dr. McHugh, the author of six books and at least 125 peer-reviewed medical articles, made his remarks in a recent commentary in the Wall Street Journal, where he explained that transgender surgery is not the solution for people who suffer a “disorder of ‘assumption’” – the notion that their maleness or femaleness is different than what nature assigned to them biologically. He also points out that the suicide rate among transgenders is 20 times that of non-transgenders (normal people).

    To those devoid of common sense, this all means that there is something drastically wrong with the transgender lifestyle and that you are intellectually challenged if you fall for it.

  50. Hate the sin pray for the sinner. Have to agree with many of the comments posted here. Since Stonewall many of the radicals have come out and have put out ideas that not supported by all gays. The parents of this child killed his childhood and have turned him into a sideshow freak,THEY SHOULD BE HELD RESPONSIBLE as should the 3 Dollar bill bar for his exploitation. customers who paid for this performance only helped to create his delusion which later on may cause him to take his life. With all the attention he is getting it isn’t likely he will attempt a change at 11. The difference between Drag Queens and Transgenders is that drag queens were entertainers transgenders are delusional God and your parents birthed you as a male or a female and when you die you will go out in the gender you came in with. You can’t change no matter what you try to force people to accept. Death only knows male and female Pray you see the light!!!!

  51. All I know is if this had been a 11 yr old girl at a stripper bar ,it would have made national news with every guy arrested and thrown deep into prison.NO AND ,IF ,OR BUTS ABOUTED DEFINATE MEDIA BIAS,..

  52. THis has become “the way” for the deranged, cowardly, and unlawful. Push the children up front. And it’s in everything political and educational. If you infiltrate a kid’s mind at an early age it’s possible to convince them the world is flat. THis LGBT thing is just a means to get around the “homosexual” image. The good ‘OL USA is destined to fall, If you look at the history of the world every empire, every nation of strength has fallen with two common causes; the treatment of children and animals; the segments of society that cannot defend themselves. We are on the “FAST TRACK” to destruction NOW.

  53. What ever happened to the days when men were men, and women were women? Progressive liberal lunacy!!

  54. Please note of the sinful Satan’s LGBTQ the majority are males who want to invade all and any groups to get access to young males and females. Say No by voting against any local or state laws allowing these Satan supporters to promote their sinful behavior.

  55. This is SICK! The adults who expose children to this behavior and encourage them to be perverts should be in prison for the rest of their life. No civilized society should tolerate this abhorrent behavior.


  57. U can bet the parents of these mixed up children are collecting money off these disgraceful stunts. Furthermore since when is it legal for a minor to be in a bar doesn’t the city of New York have laws to keep minors out of sleazy places like that. Then what about dosing up these kids with hormone treatments, god only knows what else these idiots are mixing in their mind altering cocktails, this should be criminal,and needs to be stopped.

  58. I have a question because of what is happening in Europe now days. The question is this When will those of the LGBTQ SICKOS add the B for beastialitality??? They stand for every other warped sick and IMMORAL ACT why not that one?? Or add the P for the really sick ones like those in NAMBLA???? I guess they are not as Inclusive as they claim or are they just trying to push their IGNORANCE on Americans slowly??

  59. What do you mean by your afraid? Afraid DeBozo would stop him from doing this sickly thing or he would not stop it???

  60. Correct that was put into effect in 1952 since it’s been implemented ever since, then comes bill Clinton and he slipped in a few things under the radar, the one thing he couldn’t hide was the number of homosexuals he had on his staff. Then come Barack Obama the difference was he was not shy about sneaking in his communist ideals as well as anti Semitic policy his love for Islam etcetc….Anyway this scenario really needs to be put to an end before these people get the keys to the kingdom

  61. So called Christians cannot complain when they see Satan’s agenda replacing establish Christian values and remain silent. You can’t complain when you vote into office Known Muslims who demand YOU’LL accept Their customs and laws, because you’ll want to be Accepting “of others”. The Muslims and the LGBTQ have accompliced more in the last 10 years than Black African Americans trying to obtain their Civil and Human Rights since the 14th amendment. Which says that white bigot Christian Americans rather support Satan’s agenda over Christian Black Americans. “Going to church doesn’t make you a Christian any more than standing in a garage makes you a car.”


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