The LGBT movement is attacking Ben Carson for defending women and you’ll never guess why


Allegedly, the LGBT movement is supposed to be an inclusive group of activists who are also dedicated to defending women’s rights.

Which is why their recent attack on Dr. Ben Carson is so bizarre.

Radical LGBT activists are attacking Ben Carson for defending women and you’ll never be able guess why they are doing so.

Ben Carson serves as the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) under President Trump.

He is tasked with organizing federally funded homeless shelters and has recently come under fire for a rule he is proposing to protect homeless women.

Carson is proposing that homeless shelters are allowed to build single-sex bathrooms and sleeping quarters.

However, these “single-sex” bathrooms and sleeping arrangements would be based on the person’s biological sex not their identity.

That’s when all hell broke loose.

A Democratic Congressman attempted to throw Ben Carson under the bus for being transphobic but Carson refused to back down and instead proudly stood up for women in vulnerable positions.

Carson argued, “When you have a single-sex shelter, and it’s there specifically for women who are abused, and then people come in who do not appear to be women and say they’re women, and you have to accept them, does that impinge upon the rights of those women? We have a lot of documentation from those women that says it does impinge upon their rights.”

Carson’s argument easily shut down Democrats in the hearing.

The irony here is that an official from the Trump administration is advocating for women and the homeless against the threats of the LGBT movement.

The media has failed to report on any of this and instead is trying to paint Ben Carson as a transphobic Trump supporter.

Carson’s ability to keep his composure and advocate for his common sense policies is impressive and a testament to the commitment he has for his job.

What do you think?

Is Ben Carson correct to advocate for single-sex bathrooms and sleeping quarters for homeless men and women?

Share your thoughts with Culture Watch News in the comments below.


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  2. Ben Carson is 100% and I feel that the LGBTQ intolerance ought to be questioned and investigated.

  3. Not distinguished by anything, a little-known congressman from the Democratic Party should not blame the world-famous scientist, surgeon, brain genius – Ben Carson for imaginary transphophobia. Protecting women in vulnerable situations, he in no way attacks LGBT people. And the LGBT movement, in my opinion, should be peaceful. It must not attack; it must defend!

  4. Most certainly is Mr. Carson correct, and quite frankly I am getting sick and tired of EVERYTHING has to be approved by the alphabet people !! Why do all of their demands have to be met? Homeless women should feel safe and not live in fear that they might be sexually attacked. Which it has happened on many occasions in these shared shelters. TRUE men and women(defined by their DNA. Not by their fantasies) should have their own separate shelters and bathrooms. End of story….
    And on a personal note, I truly admire Mr. Carson for his brilliance and intelligence. A true gentlemen as well…

  5. Whenever anyone criticized Obama, the left said they must be racist.

    Does the same logic apply to the Trannie movement?

  6. Ben Carson is just using reasonable common sense to protect homeless women and men of their personal integrity and life. However those rebellious leftist criminals are demanding their rights to do reckless harm to anyone they want mixing genders for violent purposes. The LGTBQ agenda and ideology in reality is our to bring on a brave new world of a new humanity to be in harms way of destruction

  7. Dr. Ben Carson has proven to be a remarkably adroit politician. His coolness under fire is admirable. His preparation is impressive, and his rational advocation is a rare breath of reality in a world of wish-it-was-true irrational LGBT and Democrat insanity. We need more people like Dr. Ben Carson. I may not agree with all his ideas, but he certainly comes out on the correct side of social issues.

  8. I’m trying to remember in the founding of all things, the word of God, where it says that we were born anything but male and female! Not there and on the contrary. Does that make our creator transphobic? Don’t think so. God help us.

  9. There is xx and xy , anything else is a mental dysphoria. A person may identify as anything they believe they are, no one should hold that against them, but at the same time it doesn’t make it true.

  10. These LGBT activist do not really know what sex they are, so why should they care where anybody squats to take a bathroom break?

  11. There are 327,200,000 people in the USA. There are 7000 (stretching it) LGBT. They have NO reason TO DEMAND anything. A smart politician should say ‘Just live the life YOU have chosen and demand NOTHING from people who have not chosen that life.’

  12. As much as I detest radical Islamists I do have to agree with them on one thing. Put LGBT people to death.

  13. JB007, I disagree with you. Dr. Carson is being politically correct. He did not use politically incorrect names. He simply stated facts in a calm, logical, non condemning way, advocating for all. Dr. Carson has always been a calm logical thought process that we, as a society, need to get back to. We could do accomplish so much more.

    These shelters are that, Shelters, a place to go when your normal surroundings have collapsed. There has to have rules to protect the abused and fragile. They aren’t being set up to exclude any groups.

    If the LBGT group insists that there be dual use bathrooms and sleeping areas, then maybe they need to step up and help set up a separate facility for their use. That way, no one pushes beliefs onto someone that has a different belief. We have to think of families also.

    Then when any these individuals, LGBT or not are strong enough to leave they can do so.

  14. In my opinion: This group of scumies even basterdise the alphabet. Much less contributing delinquency of
    minors. Why in Gods name are those in charge letting this happen. Dr. Carson is one of the few level thinking
    positive in DC. He is a great man and proudly standing up and doing what he believes. If these individuals
    had 1/10th of Dr. Carson’s brains they would not be this prevised problem. God help the sane.

  15. The whining from the alphabet race is getting so-o-o boring and it’s always been nothing but liberal BS. Sorry, tinkerbells, but Ben is right and you need to quit getting your knickers in a wad because people don’t believe in your BS.

  16. Give them an inch and they’ll take a yard.who gives a F what the lgbtq says?stfu or I’ll stick you back in the closet where you beling

  17. The ‘trans’ movement is even more absurd than gay rights. You may as well start a crusade on behalf of people who think they’re elm trees or Bengal tigers…it would be just about as sane. Trans folks are deluded….they’re mentally ill….psychiatrists should be labelling them as such, NOT playing along with their fallacy.

  18. Ben Carson is absolutely correct. Since the alphabet crew has decided they know better than God, we can expect more of this nonsense which must be stopped immediately.
    Thank you Ben for doing the right thing!

  19. I have the deepest respect and love for this man who went from Ghetto gang to the most renown pediatric Neurosurgeon in the world! That is just the beginning of his accolades, but I will say this, no wonder the Library of Congress named him one of the Living Legends of the world!
    There is NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING VINDICTIVE IN THIS MAN’S HEART!!! He literally walks with God, and knows, had God not saved him, and directed him on the right path, he would be just another statistic of the Ghettos! There is no other person in this world I trust more! He had a pathological temper, and he said President Trump was right when he brought this up when Dr. Carson was running against him in the Presidential Race. Because of his epiphany with God, he lost that horrible temper, and that’s why he is so cool and calm when conducting himself in front of radicals! He is also a neurosurgeon! Tell me how you would feel if he lost his temper over every little thing when operating on the most delicate, extensive, and difficult surgery in the medical field. If you want to know about Dr Carson’s life, watch Gifted Hands. That only deals with his expertise as a neurosurgeon, first to separate a pair of German twins by the head. Then people who didn’t know him said he was so calm in those debates, he put people asleep. NOT SO! He refuses to act like a juvenile delinquent, and he never will, he made that promise to the Lord.

  20. Dr. Ben Carson is a straight shooter and very honest man. I’m in total agreement with Dr. Carson. These women MUST be protected – end of story.

  21. Ben Carson is exactly RIGHT!!! No doubt about it. He’s a good man. Trans are miserable people that have nothing better to do.

  22. Were I in the position of being abused by a man and found shelter somewhere for women only, I would most assuredly object to having someone who “identified” as female coming in at all! Someone doing that would more than likely be attempting to further abuse and humiliate women needing shelter from that sort of thing. Those who belong to the alphabet soup movement really need a serious reality check.

  23. Using demonRAT philosophy, it’s perfectly acceptable for rapists that are biologically male to go to female shelters claiming to be transgender lesbians and the have to be allowed to rape all of the women in the shelter.


  25. My mother often said that, because of America’s turning from God, she believed that the Lord Jesus Christ would return before her life ended. She passed away not having witnessing His return, but it can’t be far away comparing what the Bible describes happening in the end time. Soon, maybe very soon we will not have to suffer with the hatred of God and His followers by all those who refuse to believe. I think of the old hymn that says, What a day that will be, when my Savior I shall see. I wonder though if He will do to the cities that live like Sodom and Ghamorah and give His followers an insight into His plan with the burning of such cities.

  26. Yes he has every right to stand up for these women. I give him a great deal of credit . I really don’t understand what these LBGTs have to stick there nose in everything the WORLD does not revolve around them.and it’s time they realize it.Ben keep up the good work.

  27. Ben Carson is one of the few public officials with the courage and tenacity to stand strong against the deviant LGBTQ movement. He deserves all our thanks.

  28. The sooner they start locking up these mentally deranged “patients” the better off society will be and function normally.

  29. It is time that the US puts a stop to the pretend men and women, you are born either female or male and if you want to pretend you are a female then you should go to the shelter that accepts pretend females same goes for pretend males, why should biological women and men have to put up with these pretenders let them live as they want without pushing their nonsense on the rest of the world they are not privileged characters and are not entitled to any more exceptions to the law than men and women who are what they are and are proud to claim their born sex

  30. Nothing wrong with that. We are not all comfortable with transgender’s. So build them a bathroom just for them. I would not allow my children in a bathroom where I have to explain the person next to us. Uncomfortable for some people. I don’t believe in that, so why have it shoved on me.


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