The LGBT Movement has invaded public schools in a terrifying way that will make you cringe


The radical elements of the LGBT movement are seeping into every facet of our culture.

And things just got worse.

The LGBT agenda has officially invaded public schools in a horrifying way that will make you fear for the future generations.

The primary method of LGBT activists influencing the culture has been featured in Hollywood and the media.

Now, they are targeting public schools to trick young students and children into believing their lies.

The Governor of Illinois is now making it official by mandating all public schools teach LGBT history.

The lesson plans include, “a study of the roles and contributions of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people.”

Breitbart Reports:

The governor of Illinois recently signed a bill that will mandate public schools in the state teach LGBT history, beginning next year. The new legislation will require schools to incorporate “a study of the roles and contributions of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people” as part of the American history curriculum.

Illinois governor J.B. Pritzker (D) signed House Bill 246 into law on Friday, which will require schools to incorporate LGBT history in American history courses. The law mandates that all publicly funded schools in Illinois include “the roles and contributions of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people in the history of this country and this State” in official textbooks.

“Each public school district and State-recognized, non-public school shall, subject to appropriations for that purpose, receive a per-pupil grant for the purchase of secular and non-discriminatory textbooks,” reads the text of the legislation.

This is the plan of the radical LGBT movement.

Their goal is to force public school systems in all 50 states to teach young minds about “LGBT history” while fooling them into believing in their agenda.

The Governor of Illinois has now made that possible.

Governors of blue states will likely continue to pass laws that force the LGBT movement down people’s throats.

What do you think?

Should LGBT history be taught in public schools?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


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  2. Time to pull them out of public schools and start home schooling them so that they will know the actual truth.

  3. I would like to know exactly what lies you think the LBGT community will be tricking young students and children into believing. Please give me some specifics.

  4. Let’s start with we have a choice in deciding what our gender is? Believe that is determined when the sperm(from a male) impregnates the egg(from a woman). You are born either male or female.
    That’s just a FACT of nature and can not be changed, ever!

  5. Why is so much being paid to the sickness of all those in the LGBTQ group? Who are they to tell the natural straight world anything?

  6. My daughter, and both of my sons, have already done so and are home schooling my grandchildren. I totally approve of their move, to the point of helping in whatever way I can, up to and including financial assistance.

  7. Looks like we all just need to quite paying taxes to these total morons in office until we can get real God fearing people back in office .See how long they will stay in office with no pay.

  8. Transgenderism is opening doors of debate in just about every realm of western society. People have to ask what bathrooms are they to use now and can a once man-altered to a woman compete with female athletes. This issue is dividing America and is bringing sharp debates from the devilish Democrats and the righteous Republicans. The transgender issue is things that are against the laws of nature. It is against the normal order of things and this is seen in the sports areas. In a paper published in the Journal of Medical Ethics, a study was done to prove that suppressing testosterone levels in men trying to be something they are not is not enough to suppress the strength advantage that they have over little girls. They are bigger and faster and very much stronger than the little girls that they are competing against. And of course, the devils called Democrats in the House are downplaying the significance of such findings because they just don’t care about the people that are going to be hurt by these freaks trying to be something they are not. Surprisingly no one has ever seen a transgender woman trying to be a man ever join a football team. It is ludicrous that a freak of nature has to try to prove something he is not by roughing up little girls in a sports event that is not something that he should be participating in. But the devilish Democrats want people to believe that they are all equal. Science and just plain common sense have proven that there is a natural difference between men and women, and they are not all the same. The dorky Democrats believe that men trying to be girls do not have the advantage of true girls. This study proves once and for all that they do have an advantage. Just because a man puts on a dress does not make him a woman. There is nothing in all creation that will change the fact that he is a man. The paper makes mention that these men have an “intolerable” advantage over women. There is nothing that is going to change this fact. The sad reality is that the Democrats will reject the proven truth and still hold on to their lies like they do with everything else that is false that they hold to. The paper goes on to point out that hormone therapy is still not enough to make the playing field equal between men and women. There are just too many differences. A man’s muscle mass returns to normal at times because of muscle memory. There is nothing that will ever change the truth that a man is a man and a girl is a girl. Genetics cannot change and there is nothing that the doctors can do to change the sexual identity of a man or a woman. A person can put on a costume but that does not change who they are on the inside. All that transgenderism proves is that a person is living a lie. The Democrats want to force people to accept the changes and make things unfair for everyone else. They have tried to pass an equality act that would make it illegal for schools to keep men from competing with women in sports.Ilhan Omar is a supporter of this kind of legislation. She does not believe in the science behind the report. The country would love to Omar compete on a pro-football team after making such remarks. She holds that there is no advantage present. One day on the team and she would see that she is completely wrong on the matter. The devils in the Democratic Party are trying to feminize men while at the same time hurt womanhood. For a man to compete physically against a girl is just ridiculous and should never happen. President Trump is sure to veto any such bill coming from the Democrats. There is no reason or proof that men are equal to women. There is just too much physical proof and evidence that proves that they are not the same in many ways.

  9. God help us! Thankfully they don’t have this is Canada. They do have this sogi crap for gender identity????

  10. It reeks to high heaven. A gutless Governor (or perhaps a practicing member of that community) has decided to pollute every mind in his school systems so that a rather perverse story can be told.

    Home or church schooling may be the only way to keep some things at bay.

  11. How about we just put God back in school as well as the pledge and many other subjects.We do not need to put these satanic issues in our ciriculum .The U.S. Constitution is a much better subject than queers and faggs.

  12. I agree w/you Keith the demoRACISTS are gathering all the names of the lgbtq’s and will present them to the mooslims, you know what happens next!!

  13. The foundational issue here is disobedience to the only true standard – God’s Word, the Bible. Leviticus 18:22, “You shall not lie with a male as with a woman. It is an abomination.” Throwing God and His laws under the bus is the real reason why our country is in such a mess.

  14. I don’t believe in LGBTQ history or Black History, or any other kind of speciality history.
    Just complete history including restoring all the memorial statues, which were removed during the reign of the evil one (Barack Obama).
    You can’t change your history by hiding it (warts and all).

  15. Teaching LGBTQ history? But they are not teaching World History! Do these children learn about the Great Depression, WWII, 9/11? I’m afraid not it is being replaced with things like LGBTQ history. God help us all!!!

  16. Left to himself mankind will destroy himself. Last days they will not heed sound doctrine, but will cleave to that which sounds good to itching ears
    There is a way that seems right to man but the end results is death. Our society is dying by our own hands.

  17. this will open doors to all deviations in our children’s lives while under the local education system.
    people should be upset and demand that school systems reframe from such things. parents must make a decision for the benefit of their children: local schools, home schooling, private schools or private tutors. always remember that you are still paying the bill, but in most cases you have no say in school courses. they come from the state government.

  18. Since when does a persons sexual preference put them in a history book?? It is absurd. Since when are we defined not by what we accomplish in our life or what a caring person we are but by sexual preference??? I cannot think that my friends who happen to be lesbian or homosexual think this is admirable to base ones life on this one facet of their lives.

  19. Good for you sons doing this, plus you can see what the teachers are teaching and what the textbooks look like. If you can’t do home schooling then get involved with asking your child every day, what did the teacher teach or show you today. Make this a daily practice and see if your school district is heading in that direction. If they are go to the school board and attend PTA meetings. Enough parents get together they will think twice, I hope.

  20. Leave the history of pathetic queers out of our schools we all know that it has caused a epidemic of aids disease and Millions of HIV victims that is worse than the bubonic plague!

  21. Why do people say that they don’t want to be labeled, then demand that they have a specific label when spoken to or about? Why can’t we simply teach history as it happened without labels?

  22. How does learning this stuff equip the students for a job or further education? I can’t see any advantage to the students at all…The advantage is to the mind control people and others who never had our kids interests at heart

  23. The fact is IF the people of Illinois lets this happen without a fight then they deserve it and are probably into the LGBT mentality…….Move to Texas because I can’t see this EVER HAPPENING in Texas schools…..

  24. MY THOUGHTS EXACTLY!! I tried to get my daughters to home school, but , the husbands wouldn’t agree, so public school. Thankfully our East Texas small town is mostly conservative.

  25. When a male gives birth to a child I will consider the possibility of the sexes being the same. Mind you I said consider not accept. Until that happens all is a bunch of bull.

  26. People that are of the alphabet community ie. LGBTQXYZ…are people that do not live a normal sexual lifestyle but choose to have same sex relationships so they are warped in their thinking. I don’t want my grandchildren listening to an adult that thinks sleeping with the same sex is normal. It is not. Sex is not Love. Transgender people are confused people and do not think straight or right when it comes to their own identity. Transgenderism is a mental disorder…period. Homosexuality is a lifestyle choice…period. Neither of which are ever going to be affirmed as normal. Children should never be exposed to anything sexual because they are innocents. They don’t need to be thinking about seeing a man dressed up in a woman’s clothes with lipstick and boobs…Children need to be left to having fun with friends and make believe time. Their imagination should be developed with normalcy , not violated by confusion and perversion….Perversion means twisted by the way. Keep twisted ideas and ways of life away from innocent children…

  27. That the homosexual lifestyle is perfectly normal. Which it isn’t!

    Sodomites can’t reproduce, so they recruit children of all ages. They’re like vultures.
    Once upon a time it was against the law. But our society has accepted it as just another lifestyle. But God hasn’t! He still calls the sin an abomination and a stench in His nostrils.

  28. It has ben proven that a man/woman can be altered to appear like the opposite sex. However, they cannot chanbe the hormone system. You end up with a thoroughly mixed up, sick individual. The are destroying our children. Fact: After having anal sex many times, the anus of a man convolutes up to 10-20 inches outside his body. These are the “Old Queens” and they go after young unsuspecting boys. They are the most dangerous of all. Doctors will varify this. Put them back in the closet. Their mental and physical sick problems weren’t known by too many at that time.

  29. The lgbt community wants the perverted lifestyle to be accepted as normal. That is what is being pushed on our kids! Making it a full time job to teach our kids the truth.

  30. The worst part about this if a young girl, who works hard a a certain sport with a dream of going towards an athletic scholarship and eventually the Olympics, and this male who relates to being female gets to enter the sport she is in and she is no longer as good as she was. This male will always have physiology superior to the female, in speed, muscle, size of hands and other traits. This poor girl has all her dreams crushed. She works hard at her sport, her schoolwork, gets great grades and on a fast track to college and then the floor falls out from under her. The only reason these males want to go into female sports is they can’t male it competing against other males.

  31. So true. We must not stay quiet when these things happen. Jesus spoke the Truth in Love. Either we make a stand for the innocence of our children and insist that no one of perverse nature or ideas is allowed to share their lifestyle choices with children or we lose our children to darkness. God is Right and will always be Right. He can and will not stand for anything that is wrong. Forty years ago homosexuals and drag queens were encouraged to get mental health help or to go to a minister and be delivered of their lifestyle. Now if anyone speaks the truth about this lifestyle people are called bigots, racists and homophobes. ….I say call me all the name you please…whatever floats your boat , but Jesus is the Captain of my ship and He has the say in what is best for children….period.

  32. And what political party is attached at the hip with these sicko??
    That’s right, the democrats!!

    People, pray for your children and grandchildren. Pray for our country and our leaders. Only God can protect the kids from this evil scourge in our country. If left to the democrats, all of them will become sodomites.

  33. This is absolutely inexcusable. How do we get together to protest and stop this? Our creepy governor is no help as he has no morals! We need a miracle.

  34. hey J.B. Pritzker make sure the part where your thing gets cut off is in the book. This is all very very sad.

  35. I don’t know what lies this community would give but I know some truths, scripture teaches one man and one woman. Perhaps that explains why we have children. Don’t have a clue why two men would enjoy one another, but I do understand why a man would enjoy his wife. I would plead with this community to just leave these kids alone. Aren’t you thankful that your parents did not believe like the LGBT folks, doubt you’d have much to say if that were the case. May God open your eyes in time.

  36. Parents and grandparents continue to teach our children right from wrong about these anti Christ evils that are hoping to destroy the United States values continue to have conversations with your children and grandchildren about these sick perverted ways.

  37. This is an existential evil that will impact the current grade school generation who will grow up with an immoral view towards life styles in their future that are evil! SHAME!!!! As honest Abe once said..”The philosophy of the school room in one generation will be the philosophy of government in the next.” Abraham Lincoln

  38. Race is not a choice; sex orientation is a choice. Most LGBT folks admit that they choose to live by their sinful lifestyle. Half of the LGBT population has suffered sexual abuse. Many other LGBT people grow up without a good role model. So rather than accept such deviant behavior, we need to assist the LGBT community with counseling and/or therapy. My sister is an advocate for those who have suffered domestic violence(MY sister was abused by her husband). Her motto is, “If you hide it, you can’t heal.”

  39. That it might okay to sleep with an animal and that would be okay because somebody says so please

  40. Trans and homosexuality is a mental illness. Fortunately, the gov’ts of China and Russia have invested heavily in medical research to combat this, and they were successful. No more of it within 50 yrs. “Literally” screw them.

  41. Why does less than 35 of the population get to dictate to the 97%. They keep telling us America is a democracy (it is not) . In a democracy majority rules. Wake up silent majority. Home school your kids get them out of communist government schools.

  42. This Congress is a joke and needs to be voted before they destroy the United States these are some really sick animals.

  43. Why does it need to be made a point that someone is a lgbt that did something good in life? Aren’t they human beings? Is it nessisary for everyone to have a title of their sexuality? When your pushing an issue other than the good that was done your pushing an agenda.

  44. I would rather that the Lord God take them home with him then to let the evils devil’s destroy them at the end of the day the Lord God wins.


  46. While us Americans citizens still have the right to vote stand up and be counted for if the treasonous traitor democrats get voted into Congress we the people lose this battle.

  47. The LGBTs are changing it with the compliance of our leaders. It is perverse and will lead to the legalizing of pedophilia which is their ultimate goal. They are freaks and need to be banned from schools, childrens’ library hours, and churches.

  48. Because the democrats want their votes. They don’t care about the children at all. They have same sex, no children in their future so they take ours and corrupt them. Soon the world will be childless, except of course for the Muslims. And when they over take they will kill all gays and the world will end.

  49. Sodom and Gomorrah all over again. What’s that old saying? What goes around, comes around or what is old is new! These are terrible times to live in. I feel we are all going to have to stand up and fight very soon!

  50. Everything the Republicans talk about its invading. WWll veterans could show you what invasion looks like. Kids have full permission to be themselves — as well as educators. Where there’s no wondering, ‘Is this teacher going to be a person for me to be myself with?’” said Zsilavetz, who is transgender and a veteran teacher with nearly 25 years of experience. “This is a place where they (students) can just open up and be the best person they can be.”
    Pride School will initially operate out of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Atlanta church and is expected to open by September 2016. Tuition will be around $13,000, though Zsilavetz says financial assistance is available for students who need it.
    It is part of a small but growing group of schools popping up nationally geared toward educating LGBT youth, who feel disenfranchised from public education. Pride School would be the first of its kind in the Southeast and, according to gay rights advocates, a significant development for the LGBT movement.
    “There’s a number of kids who come from the South … migrating to places like New York and other cities because they feel like it’s more tolerant for them,” said Ross Murray, programs director, global and U.S. South, for gay rights group GLAAD.
    “They should be able to stay in their homes, their communities. I think having a school like this in Atlanta … it means it’s much more regionally connected. If a student does need a place where they can be safe from bullying, from peers who want to harass or harm them, they’re not going to have to travel tons of distance to do that.”

  51. I agree 100% , this bs does not belong in public schools .All this LGBT crap will cause a lot of confusion too young people that wont understand it.

  52. Scientifically and biologically there are only males and females. Anything and everything else is an anomaly, a mutation, probably caused by the toxins in our environment.

  53. These groups like this “Pride” school is what is fueling the situation with our children. Just because a child feels a little different or confused for a while DOES NOT MEAN THAT THEY ARE GAY OR TRANSGENDER!!!!!!!!!!! Practically all children go though fazes of some insecurity. But with the right role models and love they outgrow it. LET THEM BE CHILDREN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. @L.C…WHAT…LOL…I hate to burst your little bigoted pea-brain, but there are already fags and lezbos in your school. Besides, if you raised your kids correctly no one can CONVIENCE them to become a faggot. They either are or arent gay already. Its people like you who scare kids into commiting suicide because they may have feelings inside that they do not understand. A it will be a cold day in HELL before they come talk to you about it because you have ZERO tolerance in your heart. But by-god you will be the first one to cheer on their son when he gets talked into screwing 20 girls and maybe get one pregnant, becsuse, Hell-yeah, he’s my BOY!!! Its no wonder our youth is so screwed up..

  55. Lol you better look in the mirror. If you think your kids are sin free, then your as blind as a dingbat.. And you better worry about other crap the public schools are teaching your kids than some gay person coming to school. Your kids already know someone whos gay. And they CANNOT convience your child to be gay. Thats the problem. Parents who live in the dark ages.. Yall better wake up and stop judging people. ONLY GOD has that right!!

  56. I agree whole heartedly. Enough is enough, the alphabet people need to be put back in the closet and the door locked.

  57. Firstly, “The education of all children, from the moment that they can get along without a mother’s care, shall be in state institutions.”―Karl Marx

    2nd…..A liberal created the Department of Education, PeaNut farmer, Jimmy Carter

    3rd. …”While America’s students are stuck in a ditch, the rest of the world is moving ahead. The World Economic Forum ranks us 48th in math and science education. On international math tests, the United States is near the bottom of industrialized countries (the 34 members of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development), and we’re in the middle in science and reading. Similarly, although we used to have one of the top percentages of high-school and college graduates among the OECD countries, we’re now in the basement for high-school and the middle for college graduates.”- The Atlantic’

    Seems to me we should be TEACHING, not indoctrinating.

  58. there have already been rumblings of outlawing home schooling for just that reason. As for “contributions”, what have they given the world that normal people are not capable of doing? If the guy in Blechly Circle hadn’t broken the German codes someone else would have. Respect me and I will respect you. I do NOT need to know about your life behind closed doors; I get enough of that from the new “entertainment” – Instinct, Grandchester, etc.

  59. You can choose to do what you wish
    But you cannot choose the consequences of your choices
    Perverts will not be allowed in Gods heaven , thats

    what GOD says
    Like it or lump it it’s Gods world
    And he makes the rules
    Perversion is sin , he destroyed sodom
    For the very thing of homosexuality
    God changes not, you will be judged
    For you choices
    Repent of your sin
    and invite Jesus
    Into your heart and he will replace the perversion with peace
    Which is what you really want
    If you will be honest with yourself
    Lust cannot replace the true love found only in Jesus

  60. They want to be “accepted”. At the present they can’t climb all over each other in aisle 6 at WalMart like “normal” teenagers or make out in the back row of the theater. Are there many drive-in theaters left where you can go to the concession stand and pass them buggering each other in the car as you go by?

  61. The Equality Act takes away the rights of parents to raise and educate their own children if their beliefs contradict government mandates and the rights of parents to make choices of sexuality or gender, including medical treatments, would be superseded by federal civil rights codes. This Act passed the House in May 2019 by a 236 to 173 margin and is in Senate where it has not been voted on yet.

  62. LGBT needs to be outlawed and banned from all schools. they don’t need to spread their Mental Deficiency on others

  63. What makes me cringe is that we let freaks take over schools and tell our kids what to think, and not how to think. LGBTQ’s are on a mission, and it’s not a holy mission, it is perverted as hell.

  64. I don’t understand need for labels as well.
    Perverts have lived for years keeping it in their privacy. Keep it to yourself we don’t want to know or see it much less have pushed down our throats

  65. Doing acts of homosexuality is against the laws of The Lord in Heaven. It is an act of personal desire.
    “Those who harm children would be better if a large stone was tied around their necks and thrown into the depths of the sea”, sayeth The Lord God.

  66. Facts should be our guiding light, and the fact is that God, the Creator of the Universe, and everything in it, destroyed two cities, Sodom and Gomorrah, because of homosexuals, He also calls their indecent practice
    a perversion. If the practice gets bad enough remember, ” He can destroy a Nation as easily as ha destroyed
    those two cities.” THINK ABOUT IT!

  67. Hey other Tom, the LGBT’s agenda has already started by starting from K thru college they are brain washing the kids into believing that it’s their right to change gender whenever it pleases them, “really” they are sick minded people, no wonder why there are so many that try suicide as a way out of their life style.

  68. Go crawl back in the hole you came from. Its people like YOU who spread lies just to make YOURSELF look better. 25 million people died of the Plague. Of the 39 million who have died of Aids, 692,000 are gays and straight people in the U.S. The other 38 million were straight people in Africa. And as of 2017 the highest rate if HIV in the U.S. are those of Straight people.
    So, look in the mirror before you spread your lies.

  69. Truth scare you? Typical to close your mind off and go to your little Safe Place! When you decide to come out in the Real World you’ll need the mental facility…Until then, keep your ostridge head in the hole..

  70. Maybe if the school system would concentrate on the basics {i.e. reading, writing, math, English , science etc.} instead of trying to change their morality, Maybe our kids wouldn’t be losing ground academically to other countries and we would have responsible leaders emerging from our schools not weak “Snowflakes” who cant tie their shoes without getting their feelings hurt. The schools are about facts not the teachers opinion and they should do the job we pay them to do, this also includes that cesspool we call higher education,

  71. This has been happening for over 20 years the manipulation of history, changing history, and even deleting history the left does not like. I went back to University in 2010-2014 for my 3rd degree this one in History. I was shocked at the lies teachers were telling, the manipulation and twisting of history and the leaving out things that do not fit into the PC lexicon. I took a modern history class that had two paragraphs and a one-by-one-inch photo on President Regan but the same book has an entire 12-page chapter on Rap Music and its influence on modern America!

    The teacher bent over backward to strain and possibly insinuate that particular historical figures were gay (even if they were married with families and not evidence of it.) My 15 yr old niece recently asked me in a self-righteous outraged tone, if I knew that they killed homosexuals in the German concentration camps? I replied yes, but that would be a side note of history dear as first and foremost these were extermination camps for the Jewish people. She waved her hand and brushed that off (as I am sure her teacher had) and said no I want to talk about the guys who died in Auschwitz! The agenda to insinuate LBGT agenda into our schools have been there for a long time, it just now apparently is being made law.

    What’s next, do we teach the kindergartners not only can a prince marry a prince but how about polyamorous penguins? Polygamous families? that Prostitution is simply a lifestyle choice? And of course – we won’t teach them about “inappropriate touching” any longer since they should embrace and be excited about Pedophilia!

    Anything goes on the left- any self-identity is wonderful and should be embraced! NO Judgements – Right?! The left has decided only their questionable virtues are worthy and moral!

    God save us from the consequences of Liberal tolerance and acceptance.
    As someone who works counseling people, I can tell you this is harming and confusing our youth. And any snowflake who is offended by this – To bad. Unlike Biden, I do not believe in (YOUR) Truth over Facts!

  72. How is it that such a small segment of the population is able to dictate to the rest. Ah, well. I does look like a change in the weather is brewing. As I seem to recall, the case of the Christian baker got reversed.

  73. Ervin…not just homosexuals. There were other perverts. And I believe that this country has become worse than S&G.

  74. glen…God created TWO genders…male and female. And we will ALL stand before Jesus as the gender we are born with. It is satan who has caused all of confusion and chaos. It is what he does. He hated God and everything that He created and will do all he can to take as many of us to hell with him as he can. YOU get to choose to follow Jesus to Heaven or satan to Hell. God says that all of this sick perversion is an abomination.

  75. Until Bibles are put back in schools , Which God willing this will happen in the next few years , It is highly recommended that parents Home school their children . It is pure insanity that anyone could think that the LGBT ” Death style ” not ” Lifestyle ” is somehow educational ? If they teach that LGBT is clearly Mental illness then yes! But to teach children that people who are confused and unclear about their sexuality is somehow beneficial to society is unacceptable! Let’s makes this clear! Homosexuality leads to the Extinction of the Human Race and those who chose that death style! Not Lifestyle! Bisexuals are the worst of all because they spread diseases to Heterosexuals! And Trans people are just plain suffering from Mental illness and are confused about what they are! If they teach this in the schools then so be it! But I doubt they are going to tell the truth about this . Their intentions are to Glorify the LGBT lifestyle to children so they can condition them into seeing it as being normal . It is wrong and it must not under any circumstances be allowed!

  76. LGBT is 4.5% of the population. An insignificant minority. This only goes to show that the empty barrel makes the most noise and that the squeaky wheel gets the most grease. It’s a lesson for the rest of us that the power of protest gets things done, and in the arena of politics, we should not just sit back and let the government roll over us. As for LGBT, who really cares what you do behind closed doors. Don’t ask. Don’t tell. Leave the rest of us alone and thank God you don’t live in Iran, where you would be stoned to death.

  77. Homosexuals have been a part of life for ever. To pretend they don’t exist is absurd. Mentioning the many contributions to society is not only right but will also prevent misinformation and fabrications from being spread falsely.

  78. If they are going to force this into the schools, and If you didn’t catch it they said all public schools and nonpublic schools which means even home schooled children, need to be taught the Truth and not the rewritten/Whitewashed version of history! Otherwise they cannot force our children to listen to this hogwash and parents really need to stand up for thier children’s rights!

    They need to teach the students that with thier sexual immorality they caused the spread of so many diseases that killed so many people and spread it into the nongay communities as well! Teach them the true history of homosexuality and how it destroys peoples lives, families and society as a whole! Disease and immorality is thier contribution to society!

  79. Amen! Teach them The Holy Bible, about the gift from Jesus Christ and that GOD ALMIGHTY created them!

  80. Exactly Right! What homosexuals do to each other and the innocent children they Rape is FILTHY! Think about what they do for a minute or maybe 10 seconds, it is a FOUL and FILTHY DISGUSTING act!

  81. All I can say is, thank GOD my children are already grown and through college! I can not believe such a small group of the population( LGBT) has so much to say and can dictate what is now being taught in the school system. This “political correctness” has gotten way out of hand. Nor should it be part of teaching curriculum. Or does anyone have the right to rewrite history. But, then again, the Democrats are trying to rewrite the Constitution now aren’t they? Anyone that has to deal with this situation now, may I make a suggestion? If you can not home school, talk to your children what was discussed “every day” in their classes. Go over their homework. If you have a solid religious home, reinforce what the bible says. We may not be able to stop this abomination that is being forced on our children, we can at least give them what is the truth, according to GOD. Hopefully they will be able to grasp we have their best interest at heart and we know what’s best for them. But, teach them not to judge or hurt anyone. Teach them we do not have to accept their lifestyle as normal. That is GOD’s job . GOD have mercy on our souls and this great country……

  82. Why would ANYONE be surprised at ANYTHING that happens in the hellhole state of Illinois????? I for one am sick to death of these people attempting to force laws and lifestyles on everyone else!!! I don’t care what they do, just stop bothering the rest of us with it!! Where does this pathological need for public acceptance and adoration come from? I have NEVER been that insecure!! Maybe they should try making some real contributions to society instead of parading around and whining about their lot in life!

  83. And when the race is over the tranweirdo can go in and leer at the Girl and if he desires he can Rape the Girl! So many pedophiles take up the “I’m a transgender” just to take advantage of Women and Children in places like the restrooms! How much harm can they do to these Children?

  84. Let’s say it like is it. Homosexuality, Lesianism, etc. are sexual perversions. They are not moral, good, acceptable or right. Marriage is between one man and one woman. This is how God intended us to interact between the sexes. Sex only within the context of the permanent covenant relationship. We all it marriage. In marriage the bed is undefiled but those who have sexual relationships outside of marriage and whoremongers, pedophiles, all sex outside marriage is a sin that God will judge.
    God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah because of their homosexual behavior. Ever since the sin of Sodomy has been condemned and those who indulged in it judged. Often times in the Bible when a king took the throne and did what was right in the sight of God they were commended when they got rid of all the homosexuals (Sodomites)in the land.
    Homosexuality and Lesbianism as with all sin when allowed within a society will grow to corrupt the entire society just like a little yeast in bread dough will grow and permeate the whole loaf. By allowing this wicked behavior we are opening the door for wickedness to grow and permeate our whole country. This will result in the perversion, corruption and destruction of all that is right and good and ultimate destroy our country from within.
    We should stop the onslaught of wickedness in our country and push it back into the dark recesses so it cannot rear its ugly head in society. We should take any legal, legislative and corrective action that is necessary to eliminate this perverse sinful way of life from permeating our society.
    The rot of one rotten apple in the barrel will infect the whole barrel so that none will be fit to eat. When a piece of rotten fruit is found among your fruit what do you do? Do you say OH that is OK and leave it there. NO! You remove it. So we should do with wickedness.

  85. yes and maybe when perverts have trouble in the streets and the cops do nothing it will suggest that they need to stop attempting to jam it down folks throats.. same goes for the ahole antifa scum..

  86. It was all brought upon us by Sexual IMMORALITY and Drug Abuse And those that played those deadly games! Do you have any clue as to who they would be that started it? The Druggies, the homosexuals, the cheaters, the bisexuals? Take your pick but they all went against GODS WORD!

  87. Then you have the men who can’t win against other men, who say they identify as a women to compete against women so they can win to sooth their wounded MALE ego.

  88. Democrats have been having a temper tantrum for three years (I though my 4 yr old great grandson had bad temper tantrums), they need to be put in a time out. Vote them out of office.


  90. My question is what gets sacrificed from curriculum to teach this? As it is, kids are scoring really low in math & science. Reading has turned into the McDonald’s of literature. I know from my own kids’ reading lists in English classes. With smartphones & social media, kids are doing less reading and more posting, losing out in public schools on so much great literature I read as a kid if their parents aren’t readers themselves and strongly encourage it or inclined to read themselves. Unless a school specifically offers courses in civics or the Constitution potentially in high school, kids aren’t being taught that either. They graduate knowing pretty much zero about our Founders or their immense wisdom and warnings to this nation. Such as, if we removed the Bible from schools, crime would rise. The nation’s schools used to teach virtue, morals, manners, respect. Disrespect for authority figures is common. California even has a new law that disrupters in classrooms can’t be disciplined, removed or face any consequences. That hurts kids trying to learn. My kids were exposed to so many horrible, irrelevant rants about Trump that my 11 yr. old came home in tears, upset that she couldn’t learn while her teacher railed about politics. They’ve been pulled out of class to protest guns. The basics are more important to me for my kids to be educated about than activism. Pritzker’s message is that parents shouldn’t get to choose when and how they talk to their kids about LBGT issues. Not all families agree on what that conversation looks like or at what age or life circumstances they may want to discuss it. The state shouldn’t decide for them. And frankly, it’s become tiresome for our society to keep carving people up into race, gender and sexual orientation, political ideologies and so forth, messaging who are victims, who are oppressors, who are heroes, who and what kids should embrace. The more people like Pritzker insert themselves into kids’ lives, the more activists, militants and radicals will demand they do.

  91. Consequences of the depraved nature their sins will find them out the wages of sin is death. At what point does the behavior of the Governor of Illinois and his cronies become criminal or need I even ask the question? At what point is the abuse of powers position and removal from office and prison result from these lawless individuals?

  92. a truly despicable and cowardly act in the fashion of indoctrination a la Hitler. Many adults are too knowledgeable to fall for the gay agenda, so they turn their sites on the innocent impressionable youth who are at the mercy of their teachers, who are at the mercy of the governor who is at the mercy of satan.
    That is why we provide home schooling.

  93. It’s wrong for you to hypothesize about what LC would or would not do and then the name-calling as well. This does not help your case since you help prove his point about homosexuals.

    If anyone is born homosexual, and I have yet to see any scientific data that would confirm it though some have tried, my personal belief is that because of mankind’s original sin many years ago, generations of sinners breeding has caused many abnormalities in us all. Would God have someone born without arms, etc? God did not make any of us abnormal, it’s our own sin and that of our forefathers that has caused our weakness and frailty in so many ways.

    Things we’ve consumed or used in some way has an effect. Consider generations of this filtering down through the ages. To say God made me without arms, or God made me without hearing or sight, or God made me homosexual is not logical if you follow the truth of the Bible.

    God doesn’t make someone less than normal. It’s our own sin and that of our ancestors, but most don’t want to accept that, they’d rather have someone to blame as an excuse for what they want to do that they know is wrong.

    The Bible teaching is that homosexuality is unnatural and wrong. Anyone who has feelings like that I really feel sorry for them. It can’t be easy having feelings like that, but the Bible is emphatic and calls it an abomination.

    Salvation is available for all who repent and believe in Christ’s sacrifice for us; and I don’t just mean just homosexuals. We ALL have sinned and we ALL need Christ. Bashing anyone or any group is wrong, but so easy to do. We should all be thankful and look to God because mankind proves daily that we are far from perfect and we ALL need something more……and that something more is Jesus Christ and His salvation.

    (Sorry, I didn’t intend to go on and on, but this is important for all of us. Like it or not, we’re all in the same boat and it’s the Titanic. We’re sinking and in need of God’s help.)

  94. I agree, to NOT introduce Gays and lesbians history in our school system-Put it back in the closet-Stop, saying, this is a normal lifestyle-I’m not against them, just, their sex habits. I don’t flaunt MY sexual activities and neither should they-This is a private thing.

  95. Well its funny how quickly you took his side by not condemming his name calling (faggots/lezbos), so I DID prove his biggoted nature and maybe in YOUR eyes its abnormal to be gay. Well I worship the same God as you, so you worry about dealing with Him in the end just as I will and keep your opinions about abnormalities to yourself. I was born into a very loving Christian family, and yet I do not find women sexually attractive.
    SO, in your eyes I should probably marry anyway. Or better yet I should just NEVER live Anyone..I went to Psyocologist, I have prayed my whole for God to send me a female that would change my feelings..
    So all of you who call me sick, unGodpy or trying to convience YOUR kids that being Gay is okay. Your 100% WRONG. You think I would wish all your hatred towards me on ANYONE..And I doubt very likly you did any scientifuc research on the subject. You should have just stuck with the end of your statement hy saying BOTH sides have got their issues!

  96. The majority needs to address this issue. Personally I do not care about peoples preferences. Now LGBT movement is shoving down our throats. Everyone is being forces. If liberals get their way every minority will force the majority to comply.

  97. Grow up…Get a life. LGBTQ and XYZ are NORMAL. The human race has had a small portion of people who are gay since our creation. Gay and all the other types of sexuality belong in the mind of the individual. It does not belong in the minds of children. When the child becomes an adult, s/he can deal with their own sexuality. Sexuality does NOT belong as a learning lesson in the class room. I retired from the Illinois State Police. They forced us to take Muslim Diversity Training. Many of refused asking ‘WHY?” Of course management had no answer. AFSCME was asked to intervene. Union rep only said “Nothing we can do about stupid management decisions.” We were threatened by the loss of our jobs if we failed to take the training. We should NOT be required to learn other peoples religion nor their sexuality…Dumb to say the least…Really dumb…

  98. George, that is WRONG!!!! There is NOTHING normal about it!!!!! It is a freak of nature and God says it is an abomination. He did not create anyone that way, since He forbids it. As for Muslim Diversity Training, that is sick. Islam is our enemy. Their goal is total world control.

  99. Ms. or Mrs. Karen K, you have that right, and I am over-joyed that the LGBT Movement will have an extremely difficult time to biologically reproduce themselves, because it is impossible to biologically reproduce with their version of (Male/Male, Female/Female) unorthodox type of marriage!

  100. In the more Globalist controlled countries, like Germany, homeschooling was declared illegal. That will be the next step in the US.

  101. Tom 2: The LGBTQ people are all perverts. If you teach anything else about them you are a liar and a pedophile yourself.

  102. God’s words about gays in Leviticus 20.13: “they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them”

  103. This kind of garbage has been going on long enough. When two men or two women can conceive a baby together then I will start to believe it is normal. What the hell is wrong with the doctors who are doing the sex change operations? Then you have the stupid politicians celebrating the abnormal crap because they want the votes. I’m sick and tired of all this being thrown in our face by the liberals from Hollywood to Washington. When I hear some idiot actress say they will not label their baby a boy or girl it makes want to throw up. I feel sorry for the babies being born to these liberal nut cases.

  104. No, perversion is not NORMAL. You should learn one thing from Muslims: they throw the LGBT perverts off the roof.

  105. The things that are occurring now with gays and lesbians as well as all the violence should be recognized by every Christian as a sign of the times. As it was in the days of Noah and as it was in the days of Lot so shall it be at the coming of the Son of Man.

  106. It’s Mrs. I have been married for 35 years to my wonderful husband. To me he is the greatest man in the universe. There is nothing I would change about him at all. I believe the Holy Bible more than I would believe these people. God created them male and female so that they could be married and be fruitful and multiply. Also, God created Adam and Eve; not Adam and Steve.

  107. Watch out they’ll be saying that is in the Old Testament and that we aren’t living in the OT anymore. But it is also in the New Testament; Like in Romans 1: 26-28.

  108. J.B. Pritzker is a f*****g idiot. He paid $100 million of his own money to be governor, and he said it was worth it. This fat roly poly j.o is only a dupe of Madigan’s political machine which is about to implode from corruption. Now mandatory lgbtq training for children, I would like to shove my foot up his ass as far as it could go.

  109. It saddens me that it seems we have become very P.C. Perhaps too PC. I believe in loving people in the gay community however it seems that the gay lifestyle has become shoved down our throats in things like movies and TV, music etc. When it comes to schools, in my honest opinion they should be teaching math, science, English and basic history not an agenda of a person or group of people. I’m thankful I don’t have any kids.

  110. The sick and twisted minds of liberals huh? Can’t teach one thing about God but they can teach something that is an abomination to God.

  111. You are a pathological liar Joshua. They are not born that way, that is a lie that was started by liberals and it is repeated by liberals to convince you that they are. If you condone that lifestyle then you are just like them, dumb and headed straight for hell.

  112. Well Tom, everything that they would tell children about homosexuality being good and everything will be just fine. That of course would be huge lies. There is absolutley nothing good about homosexuality, it is a sickness that causes mental breakdowns, many diseases and it will send them straight to hell because the bible says it is an abomination to God and they will be cast into the lake of fire, which is hell.

  113. DON……I dont think you said too much. I can listen to the TRUTH all day long! Blessed be the name of Jesus! He is the TRUTH!!!

  114. Lol..You know what, its not even worth replying to such an stupid idiot. But I will say this. I’ll see YOU in HELL then for judging people. That is only His job… Not yours..So shut the hell-up.

  115. I dont have a problem with the hay and lesbian people and think they have the same human wrights as the straight people, they are for the most part good people but as far as use public schools as a new recruitment place for that life style by teaching kids what their life style is ,I think is totally wrong, you want to be gay or lesbian that is your business but trying to bring other people child to develope interest into your world is outrageous and should not ever be allowed, let the children choose and decide by themself what they want to be when they grow up without having a gay or a lesbian making any influence in their development as a person. Schools are to teach good moral and social values among other things ,never to creat or transform sexual preferences.

  116. And time to take that governor and pull him behind a truck until there is nothing left but a pile of bones. That’s my thought.

  117. This is pedophilia. Recruiting and indoctrinating children into the alphabet world. But, this is public schools and how many of the liberal teachers are part of that cult.

  118. There is a goodly amount of scientific evidenced to suggest that
    xenoestrogens from plastics and other estrogen-like chemicals as
    well as phytoestrogens (soy) has turned our boys into girls. It
    adversely effects the area of the brain responsible for sexual
    identity. The effect is a matter of proportion and degree. Light
    to medium exposure in utero (womb) results in homosexuality.
    Heavy exposure results in trans-sexuality. Given that the estrogen
    rich herbs wild yam root and soy have been heavily consumed by pregnant women for thousands of years, homosexuality too has
    been around for thousands of years.

  119. It’s time for parents to start taking/showing some responsibility. It looks to me like more home schooling might become necessary, more than ever with all these mindless twits running loose, wanting to be somebody they’re not. And there are a violent people also.

    Put them all back in the closet, and lock them in there.

  120. It’s time to gather all the LGBTQ people . . . . fly them out to their own Island Homeland . . . AND BLOW THE DAMN ISLAND OFF THE FACE OF THE EARTH ! ! !

  121. It is time we talked reallity. I know from two doctors that a gay man’s anus convolutes up to 20 inches outside his body after a few years of anal sex. There is alos HIV-AIDS to consider. It is a mentally warped and physically dangerous life style. LET’S GET REAL!!!

  122. You want to live that lifestyle fine but don’t force it on children.. This is total bs and there is NO WAY I would have my child go to a school that is teaching or forcing this on them I would yanked my child out in a flash. Let them grow and find out for themselves who they are without crazed people forcing ideas and immoral behavior on them. Let them make their choice when old enough to make that choice. I am sick of this crap. You give them and inch and they want 10 miles. It is BS.

  123. Liberals say they want to end rascism and divisiveness, yet they measure everyone by their gender, their skin color, their genitals and whom they have sex with. that has NOTHING to do with anyone’s accomplishments or lack of accomplishments. Just plain stupid.

    EVERY PARENT AND GRANDPARENT NEEDS TO STAND UP NOW AND FIGHT THIS EVIL!!! this is personal and not the governors decision!!!

  125. As a History teacher for almost 50 years, I would appreciate it if American History were taught fairly and objectively. Gay and Lesbian history would be a part of the tapestry that comprises our beloved Nation’s story.

  126. As a History teacher for almost 50 years, I would appreciate it if American History were taught fairly and objectively. Gay and Lesbian history would be a part of the tapestry that comprises our beloved Nation’s story.

  127. Amazing that you TEACH and haven’t a clue. NOONE should be paying ANY attention to one’s sexual orientation or preference. It is NOONES business. It is private and should be kept private. What is wrong with you people who think it’s important for you to know someone else’s private sexual orientation? I have no interest if you are gay or straight or something else in between. We are all understanding that firing a teacher because “someone” found them in a “gay” bar was wrong. The truth is that most “far righters” have learned that “gay” people are no different than the rest of the world. And marriage is a “contract” and has nothing to do with a church. Yes, we have a lot to grow up about…But, “teaching” about sexual orientation in the class room is total ignorance. As an analogy, and as a state employee, we were FORCED to take “Muslim Diversity Training”. OMG, we are NOT interested in ANYONES’ religion. It was probably illegal to FORCE us to take the training in the first place. Grow up…!

  128. We can nòt bring Christianity into the public school system so why can they bring their agenda into the public schools? We can live peacefully among each other but do not shove the LGBT onto me or my grandchildren and I will not make you read my Bible in public. Go back 3 decades ago and there were closet Gays, I do not feel we need to sweep them under a carpet but to openly force myself or my family to agree with their ideology is not right either.

  129. That is wrong sick Democrats queers.The Childen need the right to learn Christianity history an thay will know the history of LGBT an know it’s wrong. Christianity should be made a law for children to learn in are schools.Not sinful LGBT.THAT SHOULD OUTLAW,AN ALL LGBT SHOULD BE SHIP OUT OF USA.TO a island to keep the pervs away from are childern.An they can have a gay old time.


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