The LGBT movement has discovered a new way to indoctrinate children


The radical LGBT movement has discovered a new tactic to indoctrinate impressionable young children.

They are now infiltrating children’s TV shows.

And one popular children’s TV show secretly introduced a same-sex couple and parents were furious when they found out.

Discovery Channel’s My Little Pony has been on the air for 9 seasons as a family-approved TV show for kids.

But My Little Pony toys and the original TV show dates back to the 1980’s.

This entire time, the show has never pandered to the media’s desires or been pressured to do something from social justice warriors.

But all of that has changed.

My Little Pony introduced a lesbian couple named Aunt Holiday and Aunti Lofty, and parents are just finding out.

Breitbart reports:

Coinciding with Pride Month, the Discovery Family cartoon series My Little Pony has introduced a same-sex couple on the show for the first time.

Writer-producer Michael Vogel told People on Thursday the timing of the episode, The Last Crusade, is a happy coincidence. The episode introduces a lesbian couple, Aunt Holiday and Auntie Lofty. They care for Scootaloo.

The episode has already aired in Europe and will be broadcast in the United States on Saturday. In May, the animated children’s series Arthur on PBS showed the gay wedding of Arthur’s teacher, Mr. Ratburn.

My Little Pony’s announcement comes shortly after long-running PBS kid’s show Arthur had an episode featuring a same-sex wedding of one of Arthur’s teachers.

The LGBT movement is officially using children’s TV shows to slowly indoctrinate kids to buy into their agenda.

This is a dangerous trend that could confuse children at an impressionable age.

Parents that allow their kids to watch these “family approved” TV shows are not aware that many are beginning to cover LGBT topics.

Whether or not you agree or disagree with the LGBT movement’s motives, it is fair to say that children should not be exposed to these issues.

They are simply too young to come to their own conclusions without being manipulated.

And that’s exactly what the LGBT movement is trying to do.

They are finding ways to indoctrinate children on TV, in the classroom, and in the media.

Should children’s TV shows teach LGBT propaganda?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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  2. It’s high time that an honest and talented writer would research and then write – “This is the LBGTQ agenda and WHY it is being pushed so hard” I think it would a total surprise and revealing if we knew the true answer to that question.

  3. People need to be jailed for this type of thing. This is nothing less than the mind-rape of defenseless children. That includes modern curriculum in public schools where the very same agenda is being pushed.

  4. The LGBT queers have always been blatant and honest about recruiting children of the breeders that they hate. Too many have been pewing or had their heads in the sand to aggressively confront organized faggotry.

  5. I understand that there is now 4.5 of these sick basturds lurking around………It’s a damned good thing I don’t have small children OR ANY CHILDREN UNDER 21, If I did and found this crap out I may go to jail but by God I would have my pound of FILTHY FLESH!!!

  6. Those damn fudge packers are getting ridiculous with the spread of their poisonous ways of living. First it was the cake bakers that refused them of making cakes which I am fully for the cake bakers!! This marriage of the same sex is so dumb as well, I owned a DJ Service for 23 years and had a great business until this new music started coming out that didn’t make any sense at all, plus I hurt my back in my main job from too much heavy lifting by myself, and in such reason, my equipment was too heavy for me to load in and out by myself so I closed the business before I had to deal with these idiots!!

  7. This is the kind of subterfuge promoted as if it is “only inclusive” that actually excludes parents, who are the most important people in a child’s life, and the whole family. I consider this an evil undertaking.

  8. 4.5 gays????? How did you come up with half of a gay person??? Your arithmetic is as bad as your brain power.

  9. The greater danger to youngsters is the attitude of those comfortable using the term, “organized faggotry.” Those who use that term do so because they are uncertain of their sexual orientation. – George Beres

  10. The LGBTetc. community must put their agenda and lifestyles front and center in the public arena so that they can get the media and Democrats to call anyone who even raises a question homophobic. It’s the old adage “repeat the same lies often enough and people will begin to believe you”

  11. This is an abomination. Parents should turn the TV off and boycott all advertisers of these programs. Let the LGBT’s stick to adult programs and stop trying to kidnap and rape our children’s minds with this pedophilia. Cute, doesn’t change that it is disgusting.

  12. How and why are these perverted 1% given so much attention to something that is so unnatural. Even worse is if and when two of these LGBTXYZ perverts decide they want to “raise” a child. The poor child is dropped into a most unnatural, sinful and perverted “family”. No wonder our world is messed up and heading down the toilet.

  13. The LGBT who are bringing these sexual ideas to kids who are not their own, and to me would be like pedophiles going after kids. It seems like society does not tolerate pedophiles dealing with kids toward sex, why are LGBT getting away with this? Parents are not the only people who should be out raged but anyone who sees this going on I would think?
    Being a part of the Christian faith, people say you can’t push your belief on them or others, yet for some reason LGBT Activist seem to believe that their mission is to cram their lifestyle down everyone throat. Sexual preference has always been a persons own business and what they did with that preference was kept to themselves.

  14. Perverts do what you want to each other, but We WILL NOT stand for you screwing with our kids…..Illegal invaders, terrorist muslins, trans..should all go live together out of the USA….

  15. LGBT need prayers from God and those believing in God for Wisdom in trusting what is said in Bible. See Genesis 1:26-27. See also what happened to Sodom & Gomorah. Proverbs 21:1-2

  16. We will never get them back into the closet but we can fight them tooth and nail! They are the heterophobic ones and we are not out there proclaiming our sexual orientation every day and we are not the hatefilled people who try to sue if they don’t get their way! We need to fight them in the Courts and all the way to the Supreme Court if that’s what they want! We have won some of them so beware sticking your fingers into a hornets nest!

  17. This is so sad, & people wonder why young girls end up getting pregnant so much. All these children see & hear is filth & lies from the liberals from cradle to grave!!

  18. Unfortunately it’s not 1% anymore. They have increased by an alarming rate because of their recruiting, parades and on social media. Young people are so vulnerable and some even believe they are gay until they grow up to realize that it’s not the case. There are decent gay people who don’t agree with the radical ones and they will never bother anyone!

  19. Enough with the prayers . The public must cur these cable stations from themselves and their children. We will survive; the people in the media business are demonic to allow such themes to be incorporated in the programming. Run away from TV and go out and enjoy outdoors. Also go to whatever religion you were born with.

  20. GeorgeF Beres > > If the Foo zhits wear it seems to be an appropriate response to your post!

  21. James Schwindt >> It seems to be you that lacks the brain power. Clearly mspidge meant that LGBTQs are estimated to be 4 to 4.5% of the USA population.

    Personally I believe that is more like .45% or 4.5 per 1000 USA citizens!

  22. It’s time for Traditional Christians to wake-up and come out of the world, and understand the difference between being “in” the world, and being “of” the world. God warns of the WOE coming to those who would confuse our little ones.

  23. well this is the final proof that the lgbt community is a sick and twisted outfit. there is absolutely no reason to expose small children to this deviant and perverse practice. there is no reason to expose small children to any kind of sexual content. there can only be an evil agenda behind this. your better off not letting your children watch tv at all.

  24. Exactly what is confusing you? The agenda, and this post you replied to, seem entirely obvious to most of us.
    MAGA/KAG †
    TRUMP 2020

  25. can you imagine that if these lgbt people are going after other peoples children and exposing them to this perversion shamelessly, what must they be doing to children society is letting them adopt and put in their homes. i shudder to think what molestation many of them are being exposed to.

  26. performing sex on these kids is what I wander is going on? Are they showing them how good it feels to get them to turn their way? just to what limit are they going to? I seen on one sight where a young maybe 10 year old boy Gyrating with this crowd and the crowd was going with him pushing and grinding the hips.

  27. do you know who makes gay children???/ could be all those heteros having sex?? adult gays don’t make gay children it is determined by genes…or if you believe, or by relationships with the mother… all kinds of theories…you act as tho gay adults convince kids to be gay…..get an education

  28. Come on they are not gay. Let’s call them what they even called them self in the 1960’s, you know “Were here, were queer”. Let’s keep it that way. They took a perfectly good name, “Gay” and made it into a bad name. I believe in God and God does not make mistakes. If He made a women she was a women and if He made a man he was a man. He did not make a mistake. It takes a queer to go against God.

  29. I have glanced over all the comments. Not one mentions anything about getting a petition up to make the T.V. stations who are showing these on children’s programming. Contact change of color or your legislators to protest what’s happening.

  30. With as PC worried as this country is I’m surprised that the scheduled Saturday telecast was even revealed. Hopefully, the number of viewers will do a nosedive and the My Little Pony producers will get the message. If not, good riddance as the young viewers have enough to consider without the more confusion of growing up to be an adult.

  31. The LBTGQ agenda is quite clear and pervasive in our society from schools where it is included in everything from Math – History, to kiddie TV shows, even in the products sold in stores. I was shopping at Target this week and prominently displayed were several products with special rainbow packaging – products that do not usually have this packaging, and some are products – I USED TO BUY.

    I support this community’s legal rights. They have, now, all the same rights as any other citizen. What I do not support is any Group -philosophy, religion, Ideas, etc being forced on others and being pushed down our thoughts by weakwilled and weakminded CEOs, Politicians, Celebrities, and Activist Groups.

    Please, people – it is a sign of mental weakness and insecurity to believe that you cannot be happy unless you have the approval, acceptance, and validation of everyone regardless of what their own personal beliefs are. GET OVER YOUR ARROGANT SELVES!

    You have your rights – be happy and accept others have rights too – the right to disagree with you! And not to have our lives inundated with you and your agenda. GET OUT of our Schools, our stores and our lives. Interestingly these are the same people who sue bakers for not baking them a cake in support of their agenda/beliefs but do not even see the Irony of what they are doing. It is sad.

  32. Then why did they try so hard to get into Boy Scouts, which they ruined. They recruit there. They are negatives…they can’t reproduce, so they have to get them young while they are impressinable. They are disgusting creatures. There is NO homo gene. Human genome has been mapped out. IT DOES NOT EXIST.

  33. So True! I know a Christian family that is dealing with this situation right now.Their children are being taught about this type of lifestyle in their school and now we have children’s shows promoting it. These young minds are too underdeveloped to fully understand all of this .Our values should not be challenged like this.It’s fine to teach tolerance for others that do not have the same moral compass or beliefs you do.But there has to be a common ground ,and not be part of the school’s agenda .Political correctness has gotten way out of hand…..

  34. It isn’t determined by genes. God didn’t put it in our genes to be like that!! God doesn’t make mistakes; and if you think He does, then you are sadly mistaken. Why do you think that when in the beginning when God created Adam, that he caused him to go into a deep sleep, took one of his ribs and made him a helpmate that was a woman? God created Adam and Eve and told them to be fruitful and multiply. He didn’t create Adam and Steve!! The gay thing came about by Satan himself. Don’t believe me then get your Bible and look up
    Romans 1:18-32; 1 Timothy 1:8-11 and Jude verse 7 in the New Testament and then look in the Old Testament at Leviticus 18:22. And that will give you the answer.

  35. Jesus said woe unto those who harm a child. If they don’t repent they will join their master satan in hell. satan will rule for a time before Jesus comes and it is very obvious that he has dems and homosexuals on his side.

  36. Keith, you seem to think that homosexuality is just fine. But God is very clear that it is an abomination and it is also a freak of nature. The purpose of nature is to procreate and homosexuality does not fit that purpose. It is a perversion, which makes you a pervert. It is very clear that their agenda is to force the rest of us to accept their perversion. We don’t have to and we won’t. Period. Those who follow Jesus will never accept your abomination. And Jesus will have the last word. But He loves you very much and will gladly accept YOU if you come to Him and repent.

  37. This is extremely sick, as they know how impressionable a child is. All whose agenda it is to cause children to think their pervasion is normal will have a special place in hell with their master satan.

  38. You seem to find this amusing. You will not be a bit amused when it is your turn to stand before Jesus to be judged. Wake up. You have the chance to come to Jesus and repent. He loves you and is waiting for you.

  39. Keith I don’t know who you are but,To Blame Gayness and Transness because of Heteros having sex is WHACKED!If that were truely the case then there would be a Majority of You and there Isn’t.So what you said is False Crap!Its because of all the inadequacy and ineptness that a Gay person feels about Themselves.Some are Afraid of being put down by the opposite Sex.Its easier to confront the Same Sex.How Little one thinks of themselves.

  40. keith you are as sick as all homo and lesbo. I am sure 100% you are one of them. for your info Keith. in the book of Romans Chapter one, reads all those that approve such actions DESERVE DEATH. .. GO AHEAD READ IT.

  41. The FCC needs to put an end to LGBT attempts to entice young children to become active in deviant sexual practices. There should also be warning to the public for any LGBT activities in any movie or TV program. Being inclusive does not include promoting this way of life!

  42. Amen… you took the words right out of my mouth!!! KAG!!!! MAGA!!!! God please spare us of these monsters!

  43. WHY? Such a cure show Little Pony and like someone said the other day after hearing about putting in gay ponies what was their concept when none of the other ponies did anyone know what they ever were sexually.? Yes, WHY. I have a Great Grand baby girl and no Little Pony things for her after whoever runs this show felt they had to put this concept in. Can we get away from the sex concept for kids. Let the parents take care of what they want their kid to know.

  44. Respectfully, I don’t have all the same rights. I can get fired because I married my husband. Kids that don’t have supportive parents have comités suicide. Now shows like this can help supportive parents teach their kids about LGBTQ community. Love is Love.

  45. Respectfully, if you were fired from a job because of who you married, you have a good lawsuit against the employer…& yes each individual has the right to whatever lifestyle they choose. But NO ONE. has a right to force their choices on others & especially not on children. There’s no argument you or anyone else can give to justify corrupting children!!!!

  46. I have no basis for lawsuit or protection as a gay man. My parents put me on the streets when I came out, I was 14 years old. Guatemala is catholic zero tolerance. I was able to manage myself at that young age without a clue of what to do, I tried suicide a few times but even that I didn’t know how to do. 26 years later I visited my parents and they apologized, now I support the entire family. I accept their religion and beliefs.

  47. Things like this you report to the police. Child molestation is higher percent on straight world than gay world. Usually priest.

  48. Well you s peak civilly & I appreciate that. It’s too bad you had to go thru the struggles you did & at such a young age. I have nothing against gay or lesbian people, in face I have adopted many prison daughters & “sons” & I love them to death. What others do in/with their lives is no one’s buisness. All I have a problem with is any kind of adult (either gay or straight) issues becoming something hoisted onto children. I am old enough that I remember when times were so much more innocent. Nowadays it seems children have so much burdens placed on them, when childhood should be fun, & kids could be kids…not little adults.
    I wish you the best & it’s great you & your family have hashed things out.

  49. Got to be the sickness thing, to destroy a favorite pastime for kids.
    I bet one million dollars parents will turn the channel from now on.
    How can a small percentage of perverts do so much harm in our Christian country.

  50. If y’all check into it this type of program was introduced in the early 80’s. There were faggots on the telatubbies show. Parents such as myself forbid my boys from watching this filth. They were both below the age of 10. They both grew up, married women and now have children of their own. This couldn’t have happened if they had followed this sick show. Two men or two women cannot produce a child. It was Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve or Madam and Eve.

  51. You are an idiot! I am sure you are not intelligent and sophisticated enough to discuss the subject of homosexuality.


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