The LGBT agenda just took a terrifying turn to brainwash children world wide


The LGBT movement refuses to leave people alone.

They don’t just want people to tolerate them; they demand to be granted special rights.

And their agenda just took a terrifying turn to brainwash children worldwide.

There is nothing that LGBT radicals hate more than Christianity.

Christians believe in the traditional family, while radical Leftists completely reject it.

And simply disagreeing isn’t enough for them.

They are working to force their agenda into school curriculums, where they can push their worldview into the minds of children, whether their parents like it or not.

And in England they just got a massive win.

Schools in England are expanding their sex and relationship education curriculum to cover everything from homosexual relationships, to transgender people, menstruation, sexual assault, mental health, genital cutting, forced marriage, pornography, and sexting.

Making matters worse, parents have no say in many of the topics, and lose all their say once their child turns 15.

As reported by The New York Times:

“English schools will significantly broaden sex and relationship education to cover topics including same-sex relationships, transgender people, menstruation, sexual assault, mental health, genital cutting, forced marriage, pornography and sexting, the government has announced.

Parents would have the ability to exclude their children from some elements, including the most explicitly sexual, but not others, and not after age 14, said Mr. Hinds, a member of the Conservative government. From age 15, it will up to the student to decide whether to participate fully.”

This is the ultimate goal of those pushing the LGBT agenda.

They don’t believe that people should be allowed to disagree with their lifestyle.

So in order to advance it, they are starting young, when children are impressionable and still developing.

While this is currently being implemented in England, it is likely to come in full force to U.S. schools eventually.

Europe is generally ahead of the curve on left-wing policies.

There are countless legislators working to advance the LGBT agenda, and their lobby is growing every single day.

And as we previously reported, Planned Parenthood is already trying to get their foot in the door in public schools across the country.

Do you believe the LGBT agenda should be taught in schools?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


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  2. We can stop all this right now. The Constitution gives the people the power.

    We, each individual citizen of America, are the government. The 2 billion rounds of ammo that the Obama administration bought belongs to us. All government property firearms, ammo, ect. belongs to every U.S. citizen. All government buildings belong to U.S. citizens. We are the government. The people we elect are stewards, elected to watch over our assets. If they do not do their jobs lets’ fire them. Your Fired! Vote these commies out of office. If they turn against the citizens then we invoke the 2nd amendment and do what the founding fathers intend us to do. We take back our country.

    We are a REPUBLIC, not a Democracy. We vote for people to be stewards thru the electoral process. If these elected officials go against the principles contained in the Constitution, the minority, must be U.S. citizens, has the right to take up arms against them. Most of the majority of Citizens are hard working and don’t follow what the stewards that they elect are doing. That’s when the MINORITY, must be U.S. CITIZENS, takes over. We hold the stewards that we elect to their oath of office. We use their voting record as proof that they are going against the Constitution and violating their oath of office. We put them on trial by electing out own judges within the minority since we are a REPUBLIC. If found guilty we revoke their CITIZENSHIP and deport them. If they come back to our COUNTRY we give them life imprisonment or execute them.

    In a democracy, whatever the people desire is what becomes policy. Therefore, if a majority of the people decide that murder is no longer a crime, in a democracy murder will no longer be a crime. However, not so in the American republic: in our republic, murder will always be a crime, for murder is always a crime in the WORD of GOD. It is this immutable foundation that has given our republic such enduring stability, for since man at his core does not change, he continues to need the same restraints today that he needed when the BIBLE was written thousands of years ago. It is the rights and wrongs revealed in the BIBLE that have provided the moral and institutional standards for our REPUBLIC.

    Taken from Keys To Good Government according to the founding fathers by DAVID BARTON

    People who don’t believe in God are pushing CHAOS upon Good godlike people. These are the people who have a set agenda and are trying to destroy us. (Fake news, ect.) All laws come from GOD not MAN. (The Ten Commandments) You don’t believe in God therefore, you don’t believe in any law. You are therefore not a law abiding CITIZEN since all our laws come from GOD. Non-believers Quit pushing CHAOS on the American public. Quit trying to control American citizens.

    Why would anyone even try to destroy a baby’s life or even try to take away a baby’s life? Why would anyone try to destroy America? These people either have a hatred for law a biding citizens who have done nothing wrong in there lives or want to own us and control our way of thinking. These people are sick and are using our government for their own personal gain. This has to be stopped. Their play on words has to be stopped. Could it be that they have been brainwashed or held hostage by some terrorist Organization, or maybe Drug Cartel group. We the people (we are the government they work for us as stewards) must put a stop to this and restore the original meaning of our U.S. Constitution.

    Jesus Christ said, “Seek the truth it will set you free!”.

    This is what they are doing to America Right now. Links below. They don’t want you to know what they are doing. Be attentive for all of us must work to stop them.

  3. I can’t think of a reason that the LGBT community should be allowed to have an agenda, let alone that anyone other than them should have to know about it. These people are mentally ill perverts and there is no earthly reason any of us should care that they want things to work a certain way. As they say, people in hell want ice water. Thousands of years of human history has firmly established how everything should be. For some truly ungodly reason a few people have decided their twisted and perverted needs are important. Society has allowed that, and if the choice is allowing it or killing the perverts, I will also allow it. But, that is all the slack they will get from me.

  4. No. The LBGT are all sinful lifestyles and against God’s WORD. Thiose who believe in God, who he is and that his WORD is TRUTH should stand strong and be heard. These rebellious people have been given over to their reprobate minds which will destroy them from within. Satan has complete control of these people and he will destroy them because he hates everything God loves. God loves the sinner but their sinful lifestyle is an abomination to him. He does not lie because HE IS TRUTH and He IS HOLY. These live their lives consumed with rebellion against God. He has given them over to be consumed by satan.

  5. When a society, country, people, etc. decide to accept homosexuality, Lesbianism and other perverted sexual behavior as acceptable and normal it is all over for them. God will judge and destroy such a people. The destruction has already begun and it will increase as they continue to accept what God condemned as abominable behavior.

  6. I have noticed they can’t decide what to do with the Q!! LGBT or LGBTQ? I guess some told them QUEER is actually what you call SOMETHING that’s ODD!!! I have also seen reports recently that ladies in SPORTS are getting pissed about CONFUSED GENDER people competing against people THAT KNOW THEY ARE WOMEN!!! Go figure!!The left does this quit often! Whether it is with QUEERS or trannies or KILLING LIVE BABIES!!!! They eat their OWN eventually!!!

  7. Lgbt thinks because your gay you get a prize. They are sick disgusting people with no morals. People better wake up. They are destroying our kids minds. They come around my kids they won’t be able to get off the floor. The schools are run by cowards. Adults with no honor or pride for decency. Cowards all of them.

  8. These people are unbalanced, and should NOT be allowed a voice of more significance than anyone else’s! I am prejudiced toward LBGT people, and I am within my rights to feel that way! When they start forcing their sick agenda on our children, it is time to straighten them out! They are entitled to their freedoms just as we sane people are, but they should keep those freedoms to themselves! STOP FORCING YOUR AGENDA ON OTHERS! Sooner or later, the OTHERS are going retaliate, and YOU will not like it!

  9. If these sick perverts think they will get away with damaging the emotions and mental health of our children they really need to rethink this. I can easily see, American parents standing up and plucking these perverted LGBT, homosexual, child molesters out of the ground like a carrot! I can’t possibly imagine any law enforcement unit anywhere in the United States standing by and allowing these perverted sick worthless criminals screwing up our kids – that just ain’t gonna happen. Well, it could happen briefly, until the people rise up and blood starts flowing in the streets knee deep until all of these perverts have been forcefully removed by hook or by crook. But, I’m not at all worried about any of this, it just isn’t going to happen, not in this life time, because straight people WILL ABSOLUTELY NEVER ALLOW ANYONE TO TAMPER WITH THEIR CHILDREN. So, the only choice I see here that must be made is, does LGBT perverts want to stay above ground or do they want to be forcibly put below ground by pissed off straight American Parents? If I could say anything to the LGBT group I’d say, “Choose wisely”!

  10. Vote,vote,vot vote!!!!!!!!!
    Speak to our elected officials and remind them the very”intolerance”
    special interest groups are claiming they are facing is EXACTLY what they
    promote and practice,once they get power!!!!

    It is not easy but we must “vote out”officials that hide behind the mantra
    of “equal rights legislation” that is,,,,in practice,,,,,,NOT equal at all.

    Vote,vote,vote and get involved!!!

  11. Their agenda is to bring as many people to Hell with them.
    How do I know this? It’s the same agenda as Satan’s.

  12. The movement of the LGBT is something that I never understood. I think that most of the blame is on the parents. They do not keep an eye on their children, their friends, their ideas. When you see TV programs that promote the LGBT life style like a normal and reasonable one, you realize that something is very wrong. We have a show at 2pm channel 51 – Telemundo called “Caso Cerrado” that they promote the LGBT community as a normal thing and they present every day cases of divorces of homosexual people and the people that participate in this show they all talk about being homosexual like something very normal and that people that disagree with their agenda are being called “homophobic”. I have nothing against these people, in fact, I feel sorry for them, they are so disoriented – can you imagine, not knowing who you really are. I figure it will be horrible, they have to know they live a sinful life, and still they can do nothing about it. What I do not agree with is that they try to enforce their preferences on any body. That has to be stopped. They have to respect people’s preferences the same way like we tolerate theirs.

  13. “Do you believe the LGBT agenda should be taught in schools?”

    If the straight “agenda” is taught, then so must the LGBT “agenda.”

  14. America was founded on Judeo Christian beliefs She has lost her way no morals ethics or belief in God We must believe AGAIN! God have mercy on the United States of America!

  15. How Ignorant and COWARDLY… “JUDGE NOT” is a concocted “sound bite” aimed at permitting evil to happen. The biblical verses were pointed directly at the SCRIBES and PHARISEES who would chastise and condemn others for SINS that in which they themselves willingly indulged…like today’s Church and Government leaders. This is intentional, and it is part of the PREMEDITATED designed diabolical disorder. “JUDGE NOT” promotes allowing evil to reign supreme by using the perverted “silence is golden” mantra. Actually, and in TRUTH we are called to judge GRAVE PUBLICLY CELEBRATED EVILS…like murdering babies [a CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY] while forcing people to pay for such murders against their WILL; saluting SODOMY – the authentic homosexual monogamy and the infamous CRIME AGAINST NATURE whose filthy perversions produce incurable deadly diseases; and the enslavement [s] of big governments who design to control; confiscate and coerce.

  16. I say these people cannot is joy our children. Let them become adults and decide on their own what they want to do. I do have a gay son. It is broken my heart as a Christian. I still love my son I will do what God says hate the sin still love the person. That doesn’t mean I agree with his lifestyle or his choices. That doesn’t mean I’m going to let him pushes beliefs down my throat. I see how to his bedroom and he stays out of mine. But to show this kind of stuff and teach it in school is wrong. I would want my child to be show in the normal traditional Christian way of living your life. This is wrong and my kids would be taken out of school. The day the gay people queers trans genders or whoever try to force it down my throat is the day I have a problem. Let them live their lives but don’t push it down our throats. Pray that someday they will see the light. But until then take your agendas Elsewhere. There is no place for this in this public schools

  17. Pj: Amen! What makes this FILTH so monstrous is that there are no such things as degenerate LGBT’s. All there is are boys and girls who eventually become men and women. OR LGBT’s could qualify as menageries which are defined as: “a collection of wild or foreign animals kept esp. for exhibition.” Homosexuality is biologically IMPOSSIBLE. Homosexuality is ALWAYS a choice and NEVER a genetically inherited condition. Firstly, genes do not determine sex [either male or female only]. Chromosomes determine sex [either male or female only]. Men ALWAYS determine the sex of offspring [either male or female] because men produce X and Y chromosomes in sperm. If the X chromosome from the male first reaches and fertilizes the “female” egg, the offspring will ALWAYS be a GIRL. If the Y chromosome from the male first reaches and fertilizes the “female” egg, the offspring will ALWAYS be a boy. This is irrefutable and immutable scientific fact. MOREOVER, since homosexual men can’t ever cause the conception of a new life by ejaculating into the rectum of any other man, homosexuality is again an impossibility. The “EXCRETORY SYSTEM” of a man can NEVER acts as the “REPRODUCTIVE SYSTEM” of a woman. Thus, and again, homosexuality is IMPOSSIBLE.
    Ditto for the entirety of the moronic; malevolent; and Marxist madness of the ALWAYS fruitless and often LGBT concoctions.

  18. The most ridiculous thing so far is a school in Connecticut that let transgender boys compete as girls and of course they won all the athletic contests, thus trivializing all the hard work and dedication that the girl athletes put into the contest. This is when simply being ludicrous becomes insanity. The logical evolution of Political Correctness– THIS HAS TO STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. It seems to me the agenda set forth by the LGBT is something that must be shot down. They, the people who belong to this group, feel they must brainwash our young impressionable children to increase the size of their sick community. We must not let them into our schools. In fact, a teacher of that lifestyle should not have been allowed in our chikdrens’ Classrooms. So they pushed and got in! Now they are expanding and pushing to teach their BS and if we don’t stop this, it will happen here in America. It seems to me that we need more than a border wall…we need to ban and wall this sick information from infiltrating our classrooms. If not, this country is sliding further and further into immorality and will becom another sodom and gomorrah.

  20. Very well said. This was the darkest, most corrupt 8 years for our country. There has been many years of corruption in government, but this was meant to be the beginning of the end. Thank God we got Trump in…hopefully he can continue to keep us on track until the worst of the evil is eliminated. O

  21. This is a result of the Anti Christian League Union. Formed in the early twenties by Communists and Atheists to change America through our legal system. Sad that Christian church members are involved. The answer: ll Chronicles 7:14

  22. I was Sexually assaulted at 11years of age by the Fine upstanding Psychology Professor so I have seen the dark evil belly of the Beast they have no moral right to force their reprobate minds teachings on our children and Grandchildren if they want to act sinfully in their bed rooms with consenting Adults its their funerals when they stand before The TRIUNNE GOD of the Bible. But they want to abolish age of consent laws and recruit for their perversion at younger and younger ages this is just totally EVIL!

  23. Christian response???? God commands that we hate all sin. We are not to have anything to do with it.

  24. We have to protect and teach our children that this Satan’s work these are sick and distorted people. Parents talk to you children tell them this is not what God created he created male and female.


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