The Leftwing Hollywood media attacked Christian actor Chris Pratt in the most despicable way


Chris Pratt is the star of hit movies including Jurassic World and Guardians of the Galaxy.

But the leftist media hates him because he is unashamed of his Christian faith.

And the Hollywood elites launched an attack on him that was truly despicable.

Chris Pratt delivered an incredible Scripture reading of the Gospel of Luke at Disneyland’s annual Candlelight Processional in December.

At the 2018 MTV Movie awards, Pratt listed out his “nine rules” including “God is real. God loves you. God wants the best for you. Believe that. I do.” during his acceptance speech.

Now, TV Guide recently thrashed Chris Pratt in a new hit piece for being a “successful, straight white man,” The Epoch Times reports.

The piece, part of a series titled “12 Days of Chris-Mas,” labeled him “the most divisive of the Chrises.”

The series covers 12 “famous dudes named Chris,” and took special care to make sure people didn’t feel “hate” for themselves due to Chris Pratt’s existence and his more conservative lifestyle.

The article then went on to list some of the “problematic aspects” of Chris Pratt’s life, including attacking him for being a hunter and an animal farmer:

Adding fuel to this particular fire is the fact that Pratt, an avid hunter who has often spoken about his love of hunting, currently raises lambs on his farm. The enthusiastic tone he took when speaking about “eating fresh farm-to-table lamb” in an Instagram video earlier this year…

This smear was a direct denouncement of what thousands of American farmers do to ensure we have fresh meat at the supermarket, restaurants, and in our freezers.

The hit piece also nitpicked him for standing up for blue-collar America.

Apparently, fighting for an “average, blue-collar American” representation in Hollywood is demeaning to a mysterious list of unrepresented communities that the hit piece failed to name:

But the truth is, the reason Pratt’s comment enraged so many people is because it ignored the fact there are a number of communities actually struggling for better representation, communities that have been fighting for a very long time to see themselves on TV and film.

This TV Guide hit piece revealed the deep-seated prejudice that the left has for traditional American values.

And it shows the Hollywood elitists can’t stand anyone who doesn’t cave into their leftwing ways.

What do you think about the media attacking Chris Pratt for his Christian faith? Let us know your thoughts below.


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  2. Thank God for Chris Pratt who does not allow the Hollywood atheists, agnostics to diminish his spiritual mission on Earth. Perhaps they will be transformed through our prayers.

  3. It takes real courage and a deep faith to do what he is doing. He really amazes me. I know that there are others like him in Hollywood, but they are few and far between. There are also others who stay cloaked because of fear of being estranged. Hollywood is stupid and will cut off its own nose to spite its face. Keep the faith, Chris.

  4. Small people try to drag people down to their despicable level and they have nothing to counter good decent people. These smarmy lemmings drone on and on and very few of us pay attention or money to any of them in any way anymore. Their vacuum of hate is all they have anymore other than the other losers who have empty lives.

  5. I can only Chris Pratt for his faith and God given courage to stand strong against the Hollywood leftists. He is a wonderful actor and I will buy every one of his movies that come out on DVD to watch again and again. Stand strong Chris and God bless you.

  6. Faith is the only thing keeping the Golden Rule and service to each other in a civilized relationship. Without faith, chaos rains, there would be no tomorrow or families. We would have died as a specie thousands of years ago. As my father in law said before he died, he did not believe in god before, but now hedged his bet. He now knows the truth as we shall all know. We all die and trust in faith to get us to the next plane of existence.

  7. Who started all of this Anti-Christian hatred? Was it Hillary and Bill Clinton? Or Barack Obama? Or was it George Soros? It was all the above.

  8. I do not watch tv or buy movies because Hollywood is so vulgar it make even the worst criminal look like an angel. The are not worth watching. It’s good to know that at least one actor still has some scruples.

  9. The Hollywood crowd can sit on their perverted oppinions and rotate 360% I don’t watch the Hollywood Perverted drama like On the Basis if Sex I don’t lime Ruth Baader Ginsberg I a am sorry she had to have surgery for canciours growths on her lung. But I wish she would retire and spend her last days with those who love her. She is not an effective Justice when she nods off repeatedly while a case is being heard in the Supreme Court.

  10. No worry, it’s just a matter of time that the Hellywood elite and their supporters will see the light. When they come to that cross road and can’t go up and Down is the only direction and they can’t back up cause it’s a one way street and crowded bumper to bumper of high dollar rides. They will at that point realize the error of their way, but it will be to late no reverse on this journey , they might as well accept that it’s going to be HOT !

  11. The Bible says in the “End Times” right will be wrong and wrong will be right. If you are the friend of the world you are no friend of God. You are a man pleaser. I believe President Trump has become a born again Christian because the world hates him. If you are Gods child the world hates you. God chooses whom he loves! God loves Chris Pratt!

  12. Victor Scharstein, you are so CORRECT in what you said about de Nero (sp?)! I had already decided not to watch the Academy Awards in 2018, but after I heard about his disgusting behavior, I knew I had been right all along! And as far as Chris Pratt is concerned, YOU GO, CHRIS, and continue to make movies that more of us seniors will attend!! They are GOOD ENTERTAINMENT that I think I can take my young great grandkids to or just go to with other decent, sensible seniors who don’t really care to watch and hear the smut generally being put out today. I also liked the movie, “I Can Only Imagine”. Whoever made those movies should band together and make MORE of those kinds of decent and entertaining movies. ENOUGH WITH THE CRAP!!

  13. i think I read somewhere, or heard it on Conservative TV, that the trashy movies being put out by much of Hollywood, are not really doing that well financially, meaning at the box offices around the U. S. Am I just dreaming or wishing or has anyone else read or heard that same story?

  14. Eric, in case you haven’t noticed, nobody is “whining” here except perhaps you. We, (the normal people of this country), are just letting you know that you are a piece of S***. You and your left wing buddies are solely responsible for the destruction of this once great nation. People like you, who have never served one day in uniform have had your freedom, your rights, your liberty given to you. You did not earn it, therefore you have no clue whatsoever of what it really means. That is why you fling it around like it was water from your tap.

    Just like the man who was given $1M. He flung it around so fast and freely, that in a matter of weeks, it was gone.

    The ma. That earned his $1M, knows what it was like working for it. He treasured it, savoring the feeling of self pride, and self worth. He made it last a lifetime.

    Just look back on these days and remember when this country is in total chaos with the Democrat’s leadership.

    For a preview of what that will be like, simply go to Chicago, or anywhere in California, or a number of other Democrat run cities and see how they have destroyed it.

    That will all be on you. Then we will see just who is whining, crybaby.

    A Former United States Marine who knows exactly the price that was paid for the freedoms that you and I enjoy today.

  15. The Left is the personification of HATE and they are acting so disgusting that we will never be able to forgive them. Chris, you stay the terrific person you are and you can’t go wrong because these haters will meet up with Karma, don’t know when but it will happen. God Bless you!

  16. As hard as it is we are not to hate but love those who persecute us. I to am angry at these people who hurl words of hate on a daily basis. GOD knows who belongs to Him and will protect us no matter what the world has to say. Hollywood is filled with hypocrites along with many in the media and sadly the government leftwing liberals. Stay strong, keep the faith . They to are lost like we were but have a chance to repent before it’s to late. JESUS is the only way !

  17. Leave it to the left to try and destroy all that is good. That is why I do not go to movies or support anything hollywood does even when they beg for money for their favorite charity. These are sons and daughters of destruction. Chris Pratt is a faithful man for GOD and will stand strong against the evil ones. He has strong faith.

  18. Ya, you fail to see anything because your a fu(king MORON, who loves all the movie stars and thinks everything they say is true. Why don’t you get a life and maybe pay attention to what Chris Pratt is telling you, it just might save your a$$ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Wow. Ain’t it funny how everybody can “speak their truth” and say “who they really are…” Everybody, that is, EXCEPT a devout man of faith. The Hollyweird hypocrites turn my stomach…

  20. Hollywood elitists are not who you would want by your side fighting a common enemy. @ 82 years old I remember when I respected Hollywood stars. Now I think of them as party goers and bed swappers. Its sad that so many young people idolize them. But when you are better than everyone you can excuse yourself for the disregard of common decency. Hang in there Chris, you have my blessing. I have hanging on my wall an honorable discharge from the U.S. Army and Navy. This old vet says thank you for having a backbone.

  21. He is not afraid to show his love for the Lord and believe me God knows who does what. One day the smug democrats will be sorry for leading the country down the wrong road. Yea, Chris Pratt. That is why I seldom go to movies anymore either.

  22. I never watch the awards shows anymore and very rarely go to the movies myself. I enjoy the faith-based movies and wait for them to come on Netflix. I believe there is a site with only faith-based movies, but can’t recall what the name is. Hooray for Chris, keep it up. There’s actually a lot more of us than there are in Hollywood. Should stand for something. All they have is more money individually. Can’t buy into heaven folks.

  23. I don’t know who the leftwing hollywood media think they are, but Chris Pratt has a right to express him self even about his Christianity. With what they did to him is uncalled fore. I would like to see his living place. Bet he has a slave or two. If not it must look like a pig sty. That slave is a blue collar worker so he must look down on her or him. What would it be like if there were no blue collar workers ? The white collar would have to do the work them selves or live in trash or live out door. I wounder if they ever think that way? As a blue collar worker I can live with out white a collar person because I can do anything I need to do to get by, but most white collar people can’t even do their own wash.

  24. AMEN CHRIS PRATT and for no other reason, but your Christianity I’d watch what ever you put out and play in.. so much better than the two pieces of work Damon and Deniro

  25. AMEN CHRIS PRATT and for no other reason, but your Christianity I’d watch what ever you put out and play in.. so much better than the two pieces of work Damon and D`niro –

  26. HRS. As for your answer to Eric Granberg: Now that was certainly not a Christian response. He is just misguided. That’s all. But, your right to free speech is the same as his. I don’t think there are too many children who follow this site, so, no harm no foul. I am not much better myself when I get worked up over some of the garbage that is posted here.

  27. If more wealthy conservative entrepreneurs would invest in the movie, television, music industries to compete with the progressive liberals who have been brainwashing the public with their immoral ideology for the last 60 years, they would not have as much influence as they do today.

  28. Of course in America today Jesus is a dirty word to those who have no use for Him in their lives. Chris is working his salvation with fear and trembling and many of us would do well to heed the invitation to the call of Jesus.

  29. Good Christian man. God Bless him for standing up for his believes. Many of the Hollywood click should take note of a true belief which most of them don’t have because money and fame are their god.

  30. My advice to Chris Pratt is not to change one things about what he believes in nor to stop talking about his faith. This country was founded by Christians and it’s time the non-believers shut up and leave the rest of us alone. The Hollyweirds think they are special because they can repeat words someone else wrote on a piece of paper. They, like pro-athletes, are paid to PLAY. Their opinions have about as much validity as the mud on the bottom of my shoe and just even less relevance. Time for them to shut up. I admire a man who is proud to be a Christian and not one bit afraid to say so.

  31. Mary, they are not doing well at the box office. Remember when it took a long time to get to DVD for a good movie? Not anymore. Nobody watches the Oscar’s except themselves. Self love on display. They all make me sick. An actor who has morals won’t last. They will be kicked off the island. There are some good independent movies out there, though. There’s still hope.

  32. You can’t deal with hate monger no more then you can deal with a bully? They are like the other Jack Ass’s who say they are people representatives. You have to confront them, get their attention, tell them like it is and let them smolder.

  33. Pat: Very good comment!! I applaude you for posting! I too, commend Chris Pratt for standing up for his Christian principles!! I’d like to say a word to the Liberals that might read these comments: If you liberals don’t change your ways & accept JESUS as your LORD & SAVIOUR before much longer, you will be left behind when JESUS comes for HIS Believers (I’d like to say “Christians, however, not everybody whom call theirselves Christians aren’t true Christians! They ”talk the talk, but don’t walk the walk!” Their is a difference! Everything we say, do whether good or bad are being written down in the BOOK that GOD keeps in Heaven. If our name doesn’t appear their when we stand before GOD on Judgement Day, then we will be cast into hell!

  34. congratulations to Chris Pratt! That is precisely what all of us need to do if we are ever in a position where our faith is being questioned – fight and stand up for Jesus – after all – He only gave His life to save us, something the Hollywood people never EVER think of. Chris will probably get more jobs from movie companies that believe in making movies like they used to – like Cecil B. DeMille! You are so right Betsey – God is keeping a record of all of us – we all have something in our lives we wish we hadn’t done – but to blatantly get on TV or any other media and berate someone for their faith, and our President, speaks volumes about them and their lives!

  35. Well, we all know the lefties, especially of the media and Follywood have the brains of amoebas, so Chris keep on keepin’ on and ignore the children.

  36. If a person truly believes in something then they shouldn’t have to criticize others for what they believe. You don’t worry about what others think when you feel secure with what you believe in. Attacking others personal beliefs, if it is different from yours shows a lack of faith in what you believe. You must convince everyone to feel and believe the same as you, because then that makes you right.

  37. To all the unbelievers, GOD DOES NOT SLEEP…..Someday all of them will have to answer to HIM, then, just like there are no atheists in the trenches, they will believe, but, sadly it will be too late.

  38. God Bless Chris Pratt … May God pour His Grace without measure and daily on Chris … God is invading Hollywood and more will stand for their Christian beliefs in the very near future … to God be the Glory ????????????

  39. Jason Casteel – Whoops! You’ve missed it again. This country is NOW in total chaos – and the dictator-in-chief tRumpy, is totally responsible!! There was no Democratic leadership – Democrats just took over in the House on Jan 1st!! So who has been responsible for the CHAOS up until now – the Republicans. You are really stupid to think that Democrats could cause all this CHAOS in only 12 days – after all today is just Jan 12th.

  40. Dan – there is no anti-christian hatred – except in your mind. Those of us who don’t believe in god/jesus/heaven are free to state our beliefs as are you or have you forgotten? We are simply trying to persuade you as you wish to persuade us. Perhaps some good will come of it after all. I surely dislike being threatened with hellfire and damnation – that will never get me to believe anything. Seems like you all would get the message after while. Fear rarely gets someone to believe there is a god or satan. Try another tactic!!

  41. Love Chris Pratt!! We all need to take a stand. Times will get worse as the leftist push forward trying to destroy America. Some are just ignorant, others pure evil. Hollywood is lost, humanistic, and deceived.
    Prayers for those who don’t know our loving, righteous and “Just” God.

  42. I’m more convinced every day that Hollywood as well as a large majority of our gover is full of atheists and/or SATANISTS .. Bale is prime example .. I NEVER intended to see his movie .. I KNEW it was mostly based on LIES. CUDOS to VP’s daughter for outing Christian Bale for attacking his Mom & sister. Btw, needs to change his first name ????

  43. Totally agree!! I Don’t watch award shows – certainly not academy awards- they live a fantasy world & have no clue how many many of America is offended by their political stances – I completely lost respect for many of the so-called actors who went political! Those who I was actually a fan of for many years have, in my opinion, LOST THEIR MINDS! Too many to name but I won’t even go to their movies anymore! Why do they feel their political views matter to us?!! They live in another world from us!
    Christian based movies are what I prefer. Do actors care? No! When we hurt their pocketbooks, it may matter, but probably not… they’re lost!

  44. Nancy, you need to get a brain! You are just another moron puppet for the left. Also bimbo, show some respect for our great president.The reason this country is in total chaos is because the muslim fake president left it in a mess for eight years ! And Rancy, it is Trump! Not Thrumpy! He has done more for this country then ANY president! He loves this country & it’s people ! You demorats are just plain out for what they can steal from this country. They don’t care because they are so full of greed & are in it for themselves !Get off your drugs!

  45. This is pure persecution of Christians by Hollywood leftists since most of them don’t believe in God. They are consumed by money and corruption but one day they will have to answer to God and may He have mercy on their (black) souls. I am thankful for the freedoms we have in this country, but things are getting out of hand and way out (to the left), the more they get, the more they want. Stand up for what you believe, Chris. The world needs more people like you. You are a blessing to believers.

  46. It’s so refreshing to see and hear a person who doesn’t care what the rest of Hollywood thinks of him or her. He knows who is on his side. He knows that as the years pass he will not have to do crazy thing, have face lifts, marry five times and star in bad movies to keep their name out there. He will always be recognized at the guy who stands up for what he believes in. You know “That guy Chris. The happy one.”


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