The Left Tried to Silence Tim Tebow – They Couldn’t. Now His New Christian Film Broke All Expectations


There are few people in the world that the radical left hates more than Tim Tebow.

He is a successful athlete, TV star, and philanthropist. But his faith is what he says is most important.

And now Hollywood leftists are pulling their hair out because of what Tim Tebow just did.

Tebow is making his mark in liberal Hollywood as his new film, “Run the Race” debuted in the top ten in its opening weekend, shattering all expectations for the faith-based film.

From the New York Times:

“Run the Race,” the story of two high school brothers trying to overcome their mother’s death and father’s abandonment, sticks close to the power of fraternal love and sports. Zach Truett, played by Tanner Stine, is working to earn a college football scholarship, but after he suffers an injury, he worries he’ll never find his way out of his small town.

Not wanting to give up on their dream, his brother, Dave, attempts to save both brothers’ futures by securing his own scholarship in track.

The characters, especially Zach, also spend a lot of time grappling with and asking questions about their faith — questions many of those involved in the movie, including real-life Christians Stine and Tebow, have asked themselves.

“We all go through our own faith journey. You ask the questions and you ask the why,” Tebow told Religion News Service. “Even in your lows, God loves you and he’s chasing you and he wants to know you and support you and he gave his best for you.”

Tim Tebow made Run the Race with his brother, Robby, and an independent film distributor, Roadside Attractions. It was released in nearly 900 theaters nationwide and grossed over $2 million, making it in the top ten film debuts of the week.

The success of the Christian film will no doubt make liberals and the PC mob fume.

But Tim Tebow is used to having people tear him down and root for his failure.

After all, the outspoken Christian has never shied away from his faith.

And the left cannot stand when a strong, outspoken person of faith can’t be gagged.

Tim Tebow refuses to let anyone shut him up or define him.

With words like these, its hard to see how anyone can be anything but supportive of Tim Tebow.

The success of a wholesome, faith-based movie will infuriate progressives, no doubt.

But it seems Tim Tebow won’t be backing down anytime soon.

Do you plan to see Tim Tebow’s new film, Run the Race? Let us know in the comments!


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  2. We saw this movie and it was over the top everyone of the teenagers need to see it every one in the place agreed it was fantastic

  3. Good for Tim don’t back down to any of the liberals and demorats and pc police keep it up

  4. Will definitely see it when I have the opportunity…… be glad when it comes out on DVD … I will be first in line to buy it !! You go, Tim Tebow! —

  5. This is Texas my family will be seeing it and get the DVD Go Tim and thx you for your reaching out to others with your faith

  6. I look forward to seeing the movie as soon as it shows in Fresno. I will also post it so my friends can see it also.

  7. WOw!!! Seguin a Liberal town – I would have never suspected that. I guess to many San Antonian’s have relocated there.

  8. Faith movies always do well because PARENTS can take their KIDS to it without being disgusted!! Dean Cane has one out about Gossnel the abortion butcher that the LEFT is going NUTS over and not in a positive way!

  9. We saw the movie on February 27th, and enjoyed it very much. Wish there were more movies like this.

  10. Sure will go see the movie, Where’s the comment if I already haven’t posted comment.

  11. Sure will go see the movie, Where’s the comment if I already haven’t posted comment. Where’s the comment?

  12. May God Bless President Trump, May God Bless The United States of America, May God Bless My X wife and my Daughter, May God Bless the very last dollar that I have to my name that it will last me for the next month.

  13. 1 Question. Why on earth do liberals insist on moving from their democrat states? They are spreading like a disease and bring ruin, their low ideals into God fearing cities and states due to the high cost of where they with their vote have made it impossible to afford a free, safe and prosperous life. Their ignorance is underwhelming.
    I support Tim Tebow and his courage and while I’m not into sports, would go see his movie for the message of hope and faith.

  14. The devil will try to keep this film out of as many states as possible, However, I don’t care how far I have to travel I WILL SEE THIS FILM.

  15. It is very sad to see what the devil has done in this great nation, people who love God and being a
    witness as Tim Tebow is a great person who is not afraid to tell the world that Jesus came to save
    whosoever will. I pray this motion picture will reach the young people, if we don’t stop the tide of the
    evil that is taking its toll on our children we will loose them. I say to Tim, go and tell, we the people are
    proud of you.

  16. What many many people believe that isn’t true. 1. That there is a God in heaven. Wrong. There is zero evidence of a God anywhere. Which is a powerful indicator that there is no God. For, God, as conceptualized by man, is man centric. In which case, it would be a primary order of his business that every man had certain knowledge of his existence; and would know just exactly what he expected of them, that they be in his good graces.
    It is to note; as a people, the Jews have long since acquired this carnal knowledge. Albeit, they retain said knowledge and cynically use it to manipulate Christendom. For the support of their athnocratic state of Israel.

  17. So Dawg, if what u say is true, why would all the churches in the world say otherwise? Answer: 4 u’r 10%

  18. BD – You will know the moment you died that God is very real. And He tells us exactly what is expected of us in His Bible. And He gave us all knowledge of His existence There is evidence everywhere. You have chosen to ignore it. Jesus loves you and wants you to be with Him. It is your choice to follow Jesus to Heaven or satan to Hell

  19. Being an Atheist and a Liberal, I see nothing wrong with this movie or Tim Tebow. Not one comment has been made against Tebow making this movie. Atheists do not try to convert anyone or put anyone down for their beliefs. If being a Christian makes you happy, that we support that. Atheists also do not hate Christians or any other religion. Our beliefs do not infringe on yours just like your beliefs shouldn’t infringe on ours. Your rights end where mine begin.

  20. No one pulling their hair out over Tebow’s success. Anyone who thinks so is just wacked. We celebrate everyone’s success that doesn’t harm another person. Tebow’s faith isn’t hurting anyone. Atheists believe in “you do you”. If being a Christian makes you happy, great. We are happy for you, but don’t condemn us because we dont believe the same way.

    These lies have got to stop, on both sides. We are all in this together and no one gets out alive. We need to be better with each other. We can all exist together if everyone would remember that you rights end where mine begin. Swing your fists all you want, just don’t hit me with them.

  21. I have always admired Tim Tebow as an athlete and as a man. He has guts, even if he is sometimes foolish. He could have had a long, maybe great, NFL career, but not as a quarterback. As an atheist (myself), I admire his courage, generosity and steadfastness.

  22. I wish all atheists were as open and generous as yourself. They are not all this way. Many are angry, bitter, and aggressive toward those of faith. I am steadfast as an atheist but have suffered significant hostility for not adequately condemning those of religious faith.

  23. I have never came across any Atheist who is hostile to another religion. The only time Atheists get angry on the subject is when any type of religion is shoved down our throats. We dont try to convert you and we expect the same courtesy.

  24. Will be looking for it in theaters close to where I live. I will be going to see this movie. Tim Tebow is an incredible person and I applaud him for doing this! Thank you.

  25. I will take my grandsons to see it and then I will go see it again. Never forget when Timmy was a Bronco, we were moved to tears of happiness! We will always support Tim Tebow who is a real gem!

  26. Who ever condemn you? Certainly not us believers! I am not a church goer but I am a Christian and believe in the higher power. Tim Tebow is a great example of a good and decent human being and we believe he was put on this Earth to unselfish service for the less fortunate! He is the real deal and we love him!

  27. God bless you Tim. Never allow the uneducated selfish and egotistical liberals of Hollywood and late night pseudo comedians dictate how to live and how to think!!’

  28. Tim has been an desperation to me and I am old and he is young. I retired near Gainesville, Florida almost 20 years ago and got to root for the Gators when Tim was there. I was inspired by his love of Christ and still am. When is his wedding?


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