The Left just turned on J.K. Rowling after she stated a biological fact


Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling has been a hero to the radical Left for years.

But in a shocking turn of events that is now changing.

And the Left just turned on J.K. Rowling after she stated a biological fact.

A surprising coalition of figures are standing behind a 45-year-old tax expert named Maya Forstater, who was fired over a series of Tweets where she questioned permitting people to identify by whatever gender they choose.

In a strange twist, J.K. Rowling is now on her side, along with conservatives and a small coalition of feminists.

Rowling Tweeted out her support for Forstater, and stated that “sex is real.”

This was enough for the Left to go after her, with many calling her “transphobic” for stating a biological fact.

LifeSiteNews reports:

To the Left, biological facts that have been recognized for centuries are “transphobic.”

They believe that gender can’t be decided based on somebody’s body parts, but instead on how they choose to identify.

This has gone so far that some believe it is transphobic to assign a gender to newborn babies, and that there are infinite amounts of genders that somebody can choose to be.

Do you think that there are only two genders?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


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  2. The left is as intolerant as muslims are. Does anybody really believe Islam is a religion of peace?
    Does anyone really believe leftists are tolerant and inclusive to anyone that disagrees with them?
    Leftists, progressives, Democrats are communists in their core. They cannot tolerate opposing view points.
    They are evil rotten Godless people.

  3. J.K. Rowling is CORRECT! Sex is without doubt a biological fact. The lunatics on the left are WRONG on most everything. Any person’s gender is determined by their DNA. Gender has nothing to do with personal preferences, life style or plastic surgery. No one, NO ONE, has ever had their “sex” or GENDER changed by surgery or by any other means. The most that can be done by surgery or hormone therapy is altered physical appearance. That is it! No male made into a phony “female” can bear a biological child with “her” altered body. It can not be done. Nor can a genetic female be altered into a “male”, produce viable sperm and impregnate a biological female. It CAN NOT be done!

  4. Mike and Hoppy are dead right. There are not an “infinity” of genders. That view is not only ridiculous but intolerant in itself.
    DNA is the Supreme Court of Nature! There are instances of DNA faults – true hermaphrodism for example, but these mutations are quite rare. The vast majority of births are clearly male or female.
    To have to use a gender pronoun just because a person “identifies” with a certain sex that disagrees with ones DNA is absurd.
    “Sex change” is an oxymoron!

  5. So if I’m a Christian & don’t believe in sharia I’m a “islamaphobic” and
    -believe in traditional marriage between man & woman I’m a “homophobic”
    -believe there are only 2 genders and men can’t become women & visa versa I’m “transphobic.”
    I call myself an AMERICAN & those who make up names for people who are strong enough to speak the truth INSANE, INTOLERANT & just plain STUPID

  6. Idiots. GOD made man and women and nothing else. Those that believe otherwise are mentally ill and most likely of the devil

  7. Why does it matter to the right wing, who argue that everyone should be free to do their own thing, that a boy claims to feels like a girl?

  8. There are only two genders. “Gays” are at most, 3% of the population and “transgenders” are less than 1%. They say the percentage of both is a combined 30%, however this is a “Lie”, and the radical-liberals have bought into it. My wife and I are normal, as are our children and grandchildren(there are 14 of us).
    If the percentage were 30%, the Law of Averages, says only ten of us are normal. Today you can call yourself whatever you want, not only is it protected speech, it is protected phony science. Folks; the only things that we can do are: Love your fellows, Pray for those that are lost, and in 2020, when we go to the polls, remember to vote for “Sanity”.

  9. The perverted Left will keep pushing this garbage until they win, if they do. But think about it. Just what kind of world will they have created?

    Fluid, pick-it yourself sex. No religion except Islam. Homosexuality a protected norm. Atop it all a brutal boots-on-the-neck Communist government ruling a destroyed economy.

    Now look back through history and see what Communism did to homosexuals and religion. Then look at what Islam did to anybody that wasn’t Islamic.

    What a dog and cat fight that would be! An all-against-all free for all. I don’t even care to think about what kind of human trash would survive it all. If any!

    It’s what the fools are demanding! In the end though, the Master of all things will have it His way.

  10. I agree that the leftists are strong believers in assigning deleterious labels. They have succeeded in making the “Racist” label meaningless and yet it is still being used. The best thing would be to stop labeling people and just let them be what they wish to be without making an issue of it. That is the most inclusive thing possible.

  11. Well JK…now you know what team you’re really not on. You feel that feed-back? That’s called ‘Leftie reality’. It comes on everytime a truth is uttered that doesn’t fit the Leftie narrative.

  12. Are you really that stupid? Maybe I FEEL like murdering someone. Does that make it okay? No, of course not. Maybe I FEEL like a cat. Is it okay for me to scratch and bite people and vomit on their floor? No!
    So why should a boy who FEELS like a girl be allowed into the girls/women’s restrooms, locker rooms or sports events???

    People need to learn to reign in their feelings. Feelings are not facts. A biological male is a male.
    A biological female is a female. One can’t switch genders just because of the way they feel.

  13. Of Course there are mainly two Genders. The only exception are the very un fortunate birth defected ones that are born with both genders!!!!! Science is science and those with inner problems try to get away but in reality cannot. The old saying, it is what it is!!!!!You can paint stripes on a horse, doesn’t make it a Zebra!!!!!

  14. There are only two genders, male and female (with a few hermaphrodites thrown in the mix). You can dress, or act like whichever sex you want to identify with as well as add or remove all of the body parts you wish. But, your DNA will always reveal your true gender.

  15. Take heart, friends. The trans-this, trans-that, trans-whatever, are naught but a transient aberration. Sooner or later God, DNA and empirical fact will demand the re-recognition of sanity and reality. For some, there may be a sick fascination in convincing or coercing others to pretend to believe in the absurd. Such cannot last.

  16. They are calling Rowling “transphobic”: maybe she is like me “stupidphobic”.
    They used to rightly institutionalize people who claimed to be something they were not…like the classical case of someone claiming to be Napoleon.

  17. The thing that the Left doesn’t understand is that by aligning with Islam they may destroy Christianity and our American government. The problem then becomes that Islam will be out to destroy them. Islam does not tolerate–does not tolerate gays, does not tolerate those without religion of any kind (secularists), does not tolerate diversity in any way. What will they think when they are being thrown off the roofs of buildings by their allies in the future?

  18. I have studied genetics, and the people who have an extra gene or are lacking a gene in the sexual area (x+y genes) are still either a male or female. If there is a y gene, it is a male. The “intersex” people are either xx (female) or xy(male). Their problem is a hormonal imbalance that causes them to have some aspects of the opposite sex. It is extremely rare.

  19. YES SIR!! everything you say is Truth and FACT. unlike the liberal insanity: free speech for all liberal falsehoods and when you dare speak out against them you suffer !! as they claim falsely to have Morality for these perverted ideas, and others have no right of any kind !!

  20. There’s two sexes. You can be attracted to & have sex with about anything be it right or wrong but there’s two sexes. Period. The Lady is right.

  21. GOD made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve. THINK you would not be here unless one is male and the other female.

    You can not raise a cattle herd with all bulls.

  22. Who would have ever believed 10 years ago that these friggin lefties would have us talking about this garbage?keep your trans this bi that non binary whatever mouth shut before we shove you back in the closet.nobody cares how You feel

  23. Libaturds use science to push global warming, if you have a different view you are a Science Denier and worse, yet when it comes to Gender and the Science of Biology and human reproduction the science that has been studied for decades is Homophobic, racist, bigoted and people that accept it are crazy and transphobic.

  24. You are right but you remind of Scottie on the old Star Trek series. Captain Kirk invariably calls down to the engine room a says: “Scottie, I need warp speed in five minutes.” Scottie just as invariably replies: “We just caaan’t dooo it, There isn’t enough toym!”

  25. Unless I missed something in BIOLOGY (and the BATHROOM) I identify as One of 2 sexes . . . I’m a MALE. The Bible (God’s word) and High school classes back me up. Biology says the OTHER sex is female – and NOTHING else. IN other words, go BACK to school and actually LEARN something. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  26. When a baby is born, they are either a male or a female human being.
    There is the occasional hermaphrodite, but that is very unusual.

  27. There are 2 sexes, male and female. Any beliefs or feelings in disagreement with that, are you handicapped by a mental dysphoria. No one wants to stop you from thinking or feeling you don’t identify as the biologically/genetically determined sex, you factually and actually are. We just would appreciate it, if you would allow us to believe you are suffering under the activities of your own thinking apparatus …your mind. Believing you are not the sex you were born as …is delusional. Fortunately it is not the only delusion under which humans suffer and it may be treatable.

  28. She didn’t state a “biological fact.” Whole lot of ignorance on this site. But that’s what conservatives love. To be ignorant.

  29. To be truly evil is to remain ignorant and close minded. Which is what you are. I have problem with willfully ignorant people. To afraid to learn anything and live under rocks.

  30. Conservatives are truly disturbed people who delight in their ignorance and fear. All of you with your under developed minds, which leads to childish selfishness and cruelty.

  31. What you don’t get is if intolerance is tolerated, then you get something like Nazi Germany. Not surprised that your tiny mind doesn’t comprehend that. You must have flunked history.

  32. It’s not intolerant to accept biological facts. It’s stupid not to. Just because you want to identify as a pig doesn’t mean you are one. DNA DOESN’T LIE. Tolerance has nothing to do with it.

  33. How would this work out in a trial. A witness gives a description of a women. But is it? Because the testimony is questionable and possibly inaccurate due to how the person identifies as, the perpetrator gets away with the crime.

  34. Two. Man and Woman. Boy or Girl. That is it Two genders from beginning to end Even if you change from one to the other there is still only two genders. So, if you start as a boy or man and turn into a girl or woman there is still only two. You are one or the other and let’s use the proper bathroom. If you are a man/woman but still with male parts then you are still a man and use the men’s room. And vice versa. Enough of this ridiculous crap. Two, that’s it.

  35. We’ve tried to tell them that but they refuse to listen. All we get in reply is islamophobia this, xenophobia that, this -ism, that -ism and the old stand by – racism.

    Logic is not in their creed. Remember, with them, anything goes. The Democrats get a lot of mileage by pandering to whatever perversion feels good.

  36. Hey Eric, it’s the left wing idiots that believe a person with a full face beard, hairy chest and legs, an Adam’s apple and a set of balls and a dong is a woman, not right wingers.

  37. Hey Eric, you miss the point. Conservatism is compassion compared to the tolerant(intolerant) Left. This is a case in point. While the Left says ‘He/She knows what they want, what they’re feeling’. That’s the exact opposite of compassion. That’s called ‘ignoring the truth’. These people are confused & the left ignores them. ‘Just make sure you vote Democrat in the next election’. That’s all the Left cares about is power. You want to see what this sickness is doing? Be a brave Liberal & watch. Check the link:

  38. Mary, you are ignorant and close-minded, as you refuse the truth. It is you who is willfully ignorant. There are TWO genders, male and female. DNA does not lie. Guess you flunked science and have not learned anything.

  39. Mary, you do not tolerate the TRUTH. You would rather believe lies and live in fantasyland than to face reality. It is you who has a tiny mind. You can’t stand anyone who does not agree with your fantasy.

  40. Mary, you are truly a fool and a LIAR!!!!! You have no concept at all of the truth. It is YOU who is very disturbed and ignorant. You show your extreme ignorance every time you post. Read your own comments to see ignorance and cruelty. I know HUNDREDS of conservatives and ALL are very intelligent. What is YOUR IQ, ten????

  41. Mary, you obviously flunked biology, which isn’t surprising, as you are much too ignorant to understand it. There are TWO genders, male and female. FACT

  42. Do you remember when the Olympics did DNA tests on the athletes because some of the Russians had “chromosome” disparity?

  43. You are correct. I can see a male saying to the court…I cannot have raped her your honor I identify as a woman. How would a court handle that? Remember some courts have already ruled for gender identity.

  44. Well, that is the thing. Islam is, in a sense, indeed about peace, as in peace through the tyranny of an extremely-draconian police state supplemented by a Kafkaesque judiciary and backup plans to prevent police mutinies; indoctrination to forward the ways to the future generations. In other words, if ordinary people are censored, required to display faith, discouraged from questioning things, disarmed, spied upon, required to serve the hierarchy, denied due process of law, required to obey “the prophet”, denied public “authority” representation and subjected to cruel creative punishments, how can they be brave enough to viably wage war against the powers that be? There would be no war. Yet because so many Islamic militaristic factions, be them Sunni, Shia, Wahhabist or whatever, have not actually been powerful enough to have it this way, they wage war in the hopes of achieving such a vision. The denominations may have to assimilate each other first. The wars will not be over until the Islamic fundamentalists absolutely win or absolutely lose. Outside of fiery extremist fundamentalism, maybe it is not so “black and white”, but otherwise it is quite so stark: “all or nothing”, “if you’re not with me, then you’re my enemy”, like that. Honestly, just as it is not possible to rid the world of peace, it is not possible to rid the world of war.

  45. This blog is using the word “gender” to refer to sex classification. That throws things off. There are two sexes: male and female. Such has always been the case, with the bearing of new seeds being strictly a feature of the female. (Notably, in some species, there is no womb, so fertilization and growth take place absent of both parents.) Whereas there are three genders: masculine, feminine and neuter. Such has always been the case. An organism can belong to more than one sex, so the classification can be broadened, but the occurrence rare. Non-living things are often assigned a gender other than neuter, but they have no sex. The concept of gender has been a predominantly linguistic one, throughout history. More recently, it has become conflated with “gender role”.


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