The Left just did something disgusting to try to shut down Chick-fil-A for good


The radical Left will stop at nothing to shut down Chick-fil-A.

Being a Christian-owned business that supports Christian beliefs is not acceptable to the Left.

And they just did something disgusting to try to shut down Chick-fil-A for good.

The tasty fried chicken food chain has been a target of the Left for years, ever since it came out that the Christian owners believe that marriage is between a man and woman.

Simply having those beliefs and being successful in America is too much for the Left.

So they’ve been staging boycotts, which have been completely unsuccessful so far.

That’s why radical Leftists physically attacked a Chick-fil-A during a Pride event on Sunday in New York City.

In big black lettering, they vandalized the restaurant with the words “F*** haters,” along with duct tape X’s, and other signs.

The Daily Caller reports:

A Manhattan Chick-fil-A was vandalized during Sunday’s Pride parade, according to photos provided to the Daily Caller.

The photos, taken of the Chick-fil-A location on 46th Street in Manhattan, show the words “F**k haters” scrawled across the windows and an “X” in red duct tape bearing the same words. There was also a small sign reading “LOVE is a terrible thing to waste” propped against the door.

Sunday, June 30, marked the end of Pride month, which culminated in the massive World Pride Parade through lower Manhattan.

Chick-fil-A has often been the target of LGBTQ activists who claim that the chain restaurant is “anti-gay” because the owners, who are Christians, support organizations that recognize marriage as a union between a man and a woman.

This is a clear escalation in their efforts to attack Chick-fil-A.
For the radical Left, vandalism is nothing new.

During many of their protests, they’ve destroyed local businesses, breaking their windows and even setting them on fire.

So while it’s simply starting with vandalism, there’s no telling where it will end.

Do you support Chick-fil-A?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


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  2. given the rapidly degenerating social climate and the escalating violence by the left (without apparently appropriate reaction or control), perhaps some preventive anticipation is in order?

  3. the perps need to be arrested and prosecuted for vandalism. Make an example of them. A little hard justice is in order for this behavior. IF the LGBQ what ever is so tolerant, then why behave like spoiled children. They didn’t get enough discipline as children. Teach them that if they break the law, they pay. Nothing impresses more than getting in someone’s pocketbook for lawbreaking.

  4. Deadly force is the only way that radicals of any group (WW1 and WW2 enemies of freedom, Moslem’s, Communists, Anarchists, interlopers [illegal immigration] and now LGBT’s) seem to respond to or understand. It is unfortunate that bullies of any persuasion literally FORCE the hand of the peace-loving peoples into conflict. It was that way for me back in school. The groupy bullies would pick on others not in their group, and the ONLY way to get them to back off was to turn around and confront them directly and with force. Years of these girls taunting me and I finally had enough and I smacked the ‘leader’ in the shoulder (I was aiming for her jaw, but she was standing up on a cement block). The girls behind her all gave an audible ‘gasp’, and I never had any flack from them from that point forward. I was so angry that they felt they had to push me to that point in order to back off.

  5. JanD; You are absolutely correct!! But these freaks also know Christians try not to retaliate, so they get away with these disgusting behavior. But I want to know where was NYPD when this was going on??? God will prevail without a doubt……

  6. Time to take these POS to the woodshed and taught them a lesson. Like a big paddle with the words “APPLY FIRMLY AND AS OFTEN AS NECESSARY TO TO THE SEAT OF LEARNING TO TEACH RESPECT AND COMMON SENSE.

  7. These perverts are just very sick and hate-filled creatures and they will never win. Can’t happen. God forbids what they are doing and God will be their judge. They are evil and belong to satan

  8. These people are anti-American, anti-freedom and pure evil. They should all be rounded up and sent to a Muslim country and see what happens to them

  9. Chick-Fil-A is AWESOME!!!!! The more these sick perverts try to destroy it, the more often I will eat there.

  10. Your right, I’m 77 and when I was in school and was catholic the Protestant did the same. So the Mennonite girls and me joined together and when they saw that, they backed off. Why must it come to that? But in today’s world if we don’t stand strong against these organizations we will lose all our religious rights and that’s what they want. We have to show our support of God and country.

  11. Notice that the left NEVER attacks people of Islamic faith, who not only loathe homosexuals, but encourage stoning them. Christians just THINK that homosexuality is wrong. Christians don’t actually do anything, like wailing the daylights out of them, banning them from their places of business, or prohibiting them from going anywhere that anyone else can go. The difference is that people of Islamic faith can be very intimidating, so the left takes the easier road to travel. KimothyAnn nailed it. Without a lot of push-back these fools will continue their assault on decent people with principles.

  12. I totally support Chick-Fil-A, I have never eaten there prior to now but eill make it a regular now. This is America, the land of freedom and not of destroy it if you disagree with it!

  13. what must be done is to stop these parades of parasite, perverts. it is disgusting to see how diabolical these people are. no respect to nothing, so why not do the same to them, I am sure they will stop once they see their blood on the ground. you do not fight with roses. we must stop them.

  14. Leave Chick Fil A alone. People can believe what they want. They still serve LBGTQ and employee them.
    I have their same beliefs, but I do not call out LBGTQs or try to stop their businesses. Everybody just chill. We are all Americans . That’s what unites us. I hope they don’t stop closing locations.
    Also , everyone start flying the glorious American flag. Be proud that we are Americans and have freedom.
    Nike has apparently stopped believing in America and knows no history. Betsy Ross was an abolitionist who tried to end slavery. She wasn’t racist! What happened to majority rule? Nike has allowed one spoiled player who feels he’s entitled to run their company’s future. What a huge mistake!

  15. Oh so quick to use the word haters and use violence towards anything or anyone that they disagree with. Their days will be cut short and then comes the judgment

  16. They are exactly what they accuse Christians of being. While they aren’t right about Christians, they are absolutely wrong about themselves. They are hate-filled people who are completely misguided in their effort to expose intolerance. In the process they expose themselves as the ones who are intolerant.

  17. GOD bless the Chic-Fil-A Business & its many employer/ees. GOD has HIS mighty hand upon this and other sinful evils. “They will know we are Christians by our love.” The other communities do not love, they hate, as clearly demonstrated by their retaliation to others’ values & beliefs.


    They already get their way, why not just sit down, shut up and enjoy their life style? If it is so great!
    But no, they want to control everyone else!

    Nothing but trouble makers and there is already way too many of that type out there!

  19. Never knew about Chick-Fil-A until all the action against them. So when one opened nearby, we tried it and became regular patrons. Love their spicy chicken sandwiches and milk shakes! Keep at it LGBTQ people… you’re the best motivators to patronize the business.

  20. These people are both useless and worthless!! I am so sick of them all and their incessant whining! They are a waste of space and oxygen! Turning the other cheek only goes so far with me….threaten or cause harm to me, my family, my business, etc, and I’ll see to it that you never threaten anyone else. These people have gone off the rails. Their pathological need for constant attention reminds me of a two-year-old!! Why don’t they do something constructive, like GET A JOB, take RESPONSIBILITY for your actions, contribute something worthwhile to this world?

  21. We have been dining-in on delicious food and getting take-out food from Chick-fil-A for over ten years.
    15-days ago we married and he is now my husband. Because we don’t care what others say we know we can be Christian and Gay and enjoy Chick-fil-A. Being free of all stereotypes is independence: Happy 4th!

  22. I support Chick-Fil-A. I am 84 and born in America. These people of the single %# of our population are, in my opinion, the ruination of The Democratic system of America and we the LARGER% demand with the use of our laws these rioters be arrested and brought to trial. They should not be allowed to form demonstrations with their faces covered by scarfs or masks and dressed alike in similar unidentifiable clothing and armed with weapons like crowbars. Why are there no rules or overlooked ones, if there are for these demonstrations against America.

  23. Scre*w the pervert haters…LOVE Chick-fil-A…..We will eat there as much as we can..Christians do NOT have to accept perverts, The perverts are the HATERS …..Perverts do your thing, BUT NO ONE else has to like it, so get over it………..

  24. Try praying and working harder than ever before to elect and appoint God fearing legislators.
    These radicals are expending significant time, effort and money to fight for their false causes.
    Why can’t you and I also sacrifice, invest and work to beat down the evil forces and evangelize the truth.
    Read the evidence at

  25. However, there are those of us who will backslide a bit if this scum tries to come and pull their crap in our communities. Semper Fi!!

  26. Screw the liberal Nazi left they are the haters they will burn in hell for there sins. I support chik fil a.

  27. Stop and buy a meal at Chick-fil-A as often as possible! You’ll enjoy a good meal and piss off the “Loving THUGS” in the Queer movement and his/her/its supporters! The Gay Pride motto: “the THUGGERY will stop when everyone loves us.”

  28. Who pays these terrorists & how much? George Soros? Whatever happened to the Executive Order to freeze funds of billionaire terrorists and career pedophiles? Did that get blocked by the 9th circus or treasonous Obama scums? Was GITMO just a pipe dream? I don’t believe these terrorists are rank and file working-class people. They are probably entitled people who have rich parents and/or have nothing to do and get paid to be “crisis actors” who have no real virtuous purpose in life.

  29. I am 82 years and over the years have worked with number of LGBT people. None of them were as militant as these groups. They were all were some of the most creative and intelligent people I have ever known and I was glad to call them my friends, None of them the least bit biased although one of them had been relentlessly pursued for his stance, Im sure they would be customers of Chick Fil A today. So sad that people today have to be so enraged today about something.

  30. How can you be Christian and homosexual when God is very clear that it is a sin and Jesus commands that we hate all sin and must be saved from our sins???? And Jesus very clearly says that marriage is between a man and a woman. A Christian is someone who has come to Jesus and asked forgiveness for their sins and accepted Him as their Savior. Please read the Bible.

  31. I support Chick-Fil-A….The haters are the people who atack and run like roaches when confronted. There is rapidly approaching a point in America that a match will be lit and set off this powder Keg. I for one am waiting for it!

  32. Thank goodness Gay Pride month is OVER. Now they can slink back into their basements for another year. Their numbers are small, yet, they enlist many who are misguidedly supporting whatever it is they want to do to destroy anyone else. They have way too much influence in society, but their organization’s clout grows.
    How would they like it if we were to vandalize their stores and businesses geared to the LGBT. Tolerance goes both ways, and they need to remember that. They have grown nasty .

  33. Carol:Yes, I also some LGBT men that keep a low profile and do not run around announcing their lifestyle for everyone to know and hear. But since the Democrats have been on a mission to destroy our country, our values and promote LGBT’s lifestyle, that’s when these radials have come forward. Bullying and threatening anyone in their paths.Feeling very confident nothing will happen to them.Chick-fil-A is a Christian company with Christian values and these radicals hate it! And let me point out, never once has Chick-Fil-A ever stopped them from using their restaurant(s). But I’ll be darn if these radicals will interfere with any Chick-Fil-A around my area. They will be dealt with……

  34. Ah, just leave it in God’s hands. God knows all, God sees all, and God hears all. It is all a part of God’s plan. Unless you are God’s chosen people. In that case, America will fight your battles for you. Do you want Iraq destroyed, America will do it for you. Do you want Iran bombed back to the stone ages. Call on God fearing America. Do you want to murder the Palestinians. God fearing America has your back. Shoot them at the Gaza border. Knee cap them. They are already in a wheelchair, no problem, shoot them anyway. God fearing america has got your back.

  35. Christians are like the tin man, they have no brain. They have only an intellectual construct regarding the origins of the species imagined into existence thousands of years ago. Guilefully tweaked by the atheist Jews at the turn of the twentieth century by the creation of the Scofield study bible. They have fooled you Christians into believing that they are still religious and still in Gods good graces. You never engage your brain and think about it because you believe that critical thinking is a horrible sin that will send you to hell. Fools that you are.

  36. The LGBT are the devils disciples. They will never conform to Christian mores or standards of behavior. Pray for their conversion and for this Country.

  37. Haven’t the time to read them all so if I duplicate anyone of them …sorry…I suggest mounting cameras and prosecuting the perps doing the destruction. We must push back.

  38. Sam – thank you for your post. I support you and your husband. Please continue!! Yes you CAN be gay and Christian.
    There are others just like you.

  39. bj – you don’t have all the answers. Stop telling others how you interpret the bible. Just live your own life!!

  40. I am Christian and proud of it. Would love for there to be Christian Pride Parades. I am sure some of my gay friends would stand on the side and cheer us on. None of them would disrespect us. As a Christian when I am meet people who just happen to be gay, I do not judge, that is for God to do. I welcome them as friends and IF they ask, I tell them the truth. God loves them and I don’t judge them. Usually that is enough. I am always open to discuss more if THEY want. Unfortunately, there will always be bullies, anger and stupidity around.

  41. Most Christians are taught to turn the other cheek but it is no longer appropriate in today’s America! Today is Independence Day and true Patriots gave their lives even for LBGTQs and we would never act out fantasies because we live in the REAL WORLD!! Shame on you for your disgusting actions!!

  42. trumpsky started it all when he called other GOP candidates, those disgusting belittling names at their debates. Blame trumpsky not the rest of us. Why were you all not speaking out then??

  43. Do they not know they are not generating any good will toward themselves. In fact it is just the opposite. All they will do is make matters worse for everyone with what they are doing.

  44. Helge Miller: You are spot on! What these radicals and atheists don’t realize, just because we are Christian, we are not GOD or Jesus.We are not perfect. Jesus was the only perfect man that walked on this earth. But even he became angry at the temple.So these radicals , who are cowards by nature, feel all powerful running in packs like rabid animals.Plus because of this political correctness nonsense, they will cry and complain and call you a bigot if you try to stop their inappropriate behavior. I answer to GOD and GOD alone. But I will not stand by and watch this evilness forced on us and accept it as correct an acceptable.Yes today is Independence Day and I served in Viet Nam.For this country. Not for those trying to destroy it….

  45. Larry GL: Because they were never taught that people deserve respect until they don’t. The idea that righteous protest works encourages people to protest for anything they want and to heck with the righteous part.

  46. Chic-Fil-A hates the gay so much that when people were protesting them, that they gave the prostesters something to eat and drink!!

  47. Jan, the best preventive move is to have the police forcibly unmask those cowardly Antifa thugs and arrest them on the spot. They are the true fascists!

  48. based on what I hsve read ofChic-fil-a, and seen them do which is cinsistent with the readings, YES.

  49. He never did anything other than call names. These wierdos are actualy destroying things. Big difference. I’ve been rather ambivalent towards the alphabet soup group live and let live. God will straighten them out later. But now with their in your face attitude, I am TOTALLY agianst them. They by theiroh so tolerant behaviour had brought this about.

  50. How is it that such a small percentage of the population commands such a large media and political following. I forgot LEFTIST FACISTS who do nothing but divide groujps of people. Anything for power, even though it will cause a fascist state. I had a friend who, when asked how to fix any problem, would respond “Easy- buy more bullits, you’re gonna need em. He may have been right.Thomas Jefferson said that the tree of LIBERTY needs to be watered with the blood of patriots from time to time.

  51. Leviticus 20.13. God: If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them.

  52. Nancy, I seem to recall a blond, female Dem candidate calling ME and half of our country “A basket of deplorables”!

  53. Nancy….GOD has all the answers and it is GOD who gave us the Bible and the very easy to understand rules in it. What part of abomination do you not understand??????

  54. So just because YOU decide it is okay to be homosexual and Christian, it is fine. YOU can try all you want to put words in God’s mouth that are not there, but that means nothing at all. God is very clear in several places that it is a sin But you are not a Christian and do not believe in sin, so what you believe does not matter

  55. Penny, I totally agree with you. I also have friends who are homosexual and I do not treat them any differently. We just enjoy our time together. If they want to discuss it I would also tell them the truth, but they have not brought it up. We are all sinners. I have enough of my own sins to worry about

  56. dumbdawg…YOU are the fool. You have no clue what you are even talking about. Thankfully God knows who His people are and you do not matter. And God gave us a brain for critical thinking and it certainly is not a sin. You should try it sometime

  57. Bj you are so right. Nancy and her ilk can only make accusations wherever they can. Many things have been said in defense of ourselves. As Georgianna said, we were called a basket of deplorables and worse by the woman who by her own action was and is deplorable and actually CRIMINAL.

  58. Not this Christian. Jesus became angry when he saw the “money changers” in the Holy Temp in Jerusalem. So will I.

  59. Hey Henry boycott fast food? Really? And Nancy A. And sam O. You can not be a Christian and be Gay. You are either one or the other. True christians obey the word of God and sin is a choice no matter who does it. God hates sin but He loves people.we should pray for the LGBTQ people. EHT,NJ has 2 chic fil-A’. I will support them most definately. I also believe everything the Holy Bible says from cover to cover. I better since I am a Pastor/Evangelist

  60. trumpsky is destroying this nation by allowing our National Parks to be sold off, piece by piece. This allows mining and drilling to go on. He claims to have helped the lower and middle classes by a tax cut which I have yet to see in my paycheck. He continues to respond to every comment and can’t stand for anyone to say one word that he doesn’t agree with. I wonder that his “twitter” fingers don’t get tired, he spends too much time on line!! I guess that is better so he can’t “govern” and do more of the stupid ideas he has.

  61. Of course I am He deserves it as he is still calling people his made-up names. I think trumpsky is a good name for him as he loves Putin so much. He still plans to build a Trump Tower in Russia – shame on him!!

  62. You are pulling this information from the Old Testament. We are no longer “under the law”. We have moved on – the New Testament is where we are now. You are simply using your own interpretation of the bible. Or you are repeating someone else’s interpretation. Anyway you are all wrong.

  63. I was responding to Sam, and he is absolutely right and needs all the encouragement. I work with a gay man and he is also married to his husband. I’ve never met a happier or more pleasant person. So stop your lies and realize that there are lots of things you don’t know. You need to get out more and see how the rest of us live.

  64. Christians sure need to be more accepting of others who are different from themselves, and get off this promoting of sin and evil. Same sex marriage is alive and well, and perfectly legal. You all need to drop this business of “but Leviticus says”. The bible is simply an old book written by old men from a different time. It has no bearing on today and the way we live and act.

  65. trumpsky needs to be belittled. He is a traitor to this wonderful country. He has been to Russia many times, and believes that Putin and the Russians are so truthful and would never interfere in our elections. He won’t even believe our own intelligence agencies. He still plans to do business with Russia-for his own personal gain. He still will be building a Trump Tower in Russia. He has many cohorts (Manafort and Cohen who are both in jail), who did business with Russia. If that isn’t a traitor then I don’t know what is. trumpsky definitely needs to be impeached!!

  66. The bible is no longer relevant today. It was written by old men so long ago that they were only writing their own beliefs. It has no bearing on today. It has been through so many translations and re-interpretations that it is no wonder that you all are confused. You really need to come into the 21st century, folks!!

  67. Nancy, YOU are a LIAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NAME ONE THING THAT PRES. TRUMP HAS DONE THAT HE IS A TRITROR. YOU CAN’T!!!!!! HE HAS DONE NOTHING WRONG!!!!! WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  68. Nancy, you show your extreme ignorance every time you post. You have no concept of the truth. That is very obvious

  69. Nancy, there is NOTHING at all illegal about going to Russia or building something there. It has NOTHING at all to do with treason. But OBAMA is MUSLIM and sides with our enemies against our freedom. He intentionally brought in hundreds of thousands of MUSLIMS knowing full well that the goal of Islam in the U.S. is to replace our Constitution with sharia law. THAT IS TREASON!!!!!!!!! But you are just fine with it. You are a SICK FOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  70. Disgusted…Nancy is a deranged fool who can’t stand this country or anyone who does not agree with her

  71. idiot dawg…It is very obvious that you have no clue at all about God or His people. I truly pity you. You have no concept of the great love God has for you or the great sacrifice Jesus made for you. very sad

  72. Nancy…You are WRONG!!!!!!!!!! You have no clue at all what the Bible teaches and it is very obvious that you have not bothered to read the New Testament which ALSO says in several places that it is a SIN. Try Romans 1. It is in the NEW TESTAMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And who is WE?????? YOU are not a Christian, so have nothing to do with it. You have rejected God and His great love for you and embaced satan and his lies

  73. Nancy, you deny God and His laws at your own peril. You get to choose God or satan. You have chosen satan and he has you very brainwashed.

  74. Nancy, you are a liar. You can encourage him all you want, but you are aiding and abetting satan. All sin must be forgiven to enter into Heaven, so you are okay with giving him advice that will end him in hell. You deny the truth. So he is happy here but you don’t want him to be happy for eternity. Very sad. I think much more of homosexuals than that and don’t want them to go to hell.

  75. Have you read His book???? It is very clear what God says about homosexuality being a sin punishable by eternity in Hell.

  76. Nancy, It was Obama’s intent to destroy this nation by letting in hundreds of thousands of muslims knowing full well the goal of Islam in the U.S. is to replace our Constitution with sharia law. THAT IS TREASON!!!! It was Obama’s intent to destroy this nation by having everyone dependent on government for everything. He hates everything this country stands for esp. our freedom, as there is no freedom in Islam. But that is all just fine with you. Yet you attack Pres. Trump who loves this country and has done a lot of good for it. You are a fool

  77. Nancy…There are SEVERAL places in the NEW Testament that condemn homosexuality. GOD FORBIDS IT!!!!!! And Jesus very clearly says marriage is between a man and a woman. You deny what God says and put words in His mouth that agree with what YOU think is right. And who is WE???? YOU have rejected God and His truth. You are not one of us

  78. Nancy, you are a very sad excuse for a human being. And just because YOU decide something is so, well it is so. The truth means nothing at all to you. You make up your own truth. Satan has you very brainwashed. The Bible was written by men through GOD HIMSELF. It is God’s book to us to show us the way to Him. God does not change. His book was and always will be what He wants for us. You can reject it but that just makes you the fool that you are. The history and science in the Bible are sound and there is historical evidence for Jesus being here. But just be a fool and deny it. NO, we are NOT CONFUSED!!!!!! ALL who come to Jesus and are saved KNOW they will spend eternity with Him in Heaven. You may have read the Bible but over two billion people know how foolish you are. We have done what you refuse to do…we have accepted Jesus as our Savior. YOU have rejected Him, yet have the gall to tell us we are wrong. The 21st century will one day be history, but eternity is forever. I know that I will spend it in Heaven. You have chosen hell instead

  79. Nancy, what you believe does not matter one little bit. You will stand before Jesus and be judged like everyone else. God is truth and HIS TRUTH will win. It is not for you to tell Christians what to do or believe. We do not follow you. We follow God and His laws. You can deny truth all you want but it just shows your extreme ignorance and foolishness. Christians belong to Jesus and follow His teachings, not yours.

  80. There is a battle between God and His people and satan and his people. These perverts belong to satan. God will win but satan will rule for a time before Jesus comes and that is all falling into place.

  81. Barb, you are correct. We do not have to accept what these perverts are trying to shove down our throats. God commands us to hate sin. But He also commands us to love everyone and help all who are lost find their way to Him. Only prayer will change them and only prayer will save this country

  82. Nancy, you have no clue. And you don’t know anything about Thomas Jefferson or the rest of our founding fathers. Truth is foreign to you

  83. Great fast service, with the nicest employee’s, best chicken ever. The more they go after Chick-fil-a the more I go for the Chicken!!!!!!!!

  84. bj: This Nancy Alexander “person” always comes on these blogs and call names and does not make sense. When you corner her, just like that Alaska Women, and ask them to give you proof, “they” can’t.Personally, I feel they are that Eric or that Scott27 person.They like to disrupt and cause havoc and do not contribute ANYTHING, .But whoever they are, one, three or four different people, are they are atheists and total fools and don’t deserve your time or effort. Just like the party they defend, all they know is hate.No reasoning with them at all.Just ignore her, them or him….

  85. Nancy Alexander: And that’s why you are this bitter, sad,hateful, misinformed human being because you shun GOD and the Bible.Yes, the bible has been translated and interpreted many times. But that does not mean the word is not true.I have read your comments on other blogs and tell the truth for once. One of the main reasons you have such bitterness and you attack anyone that isn’t an atheist,which comes through over and over again in your comments is, that your evil queen Hillary lost the election!!Why don’t YOU come into the 21 century yourself and do some research about the Clintons and Obama and what they REALLY represent…..Or are you too inept to do so???

  86. The fool’s don’t know how many people that would be out of work by closing. There are people of all race and believe’s working that would be out of work. Brain dead is all I have to say for those of the left.

  87. Linda, Thanks for the advice, but when someone attacks God, Christians or the Bible I will defend them.

  88. I have nothing to do with either god or satan. They are all made-up characters, and have no basis in reality. So how many times do I have to tell you this, bj? Quit telling me how much you know about what I have read or believe or understand. You are absolutely wrong and have no idea who I am or what I know.

  89. Nancy A. This bible is very relevant for today it was written by men who where inspired by God what to write and they did. They wrote about prophesies that are fullfilled in our time. There is no way they could of known that. They wrote what God Allmighty and His Son Jesus Christ said. Yes it is true there are many translations of the bible but The King James Version is the most accurate translation from the greek and Hebrew languages. I am not confused nor are many christians. To believe in anything other than what God says is what makes people confused. Hey ,even in the 21st century God’s Word is still true and will not change for anyone. Jesus Christ said HE is the Way, the Truth, and the life and No one comes to The Father except through HIM (John 14:6). JESUS also said God’s Word is Truth! (John 17:17). Repent and Receive Jesus Christ while you can people!!

  90. Wrong again!! I haven’t chosen anything or anyone. You can stop putting things in my comments that I have never said. I don’t believe in fake, made up characters as you do. You have been brainwashed into the fake christian ideology and it is hurting the whole world. Try another fake accusation, hon!!!

  91. I love this country and all the honest people in it. The dishonest ones are to be shamed for their false narrative they keep promoting.

  92. President Obama never brought thousands of Muslims into this country. It is a lie and you know it is. So stop promoting such lies. Yes, it is a crime to go to Russia and build expensive hotels. It leads to foreign influence in our elections as said donations to those candidates absolutely influence our elections. You are such a fool not to see this – you deny it all and are surely a traitor to this country also.

  93. Your truth is simply a total lie. Stop threatening me with all your hellfire and damnation rhetoric. You need a long rest, hon!!

  94. Wrong again, bj. Your lies will get you straight to hell, so keep on accusing others of what you say is sin.

    There is no such thing and you know it. It is only made-up and lives in your mind. You need to be ashamed for your constant repetition and someday you will have to answer. Count on it!!

  95. Nancy.,.it is GOD’S TRUTH that you have denied. The truth that is in His book that you rejected. And it is not me you need to fear. It is GOD who will send you to hell. I am not a threat to you. But you will stand before Jesus to be judged along with everyone else. YOU get to choose whether to follow Jesus to Heaven or satan to hell. The choice is YOURS. No one else can chose for you. Jesus loves you and is waiting for you, but you have chosen satan instead. That is on you and no one else.

  96. Nancy, you have no concept of what is honest and what is dishonest. You prove that every time you post. Honesty is whatever YOU want it to be. Anything you don’t believe is a lie. NEWS FLASH!!!! YOU do not get to decide what is truth and what is not. It is what it is.

  97. Nancy, reread your own sick post…
    President Obama never brought thousands of Muslims into this country. It is a lie and you know it is. So stop promoting such lies. Yes, it is a crime to go to Russia and build expensive hotels. It leads to foreign influence in our elections as said donations to those candidates absolutely influence our elections. You are such a fool not to see this – you deny it all and are surely a traitor to this country also.

    You have PROVED what I said about you not knowing the difference between truth and a lie. NOT one thing you said is true. YES, Obama brought in hundreds of thousand of muslims. FACT!!! Dare to look it up and know the truth that you very foolishly deny.

    And PLEASE show where it says that it is a crime to go to Russia or anywhere else and build expensive motels or anything else. SHOW ME. You CAN’T!!!!! There is no such law. It is YOU that denies the truth and supports traitors like Obama and Hillary. Your ignorance is incredible

  98. Nancy, I have not lied. I posted God’s truth. the God that YOU deny and His truth that you deny. You will know the moment you die that God is very real and you are very wrong. I know for a fact that God is there and I will spend eternity with Him in Heaven. FACT!!!! I know that Jesus is my Savior. YOU have rejected Him and have no clue who He is. But you will know He is there when it is your turn to stand before Him to be judged. It is YOUR CHOICE to face Him as your loving Savior or your damning judge. YOU choose. We will all answer to God. Yes, I am counting of it. I have come to Jesus and had my sins forgiven. You will spend eternity with satan, to whom you belong. It is God who says what is sin. HE created us and HE will be our final judge. I have no fear.

  99. Nancy, if you deny God, you choose satan. And you will know that both are very real the moment you die. satan has you very brainwashed. He hates God and will take all to hell with him that he can. You are a willing follower. There is nothing at all fake about Christian ideology. It is the truth, but you deny truth. Hurting the whole world?????? Please explain how the teachings of Jesus can be harmful. He teaches us love, compassion, tolerance, forgiveness, and helping others. He loves everyone and is there for all who will come to Him. He forbids all hate, murder, and evil. Please explain how this is bad. YOU are the one who is hurting others with your sick hate.

  100. Kevin, very sadly, satan owns her. She has nothing but hatred in her for the truth. very sad creature

  101. Nancy, your telling me that I am gong to hell would be funny if not so pathetic. YOU telling ME that I am going to a place that YOU don’t believe is there. Nancy, you are very deranged. Thankfully, there will be no people like you in Heaven

  102. Bj, satan has the world and those not saved. But we should keep trying to win lost souls no matter who lost they are. Remember we where once lost too my brother in Christ Jesus. Keep trying to win the lost with the love of Christ.

  103. Our current President cares about and loves this Great Country. Obama and his criminal cabinet did their best to destroy all that is good about this Great Country. All it takes is a little common sense to realize this which obviously have none.

  104. There is no god – therefore no words to be read, said or heard. You are the fool here, bj. You keep harping on something that is only real in your mind!! The bible is simply an old book, written by old men who weren’t even alive when the events they wrote about happened. There have been so many revisions, re-interpretations and translations that there is not even a shred of what was written so long ago. You must give up your silly harangue and step into the reality that is today!!

  105. Obama was an absolutely wonderful President for this country. He loves America and stands by all that we also stand for. He never bussed/flew or otherwise brought in hundreds of Musilms. That is the biggest lie and you know it. I don’t need to look it up as I know it is not true. trumpsky is a big “reality show actor”. He pretends to care about this country and its’ flag but he only does it for show. Some day soon it will be revealed what a traitor and bigot he is.

  106. Nancy…You can deny truth, but that makes YOU the fool!!! Why do you come here??? This is a Christian discussion board and we all know that you are wrong. We all know that God is there and the Bible is HIs book. Your ignorance is PROFOUND!!!!! MOST of the men in the NT were THERE when the events happened. They wrote about it less than forty years after Jesus was crucified. THAT IS THE TRUTH. Look it up. You can tell me all you want that God is not real. But I have experienced Him personally and I have personally known people who saw Heaven as they were dying. Now go away and leave us alone. NO ONE believes a word you say

  107. “Obama was an absolutely wonderful President for this country. He loves America and stands by all that we also stand for.” You’re joking right? What was he so wonderful at?!? Weakening our military?!? Trying to turn the U.S. into a third world country?!? Ruining the economy?!? Tripling the National Debt?!? Trying to make it to where people would have to fully depend on the government?!? Kissing the butts of our enemies?!? Turning his back on God?!? Turning his back on Israel?!? C’mon!! You most definitely must be smoking crack or some other good drug to think like that. And besides Michelle er, Michael was ashamed of this once great country and only after his husband Obama became president, that was the only time that he said that he could be proud to be an American. A wonderful President? Really?!? That IS to laugh!! You need to share some of them good drugs, man!!

  108. well, the Bible does say to turn the other cheek but it doesn’t say anything about after that. LOL

  109. Satan cannot “brainwash” me or anyone else, as he is simply a made-up character and doesn’t exist!! There is no “science” in the bible. There may have been a person who existed named jesus, but there is no evidence of any real “miracles”. Stories that surround this jesus person are just that – stories, and these stories or miracles only gained extra details as they were repeated over the years. Just because lots of people read and believe something also doesn’t make it true. Lots of people believe that global warming and climate change isn’t real, but there is a lot of evidence that proves that it is very real. And by the way, I haven’t chose heaven or hell. Those are your words, bj!! You are really wasting a lot of your time by constantly harassing me over something I don’t now nor will I ever believe!!

  110. Wrong again bj. I can’t believe this is how real christians treat others. You have only one message and it is the same old stuff, over and over. Please change it and try to modernize it a bit!!

  111. Parduc – killing is just what I would expect from you. bj is right – no murdering here. Just because someone is different is no reason to kill them!! What is the matter with you?? Where is your mind anyway??

  112. I have no plans to read anything you suggest, bj!! You need to take a long walk and clear your head.

  113. Wrong again – I’m only one person and I don’t even know these other folks who post.

  114. I was sad when Hillary didn’t win, but that has no bearing on my comments today. You ought to research what your trumpsky has done and is still doing. He has such deep involvement with Russia that he should be impeached. He has all you evangelicals deceived with his false claims that he is a “born again” christian. He is a total liar and will say and do absolutely anything that he thinks will keep you all supporting him.

  115. I will leave when I da*n well please. You can’t stand having someone disagree with you so you threaten and order me to leave. Wrong approach, hon!!

  116. Nancy Alexander; Or Onery Sudna.Or Justice for Trump.Or Eric .Or Scott27.Or a few other names you post under, we that are of intelligence, can read and understand the written word and can do RESEARCH , know what we are talking about.You unfortunately can not. You always come on these sites like a screaming banshee, never discussing the topic at hand, and begin to go on your delusional rants against Trump.Yes and it has EVERYTHING to do with Hillary not voted in, in your view. Hillary, her husband and their ” foundation” were and still are corrupt, you fool. Not to mention Obama and all his despicable actions during his time as our sitting president.Try reading some books about your idols. See the REAL truth about them and what they have done and are still trying to do to our great country. But I know you won’t because your mind set is distorted and unchanging.. Let me ask you one question; Has ANYONE, no matter what name you post under, EVER said to you you were right about anything? I mean other than your alter egos coming on line to defend you. YOU are the hateful,bigot that spews unfounded comments on everyone else..I think by the many responses you have received, you know it’s true…..Don’t learn. That’s your choice…..

  117. Come day of the final judgment of every body then Every knee will bow and Every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord and then for all non believers like your self then and only then will you find out the truth too late.

  118. God bless all Chick-fil-A owners & employees & their families! Chick-fil-A is good clean, restaurant! good family place to eat! Good food, good service, clean dining areas, clean restrooms & good, clean, friendly, caring employees that make you feel welcome in their store & they hope you enjoy your meal & hope you will return!

  119. Absolutely no “truth” here. You really should learn to read and understand better, instead of just parroting what others say.

  120. Dianna: And what makes them so special is, not only do they have really good food, but they are a Christian owned company.Something these radical Democrats and atheists truly hate!!

  121. No truth?!? You better pick up a Bible and read what God’s Word says. We’ve already had a go-around on this. And I’m telling you now, you are going to regret denying God and His Word. And for your information, I don’t parrot anybody or anything, and I read and understand more about the Bible than you ever will. You have proved your ignorance about God, Christianity, Jesus, the church, and the Bible by denying everything about them.

  122. It sure is and there are people who don’t want to believe that. Like that person Nancy Alexander, trying to tell me I don’t know what I’m talking about and for me to read and understand. I KNOW that I know more than her. I’m thankful to God that I have someone like you to share the Gospel with.

  123. I agree with you and bj, Kevin. All we can do is keep trying. There are some that will heed God’s Word and then there are those who will never heed it. Prayers are sometimes the best way to reach them.

  124. Nope! Because in Revelation chapter 22 verses 18 and 19 God’s Word says: “18) For I testify unto everyman that heareth the words of the prophecy of this book, If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book: 19) and if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of like, and out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book.” See? This is why I won’t even make an attempt to modernize the Bible. I may be crazy fun, but I’m not crazy stupid!

  125. Parduc, there is also Leviticus 22:18 along with, and since Nancy Alexander said that was the Old Testament and we don’t follow that anymore, then here are some from the New Testament:
    Mark 10:6-9
    John 8:7-11
    Romans 1:26-28; 13:8-10
    1 Corinthians 6:9-11 and17-20; 7:2
    Galatians 5:14
    1 Timothy 1:8-11
    Hebrews 13:1-5
    James 4:12
    Jude verses 5-8
    These are all from the New Testament and it still stands for today. See this Nancy Alexander? Take a good look at the NEW TESTAMENT. It has ALL these verses against homosexuality too. So now, if you read the Word of God like Parduc, bj, and myself, you would know these things.

  126. No – still no truth here. The bible is just an old book written by old MEN to try to instill fear and obedience into others who are not sane or even wise enough to find the TRUTH for themselves. I am sorry that you can’t find your own way but instead need someone to tell you how to live and act.

  127. Well you just keep on believing what you want to believe and I will keep on believing in God, Jesus and God’s Holy Word, the Bible; and we’ll see who gets into heaven and who doesn’t. Oh, wait, I forgot you don’t even believe in heaven. You will eventually have your eyes opened. You’ll see. I’m not lying about anything. I’m just saying you’ll see. Can’t talk to a hard head. Nuff said!

  128. Jesus’ teachings are not harmful in and of themselves. It is the way that “christians” are applying those teachings that is bad. Children are indoctrinated at a very young age to believe only one thing. They are never allowed to search and find a better way that might be more fitting for them. I object to this way of life. Children are very small and gentle people, yet “christians” want them to be always after someone to hate. Right now it is the Muslims, LGBT, Democrats and generally anyone who the “christians” don’t like and/or approve of. Children are taught to believe that there is a devil and he will “get them” if they don’t follow word for word what “christians” say. That is what is wrong with the world today. As christians are spread across the world, I say that is what is very harmful. Of course you won’t believe what I have written, but I ask you to at least consider it.

  129. Nope – I am only posting as me!! I don’t even know these other names (Onery Sudna, Justice,Eric, Scott27), so you can just give that up. I would think that a person as “intelligent” as you claim to be, could see the difference in our writing styles, word usage and comments. You need to read and pay more attention. I am sorry for you and your ignorance!!!

  130. I won’t be looking at anything in your “bible”, as it is still an old book written by old men who wrote their own thought and beliefs. (Where were the women writers then?) There is no real proof that anyone other then themselves were influenced to write what they did. Just because something appears in a printed “book” is not proof!!

  131. Nope – won’t be having my eyes, or anyone else’s opened, for that matter. We will all just close our eyes and go to sleep as we die!!

  132. The day when all non-believers will finally see for themselves that God really does exist along with heaven and hell. That will be the day that Every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord!! Praise God!! A day when we will be reunited with our loved ones that have gone on before us. Hallelujah!!

  133. Then you will never know the truth. The Bible says Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free. The Bible is the Truth but you will never know that, unless you open the book and read.

  134. How is it that christianity is the chosen religion, when there are so many other faiths in this world?? How about Buddhism, Shintoism, or even other branches of christianity?? Even other beliefs in christianity don’t align with what you all support here. Do you all denigrate anyone who doesn’t believe exactly as you do?? There are so many other faiths in the US. How about the Lutherans, Presbyterians, Baptists, Methodists, Episcopalians – they all have a set of beliefs and conduct that are not exactly in line with what you all espouse here. Are they also bound for hell?? I’ll bet no one will answer me here!!

  135. Chic fil a espouses the values that made this country great and are needed now to save the country. There is a civil war brewing between the left and American patriots to return this country to the American values we need.



    (Taking a stand for Biblical marriage is NOT vandalism, nor is it hate.)


    Liberalism is a disorder in the common sense area of the brain. Liberalism is the result of wanting to be your own God.

  137. We all need to bring the weight of heaven upon Nancy Alexander…as hard as it is we need to pray for her to have an eye opening and heart changing encounter with Christ. Though the Father wants none to perish it is our responsibility to choose eternal life. By HIS own nature HE will not do it for us. However, HE can/does work it so we make the right choice. To Nancy and all the Nancy types, I encourage you to choose LIFE. You are saved or damned by the words of your own mouth.

  138. christianity simply isn’t the only religion out there. I want to join the group that says we can be reincarnated and come back as someone or something else. I choose to come back as a cat. Praying for something to happen won’t work. Since when did your god become a “sugar daddy” and give out favors?? You folks are beyond believable.

  139. Islam says they’d rather cut off a gay persons head before accepting them. Christians are tolerant. Why doesn’t the LGBT community target Islam?
    Peace and love is the only answer. Hate beggars hate.

  140. DANG ! these lgbtqrstuers are costing me a lot of money. I now have to make yet another trip to my local Chic Fil A to support them again. wonder if all this expense can be deducted on taxes ?

  141. I used to buy all my flowers from a gay owned flower shop. Not because of any pre-conceived notions about gay people and flowers, but simply because they had the best prices on flowers, had the freshest flowers and were incredibly easy to get along with. Great couple of guys. I don’y look at the management or corporate affiliations of businesses I shop with. I look at the local store and see how they treat me and other people. I don’t care about their race, religious affiliations or sexual preferences. Why doesn’t the LGBQT?? community do he same thing. I’ve never had a business owner ask me if I’m straight. They just thank me for shopping with them. Leave Chick-Fil-A and Hobby Lobby alone. They’re not your problem.

  142. @HELGA…YES! As Christians we are taught to turn the other check. Yet as I taught my children, we only have TWO cheeks!
    I do not believe we are forbidden to always stand by passively and not be ready to defend our values.
    Throughout history there has been times when Christan values, standards of decency and morals have been attacked by those who would destroy them. It’s at such times when we are called upon to stand up, be counted and defend our way of life by whatever means would be necessary.
    A prime example of this is The Knights Templar and their defense of these during The Crusaders.
    As a nation we fought and won two world wars. Now we are in another world wide war which is being waged upon these same values and way of life by another group of those who, like many who have come before them, seek to destroy them.
    It’s up to us to now stand up and once more defend not only our values, principals, morals and standards but also The Republic that has made them possible again by whatever means possible.
    Our REPUBLIC is at a crossroads and they must be defeated or we will suffer the total loss of ALL we hold dear and close to our heart along with this nation, Constitution for untold generations.

  143. Jealousy, hate and votes. Not necessarily in that order, but basically that’s all the democrats are bashing at the moment. Once these four ugly ghouls named as the “squad” plus a few others who live, cheat and steal for votes and personal gain we hopefully will go back to what is, we believe, normal in our great country.

  144. The Press and democrats have chosen to put form over substance. The truth is, President Trump has issues with some “people of color”, but not because of their color, but because of their incendiary remarks about him and his programs. The stretch of comparing him to Hitler is so far over the top (intellectually bankrupt) that it’s absurd. He is a good man that is getting good things done for this country.

  145. Chick fil A is a wonderful restaurant with excellent food. To think that others hate this food establishment for political and religious reasons means that they actually choose other fast food chains; that is the American way. If you are the ones that choose the alternate food chains just join that loony Nancy Alexander and all the other far left crazies. As for Nancy, get a life!

  146. trumpsky is absolutely NOT a “good” man!! He is a puppet of Putin’s. He loves this Russian and aims to please him at all costs. He is trying to set himself up for doing more business in Russia. He is a traitor to the US and should be impeached while in office. He is a terrible person, being divorced twice and married 3 times. How many more times will he divorce? Poor Melania should be aware – she’s next in line. trumpsky is getting older so he will soon want a younger woman. That’s what he’s done many times already. He is selling off the lands in our National Parks for oil drilling. He is allowing offshore drilling so the beaches will soon be despoiled. He has cut back too many regulations on businesses. Soon we will no longer have a safe food supply.

  147. As for Richard – get a life!! I already have one and it is perfect. You choose to be an a**hat and are sour indeed.

  148. President Trump is nobody’s puppet. You’ve been drinking the liberal swill too long, Nancy. Offshore drilling has been going on for decades. Oil platforms are providing us the petroleum we need for fuel and I’m guessing you fill your car up from time to time using that same oil you’re complaining about now.

  149. I love GOD and I wonder what he would think about this conversation. GOD will judge us all and I truly worry about some of you folks.


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