The left is furious after a former Olympian said one fact about transgender athletes


The radical left wants to force their transgender agenda down the throats of every American.

Anyone who disagrees with them is labeled a bigot.

And now they are furious after a former Olympian pointed out one fact about transgender athletes.

In recent years, the transgender agenda has turned more and more radical.

Now that they are becoming more accepted in society, largely due to the Democrat Party fully embracing them, they are seeing how far they can go.

Their latest battle has been in the sport’s field, where biological males are competing against women in sports.

Biologically, men are better developed for most sports events, making separate gender leagues necessary.

But now, men who think they are women are competing in women’s sports, and winning.

The number one and two spots for the Connecticut girls state High School track and field championship went to two biological males.

This forced a former Olympian to feel obligated to speak out.

Sharron Davies is a competitive swimmer known for a highly successful Olympic career.

But now, many are attacking her for simply saying that biologically male transgenders should not be allowed to compete in female sports.

As reported by The Independent:

“Former Olympian Sharron Davies MBE has been accused of “fuelling hate” after saying that transgender women should not be allowed to compete in female sport.

The competitive swimmer, who won a swimming silver at the 1980 Olympics in Moscow and two Commonwealth golds, said that her comments were not transphobic and claimed she had spoken to many other female athletes who “feel the same way”.

“I have nothing against anyone who wishes 2be transgender [sic]”, Davies wrote on Twitter.

“However I believe there is a fundamental difference between the binary sex u r born with & the gender u may identify as.”

She isn’t even disagreeing with much of the transgender agenda.

But she, using her expertise as an Olympic swimmer, understands that men and women are biologically different.

The people making the arguments against her don’t have the same expertise.

As we recently reported, Muslim Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) came out in support of transgender athletes.

She said it was a “myth” that men competing in women’s weightlifting contests would have a “direct competitive advantage.”

This is despite her support for the oppressive Sharia Law ideology that treats women like second class citizens, and, in many Muslim countries, kills homosexuals.

Are you for or against biological males competing against women in sports?

Let us know your answer in the comments section below.


  1. Anyone remember when the Soviet and East German athletes used to have their female Olympians tested to prove that they were female because of all their (was was called) cheating ? Funny, isn’t it, that now it’s just fine in Liberal minds.

    • transgenders should be allowed in womens sports no way is it fair to the women who have trained some of them for there life time to be great at there competition and have a transgender beat not fair to the women the male body will just simply out perform the female body

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        • Mr. Perfect, liberalism’s lowering of standards to pacify all, hurts all and their [gays] so-called rights are the perversion of the civil rights movement!, how’s that for hope and change LOL!

          • Gee gary, sorry to inform ya’ that being gay isn’t a ‘lifestyle’ it’s a life, like yours and mine. it’s been proven by independent medical studies you’re either born gay or straight. Put it this way: who in their right mind would elect to live a so called ‘alternative lifestyle’ that subjects them to being legally discriminated against in employment and housing, getting attacked and beaten up on sometimes a daily basis and maybe even killed because you are who you are. Get with the program. The gay community’s not ‘ramming’ their agenda down anyone’s throats. We’re just asking to be treated equally in all facets of life, that’s all. if this means sometimes being so called ‘militant’ so be it. Nothing different than what the black community did 50+ years ago. ‘Nuff said, move on.

          • Liam,

            Take a look at the 144 page study put out by two secular PHD’s a couple years ago from John Hopkins Medical School where they state there is NO GAY GENE!!! It is a choice! God does not create gays!!

          • Liam M: Chromosomes doesn’t lie nor does DNA Their are only two Genders. Male and Female I worked Human services for many years Getting the Homeless Services for substance abuse,Mental health services, helping then get benefit and housing. The holy Bible of Mental health diagnoses is called the DSM. In DSM 1,2,3, & 4 transgenderism was diagnosed for what it is an Mental health Issue. Again their are only 2 reconized Sexes By the real experts on the subject genetics!


          • Thumbs up Abel. Yes,it is cheating for a male to compete against female. No, I don’t dislike gays and trans. Yes, I do dislike cheaters and liberals who want to change the way we live to be so all inclusive it means nothing. Referring to trans competing with women because he feels like a woman.

        • I don’t, but apparently you do. One can still realize what was being said, except you, as your brain just cant work normally, eh ?

  2. Totally agree that men and women are not created equally…there is an inherent difference and it really shows in athletics.

    • That’s not the problem. The problem is the development of bones and muscles in puberty. It is an irrefutable fact that men have bigger and more dense bones than women and almost 1 1/2 times the muscle fiber by age 16. This enables them to among other things run a lot faster.

      The only way to prevent this is to make sure that they start hormone replacement therapy early in their lives. BEFORE puberty kicks in. If you allow their bones and musculature to develop as males and then make the switch they will have a distinct advantage.

      • True, true true. Males are born strong, protectors, warriors, workers. Females soft, tender , family oriented. Changed it , , the world gone stupid. What am I today, , in one. That’s what. Mental. No men in women sports. Gays say they dont push their sickness on us??? What is men in women sports??? Duh!!!

  3. Men are men and women are women. This idea that you care the other sex just because you feel like you are is total nonsense. Men should compete with men and women with women. If transgenders wan to compete they should compete against each other. They cannot change their genetics and it is unfair.

  4. It is totally unfair for transgender males to be allowed to compete against females for they are physically stronger in every way! Let transgenders compete amongst themselves, end of discussion, period!!!

    • Your idea would never work. It’s too fair and logical.
      This “competition” issue has nothing to do with equality or “gender blindness”.
      It is to acclimate the majority of regular people that this phenomenon is more common than we thought.
      It’s the very idea that we are talking about it that shows they are winning the minds of America.
      Keep in mind chaos is their weapon. ANY chaos is useful to them to breakdown our society.
      Think about your life experience and compare it with what is going on around us today.
      Right now Orwell’s 1984, The Wizard of Oz, and Alice in Wonderland comes to mind.
      I grew up believing these were fictional accounts. The line becomes more fuzzy day by day for me.

  5. I completely believe the right wing is full of B.S. Mostly anyway. The caveat is because, while I completely support Transgender people against the phobia of the right, I agree with the concept that it is unfair to force CIS women to compete head to head with Trans women in physical competitions.

    • @Eric,

      Please do not offend people on these boards.

      I am deeply offended by the liberal left using new, made-up words to describe me and people who are like me. The term “cis”, is to me, and millions like me, derisive and deeply disrespectful. It is the same to me as calling a homosexual a faggot would be to a homosexual.

      If we cannot call a homosexual a faggot, then please don’t call us “cis” anything. It is not for you to decide what should be offensive and what should not.

    • Transgenderism is a widely-studied mental disease. The American Psychiatric Association has already defined it, and experience teaches us that 60 to 70% of them are cured with therapy.
      The fact that the suicide rate among them is four times the normal rate should tell you something.

  6. They can have their own sports. Transgender football ,weight lifting , hundred yard dash. They will have an audience of 3.

  7. This swimmer is exactly right. These, short of being real men, have to compete as pretending to be female in order to win a sprting event. Just like the demoSCUM– they have to cheat or stoop to any low life level in order to win AT ANYTHING !!! Every “FEMALE” athlete should refuse to participate in any and all sporting events(EVEN THE OLYMPICS) to stop this carnage against competition, gender, faith and life itself.

  8. These so called men that say they are Transgender so they can use the Ladies room so they can be around little girls are Perverts & Pedophiles. They are a bunch of sicko’s. If I caught one in a Ladies bathroom they would be minus 2 walking out. This world has lost all Morals. Telling a child they can pick what they want to be when they get older is sick. If you are born a male you are a male, if you are born a female you are a female. Prince Harry & Meghan are calling their baby Fluid Gender, what the hell is a fluid gender. She wants the child to pick what they want to be . What has happened to this generation??? Have they lost their Marbles??? God help us.

    • The libs have thrown God out and embrace satan. They will reap what they sow. Jesus will turn them over to satan for eternity. God said ” Woe unto those who call evil good and good evil”. That is exactly what they are doing.

    • Has the Queen of England thrown this Bitch out of England yet. As an American I’m sick and tired of hearing about Prince Horny Harry and Douchebagness of Suckshis. And I bet the Queens is thinking, God save me from this rubbish. This Island is going to hell in a hand basket, what is this monarchy coming to after I kick the Bucket, will it sink like the City of Atlantis. P.S God save the Queen for England,s sake.william

  9. I agree – God only created two sex -Male and female. Now we want to play God – and create a third sex. The so called “politically correct” world has gone crazy.

    • Actually, a lot more than three. Yes, the world has gone crazy. Satan will reign for a time and it is all falling into place

  10. As an 88-year-old male, I can recall winning events in my youth, and at the time I knew in my mind that I would win because I had trained myself to believe I could win since I was physically fit to rise to the occasion and because my concentration was sharply honed to a particular event. In other words, I knew that I was ready because I had prepared my mind and my body as well as I could to win, and believed body and soul that I would win. I didn’t do it to seek fame, but just to win, and I won. This satisfaction alone is sufficient enough for most athletes. But, today we have people who are confused about their gender. I can not even imagine having that kind of a problem, because I always felt comfortable about who I was, and still, am today. In fact, I always enjoyed the difference of two genders. Why mess it up? Chuck Adkins

      • Well it’s because people are Deprave now a days, Chuck and they don’t fear the God that created them and there in rebellion against him as God said it would be in the end times. It’s the battle between good and evil and man’s freedom to choose.

  11. For years liberals have accused conservatives of advocating positions that are not fair to all. They advocate for “universal standards”. Now we know, as if we didn’t already, that the fairness they advocate is fair to them, and to hell with everybody else. Final proof that at least 98% of the liberal agenda must be rejected and the other 2% should be carefully examined before supporting it.

  12. Take all the gender confused and put them on an island by themselves. Then, the ones who don’t have a delusion about their sex/sexuality continue on with our lives and not have this BS forced on us.

  13. Speaking truth is NOT ‘fueling hate’. I suppose now there should be a third category in sports — one for transgenders. It is the only thing that makes any sense in the sports world these days. Those males who think they are females still have an abundance of testosterone in their bodies wshich gives them bigger and stronger muscles. That is the absolute truth. To allow them to compete in a girls sport category is ludicrous, and should not be allowed. What on earth has happened to peoples’ brains these days….. so many are not thinking ….. they are content to let someone else do the thinking, and that, my friends, leads to trouble.–

  14. These trangenders are doing this because they have the advantage is being men first so it is easier to compete against women and win instead of competing against men who may be better trained and stronger than they are so they cannot win. This is what I called bullying under handely. They will even change their gender to win.

  15. Transgender should never ever be allowed in female sports. I believe its wrong and not fair to the REAL WOMEN in the sports fields. There should be a new reg requiring all athletes to under go DNA testing prior to entering a sport.

  16. If fairness in sports is the goal, then adding a new category for transgender competitors needs to be added.
    That’s a simple solution to a complex problem

  17. The deluded ignore science and reality. Here are the facts:

    ( — Dr. Paul R. McHugh, the former psychiatrist-in-chief for Johns Hopkins Hospital and its current Distinguished Service Professor of Psychiatry, said that transgenderism is a “mental disorder” that merits treatment, that sex change is “biologically impossible,” and that people who promote sexual reassignment surgery are collaborating with and promoting a mental disorder.

    Dr. McHugh, the author of six books and at least 125 peer-reviewed medical articles, made his remarks in a recent commentary in the Wall Street Journal, where he explained that transgender surgery is not the solution for people who suffer a “disorder of ‘assumption’” – the notion that their maleness or femaleness is different than what nature assigned to them biologically. He also points out that the suicide rate among transgenders is 20 times greater than among non-transgenders (normal people).

    Clearly, there is something terribly wrong with the transgender’s delusional lifestyle.

  18. Look at the woman who went to Princeton on a swimming scholarship she felt like a man so got her boobs lobbed off and the men swim team said they had no problem BUT when competeing on the mens side SHE LOST EVERY RACE she went from being #1 girl swimmer to aBIG ZERO makebelieve man swimmer the school had to go out and find a sucky team so she could at least SHOW to keep her scholorship

  19. HEY A Duck is a duck,a dog is a dog and boys and girls are BOYS and GIRLS you can play dress up just don’t try and say its ok . Thats why they have WOMEN AND MENS TEAMS

  20. Athletics need to “catch up” to the times. The easiest way to do this would be to NOT divide athletes by gender, but rather, by chromosomal type. All those having XX chromosomes would compete together and all those having XY chromosomes would compete together. That way no one with XY could declare themselves to be “female” to get the advantage of greater upper body strength or those with XX declare themselves”male” to get the advantage of longer endurance or smaller overall size.

  21. It’s unfair to women. The only fair way is to have a separate program for transgender males claiming to identify as females. Anything other than that is cheating. A lot of these “winning” transgenders couldn’t win anything before, they weren’t that great against their biological gender. They have no self pride, they have to stack the deck in order to win. Disgraceful! They should be ashamed of themselves!

  22. The world would a much better place if everyone would let the almighty decide your gender, then you just live with it. We all have our crosses to bear, so just accept yours!

  23. For a man to compete against women, he surely doesn’t think much of himself, that’s for sure! For those who think just because a man “thinks” he is a woman, that means nothing because of his biological make-up. There is more to this “transgender deal” than what meets the eye. If these men win in a competition against these women athletes, it has GOT to be a hollow victory for him, at best. For these women who have sacrificed so much and then be forced to compete against these men, AND THEY ARE MEN, is so wrong on so very many levels! Maybe this is a man that couldn’t win against other men in a certain sporting events. Or just because he says he sees himself as a woman, it does not mean that he IS a woman. To make women athletes have to compete against these men is ludicrous. Create a program that allows transgenders to compete within their own group of individuals. This would make the women go back to competing within their own. With women, as it was meant to be and should be! This movement to allow men that identify as women has gone farther than it ever should have gone, in my opinion. Allow then to identify as whatever they want but restrictions are severely needed to protect these women athletes before there are no more women in the women’s events!

  24. Absolutely right! Not hateful at all. Based in fact. This is why there are competitions for males and females. Not fair to have women compete with someone who was born a male. Men biologically are stronger. To ignore this fact is going to ruin sports and the Olympics as those who are born female will have a disadvantage when forced to compete with those born male. Just not the same as competing with biological females. Let’s not through all reason and facts out the window!

  25. No doubt, It’s unfair to have Trannie Men compete against women. It’s crazy to have teen aged boys and girls compete against each other in wrestling at Middle and High Schools, as they do here in N E Pa. They take a “doggie style” position on the mats. Boys and girls develop at different rates. Many times the girls mature psychologically and physically more quickly than boys. It’s a whole new can of worms to have them compete against each other. The boys may be reluctant to “hurt” the girl. They may be stimulated. The girl may defeat the boy. Why take away another” rung” from a boys “development Ladder.” “You couldn’t even beat a girl”. Used to be used as an insult in my day. Now it’s becoming a reality. I wrote to the School Athletic Dept. Not even the courtesy of a reply. Unfair Gender manipulation goes both ways!

  26. Just more of the same liberal progressive lunacy!! Its truly amazing how the liberal lunatics hate hearing the truth that goes against their biased liberal agenda,…unless of course its there version of “liberal” truth, whether if its true or not!!!

  27. A man pretending to be a woman is cheating any way you cut it! If they want to pretend to be a woman, let them do it – just do not let them pretend to be a woman to win physical games against real women.

  28. Treason is a badge of honor for the Godless NAZI Commie liberal Racist Demoncrat Party and RINOs! The party of hate, hypocrisy, lies, deception, Fake News (Russian Collusion and Jussie M hoax) the list is endless! And the clueless minions that follow them!

  29. The Constitution are man made laws,..They tend to think mans laws are supreme to Gods laws..Laws, have nothing to do with morality. Some people get confused about what’s right and wrong…….God overrides any man made laws anyway. Some day this country will get back in which our country was founded on with respect to God.

  30. Women have a simple answer. If you have XY chromosomes you cannot compete in events designed for the female sex, XX chromosomes. It is sex, not gender. In the three dimensional world there is no gender, only sex. Gender is grammatical, sex is biological.

  31. Transgenders,LGBT, GAY,…ALL THE SAME … It is a sickness and should be treated as a sickness !!!!!….Not by my definition but God and science as well. By the way, God says they should be put to death. They can complain all they want to but, it doesn’t change the facts…. leviticus 18……READ IT !!!!!!!!.ANY BIBLE WILL SAY THE SAME THING..AS WELL AS MUSLIMS ….Laws are made by man,..Not God.

  32. My vote goes to NO transgender women playing on girls teams. I think the whole country is in a chaotic state as the far left agitators have gone nuts in their efforts to neutralize every positive and successful thing the right has done.

  33. It’s so blatantly obvious that this is unfair to women who were born female. If men want to pretend to be female, ok that’s their right I suppose. But if competing against women who have trained for years (unfair)…transgender ‘wishes’ will just add to the chaos wanted by the Leftists. Of course, when did leftism ever see the obvious?

  34. Actually, I have been thinking about the Olympics and maybe they need to create another classification for the transgender participants. They should participate in their own classification- neither male nor female. Men who transgender to women definitely have an advantage over true women. As has been mentioned before no matter what surgery you have performed the chromosomes do not change! No way! No how! Let the women who were born physically as a female compete in female sports. Men born physically as a male compete in male sports.
    Another problem is transgender in ladies rest rooms. Sorry, I think there needs to be a separate facility for transgender s. Protect our children and real women!

  35. Additional comment: Men who feel they must compete against women must be the proverbial “90 pound weekling”. They can’t make it as a man so he trans to a woman to compete and win since he cannot win as a man! Low esteem.

  36. God men and women to be different. A man, whether he identifies as such should in NO wise be competing with a women in sports. As been proven that “transgender” has beaten the females. Why in the heck don’ t people stay and act like their birth sex is? All of these people need to be under psychiatric care and not catered to. Time was the American Psychiatric Association had ICD-9 codes for homosexuality and the transgender and abnormal sex conditions, but now they act like it’s a normal condition and I fear that those of us who are heterosexuals are going to be considered the abnormal ones who need mental help. Lord God save us all!


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