The Left could blow-up Mount Rushmore after getting news they have been dreaming of


While the radical Left continues tearing down monuments across the country, they still haven’t hit their crown jewel.

There is no monument more significant to them than Mount Rushmore.

And they could blow it up after getting news they have been dreaming of.

Recent weeks have proven that no monument of American history is off limits to the radical Left.

While a few years ago they were targeting Confederate monuments, they are now zeroing in on every piece of American history.

They have already ripped down monuments to George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, and are even targeting monuments of Abraham Lincoln.

So naturally, their ultimate goal is to take down Mount Rushmore, which is perhaps the most significant monument to American greatness that exists.

Just a year ago, the idea of this monument being destroyed was unthinkable.

But things have changed so radically that nothing is off the table.

And a new poll shows that they have a lot of support in this endeavor.

Eric Kaufman, a Canadian academic and author wanted to see just how much support this would have among liberals.

So he ran a poll of liberal Americans asking a series of questions relating to changing American history.In one question, he asked if they would support a motion to, “respectfully remove the monument to four white male presidents at Mount Rushmore, as they presided over the conquest of Native people and repression of women and minorities.”

A solid majority of 58% of Americans who consider themselves “very liberal” supported the move, with 44% of “liberal” Americans agreeing.

The poll was answered by 870 Americans, and asked them 16 similar questions.

That wasn’t the only question with terrifying results.

7 in 10 liberals also supported a motion to “Move, after public consultation, to a new American constitution that better reflects our diversity as a people.”

40% of “very liberal” Americans support “renaming the United States” and replacing the American flag.

80% of “very liberal” Americans, and 71% of “liberal” Americans also support changing the national anthem.

This poll shows that the Left isn’t going to stop anytime soon with their crusade to change America to fit their warped views.

They are already winning in many cases.

But President Trump isn’t going to let this go without a fight.

He is going to be celebrating the Fourth of July at Mount Rushmore, with a massive fireworks display celebrating our nation’s Independence.

Do you think the Left will be able to destroy Mount Rushmore?

Share your thoughts with Culture Watch News in the comments below.


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  2. Let us just hope and pray that thinking adults will take necessary action against the subversive elements in our country. So far Marxists groups such as BLM ans Antifa have had little resistance from our political leaders.

  3. If they dare try to take down Mount Rushmore and all our other National Monuments here in America, then clearly Militia will have to be quickly and properly formed, and the Corrupt Government will have to be removed from power to restore the Liberties and freedoms the Founding Fathers intended! In November, we must Vote with our Morals or we may be forced to take up Arms to overthrow the Communist Liberal Tyranny! MAGA Trump 2020!!!

  4. Of course the left isn’t going to stop with confederate monuments. This is their chance they’ve been dreaming about for decades. The left has always wanted to radically transform America. Obama even said so himself. Not just American history but everything. The left wants to end capitalism and replace it with some form of communism. The left wants to scrap the constitution, confiscate guns, abolish churches, abolish free speech by labeling any speech they don’t approve of as “hate speech”. The left wants open borders, abolish the police, close the prisons, give blacks reparations, abolish parochial schools, and abolish private health coverage.
    BLM and ANTIFA are the left’s foot soldiers, just like Pol Pot had his Khmer Rouge. Same exact thing.


  6. When you have progressive professors teaching young adults to hate America and everything she stands for then this is what you get. You get violence. You get vandalism. You get theft. You get riots. You get a revolution.
    And how are the democrats handling this? Well they are cheering it on, and calling for the police to be defunded. If you want Marxism and chaos please continue voting for democrats because that is exactly what you will get.

  7. satan is gaining ever more ground and he has BLM in his army. They are very sick and violent and must be stopped. There is no way we should have let them get as far as they did. Either we stop them or satan rules. But they cannot win. When Jesus comes to rule we will be rid of them for eternity. He will send them and their master to Hell and we will have eternal peace

  8. Why are these sick violent idiots not being rounded up and put in jail where they belong? Does anyone have a backbone?? It is way past time to deal with them

  9. So he polled 870 Americans and thinks he know how the rest of us feel. News flash, from the results the majority were liberal democrats not the heart of American citizens. Try and die will be the motto if these terrorist go near Mt Rushmore.

  10. First and foremost, Americans are going to have to bother to vote in every election. Vote for the candidate(s) whose values comes closest to matching yours. Apathy is not going to win us anything. If you are a Christian, with conservative moral viewpoints, we are going to have to stand and express our views, and it may be very costly–maybe cost us a job, friends, support from relatives. That’s what this is really about–a war of values, right vs. wrong, power and control, and against God’s sovereignty.

  11. Simple solution. Identify them, locate them, take away their citizenship and rights and ship them out of our country immediately with no possibility of return. Doesn’t matter to me where you ship them or if you just want to provide chutes and let them jump out of planes. Just kick their asses out of our country. If that’s not acceptable, revolution time for our good U.S.citizens. Identify and kill them all!

  12. Why don’t they purchase an island somewhere and
    Build themselves a city or country. Let’s see how
    Well these people can build something rather
    Than tearing things down.

  13. Scott27; well said , People of all Faiths better wake up !!
    Get Registered, Get Out an Vote in November !!
    Or We Risk Being Next Targets on these Marxist, Racist, Hate groups BLM , Democrats liberals . Cancel Culture Agenda!!

  14. If they keep pushing their agenda on America , they are going to find they are creating a new generation of people that hate them. Racists were pretty well on the Decline till all this started. Their Hate Speak is creating people that Hate them. If they aren’t careful they will bring out the New Hitler’s Army.

  15. Do not believe in ABORTIONS but in case of LIBERALS will certainly make a EXCEPTION. It is hard to believe our nation is so FULL OF LUNATICS!!!!!

  16. It’s time to stop this nonsense ! America the only way to stop this is to eliminate the trash that call themselves liberals. They are a disease of worthless scum! They want to rule with violence let’s fight them with their own game violence beyond their wildest dreams ,hell they don’t even know what gender they are! I like all true patriots now fear for our lives our freedom our families and our property! We have the right to protect ourselves! Let’s do this and wash this trash from our schools our cities our country and our lives! These are not people with rights they are nothing but terrorists! This is war it’s time to realize America is under attack. You are under attack it’s time to fight let’s show these communist liberals what war is Now !!!!!

  17. Be armed and ready. Those who are unwilling to kill and die to preserve their lives, families, property, neighbors, communities and the Constitution will inevitably and deservedly lose them and condemn their posterity to serfdom.

  18. “So he ran a poll of “liberal” Americans”

    “Liberal” Americans (an oxymoron in itself) are not indicative of American’s! What a joke this whole article is!

  19. I was Blessed to be born about 90 min drive from Mt. Rushmore while it was being cut out of those rocks. A number of times we would go to Church and then come home and my Mother would put together a lunch and we would drive there to see all they had been doing since the last time. I am not sure but if I remember, there were about 400 men that worked on Mt. Rushmore and it took a lot of years.
    I would guess that NOT a one of these idiots have any idea about what any one of these Presidents did for this nation that they live in and don’t appreciate. But as one person said, they have been taught to be idiots in the schools now for years and it is really showing in todays time frame. I am not from SD but am very proud to have seen Mt. Rushmore being built and have seen it a number of times since.
    I spent 24 years in the USMC and would still be glad to join with any group and go get these idiots and put them in prison for life in Cuba where they belong.

  20. I really think that this is the beginning of a Civil War!!!, and the destruction of Mt. Rushmore will begin the War. God Protect Us as well as the USA. I hope that this never happens.

  21. We have the greatest weapon and that is prayer! We are being called to be in Gods Word. Pray His Word, His Will, pray His Way, and fervently!! This is a time we need to gather together and pray. The only knee I will take is in prayer to our LORD and Savior. Let us daily thank the LORD for the blessings He HAS and WILL bestow upon us. He wants to hear us trust in His Plan. I tell more people what I learned from my Grandmother as a little girl is to vote for the one who will speak up and protect the unborn children who have no voice. President Trump is the first President to speak up for the unborn children relentlessly! As you drive, walk in your neighborhoods, cities PRAY, PRAY, PRAY people will have eyes to see and ears to hear the Word of the LORD. Fear comes from the Enemy, Satan. He wants us to fear and take our focus, attention, dedication away from the LORD. Let us pray on the Armor of our Lord every day. When we are in Gods Word, praying, trusting the LORD the enemy, Satan will attack us and try to weaken us! Be strong and courageous in the Lord. Do not be faint of heart! Let us thank the LORD for the Grace, Love, Mercy, Forgiveness and peace that surpasses all understanding and that we may extend that to others. May the LORD bless you, your family, and all Americans and keep us all in His care!!

  22. Time for Everyone to take at LOOK AT THIS POLL , that was lees than 900 PEOPLE > They state a MAJORITY OF AMERICAN’S , ( WHAT A BOLD FACE LIE ) America has well over 320 million People living in it and YOU POLL less than 900 ( Must Of Been Struggling to find enough Liberal idiots to poll ) , Poll Probably Taken from A radical liberal left strong hold , and now trying to spew this insane LOGIC of A MAJORITY OF AMERICAN’S ???? You Ignorance is showing for reporting such stupidity and giving ANY CRITICALITY into such a INSANE STORY LINE !
    Saying A majority of American’s with a poll of less than 900 , You just made a fool out of yourself !!!!
    American’s aren’t buy the Propaganda , from the DEEP STATE OWNED LIBERAL MSM !

  23. leave our monuments alone and our history alone. how dare you mess with what my forefather fought and died for. YOU have no right to do so. We the people , you work for us not the other way around.

  24. Americans don’t agree with that at all. We cherish our forefathers. We are devastated that our statues are being toppled. People need to wake up and realize what we have in this country. Our freedoms are not free. They were paid for by blood and if we lose them, it will take blood again to retake them.

  25. 1) Arrest George Soros for setting up a website that pays people to protest and riot.
    2) Arrest Barack Obama for handing over $150 billion dollars to Iran, and letting 4 Americans die in Benghazi while blaming it on a video.
    3) Develop armed citizen militia all over this country to show Antifa and BLM the price they will pay if they continue to bully people who have a different point of view. And to the cowardly politicians who cave in to them, that they will be held accountable.
    4) Sponsor a bill that tells any school administrator for humiliating a child who prays, they will be replaced.
    5) Let our police know that millions upon millions of Americans will NOT let them be defunded, and that we have their backs.
    I could go on, but the great majority of decent God-fearing people in this country must finally rise up and overthrow this satanic, atheist, leftist caliphate.

  26. Soros needs to be arrested–The quicker the better. Cut off the head of the snake and take all his money as proceeds of treason and plotting to overthrow America’s government.

  27. I place ZERO credence on polls. Pollsters NEVER ask a decent number of people, they pick the question(s) and allow only yes/no answers. That’s why EVERY POLL take in 2016 were WRONG. I don’t give a damn who conducts the poll, they’re rigged from the beginning and they extrapolate their findings far enough out to get the stats they want.

  28. I think they’d better not try it. Unless they have bomber aircraft, it would be a colossal undertaking and would be very easy to detect getting underway. And there would be plenty of patriotic Americans who’d be glad to deter them.

  29. If they are liberals , they aren’t Americans ! They can just leave & leave their assets here , that they have gotten off of America here – they don’t deserve them !

  30. Blow up Mt. Rushmore, no way! This is
    just sour grapes because O’Bumbler can’t
    ever be up there! Ears are too big to fit, so no room. Trump will fit, plenty of room up
    for his hair. Our 5 greatest presidents in one place forever.

  31. They are capable of anything and everything. That’s why I changed my way of thinking towards the two principal parties in America; I had it all backwards.

  32. The more you give in to totalitarians, the more they will demand from you. The time will eventually come when you look around and find you have nothing left.

  33. Why are these criminal threats not being seriously addressed. I am becoming really frightened more because of the inaction of our leaders, with the exception of the President, than I am of the threats. How is this happening without any consequences. Lots of talk and no action. These people need to be investigated, arrested and jailed. None of this violence will stop until they get some push back. God help us if we don’t have President Trump on November 4, 2020.

  34. What a wonderful example of Republicans stirring the pot with fake information. This is what they stand for Anarchy and sedition.

  35. Fake crimes, fake polls, fake news! Don’t believe anything! Dissemination, propaganda by Communist Chinese militants to decimate our nation, especially using the deadly Wuhan Virus. Divide and conquer.

  36. Honor and glorify our forefathers and veterans on this remembrance of Independence Day!!! No rewriting of American history and destruction of national monuments, anthems, and, statutes. We are Americans with an imperfect past comprised of good, bad, ugly. Artificial erasure of American icons, via destruction, is the culmination of collective hate fanned by a radical terrorist agenda. Pathetic dysfunctional bullying.

  37. How far in the future has BLM, Antifa, etc. looked, and what specifically is there end goal? What will they do if they reach it? They will begin turning on each other because they will find minor differences that they will build up into something “important” to be against. Leave Mt. Rushmore and any statue alone!! Get these people off the streets and out of the cities. They need to get a life, and not the one they have been living for the past few months. And, everyone, please pray daily, but also be patient and rely on God’s timing. He knows what is going on.

  38. It would cause a reaction they don’t want, ( or maybe do ), whole sale death and civil war.

  39. Not only mount Rushmore but if they try i bet they try for the crazy horse memorial to. Damn fools they are. Lock and load

  40. I have said it before but it bears repeating. EVERYONE is preaching to the choir when we write about how the liberals and terrorists groups are so bad for our nation. We know that! The only pressure these idiots who want to alter the past and change values most good Americans live by is FORCE — the power to overcome their actions. The little ninnies who cover their faces as they move from city to city to intimidate people don’t understand what force is. Most of them have never been in a military setting and now is the time for our veterans — along with strong police forces nationwide — to show them what it is like. It is time to draw that proverbial line in in the sand and take a violent stand against their violence. Guess who will be on the winning end, if we do that.

  41. A communist totalitarian dictatorship can not be installed until things are made so bad that the people demand the old be thrown out and new installed. That is the most basic premise of the left’s planning. Keep tearing everything apart and denigrate all that makes a nation great until people agree that they were never great.
    Damn them all to hell.
    I want my grandchildren and further posterity able to guide their own future without hindrance by government.

  42. If you are curious as to how this ends for America; READ …..”MAO, the untold story” by John Holliday.

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