The integrity of the Olympics is in jeopardy because of one radical policy


Politics is increasingly encroaching sports.

Leftists have welcomed and encouraged the politicization of a space that used to be largely free of politics.

Now the integrity of the Olympics is in jeopardy because of one radical policy.

The chief problem with leftism—among many—is that the Left refuses to police itself.

When the Left goes off the rails with an insane idea or policy, no one but conservatives stand in the way of their bad ideas.

The cause célèbre for the Left today is transgenderism.

They have abandoned all logic and reason for the sake of a fringe ideology that believes men can be women and vice versa.

The great irony of transgenderism is that it directly conflicts with radical feminism—another strain of leftism—which has caused a huge fissure on the Left.

And the divide is only going to get deeper with shocking news regarding the Olympics.

A biological male who believes he’s a woman will be competing in Olympic trials in the women’s marathon event.

Leftists always roll their eyes when conservatives argue that some of their bad ideas have a “slippery slope,” but that’s precisely what’s happening with the radical transgender agenda.

Several biological males who were mediocre at best or substandard when competing against other males have raked in scholarships and awards while competing as females the past few years.

It’s gotten to the point where females are beginning to sue in order to maintain the integrity of women’s sports.

Far-left activists will argue that transgender athletes have no competitive advantage, or that their advantage is no different than one track athlete having longer legs than another one.

This is a ridiculous assertion that’s been debunked.

Several prominent female athletes including tennis legend Martina Navratilova and Olympic volleyball medalist Ana Paula Henkel have spoken out about the unfair advantage biological males have.

The latest elite female athlete to speak on the issue is Olympic cross-country skier Rebecca Dussault.

In an interview with the Daily Caller, Dussault said, “Once a male body has gone through puberty, they have received the benefits. So the skeletal form, lung capacity, muscle density, the greater length of levers in their body, their muscle-to-weight ratio, their capacity to deal with dehydration much better, narrower hips, I mean you name it — they are physiologically designed differently than women.”

The transgender activists have no rebuttal to this biological reality.

Dussault issued a bolder warning when she said, “Every woman’s record in sports will fall.”

Hopefully more people begin to speak up before the integrity of sports is radically changed forever.

Will biological men competing in women’s sports be the end of women’s athletics?

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  2. I feel VERY STRONG, that woman’s sports should be ONLY for woman, and the same for the man. For whoever thinks differently, maybe a new category could be created where both sexes can participate and compete all they want.

  3. Message to feminists: Don’t worry. We’ve got your back. We are going to help you make your case that men and women are equal by allowing men to dress up as women.

  4. Why does a male want to be a woman, my friend asks, reflecting on the dominance of men over women since Adam and Eve? Only if there is an advantage to gain in their own self interest. It has only been since liberal thought has taken over rational thought that it is acceptable to cross over with impunity. Society at large is the loser when women athletes are so severely discriminated against.

  5. It is very unfair to allow transgender males to compete in women’s sports. I hope that the Olympic committee will prohibit this from happening. Transgender males have an advantage over women athletes with greater strength and endurance. This nonsense has to stop.

  6. It looks like the sports world is returning to the days of East Germany/Russian female Olympic teams that resembled men more than women. It wasn’t pretty then, it isn’t pretty now.

  7. Stoopid policy. Years ago they did a DNA test on questionable entrants. If you were not XX chromosome you could not compete. Cannot recall how the very rare XXYs were handled, anyone recall? Seems like it was a good policy. Transgender changes some things but there are many beyond surgery and hormones. It is too bad but many people have conditions that make it so they cannot compete. Wanting equality does not make equality. Not many blind curlers for example.

  8. When it gets to the point that transgendered makes are competing in the Olympics against females, IS WHEN I QUIT WATCHING OR EVEN INTERESTED IN THE OLYMPICS.

  9. Even though there is really no such thing as “transgender” I would agree to give people who think they are what they are not their own catagory for athletic competition. Would be interesting to see if a transgender female can beat a transgender male. I tired to identify as a bird but discovered that I can not fly no matter how rapidly I flap my arms. Seeing as to how I would have to settle for being a penguin (can’t fly) I gave up on the idea as it is much too cold where they live.

  10. Enough of perversions and confusion. One or the other or both is in effect. Chromosomes are not changed. Tax payer paid body mutilation. Some who had the surgeries and hormonal treatment years ago paid by the taxpayers wish now to reverse and have the taxpayers pay that much more expensive process.

  11. It is a fact that biological males are more athletic than females. When a male has the capability to have children when born they will be cloer to being the same athletically. But then they would be female. If they allow this travesty to go ahead I will quite watching the Olympics completely, male or female. What would be the point it would not be a fair competition.

  12. Yet another example of the de-construction of reality by the left. You are male OR you are female, biologically speaking. One is not both, nor is one the other. Who or what you identify as should NOT be a criterion used to compete against a single sex category, unless you belong to that category. It’s simply unfair and unrealistic to do otherwise. Perhaps we should legislate something rational before we have to worry about future American Kennel Club competitions. Why does no one call these idiots out. If we cave in to “political correctness”, we are going to collapse as a society.

  13. As far as I am concerned, this nonsense has gone on long enough, and it’s time for us to stop letting these folks with a diagnosable psychological/psychiatric disorder bully us into pretending that they’re okay and that it is the rest of us who have to adjust our attitudes and beliefs.

  14. Why is it that i have never heard of a biological woman trying to pass off as a man. Its because the so called men are perverts and cowards and they are using it to molest little girls and women and beat them in sports because they are weak and cannot beat men fairly in sports

  15. BOTTOM LINE: ”A” If you are born a male you are a male, and vise a versa.
    There is no way a male can be a female and that is the end of story. There needs to be an end of this crazy business and the world needs to be put straight once again. CASE CLOSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Lipstick on a pig does not make it a woman. What makes a female is her chromosomes which can’t be changed by hormones. Men who “feel” they are women have found a way to cheat their way into women’s sports and win. I say if they want to continue with this absurd idea, create a separate category and let trans women compete against other trans women. That would level the playing field and restore women’s sports back to biological women where it belongs! Women who think they are men wouldn’t want to compete against real men because it would simply be a losing proposition…

  17. Good to see the Olympics joining the 21st century. Too bad the right wing is up in their usual transphobic arms and, given their propensity for violence, the Olympics will probably need high security to protect the participants. Thanks to Trump and the NRA for our violent society.

  18. What will they call the winner of events in the women’s Olympics now? Its? Contestants should compete according to their gender at birth.

  19. OKAY … Since COMMON SENSE will not prevail? … Ask the OLYMPIC’S to run their own tests? See if it is indeed TRUE that a MALE identifying as a FEMALE? IS INDEED Bigger, More Athletic and have a definite ADVANTAGE over a regular female. This should be a SCIENTIFIC QUESTION. … Not a SOCIAL QUESTION.

  20. HCB…You are a true nut case. NOTHING you ever say is true. You have no concept at all of the truth. And there are TWO genders, male and female. PERIOD. Read a science book and find out all about this wonderful thing called DNA. It CANNOT be changed. You are what you are born as. Anyone who thinks differently is a mental case like you are

  21. Let the transgenders compete against each other. If a man tries to enter into the Women’s sport, let the women just sit down at the starting gate in protest and let the Tranny run by “herself”.
    In the past, when there was a question of male of female members running in the “wrong” race, chromosome tests were taken. Time to implement that rule again!

  22. Bruce Jenner should try out for the women’s Olympics even at his age he could probably beat most of them. This is ridiculous men should not be competing against women. There are so many transgenders now they should have their own division division and compete against each other


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