The horrifying proof that Pope Francis sides with Black Lives Matter terrorists just dropped

Pope Francis

Pope Francis continues to push the Catholic Church to the left.

He is doing everything to appease the left, and infuriate conservative Catholics.

And the horrifying proof that Pope Francis sides with Black Lives Matter terrorists just dropped.

For months, Black Lives Matter wreaked havoc across America.

They destroyed dozens of cities, causing over a billion dollars in damage, and directly caused over 30 deaths.

Yet, the mainstream media is fixated on violence that occurred at the U.S. Capitol.

The same people who excused Black Lives Matter violence, are now claiming that every Trump supporter is responsible for the violence at the Capitol.

Among them seems to be Pope Francis, who put out a very tough-worded statement against what happened at the Capitol.

Speaking with Fabio Marchese Ragona of the Italian news program TG5, he said he was “very astonished” at what happened.

Pope Francis said that it is a “reality” that even in the “most advanced societies, there is always something wrong, something about people who take a path against the community, against democracy, against the common good.”

Such “violence,” the Pope added, “must be condemned, irrespective of the people,” and that “sooner or later” groups that are “not included in society will cause these situations of violence.”

This heavy-handed response is nothing compared to how he responded to Black Lives Matter violence on June 3rd of last year.

“Dear brothers and sisters in the United States, I have witnessed with great concern the disturbing social unrest in your nation in these past days, following the tragic death of Mr George Floyd,” the Pope said at that time.

“My friends, we cannot tolerate or turn a blind eye to racism and exclusion in any form and yet claim to defend the sacredness of every human life. At the same time, we have to recognize that ‘the violence of recent nights is self-destructive and self-defeating. Nothing is gained by violence and so much is lost,’” he added.

It is clear that Pope Francis was giving more of an excuse for violence, pointing to the purported injustices Black Lives Matter claimed to be rioting over.

Pope Francis giving cues of support to the radical left is nothing new.

Last month he included Joe Biden’s campaign slogan, “build back better” in a Tweet, and has recently came out in support of same sex partnerships.