The feminazis just forced this corporation to rebrand a 60-year-old product for being “sexist”


People take offense at just about anything these days.

The “outrage culture” is all the rage.

Just look at how the feminazis forced this company to rebrand a 60-year-old product.

“Mansize” Kleenex is “sexist.”

At least according to the feminazis in the U.K., who’ve successfully forced Kimberly-Clark, Kleenex’s parent company, to rebrand a product they’ve been selling for 62 years.

CNN reports:

The company first launched its tissues aimed at men in 1956, claiming they would “stay strong when wet.”

But complaints on social media about the product’s gendered marketing is prompting the change.

Starting later this year, the tissues will be called “Kleenex Extra Large.”

Kimberly-Clark said it received a “consistent increase of complaints.”

According to CNN, the Company pushed back on the notion that there was anything wrong with the branding.

“Kleenex Mansize tissues have been on shelves for the past 60 years. Over that time, the brand has always been characterized by a much larger tissue size, which is both soft and strong,” the company said in a statement.

“Kimberly-Clark in no way suggests that being both soft and strong is an exclusively masculine trait, nor do we believe that the Mansize branding suggests or endorses gender inequality,” the statement added.

The feminazis gloated over their win, as CNN notes:

Sam Smethers, chief executive of UK-based women’s organization The Fawcett Society, said the rebrand “is not to be sneezed at.”

“Removing sexist branding such as this is just sensible 21st century marketing. But we still have a long way to go before using lazy stereotypes to sell products is a thing of the past,” she added.

Kleenex certainly won’t be the last company that’s targeted by public pressure campaigns to waste money rebranding a product that’s been on the market for years.

In fact, ABC News highlighted discussion on Twitter that “Pink Lady apples, Lady Grey tea and lady fingers could be subjected to name changes” in the future.

What are your thoughts about all of this?

Let us know in the comments below!


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  2. This feminists do NOT speak for me and I wish they would just STFU and disappear. I am 66 and this stuff is beyond petty

  3. These Loons do Not Speak for Women such as myself. I think they all should sign up for the military since they want equality. Go fight in Afghanistan right beside the Men and show how tough you are, Not!. All they seem to know these days is getting pregnant and wanting to have an instantaneous abortion.

  4. You feminists must be awfully insecure. I am strong enough I don’t worry about all the petty little things in life. You make women look week with all their whining about every little thing. Get tough and shut up, strong women don’t agree with you. All you Liberal women are a bunch of losers that do nothing that actually help women all you do is try to make everything PC which dose nothing to improve women’s lives. Suck it up baby.

  5. Ok, here we have another shining example of P.C. STUPIDITY allowed to go way too damn far. What I keep failing to understand is, why in the hell nobody at these large corporations has the balls to just tell these “SnowFLAKES” to go fornicate with themselves (preferably, not in public either), get a life & a job, if they’re “offended” by the product then don’t buy it, quit it with the FAKE OUTRAGE bit & act like an adult in the real world ? Are they really that gutless and/or nutless ? And if so, WHY ??? Sooner or later, the STUPIDITY & WHINING has to stop. It might stop MUCH SOONER if one of these corporate [email protected]$$e$ FINALLY STOOD UP TO THEM, instead of crumbling like a stale cupcake every time these arrogant, self-righteous, self-appointed, “Guardians of the P.C. realm” (IDIOTS) start spouting more stupidity like this…..just a thought…………..

  6. Those that make the “Male” gender and the “Female” gender to be identical are in direct opposition to The Almighty God that made Adam & Eve to be separate & harmonious! The “Feminist Mind Set” is an abomination to Truth and is of their Father The Devil!!

  7. It’s all about power!! The left the feminazi’s included! But the hypocrisy is outrageous!!! They HATE BULLING until THEY do it!! The mabs attacking people like DOGS is really getting bad! They depend on the right to be civil to THEM but not to us! Just saw a video with a punk attacking really nice lady trying to cross a street when a PUNK started berating her. The lady turned to the punk and said her husband died in 9/11! The punk then called police abusers and accused them of sodomizing black people etc…blah blah blah then the ladies THEN the ladies LARGE son came over and asked if he was calling out his mom! the PUNK VOID HIS BOWELS and ran like the PU%$Y he IS and you just had to LAUGH!! ANYBODY voting for these SOROS DEMON RATS are all part of this INCLUDING the main SLIME media that doesn’t even know what a MOB IS are to blame!! I warn every one on the left they are going to get some body killed soon!!! They are already responsible for the SHOOTING OF THE CONGRESSIONAL SOFT BALL practice!! And still they do not get it!! I will NOT be hassled they make ME “fear for my life” so fair warning I may be the NEXT person you attack and IT WILL BE THE LAST ONE! COME GET SOME!!!

  8. Someone of these femitards should look at every product on the shelf labeled for women and have it changed to something STUPID.

  9. Absolutely ridiculous! What do they want, for Kimberley-Clark to call their tissues “Woman-Sized”? Somehow it sounds pretty SILLY, if you ask me (a woman).

    On the other hand, who CARES? Let K-C call their tissues whatever they want and let anyone who doesn’t like the name they choose use another brand. Surely the world has BIGGER PROBLEMS than THIS to think about!

    So: the feminazis are IDIOTS to raise such a STUPID issue, and Kimberley-Clark is equally stupid to respond in such a CRAVEN manner.

  10. Talk about a confused group of folks. They don’t want anyone to use he, she, men, ladies, or any gender specific logo and do nothing but create chaos, which, by the way, has always been their mantra to dividing our country. These confused beings need to find a remote island and all of them should move their to live together in their own insane harmony and leave the sane ones to run a great country that was doing fine before they unleased their confusion causing mass hysteria.

  11. This is so ridiculous it doesn’t even need a reply!! Kimberly-Clark should not give in to such foolishness!! Fems unite and call them out as wackos

  12. They obviously have too much time on their hands. If they’re in such a huff, why don’t they volunteer tutoring inner-city kids to read, or socialize animals at the humane society, or visit a lonely person in a nursing home? There are so many needs, why are they wasting time with these stupid protests? If you’re mad at Kleenex, buy Puffs.

  13. I think it’s ridiculous! And these people need to find some REAL problems to deal with! My father had HUGE sneezes. He NEEDED man size Kleenex! Pink lady apples, Lady Grey tea and Lady fingers? Wow. My life should be so nice that’s all I can gripe about.

  14. I am happy to see all of the women on this board talking about this. Thank you. As a man I will only comment that because Kimberly-Clark is such a weak organization I will make sure I look at labels in the future and not buy anything made by them. They obviously do not need my business.

  15. That signing up for the military really doesn’t work all that well, in establishing equality; I did that and there was as much, if not more inequality there as anywhere. Of course this was before the draft was ended and before the laws were really in place to penalize things like “harassment” or abuse. That said; we weren’t built or intended to BE equal, so much as complementary, and that’s what infuriates the Feminazis. They don’t speak for all women, or even the majority of women, so far as I can tell; just a dysfunctional minority!

  16. When is this type of nonsense going to stop? These types of protests are such a waste of time and energy. Do something constructive and valuable with your time! What kind of satisfaction can you possibly be getting by having Kleenex renamed? Who is that helping and who is benefitting from such trivia? This madness is NOT helping the feminist movement one iota! In fact, it is hindering and damaging it greatly. I’m becoming embarrassed to be a woman, as I do NOT want to be associated with this kind of B.S.

  17. Here’s what I think. Wasting time complaining about the changes is worse than complaining about the possible need for changes in the first place. And anybody who insists on calling women who disagree with them feminazis has lost the argument before they even started.

  18. Erik, typical small-minded thinking. There was no need for the changes and people who say others have lost the argument due to use of a particular term is somebody who had a closed mind.
    The main complaint is a bunch of ‘women’ effectively claiming they speak for ALL women. They do NOT!!!!

  19. In my opinion. This is beyond ridiculous. Don’t these people have anything better to do than to be a thorn in the side of people they disagree with. What useful purpose does this serve other than maybe making the feel like they won something. I’ve got news for them. None of this crap makes a bit of difference to the world.

  20. Stupid, stupid, stupid. Did sales drop precipitously? Surely the company is smarter than these ridiculous claims of sexism.

    Phil in TX

  21. What idiots! Personally, if I owned it sat on the board of this company, I would tell the feminazis to get over it! I would REFUSE to change or alter anything these morons insist on changing. Companies need to begin standing up against these foolish, foolish groups. I can not stomach the fact that corporations will bend to every whim of these horrible groups. We know what a small % they truly represent & I suspect sales would increase and not decrease. As a matte of fact, I will now avoid buying their products based on their cowardly decision to cower to the bullies on the left’

  22. All this stuff just gets more and more stupid…..WHO CARES! I guess the people who insisted on this change might care when anything having to do with the product has to be changed and the price will have to go up to pay for the costs of new packaging, advertising, etc.

  23. We are referring to feminazis which include dykes whom are mostly man sized these days; at least around their ass and gut

  24. they need to get a real life. What they have now is zero, helps no one. Hate to have to go to war with any of these. They would not even fight for each other. We do not need them in this country.

  25. How large is large. Man size tells me it is for my man while large is for me because the regular size just doesn’t do it for my nose. Actually I have been using the man size. Oh I bet the problem with this women is they don’t have a man, men don’t want them so they deal with their insecure not having a man in their life by removing the word man wherever they can so as not to be reminded that they aren’t wanted by real men. Women’s revenge is found in many forms.

  26. These WOMEN do it for one reason and only one reason, to demonstrate power, over Corporations and men.

    They must have a very LOW self esteem to be concerned about the name if a tissue paper. I wonder what is the percentage of LESBIANS in these groups .

    Every time my secretary use to ask could she get a tissue from my box on the desk, I would tell her in VERY MASCULINE voice, Of course not! they are for MEN only.

    Children in the USA suffering from malnutrition, especially when schools are out and these WOMEN are more interested in a product name.

    THEY need to get a resl life. I would have chsnged the name on the product- LADIES NAPS, made especially for that special time of the month you cannot PRETEND you are a msn.

    Ladies what is so great about being a man? Doors are slammed in your face at the mall, no one ever opens the door for you, pulls your seat out at the table, pays the tap, gets up at night to see who just broke in the house, changes your flat tire, or says sweetheart when you are acting like an ass.

  27. This is going too far. What happens now, if and when men complain about feminine poroducts. Is that too sexist? People need to get a brain and use it to do some good instead of trying to tear down a time proved product or procedure. There is nothing wrong with SUGGESTING one product or another may be more fitting than another to a particular sex. Or are we now limited to not being able to make suggestions?


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