The Fake News Media was caught red-handed lying about this Pastor’s prayer for Trump


The mainstream media is doing everything that they can to throw McLean Bible Church Pastor David Platt under the bus.

His “offense” was daring to publicly pray with President Trump.

But afterwards, Platt’s explanation of his prayer went viral, and the media was caught red-handed lying about it.

President Trump visited McLean Bible Church to pray for healing after the tragic shooting that occurred.

He asked Pastor David Platt to pray for him and ask God for wisdom.

Platt put his hand on President Trump, in front of his congregation, and asked God for wisdom and healing.

That’s when the media went into full meltdown mode.

The left began attacking Pastor Platt for praying over President Trump and questioned his values.

Politico published an article titled, “Pastor apologizes to congregation over Trump prayer,” which was an outright lie.

Pastor Platt did not apologize at all. Instead he offered an explanation of the prayer to his congregation after many had read the media’s reaction to it.

Politico’s hit piece noted:

The pastor of a Northern Virginia church where President Donald Trump made an unscheduled visit over the weekend has explained why he publicly prayed for the president, acknowledging to his congregation that “some within our church … are hurt that I made this decision.”

“At the end of my sermon at the 1:00 worship gathering, I stepped to the side for what I thought would be a couple of moments in quiet reflection as we prepared to take the Lord’s Supper,” he said. “But I was immediately called backstage and told that the President of the United States was on his way to the church, would be there in a matter of minutes, and would like for us to pray for him.”

Platt, a former president of the Southern Baptist Convention’s International Mission Board, also explained that he prayed for the president because 1 Timothy 2:1-6 urges, in part, that Christians pray “for kings and all who are in high positions, that we may lead a peaceful and quiet life, godly and dignified in every way.”

Pastor Platt carried out his responsibility as a Christian leader to pray for President Trump.

He did not even factor his political alignment into his decision.

Platt made the decision to pray for President Trump, our country, and for healing because he knew that it was what God desired from him.

That’s when the smear campaign started.

So far, Politico and other outlets have not apologized for their hit pieces and inaccurate reporting.

Do you think the Fake News Media owes Pastor Platt and President Trump an apology?

Let us know in the comments.


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  2. They lied saying that the pastor apologized for praying for the President, which he did not do.

  3. I am missing a good deal here. What exactly was offensive about a pastor praying for our President and our country? Why did the fake news conglomerate feel compelled to manufacture an “”apology” that they claimed came from the pastor?

  4. If I were to make a comment that was not the truth I am here to apologize. To often people react and say things only to find out later that we were wrong so with this I say I am sorry.

  5. Because the same lying leftist liberal media that literally lies, misinforms, and chooses not to inform, had to have something??? Anything??? So they tried to make it look like the pastor was FORCED to pray and the congregation of course was against it in some way also??? However inane and petty they can be lolololol.

  6. I support the pastor of this church for praying for the president. The New Testament even encourages all believers to pray for those in authority over us. My wife and I pray regularly for our president and will continue to do so whoever the person is!

  7. I support the past of this church for praying for the president. The New Testament even encourages all believers to pray for thos in authority over us. My wife and I pray regularly for our presdient and will continue to do so whoever that person is! I hold a Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry from Georgia Tech and my wife and I are both born-again Christians.

  8. If some of these news people who knowingly report false information of any kind, have children, then i hope someday, hopefully today, they will shame their father, mother or both, by becoming the adult here to their child like parent, or parents, and confront them on their vile , vicious and false news reporting.

  9. It was the church’s own congregation that was upset with the pastor for praying over Trump.

  10. I think the Fake News Media owes Pastor Platt and President Trump and the American People an apology? Why does anyone listen to them???

  11. Sorry for this,But,If obama took a dump on the Whitehouse lawn,The press would have said how Wonderful it looked,But if Potus Trump said-I Love Everyone!!!!They would find SOMETHING Wrong with it,Like,Im SURE he was Only speaking to WHITE people!!ECTTT……… If you took the Most AMAZING employee you know at work,IF Someone WANTED to,They could follow them around ALL day at work,And NO MATTER How Great he was at his job,OMG,or SHE!Sorry 😉 In their OWN words,They could nitpick,Exaggerate,denigrate and even Lie,And make them look like the Worst employee in the world,If you Look for SOMETHING Hard enough-Youll Find it!!And THATS what the Leftwing “media”Does to Trump!Nuff said:)Semper Fi

  12. The pastor did what GOD required of him, to pray for those in authority and he did. No regrets, on politics, no apologies. If people got upset, well, they can get happy in the same shorts they got upset in.

  13. The media is so biased any excuse to get Trump is fair game for them, they will not publicly admit they lied. They have hit another low as they try to come between a man an his GOD!. They never bothered that Christian of convenience Obma as he ignored national prayer day an later hah his real religions people at the WHITE HOUSE. Christianity is being dishonored almost as bad as when we were lunch for the lions an afternoon entertainment

  14. I credit any pastor who prays for lil dee trump. Perhaps Pyongyang donald can somehow get the love of Jesus as a result. He certainly doesn’t have it now.

  15. I am guessing you missed the ridicule that President Obama went through when he wore a tan suit. Or how about the time he used Dijon mustard as a condiment? Or how about when Michelle Obama wore a sleeveless dress? Or when Obama dared to use a “chintzy” binder clip? Or when conservatives claimed that Obama was “checking out” a young woman at a G8 photo shoot. Or how about the time conservatives lost it over White House Christmas tree decorations? Don’t forget about the widespread conservative “shock” and “outrage” over Obama putting his feet on his desk. What about the time when Obama happened to be golfing during a small earthquake?

    So please don’t act like the right-wing media hasn’t had their fair share of treating a president unfairly.

  16. Okay, let’s get this straight. It is not okay for a real man of the cloth to pray for Mr. Trump, or for anyone for that matter, but, right on national tv and websites, just a couple of days ago, Nancy Pelowi, the Wicked Witch of the West stated that SHE prays for intervention for Donald Trump and his family members and for his family members to intervene to stop him from doing the best things that have ever happened to our lives? Hmmmm, the witches pot is brewing. I wonder how much money she is paying the media for all of these lies. She and the media re trying like hell to change our minds about the greatest President we have ever had. It will not change my mind AND, I am ready to fight for my freedom. Hey, Nancy, do your paid job and just die of a heart attack. We are better off without you!

  17. I was stating a fact. You seem very capable of researching things yourself to get the rest of the story. I hope you use that talent for all the news that you receive.

  18. I pray for him as well, on Election Day I prayed to our Heavenly Father, for Trumps triumph over Clinton and asked for it to be His will to be done. And it was.

  19. High praise for this Pastor. Doing the right thing, even if it meant putting his own political preferences and feeling aside, if he was anti-Trump. Doesn’t matter if he is or is not, you pray for friends and foes alike. I myself have found myself doing the same. As a Christian and a Republican, today I found myself praying for people I truly do not like, but I don’t hate,The Clinton’s. I prayed after I read about the loss of Hillary’s brother.

  20. a liberal lunatic will never ever apologized because they think that the right thing to do,if anybody doesn’t
    believe them they will smear you or anybody else who will against to there believe as simple as that and
    that is why I called them lunatic because they are willing to destroy this great nation and this great nation
    will be destroy by the inside not from the outside and who do you think will destroy this great nation the
    bankrupt and that will be the end of this great because of the DEMOCRATS. please,kindly mark my words
    and this the agenda of the DEMOCRATIC PARTY is to bankrupt this great nation.

  21. Original Anna thank you for speaking some truth to Demoncrat Kaci which might give her a meltdown. Obviously she only watches MSM and the View and doesn’t try to take off her blinders to possibly see the “odd, crazy evil stuff” that is coming out of the Demoncrats. However, she likes the idea of New World Order, where they won’t care at all about her or her cohorts when they try to topple America, they will be the first to perish since the pawns are fall guys. Wake up Kaci and at least try to be impartial, who knows you might learn something on your own instead of parroting and reflecting. Pat, I am with you as are millions of Americans, ready to fight for my freedom and make America Great Again.

  22. Despite the biblical command to pray for “all those in authority,” my friend Rankin, a former Missionary Baptist minister, told me in 1990, that Catholics are taught to pray for the Pope, which he said is understandable, as the Pope is the head of their religion, but that some Protestants object, seeing it as “cultish,” “idolatry,” “mind control,” etc. At least Reverend Dr. William Barber was citing Scripture (God’s condemnation of a dishonest and corrupt Israel in Amos 2) to support his position, when opposing the evangelicals who believe it’s a sacred responsibility to pray for the president.

    The problem is, Scripture says things which are often contradictory, which we would expect from a book with many different chapters written by many different authors and different voices, compiled over the centuries, etc.

    The article said it’s a biblical command to pray for “all those in authority,” and Paul says Christians are to submit to all authorities, etc., but does that mean Christians must submit to the Beast in Revelation, etc.? Paul’s epistles were aimed at gentiles, whereas Revelation reflects the original (Jewish) faction of Christianity (the Ebionites). James contradicted (or refuted) Paul’s understanding of salvation by grace by concluding, “faith without works is dead.”

    In 1990, when some Christians tried to preach to me, they quoted a Bible verse, and I immediately asked them: “Now, did Jesus say that or did Paul?” Years later, the late Reverend Janet Regina Hyland (1933 – 2007), author of God’s Covenant with Animals (it’s available through People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, or PETA), was pleased when I told her my response to these Christians: saying that I noticed in the context of history the dialogue, discussion, and debate going on within the Bible, among the different authors and different voices, (e.g., between Paul and the original “Jerusalem apostles,” as my friend Al Fecko, a Catholic vegetarian in Michigan, refers to Peter, James, and John)… rather than seeing it all as monolithic, as the inerrant word of God, etc. Kel McMahon, a Protestant pastor, indicated to me in a 2004 phone conversation it’s not radical theology to distinguish between Jesus and Paul.

    And orthodox voices within Christianity, like Augustine, even had to admit the Fourth Gospel differs considerably from Matthew, Mark, and Luke (known as the “synoptics” or “seen together” in Greek). “John wrought a spiritual gospel,” said Augustine. The synoptics tell a consistent story in an historical setting from the baptism to the empty tomb (which we would not expect from a myth!), with only a few discrepancies: did Jesus first curse the fig tree and then expel the moneychangers, or was it the other way around?

    Al Fecko told me further that the “pastoral epistles” Titus and the two Timothys were written by the church in the 2nd century, and are merely attributed to Paul. The epistle to the Hebrews is similarly attributed to Paul, even though the author identifies himself as among those who heard Jesus directly during his earthly ministry. Some Christians adhere to a red-letter Bible which highlights Jesus’ words in red, to distinguish his words from others, etc. And when Christians quote Paul, you can mock them, asking, “Oh, did St. Paul die for your sins?”

    When I told Al Fecko that Augustine and Aquinas took a dim view of animals, he responded that Augustine and Aquinas led scandalous lives before becoming ascetics and theologians. Aquinas studied astrology, he said, and “conservatives don’t like that, either.” He concluded, “So the churches can hardly demand fidelity to Augustine and Aquinas. Paul’s writings, however, are considered Scripture.”

    And Al Fecko has been trying to reconcile vegetarianism with Paul. He says it would be more tragic if Paul cannot be reconciled to vegetarianism than the academic debate over whether the historical Jesus was a vegetarian. Al Fecko’s words indicates that Paul, not Jesus, was the founder of Christianity. In her book, Sexism is a Sin: the Biblical Basis of Female Equality, Regina Hyland similarly cites Bertrand Russell as having referred to Paul as the “inventor” of Christianity.

    Again, it isn’t radical theology to distinguish between Jesus and Paul.

  23. Yes, yes they do owe an apology. Not that they care whether they lie or not, figuring that if they say it, people will believe it to be true.

  24. Rhonda, for your information, I do not own a TV set and I do not watch any news or any other TV shows. What news do you watch?

  25. the pastor did the right thing!!! God’s word, the Bib!e, says to pray for those in authority, and that is what the pastor did!!! We all need to pray for ALL in authority!

  26. Politico published an article titled, “Pastor apologizes to congregation over Trump prayer,” which was an outright lie.

  27. God tells us to pray for our leaders whoever they may be. I didn’t like Obama but I prayed for him as my God told me to. Any Christian who disagrees with praying for our leaders is disobeying God’s directive. At least Trump came to a church and asked to pray. That is more than I can say about many of our leaders. He acknowledges that there is a God and I think he truly cares about people. He is down to earth and more like the common person rather than an elite. Because they can’t control him and tell him what to do they hate him. He was not my first choice to vote for. But God whittled down the field to him. I sure didn’t care for Hillary she showed no compassion for the common person. She made almost no effort to be congenial with the common folks, and she had the attitude that the Presidency was owed to her, it was all promised to her. Then the craziest upset in our time occurred, leaving the left speechless and angry. It just couldn’t be true somehow he stole the election. God does amazing things. He put Trump in the office and so far I have not been disappointed. Christians should pray for our leaders regardless as to who they are, because God put them there.

  28. The Fake Media never Stops they Hate Our President and they show it every day . President Trump could find a Curr for Cancer and they would Hate on that . America you better wake up to the Evil , Communist , Globalist , Immoral Vile Trash from the Fske News Schills

  29. Hmm, that is a very mature thing to say. I don’t really care if you do not believe me or not. But I understand how facts can confuse you.

  30. For 8 years I said the same thing about President Obama and Fox News. They were never satisfied with anything that he did. Even Mitch McConnell said his number one priority he had was keeping President Obama from getting a second term.

  31. Kaci, What about the real videos of Obama on the golf course in his cart, smiling for the cameras, while journalist Daniel is getting his head cut off by Muslim extremists on camera? Everyone knew it was about to happen, and you don’t think that POTUS wouldn’t know what the rest of us did? It was disgusting and very real. No doctored video there. Obama was the least transparent President ever, and we still haven’t seen his college transcripts or application, yet everyone is soooo worried about President Trump’s tax returns. He has been the most transparent President ever.

  32. Kaci, What about the real videos of Obama on the golf course in his cart, smiling for the cameras, while journalist Daniel is getting his head cut off by Muslim extremists on camera? Everyone knew it was about to happen, and you don’t think that POTUS wouldn’t know what the rest of us did? It was disgusting and very real. No doctored video there. Obama was the least transparent President ever, and we still haven’t seen his college transcripts or application, yet everyone is soooo worried about President Trump’s tax returns. He has been the most transparent President ever.
    Wish Mitch McConnell had succeeded.

  33. I agree totally with you! I pray for our President and always have, whomever that President may be. I’ve been praying for Presidents for many, many, many years; as well as elected and appointed local, state and Federal officials. And I will continue to pray for them and ask God’s blessings on the United States of America as well!

  34. I wonder if you right wingers are stupid enough to donate to Trump and these charlatan ministers, Franklin Graham, Falwell JR all the rest of the anti-Christs running around hugging Bibles and flags.

  35. Oh, so you have seen Trumps college transcripts or application? Has he publicly releasing White House visitor logs?

    More broadly, the Associated Press released an analysis in March 2018 showing that “the federal government censored, withheld or said it couldn’t find records sought by citizens, journalists and others more often last year than at any point in the past decade.”

    And in November 2018, the pro-transparency FOIA Project released data showing that Freedom of Information Act lawsuits reached a record high in fiscal year 2018. (FOIA is a 1967 law that gives the public the right to request access to records from federal agencies.)

  36. I wonder if those Nov 2018 FIA lawsuits weren’t from Judicial Watch trying to get to the truth about the Obama and Clinton crime schemes. Look into it.

  37. Kaci: It is unlikely that Obama was “checking out a woman”. He is gay and Michelle/Michael is a Tranny.

  38. Kaci: Earlier you claimed that you do not have a TV and do not watch MSM. Hmmm, then how do you know what Fox News said about Obama? 🙂

  39. Kaci: Did you ever hear: “It’s the economy, stupid”? Obama was destroying the economy for 8 years. Why are YOU so satisfied with this 2nd worst president of the USA?

  40. how about when obuma put perverts in the ladies bathroom, how about when obuma gave our enemy Iran 13 billion dollars, how about when obuma said we are not a Christian nation, what does he think this country was founder on , the muslim koran, how about when he helped hiliary face out of her wrong doings. how about when obumas dem rats voted muslims in our govt offices , how many Americans are in the Muslim countries govt, did you ever hear or see a Christian Church built in Muslim countries, but you see them in our country, do you think these things did not happen.

  41. how about when obuma put perverts in the ladies bathroom, how about when obuma gave our enemy Iran 13 billion dollars, how about when obuma said we are not a Christian nation, what does he think this country was founder on , the muslim koran, how about when he helped hiliary face out of her wrong doings. how about when obumas dem rats voted muslims in our govt offices , how many Americans are in the Muslim countries govt, did you ever hear or see a Christian Church built in Muslim countries, but you see them in our country, do you think these things did not happen.

    no way is this a duplicate post please post if you have the guts

  42. Waa, waa, waa. Did you get your wittle feelwings hurt??? That’s child’s play compared to what Trump endures.

  43. Did you expect any else but lies from the lying media. The lying media are in a partnership with the democrats, but most Patriotic Americans realize what they are doing even a very large number of democratic voters are walking away from their party.

  44. Do you wear an aluminum hat also so the aliens won’t hear your thoughts? Is the earth flat? Was Sandy Hook just a hoax? Is there a secret society of pedophiles running a child-trafficking ring out of a DC pizzeria?

    Conspiracy Theories are for the bigots, racist and narrow-minded people, that want to believe the worst about certain people. Such theories can motivate people to violence. Also spewing these theories can get you sued.

  45. It is called reading. I read many, many news sites, like this one. I read both left and right winged news sites, I also read unbiased news sites.

  46. I am not sure how you figure that. The recession from which the United States is still struggling to recover began in December 2007, 13 months before Obama took office in January 2009. That’s according to the National Bureau of Economic Research, the nonprofit agency that tracks business cycles. By the end of 2016 U.S. unemployment has dropped by more than half since its peak in 2009. It went from 10.0 in Oct. 2009 to 4.9 in Jan. 2016.

    Over the course of Obama’s first year in office, GDP dropped 2.5 percent. In 2010, GDP growth recovered, surging 2.5 percent. Growth was already positive when Trump took office, jumping from 1.6 percent in 2016 to 2.2 percent in 2017. Trump might point us to quarterly GDP growth. The economy is estimated to have gained 4.2 percent in the second quarter of 2018, but that still pales in comparison with the 5.1 percent and 4.9 percent growth in the second and third quarters of 2014 under Obama.

    I don’t see how you come into the game with 10 minutes left in the fourth quarter, your team is already ahead, and you’re like, ‘I won this game.’

  47. 1. Transgender people are not perverts and transmen were allowed in the men’s room as well.
    2. It was Iran’s money. It was never the United States money.
    3. The United States isn’t a Christian nation, never was. It is a secular nation. Name one place that the Constitution claims this is a Christian nation. I’ll wait.
    4. What wrongdoings are you talking about regarding Hillary?
    5. Article VI of the Constitution clearly states:
    No religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the United States.
    Having a Muslim in our government is not against any of our laws or Constitution.
    6. Many Muslim countries allow churches and synagogues except for Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is the only Muslim country in which churches are prohibited.

  48. Why would my feelings get hurt?

    If Trump wouldn’t lie so much (over 10,000 lies since office and counting) then he might not be so ridiculed by the media. Even Fox News has called Trump out on his lies.

  49. I don’t know what funny papers you are reading, but the economy was stagnant. Facts don’t lie, Democrats and the fake news media do. We have so many jobs added, mfg. moving back to the USA, taxes down and who else had the backbone to put tarrifs on Mexico and it got them to the table. He has only postponed tham to see if Mexico will keep their end of the bargain. Thank God, we finally have a business man running our country and not a money/power hungry politician. Trump is fighting for America all by himself. Democrats are obstructing. UGH!!

  50. Which they did correct. Making a mistake, an error is human nature. That is the reason that there are erasers on pencils, no one is perfect. We all make mistakes.

  51. Not according to the National Bureau of Economic Research. It is an American private nonprofit research organization “committed to undertaking and disseminating unbiased economic research among public policymakers, business professionals, and the academic community.

    A complete statistical picture of the Obama years, which began in the middle of the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression, and ended with the highest level of household income ever recorded.

    These facts often turn out to be at odds with the impressions created by candidates who, for example, claimed wages and incomes were stagnant when in fact they were rising. The facts also can conflict with impressions created by news media reporting dramatic but untypical events. Despite nonstop coverage of several mass shootings, for example, the murder rate was going down for most of the Obama years, hitting the lowest ever recorded in 2014.

    2017 Final Report on President Obama:

    Jobs were up: +11,641,000
    Unemployment rate down: 4.8%
    Job Openings up: +97%
    Median Household Income up: +5.3%
    Real Weekly Earnings up: +4%
    Home Prices up: +20%
    Poverty rate down: -.5 points
    Corporate Profits up: +57%
    S&P 500 up: +166%

  52. They added more to what the pastor said making it look like he regretted his decision. The media is sly in how they write.

  53. Exactly right, there was nothing wrong with him praying for the President, he and this country needs all the prayer they can get in these trying times. God bless President Trump and the United States of America.

  54. Isn’t it sad that the DEMS are so against the President asking for prayer in running this country. What difference does it make when MOST not all DEMS are against Christianity. Isn’t it also sad that believing in Jesus and God – when they are all about love (i.e. Love your neighbor as you love yourself). Is it because God/Jesus is about morality. I know that bites a BUNCH of Dems is the backside.

  55. Yes, we do. But, “Journalist ethics” (yes, there is such a thing), states reporters should confirm stories before running them as news, especially when the story being reported is in agreement with the reporters existing mind set.

  56. My wife and I prayed daily for Obama. Now we pray that all things he and his corrupt regime did in secret may be uncovered and brought to true justice.

  57. Her own bishop and priest will not give her Communion, so she is in trouble with her own church. Maybe she can go to a church who loves killing babies and selling their body parts, and supporting illegal invaders over American citizens?

  58. You aren’t ‘missing’ anything…. you’re a true Dem in every sense of the word. You pretended not to know what the lie was about (June 6th.statement) and NOW you pretend to believe that everything is A-okay…. they “corrected their mistake”. ‘Corrections’ come late; usually too late for anyone to even notice them and buried on page 16, BUT, they made headlines on the TOP OF PAGE ONE… that’s DEFINITELY no mistake!

  59. This was no ‘mistake’…. it was well thought out, edited, re-written and then edited again. It was page ONE bad-mouth Trump and Christianity all at one time! These people are Trump HATERS, they are professionals and they know EXACTLY what they are doing…… and YOU are not that innocent either!

  60. You keep repeating that…. WHY? Is your daddy the ‘editor in chief’ or your mama the head of ‘religious new?’ What’s your reason for defending the people who are willing to destroy our country by destroying our president?

  61. Hang in there Kaci…. you just MAY get SOMETHING RIGHT eventually! (though I doubt it) As stated, “Pastor Platt did not apologize at all. Instead he offered an explanation of the prayer to his congregation AFTER many had read the media’s reaction to it.” I think the key word here is ‘AFTER’ people had read the lying article by a Trump hating journalist!

  62. You said all that fake “truth”, not me. Google “Obama gay Michelle tranny”. Deep down everybody is racist, including you.

  63. Wilson was the worst for allowing the creation of the Federal Reserve Scam and for taking the US into WW1.

  64. I am in commercial real estate. I don’t need to read fake numbers from the gov’t & MSM. Commercial vacancy rates represent the small businesses, the ‘backbone’ of the US economy. When Obama took over, the commercial vacancy rates were under 10%. By 2013 Obama managed to raise that to 40-60%, meaning that half of small businesses went out of business. The rate was still 35-40% when Trump took over. Now it is back below 10% (normal).

  65. For Kaci and all of the others. I’m tired of hearing that the money Obama gave to Iran was “their money”! I know for a FACT that is a lie. I was working on the F-14A aircraft program in 1979 when the Iranian revolt took place. The Iranians had 80 F-14A Aircraft and had paid for spare and repair parts for those aircraft, and the PARTS HAD ALREADY BEEN MANUFACTURED AND WERE READY FOR DELIVERY TO IRAN! So their money had already been spent – after the Iranian Revolution started, all Iranian assets were put into storage pending negotiations with Iran, and were never shipped to them. Instead of giving how-ever billions of dollars to Iran, WHAT HE SHOULD HAVE DONE WAS SHIP THOSE PARTS TO THEM THAT THEY HAD ALREADY PAID FOR!! They would’ve gotten what they bought and wouldn’t have been a problem for the U.S., because they let their fleet of F-14As become inoperable because they were too stupid to maintain them. So stop lying about Obama giving them “their money”, he should have shipped them their parts!

  66. Roger you have no place here. All you do is call people names and insult their IQ.
    Please go to the International High IQ Society and send me the answer to the question of the day. It’s requirements are only one IQ point above the average college graduate, surly you can do that.

  67. Never apologize for praying!!!
    The morons that criticize and accuse are only fomenting their own hate and bigotry.
    I WOULD HAVE had an issue with any Christian or Jewish presbytery REFUSING to pray for anyone seeking prayers.
    What’s wrong with people?! Those who bash others because they don’t think its good to pray for another because they don’t think that person is worthy to be prayed over?!!

    What a messed up world we are living in!

  68. Yes they should apologize but they won’t . They are all trapped into their liberalism and they are too blind to admit they are wrong.Some day this too will pass.

  69. while you are absolutely correct that there are those accidental mistakes( lots of “those”) there are hundreds out in the pretenda media who MAKE MISTAKES INTENTIONALLY.. then let morons stew in the half truths, outright lies, and fabrications.. take for instance the reporting by all of the fake news scum over the tweet from President Trump concerning the democrapo scum calling themselves the “unit”, his tweet was reported, but NOT in it’s complete form.. the hores and pimps at cnn reported Trump as tweeting that “they could go back to their own countries” and then the overpaid morons began the “racist” chant that was dutifully picked up by hundreds of thousands of mentally challenged air heads across the country.. the fake media is by far the worst culprit in the troubles the USA is facing today and they are accomplishing the wrecking of the USA by running gossip mills and putting their opinions out into the public as fact..

  70. same as closing the barn door after the horse is running out in the north 40.. a correction in today’s infected indoctrination machine is usually performed on page 50, or at such a low volume, probably as the studio audience is hearing break music.. “corrections” from these hores and pimps are only undertaken to preserve their broadcast license or leftist sponsors in the case of international perverts like the scum on cnn.. which by the way is going down the toilet in the USA and the folks around the world that our national treasure has been wasted on many times think that clowns are reporting the news instead of scripting their fantasies.. like those worthless bags of snake schitt out in hollow woody.. you know midlerhole and streisandhole and carryhole and roberta dezerohole.. oh I forgot roni pearlmanhole..


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