The Fake News media stooped to a new low with this nasty hit piece on the Second Lady


The fake news media has a severe case of Trump Derangement Syndrome.

They constantly attack anyone remotely close to the Trump Administration.

But how the Huffington Post just attacked the Second Lady’s Christian beliefs is truly shocking.

The Second Lady, Karen Pence, is an award-winning watercolor artist and also has a foundation for engaging youth in the arts.

But recently the liberal Huffington Post produced a video claiming Mrs. Pence is a “bigot” for simply teaching art at at Christian school.

The video attacks Mrs. Pence for her willingness to teach at a school that follows a Biblical definition of marriage.

It goes on to attack her husband, Vice President Mike Pence, as well for maintaining traditional views on marriage and family.

You can watch their hit piece below:

The Huffington Post disguises itself as a news organization. But no legitimate journalist could justify crafting a political hit piece like this.

The video was met with swift backlash from Christians who pushed back against the Huffington Post for their obvious bias.

The Huffington Post completely ignores that the school is a private school and has every right to decide what type of culture it wants for its students and faculty.

Instead, they made the video to spread the false idea that Karen Pence and her family hates gay people just because they have different values.

This is the problem with the “progressive” Left.

They think that anyone who disagrees with them is a hateful, racist, sexist bigot.

Even though the Left constantly screams for “tolerance,” they don’t give an ounce of it in return.

But what the Radical Left doesn’t realize is that they are only helping the conservative movement by acting so ridiculous.

Do you think the Huffington Post is fake news? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


  1. Amazing that these are the same people screaming that the classic hetero couple, white people, and other just everyday people are racist, xenophobic, haters and the list goes on for having beliefs that don’t align with the left are doing the same thing they accuse the rest of us of doing.
    She works for, doesn’t make the rules, a Christian School that traditionally follows Christianity, the Bible, a Religion..

    WOW!! Hypocritical or WHAT?

    • This only shows that the Democrats are ANTI CHRISTIAN,anti Isreal, but am proud of our Vice President and his family. They care for others ,even those that want to do them harm. I was an Arrington too.

    • the demwits libs, cannot say they are Christians, if they believe in abortion, they go against the bible, and how about these people voting in muslims in our govt. that is short of treason, look how things are going , 3 or 4 weeks ago the stock went up, the dems said the president has nothing to do with stock up, last week it went down, who did they blame, trump, now this week it is going way up, no mention of from demwits, they blame the electoral college for hiliary losing, if the pop vote was law, and hiliary lost it , won the electoral college they would complain, now they want to change it, hiliary called half of us Americans Deplorable, men and women who fought for our country, name calling is their motto, they have no plan, now they want to run a tqax cheat, racist for president, good , i hope they do, that is a plus for the GOP, and now palosi wants to take a bunch of people to Afaganstan, what purpose would that serve , except wasting tax payers money, so lets hope that we continue and put the right people back in office.

      • George: A very good comment!! But, you know “these misfits aren’t going to change GOD’s Mind! But, if they don’t change , just wait & see what happens to them when they’re cast into the pit of hell! Homosexual relations is an abomination to GOD!! And, HE will give people time to change their ways, but when they won’t or don’t. They will be judged when they stand before GOD on Judgement Day! But… There is hope!
        Prayer doesn’t change GOD, but it does change things!!!!! (& situations)
        Thank you again for your great comment!

  2. The Huffington Post is most definitely fake news! Just trying to push the hate against anything to do with God or Christ or Trump or Deplorables. Just like the rest of the mainstream news media. I pray to God, the one they hate, to help us survive their behavior and recover our country from the hands of the wicked.

  3. You are what you are not what you chose to be or someone else told you to be. If you are Homosexual thats the way you are wired then ok I have no problem with that, until you bring out the soap box. . . .then I am out of there ! As for killing of unwanted children when there are so many people who want to adopt or more importantly the abortionists pushing every one they can to abort their child thats wrong. Plus to look at it purely in a business light we are eliminating the people who in the future will supply the work force and population for the future !

  4. God bless Karen Pence! she should sue Huffington Post for slander! Mrs Pence is a loving, caring, Christian American woman who’s proud of her love of JESUS!
    “Lord JESUS, please give Karen Pence the strength, courage & ability to withstand the enemy’s attack! I’m asking you JESUS to cover Mrs Pence with Your precious blood & keep her safe from all harm! Thank You, sweet JESUS! I love You JESUS! Amen!”

    • the demwits have a lot of nerve, putting in muslims in our govt. they should be arrested for treason, they are sore losers, no matter what the president does they re buff it, all the dems ,clintons,obamas were all in favor for a wall, now that trump wants it, no deal, we spend billions on illegals every year, and not that only that, they think it is okay for people just to come in to our country , no proper id, no pass port, no money or visible means of supporting them selves, they slander the president, his wife, vice president, his wife, they get away with everything, blame they will not share for shutting down the government, and as far as it goes making remarks about our pres. and vice pres and wives, look who they want to run in 2020, a tax cheat, warren, i hope i never see a dem president again.

  5. I believe that the T.V., & ALL Media have nothing good to report so they make Lies to have something to say or report & hurt people. I was brought up to be respectful of others & don’t believe anything you hear & only half of what you see. I wish they would leave president Trump alone.
    He is doing more for us that the others ever did.

  6. Who reads this trash? I can’t believe anybody would waste time reading junk like this. She is a good Christian and I guess they don’t care for Christians or what they believe in. We don’t have to read this trash and I for one hope that their efforts are rewarded with absolutely no readers. No readers means no more Huffington Post no money.

  7. The whole thing about the LGBT is they want to feel normal. So by forcing everybody to accept LGBT they feel normal. To most people they may be a little weird but as long as they don’t try to shove it down their throats they have no problem with them and treat them just like everybody else.

  8. HUFFINGTON POST is a pig pen and can’t be relied on for the truth. When will they wake up it is better to say something good or keep you mouth shut.


  10. Huffington Post. Can never change my mind to think like they do or believe anything they say. They can’t say anything good about anybody who doesn’t follow their pattern . News people ! They don’t know the meaning about news.

  11. the huffington post seems to be very honest and straightforward when reporting the news, just because mike pense and his wife cannot tolerate people who differ in their values they are the ones with a problem!!

  12. Why follow all the negatives who always have to find faults in others?…remember one finger pointing outwards has 3 others pointing at the soul…grow up…people are not that dumbed down-you are Huffington Post…still Huffing ‘n Puffing Post

  13. There are so many people in America right now that you would not want by your side while fighting a common enemy. I used to be die-hard Democrat but, after 82 years I am waking up. This U.S. is turning into A cry babyville ! Its sad what this country is becoming. If it was possible to remove “me,my and I from the English language some people could not talk. I thank God I grew up when Americans cared for other Americans first. Hasta la huevos and bonus nockers !!

  14. Mrs. Pence would be deified if she were a communist leading an abortion rights, anti-American, Hate Trump march. She would be their darling, instead of this decent Christian lady being pictured as some sort of knuckle dragging troll. We are so lucky to have her as 2nd Lady and the left couldn’t find anyone in their snarling bunch that could come close to her character and wisdom.

  15. I strongly admire our classy Second Lady! We all know that the Huffington Post is a disreputable rag that lies repeatedly to help the corrupt people out to make a dishonest buck. No one with any regard for this country would not touch the rag.

  16. While the lefties rage about a woman teaching art in a private school, they say nothing, and in fact support the vulgarity, destructiveness and violence supported by their members who fantasize about bogus impeachment, beheadings, pedophiles raping, assassinations, etc. all the while imposing Orwellian distortions of right and wrong, suppressing free speech, and violent harassment in both public places and private residences. If and when presented with this dichotomy, they remain self righteous.

  17. This is the same thing happen in Germany in to 30’s and early 40’s, with fake news to support the left side. We have fake news in America, to support a certain, Female to become the President after getting raid of Trump and Pence, in which she has suggest, I suggest read your History, All news evidence with fake news is sure leading that this is going to happen I do believe , ( IN GOD WE TRUST ) In what America was founded on….. THE Left Doesn’t Believe this.. I hate to say it , but I’ve been a Democrat all my life ……….

  18. ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC. If you watch any of those station then you might as well lie down in pig manure. They misrepresente themselves as news in order to fool the weak minded.

  19. Liberalism and PC are a mental disorder and Pelosi,Behar,Hillary, Carrey, Waters, Shepard, the lemon, Ocasio are just some of the poster girls in the godless deranged NAZI Commie Demoncrat party!!! Here is just another Liberal LGBT useful idiot on display!

  20. We need to do everything in our power to rid ourselves of the overpowering left. There is no reason in their synopsis of things and their ideas are incendiary and worthless.


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