The fake news media just attacked the Christmas classic “Rudolph” for this crazy reason


The Huffington Post is known for claiming everything is “problematic.”

They take anything and everything and label it “racist,” “sexist,” and “homophobic.”

But the Huffington Post just stepped in it with this attack on a Christmas classic.

“Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” is a holiday classic, that is beloved by millions.

But the Huffington Post says that it is “problematic.”

They say it promotes racism, sexism, and homophobia.

The story of Rudolph is that he overcame adversity, not letting circumstance control his life.

But of course, the radical leftists at the Huffington Post don’t see any of that.

This is a prime example of how the so-called “progressives” have a twisted view of equality.

They want equality of outcome instead of equality of opportunity.

Rudolph was born with a red nose. He was criticized by friends and family, but he was given the opportunity to prove himself worthy by leading Santa’s sleigh.

The reality is that people do have to overcome circumstances that they are born into.

And that message has resonated with millions of Americans, which is precisely why Rudolph is such a popular Christmas classic.

But leftists worship victimhood, so they don’t recognize “Rudolph” as a triumphant story.

Do you think “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” is “problematic?” Let us know in the comments below.

You can watch the video they posted on Twitter below:


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  2. Oh my gosh, these leftists are truly mentally challenged. To attack a popular Christmas story as innocent as Rudolph is beyond my comprehension. They surely need a reality check and get a real life. Every comment they make is as absurd as the one before.

  3. They are all whack jobs. I think the multi-media outlets gives people too much time to think dumb thoughts and then post them, along with the political correctness nut jobs. It’ll never end.

  4. They are all whack jobs. I think the multi-media outlets gives people too much time to think dumb thoughts and then post them, along with the political correctness nut jobs. It’ll never end.

  5. You know, just about the time I think I’ve now heard or seen it all, someone comes up with yet another reason for me to shake my head and just groan.

    This is living proof some people have more time then common sense.

    Who are these crazy people who comes up with this stuff?

    If all the obscene, ridiculous, idiotic, just out right dumb things this is way up there.

    I say not only do we make them crazy by reposting this, i say that when ever we are out to just sing or hum thus song as often and as loud as possible and make them nuts with it.

  6. Next , is Pinocchio a product of stereotype that is degrading to people with’big’ noses ?
    The person that made the claim about ‘ Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer ” should be whipped with a belt until he can’t sit down , then do it again !

  7. I have always said that it is due to smoking weed when they were young hippies. “This is your brain on drugs”.

  8. I found the Obama scenario of blaming the old white men for the troubles of the world, to be RACIST. His rebuke of stupid police was anti-law. I found his support for illegal aliens Anti-American. Why doesn’t the MSM report on that? Oh, I forgot they support his actions. I really did not forget.

  9. No wonder they’re so angry all the time! They can’t even be happy when Rudolph is finally accepted and his uniqueness is celebrated. They must all be suicidal – you can’t be that unhappy and twisted and still be happy. I’ll take my pro-God, pro-America, pro-gun and pro-laughter (most of us can even laugh at ourselves!) and continue on, praying that these miserable people just go away and stop trying to make all of our young people as miserable as they are. Get a life!

  10. Instead of criticizing all traditions, they need to go out and actually tackle REAL problems in this world, not their fairy tale problems. Grow up!

  11. Remember, these are the same people, that brought us 2 terms of SLick Perverted Wilie…..2 terms of Bath House Barry…..& actually tried to “jamb Hillary Clinton, & her Cartel, down our throats! Yeah,…..They will stop at “Nothing” to spread their evil deeds! VOTE OUT LIBERALSIM!

  12. History? History? History? It wasn’t that long ago that Lenin and Trotsky were preaching against what they called decadence from the West. That was in the early stages of the last Century. We all know or should know what happened to Russia. Millions upon millions were killed and now, they have Putin, really know better. He kills fewer People that, is the only difference. You idiots that line up with the Democrat Party are just that, idiots.

  13. The Bible teaches is that the wicked call evil good and good evil. It should be no surprise Orson Wells famous words uttered. And who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? Is painfully obvious at this juncture?

  14. Is it any wonder that the snowflakes in schools and colleges need safe spaces and puppies to comfort them? And can you just imagine what THEIR children will be like? They should not be exposed to anything in their formative years that might remotely be challenging to their ideological state of perfection. It is time they get a grip and understand that those challenges are EXACTLY WHAT MAKE US STRONGER as adult human beings. One can’t really blame them though since they were parented by that glowing screen that constantly exposed them to videos and video games that are rife with killing, maiming, sex, perversion, violence and torture. God forbid they consider reading the Bible! It might just go against what they consider the way to live. And the way YOU AND I should live. After all, they are each their own God and one should never challenge them on that. . .or anything else! The best remedy for this is more exposure to God and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. Oh, and some actual personal interaction between them AND HUMAN BEINGS, including their PARENTS!

  15. Theses idiots don’t know the true meaning of life, or Capitalism, or Christmas, or down home goodness like some of the Christmas Classics. Rudolph is just like real life. Listen to your parents, work thru adversity and
    come out a winner and happy.
    The se pessimistic idiots will never know or learn.
    Merry Christmas everyone.

  16. OMG!! This is so ridiculous I can’t even put words to it.
    GROW UP and be responsible adults! You cannot attack EVERYTHING to make yourselves victims of EVERYTHING.

  17. The Huffington Post is the real problem. Run by a bunch of ill fated idiots trying to lure Americans into believing idiotic notions to make fools and misfits feel triumphant. The Christmas fare is of course Christian based so HuffPost is against it?? What does that tell you? They are against freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and against morals and decency! The media have gone stark bonkers and their principles are deeply flawed.

  18. The Huffington Post are a bunch of Idiots. All Santa’s Reindeers are Male as when they are Adults, the Male is always larger than the Female. There is no Race in Reindeers. Quit complaining about old Cartoons. If someone wants to update it to a multi-race for the people, let them pay for the rights to remake the story and create the characters as they want them to be; but, don’t try to change Nature. The color of peoples skin was determined by the Climate that they lived in a long time ago.

  19. This is the problem with the left, they are always looking for something bad in everything. They have to be the unhappiest people in the world. When I was growing up and had a problem, I found a workable solution, for the problem. I didn’t let the whole world know, that it was a problem. If some of these leftist would try to find a solution, that will work, I think they might learn how to be happy again. The solution should not involve hurting someone else, to accomplish a fix. That is the way common folks do it, this even makes them happy, when it is completed. That is because they take everyone into consideration, before they create a resolve. Why can’t you leftist try that for a change, it is the Christian way. I know it won’t win any media attention, which is why you leftist people, do what you do. Good sometimes should be done without any hoorah, at the end of the process.

    .To attack a Christmas story that they grew up with and loved ?? Guess we did bring up a bunch of as swipes for kids huh??Time to slap them back into placer the first time. Maybe if their parents had done a better job there wouldn’t be this problem

  21. This is the worst thing that ever happened! Oh, the shame of it all! The people exploiting Rudolph should be hanged, then drawn and quartered!

  22. Problematic ? Really? Have you watched any of the cartoons they put out now? Right, neither can our children! You can regulate something completely out of existence. TV as with today’s cinema is becoming unwatchable. Even the libs don’t by into it, they just demand that normal people watch it so we repent from our “evil ways”. Can’t even watch a rerun of bugs bunny anymore. People get a life, or a real job.

  23. Exactly the reason I didn’t renew cable. I didn’t want to be polluting my mind with the garbage on tv today nor did I want anyone else in the house having their minds polluted with that garbage either!

  24. They did the same thing with the Charlie Brown Christmas the other day ,saying it was racist because the black kid Franklin I think is his name sat on the opposite side of the table from everyone, and had to sit in a lawn chair instead of a dinner chair ,I think these fools are looking for a fight.

  25. Progressives are just the opposite of being progressive instead of all the many crybaby freaks who are confused as to their identity or their niche in life and expect others to care for them until they are completely content they should all be eradicated for the true advancement of humankind.

  26. If I do not appreciate the message the dialogue is attempting to convey I simply switch the channel, sometimes I just mute the television until the character is done spewing their drivel.

    I do not have cable merely for the fact I cannot afford television that costs more than a flat rate of $10/mo., as for those indoor antennas they are now peddling, I have researched them and they are worthless garbage that are now being sold at 4X of what they were when they 1st hit the market.

  27. When you have people with children between the ages of 18 and 40 who they themselves are completely delusional coddling the children they themselves failed to prepare for living in reality allowing those children to live at home and still sponge off of them and if they are not capable of convincing mommy and daddy of pampering them then meemaw and granddad do.

  28. The Huffington Post is a joke to begin with. They use to be on AOL all the time, but you could never post anything as they would censor everything and if they didn’t like it, they would not put it up. So I’m not surprised they would want to sensor “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer”, the people that run that are true a$$holes and should be banned from any type of publication at all!!!!

  29. Its sad but you have to remember that the left wants everyone dependent on the government most of the left do not believe in God so anything that would help a person over come there short comings the left wants it gone. Just look a Obama he wants Dr Carson’s memory pill taken of the market because if you don’t start loosing your memory then you are still going to be able to to vote an live a healthy life out of the work force.

  30. It is only problematic to the person who finds it a problem to them! They want to claim it a problem to everybody because it troubles them. There is no way it is a problem against anybody!.

  31. I just watched channel 2 news showing a football player repeatedly assault a white female in video. I don’t hear the the left crying foul there?
    Rudolph? Seriously? They’ve all gone insane and are proving they are dangerous. There is no other conclusion.

  32. Rudolph the red nose raindeer is a friendly dear, every one knows him so. He is not a R—-t, you are one of those R—-t.

  33. This probably has already been said but it doesn’t hurt in repeating it. In my humble opinion I think it is the Huffington Post that creates racism, sexism and homophobia. As a matter of fact the Huff-n-Puff ignoramuses would use any form of ism or phobia if it gets them a headline. Why? Because they have lost the ability to be reporters, writers, information gatherers. It is in their mind just easier to be gossip mongers or story tellers that have not one ounce of truth or significance as to what is important in our daily lives. I do not know who is responsible but I do know that I am not the only person that has formed this opinion and does not waste our valuable time exposing our brain to their trivial garbage.

  34. I just have to say this. I was at neighbors and we were talking when a commercial came on. It was a bunch of Hollywood actors talking of hate and how bad it was. I just wonder how much their hypocrisy goes about their feeling for Donald Trump, Israel, or any Republican? They don’t realize just how much they reek of hatred and bad feeling for those who don’t share their beliefs.


  36. Rudolph’s RED nose indicates he is a communist and therefore needs to be investigated by the committee on un-American affairs.


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