The Fake News Media doesn’t want you to see this stunning video of Biden’s worst day of his life


Joe Biden is by far the worst president in American history.

But even with all of Joe Biden’s blunders, month after month leftists have done everything they can to hide the dementia and all of his mistakes.

And the Fake News Media doesn’t want you to see this stunning video of Biden’s worst day of his life.

President Joe Biden got ruthlessly trolled and ignored by Obama.

Some people correlate the success of the United States based on the success and competency of the President.

If that is the case then our nation is screwed.

Biden is a failure of epic proportions.

Internationally no one respects the guy.

Hell some of our allies like Saudi Arabia have even ghosted Biden’s calls and refused to pick up.

And do you think it’s a coincidence that Russia decided to invade Ukraine while Biden was President?

Then domestically there are problems at a level Americans haven’t seen in a generation.

Gas is at an all time high and the Biden administration can’t seem to figure out how to handle excessive prices on that or anything else.

Inflation is bordering along the lines of hyperinflation which is beginning to decimate the average hard-working American family.

Nothing has gone right for Biden over the past year and a half.

And poor dementia Joe has had some rough days of his Presidency that the Fake News Media has tried to keep out of sight of the American public.

They know it’s a losing battle.

But Joe Biden just had the worst day of his Presidency after he got ghosted by everyone at a White House celebration.

The Fake News Media would love to keep the video of the event a secret.

They don’t want you to see it but they know they might not be able to cover up for Joe much longer.

But the worst day of Biden’s life may have proved the signal to the media elites that it’s okay to throw ole Joe down the stairs because it showed who their real leader is.

During the event with Obama at the White House, Biden just looked like a lost dog.

First he got trolled by Obama as “Vice President Joe Biden.”

Then after the speeches were over, literally no one wanted to see Biden as they all rushed past him to show they’re really Obama groupies.

Even Obama was ignoring Joe.

Now that’s embarrassing.

Poor guy has to know just how big of a joke he is at this point.