The explosive “achievement” of this Boy Scouts of America troop will leave you aghast


The nation shook its head in disbelief when the Boy Scouts of America caved to feminist radicals, letting girls in and changing their name to “Scouts BSA.”

Of course, the Left smugly proclaimed victory as the group bent over backwards to placate the “PC Police’s” demands for “gender inclusivity.”

But your jaw will hit the floor when you hear about this Scout troop’s “accomplishment” that will have liberals fawning in praise for a reason that will surprise you.

They used to be known as Boy Scouts.

But after changing its name to “Scouts BSA,” the organization formerly known as Boy Scouts began admitting girls this month.

Prior to the turn of the century, Boy Scouts were praised for their efforts to turn young men into model citizens for God and country.

But the PC Police couldn’t have that.

Now, a scout troop in Chester County, Pennsylvania just formed the first all-female Scout troop in the country. And it won’t be only one. reports:

Since the Boy Scouts began accepting girls into their ranks this month, thousands of girls across the country have rushed to claim the title of scout.

Among them are 17 girls who have formed the first all-female troop in Chester County. They join more than 4,300 other girls across the country who are now part of Scouts BSA, renamed from the Boy Scouts.

“Our girls in our troop, they’re trailblazers,” said Melissa Pendill, scout leader of Chester County’s Troop 19. “They just want an opportunity, and it’s available, so they’re grabbing it.”

Social Justice Warriors are constantly pushing the narrative that women are victims of the so-called “patriarchy” and that we need “gender inclusiveness.”

Of course, the media elite are happy to parrot this propaganda and practically wet themselves with joy every time a “glass ceiling” is broken.

Especially now in the so-called “#MeToo” era.

But the Left isn’t going to say a peep about the lack of boys in the all-female Chester County scout troop.

That’s because the ultimate goal for the Left is not so-called “gender inclusiveness” or equality.

As Dr. Jordan B. Peterson, a noted clinical psychologist, professor of psychology at the University of Toronto and internationally best-selling author has pointed out — if the “patriarchy” is so bad why do Social Justice Warriors demand women be included?

The answer lies in Marxist ideology.

Tearing down the “patriarchy” via inclusivity is just a step to get to the Left’s ultimate goal.

It’s all about the family.

Or, rather, the Marxist ideal of the State replacing the family.

But biological genders and traditional gender roles are pesky things if you want the State to replace the family.

As we reported, the Boy Scouts was founded to teach young men how to survive in the wild, be chivalrous, good husbands, great fathers, leaders, and model citizens.

Social Justice Warriors cannot allow young boys to be instilled with these honorable values.

That’s why they demand that the scouting troops for pre-pubescent boys (Cub Scouts) be made coed.

Sadly, it’s not hard to see what the end result of Boy Scouts of America, the parent organization of both Cub Scouts and Scouts BSA (formerly Boy Scouts), caving to that demand will be – the feminization of the next generation of American boys before they even reach puberty.

But the left’s agenda for scouting, and Western Society for that matter, isn’t just feminizing men.

Another – equally important — prong is the masculinization of women.

For the Left, it’s not just masculinity that’s toxic but femininity as well.

That’s why the Left demands that women be allowed in our military’s front-line combat units.

And its why after beginning the feminization of American boys via coed Cub Scouts, the neo-Marxist Social Justice Warriors want girls to become Eagle Scouts.

The fact is, it’s not just the Chester County Scout BSA troop that will be girls-only. Any girl joining a Scouts BSA troop is actually required to be in an all-female troop.

Nevertheless, virtually all of the elite media, outside of CWN, will try to hide the fact that Scout BSA troops, i.e., those for kids age 12 to 17, aren’t coed.

Of course, it’s generally not a good idea to put hormone-addled young men and women together too much, and scouting at all levels is better left boys and girls only.

But we want to know what you think.

Will there be an uproar from liberals about this lack of gender inclusiveness, or will they keep their mouths shut because masculinizing American girls is part of their sick agenda?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


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  2. There is an alternative to what used to be called the Boy Scouts that still promotes what the Boy Scouts was about. But the article is correct. The objective of the “Left” is to destroy the family. The Communist learned what this would do after they overthrew the government the Czar created and abdicated to in the 1917/1918 time frame. The family is critical to any society.

  3. We had a saying about out of place misfit people in the Marine Corp. “He may wear the uniform, but he will never be a Marine’.

    Same with girls that think they can be Boy Scouts.

  4. Just another destruction of what made our country great. Like I have said before the Democrats are like a cancer eating away at our inner morality and family values that made our country great. Something President Trump was entrusted to restore, but the cancer keeps him tied up with BS accusations. And the Republicans do nothing to stop it. We have become weak because the people we entrusted with our country are weak. God save America.

  5. My son and I were just talking about the differences between the men and boys today compared to 20-30 years ago. Glad I had a husband who was a Boy scout and in the Air Force. As he often said that if there ever was a war like WWI, we would be speaking a different language.

  6. Amen to Ken W. our country is being destroyed by people who think they know better in how to raise our children. My boys and their father were boy scouts and my brother has been a scout master for 50 years. they learned many skills that men need and did this is a troop that taught godly values.

  7. I have been involved for 43 years with the Civil Air Patrol, USAFAux. One of our Congressional mandates is a cadet program for youth from 12 to 20 years of age.
    In our cadet program we have had both Male and Female cadets throughout our history. It has some unique challenges and problems but we are vigilante in our protection programs. In that we require finger print background checks and require other Cadet protection programs.
    That does not mean we stop all abusive situations. But we have very strict protocols for handling these situations.
    As for our overall program we have embraced non discrimination since our founding in 1941. We treat everyone the same making accommodations for the handicapped. Our organization supplied many persons for the Tuskegee Army Flight Training program. As well, we also throughout our history embraced women as well as blacks in our programs.
    I.make no comment on the BSA and the left. My only point is this; because it se of my association with Civil Air Patrol I know it can work.
    But, i also bemoan the fact that as a society we need separate organizations for the sexes in some areas. This has been proven over and over again again. But it also a fact that we can overdo keeping separation when it is unnecessary.

  8. Just like everything else women take over, they will screw it up beyond recognition. Look what they did to the democrats. Look at the muslim they elected, bringing our country to its’ knees for 8 years. Look how many innocents have been slaughtered because of their obsession with sex. and now they are solidly behind open-borders and admitting millions of low-lifers who will give them more voting power; 1920 brought the darkest day in American history, albeit world history.

  9. I don’t know why these organizations are caving in to these idiots.where has all the pride gone to be an American?we had a great country until all these idiots got into government and want to turn this great country into communism. these idiots had a good free life,why not let your sons & daughters have the same. get rid of the idiots and our kids enjoy life the way we did.DON’T CAVE IN TO THE IDIOTS.

  10. If you want to know why such organizations as the BSA cave in to the liberal pressure, just look at who and what is in the upper echelons! WE have become a nation of weak men, too absorbed in our own lives to make time doing good works for our communities; and sadly, many times even for our own families.These weak kneed men cowtow to women because they are over worried about what some woman may think of them. All men could take a valuable lesson from The Scriptures. Women were not given the same freedoms as men. In ancient times, every woman HAD to be under the leadership (and protection) of a man; whether it was father; husband; or brother. The Mohammedans have corrupted that position to the point where women are considered less than dogs, and are nothing more then the property of a man. We need to regain the proper “chain of command” as established by The Creator!

  11. We are a sad nation. We have forgotten family values and what it means to raise young men and women to be proud of who they are. I grew up in a family of Boy Scouts, my dad a leader and I wanted so badly to be one too, I learned the knots, I pitched tents and learned to cook over an open fire by helping my brothers. I found a group where I could utilize all these skills, 4-H and I thrived. I got the chance to do all these things and more but I also learned that it’s okay to be different. I was a tomboy up until about 16 when I really discovered boys, but I still had my skills. Did I raise a family , yes, did I raise boys and girls, yes I did- they participated in BSA and GSA and they had the same things taught, camping, wilderness survival, cooking but more importantly they grew up strong independent people who enjoy their gender differences- my sons both like to dress nice and treat a lady like a lady but they can sew a button on if they lose one or make a meal , clean house and one son loves to garden and grow flowers, both boys love women too! One is married and he and his wife share house duties. The other said would love a wife but hasn’t found the right girl. My daughter loves receiving flowers and dressing up for a date but she can also change her tire if she gets a flat. She loves to raise orchids. She is also a Firefighter, so she dons gear to rescue people and their homes but still likes pedi/manicures. We need to remember we are different for a reason, to continue family but we can have all the knowledge we want and Use it when necessities arise- let boys grow up like boys and girls grow up like girls together but separate to find out who they are as a person so they can become better people and survive as a couple! If God had wanted us all to be the same he wouldn’t have made an Adam and an Eve!! Just saying????‍♀️

  12. So they formed an all girls scout troop – wasn’t / isn’t that called ‘ THE GIRL SCOUTS ‘ ? Are the Girl Scouts letting boys in? This is all so crazy…. why do we let these people get away with this gender mix up mess? Sensible people should stand up and say NO to this insanity!


  14. Why did no body say anything years ago when all this started that the girls have a girls scouts of America and they don’t allow boys into it but in their mind boys have no right to discriminate and the men never used that word against the women. It seems that “discriminate” is the key word. If we were to go back and recall all that crap we read in the paper we would have more truth that it was the men who never fought against the women , we just let them walk all over us. I remember all that and my wife said the women will win in the the end. And she used the ” discriminate” word for her power and never would agree that the women were discriminating with the Girls Scouts name.

  15. It is about destroying boys and girls, the family, and pretending boys and girls are the same. Or in other words ignoring biology, and the differences between boys and girls.

  16. It’s all so stupid ,The girls already had Girl Scouts ! If they wanted to have something equivalent to an Eagle Scout that the boys have , all they had to do is change THEIR program a little bit ! I can’t believe BSA caved into the demands of the criminal liberals . Scouting USED TO abhor criminality , & WAS the direct opposite of the criminal NWO liberals that we have had since at least 1988 ! ( I am an Eagle Scout , 1970 , and so are my 2 boys , 2002 & 2003 )

  17. My Uncle Louis was equivalent to an Eagle Scout on Long Island NY.I have All his Medals and paraphernalia from his Boy Scout Days in St.James,NY.I had wanted to Donate to the Boy Scouts his memorabilia but,could Not find a local Troop that had a History of keeping The Pasts Alive.What a Sad day for All Boy Scouts.You see The Girl Scouts are Not taking in Boys but,The Left must feel that Women are somehow less than Men.Why else would they feel the Need to split up an All Male Group and Not take any Action towards the Same All Female Groups.The Left has alot to Learn!

  18. Gender equality simply will never be. Men and women share many similarities while hiding striking differences. Intellectually, one may argue for an even plain, but in reality, intellect is influenced by these differences. While women are becoming more integrated into our social decision making, benefiting a more diverse, inclusive society, we need to understand that these differences are genetic in nature. In the beginning, there was the BSA. Then to make things equal, there came the GSA. Now because the GSA numbers are falling, along with the BSA, they want to combine troops, yet hold onto their differences by gender segregation. That sounds a lot like I want my cake, and eat it too. While I may sound old school to some, I am open minded to girls participating in BSA, but let’s not fool ourselves about the differences.

  19. I was a Boy Scout. An Eagle Scout. My Grandson was a Boy Scout. Obviously a bunch of sissfired twits are now running the Boy Scouts!

  20. The Boy Scouts started down this PC path when they permitted homosexuals to be leaders. As a “tom boy” when I was growing up, I never would have considered joining the Boy Scouts as I knew I was a “girl”. Now the PC police have found a new way to attack gender differences claiming they are unfair. Nothing is fair to everyone: some people are tall & skinny some people are short & fat, & that is just the beginning of all our differences. This is just another attack on our family values by Democrats.

  21. Nothing new here.

    The liberals & queers (both genders) have a long and sordid history of not being able to help themselves from gravitating toward children to try & infect them with their ideologies.

  22. When the BSA was established it was to help boys develop morals and skills to become productive young MEN in this society. When Girl Scouts was started it was to help young girls develop morals and skills to become productive WOMEN in this society. This helped to develop potentials for each to understand the gifts God gave them as young men and women. Boy scouts was aimed at HELPING BOYS, NOT GIRLS! Girl scouts was aimed at HELPING YOUNG GIRLS! How does an organization that is aimed at helping young boys also help girls? Civil Air Patrol was specifically designed to be inclusive so it doesn’t compare with scouts.

  23. It is STILL the Boy Scouts. The title was changed to Scouts B (for Boy) S (for Scouts) A (for America). Looks like it’s still a ‘patriarch’ movement with the word ‘Boy’ hidden in the title.

  24. It is up to the parents to stop this and it is easy. Parents don’t allow their children to join the boy scouts. Girl Scout Troop leaders advocate for a program that closer resembles boy Scouts.
    Parents should be looking for alternatives .

  25. OAKLAND, Calif. — Striking students shut down the Mills College campus Friday after the trustees decided to break a 138-year-old tradition by admitting men beginning with the class of 1991.

    The angry students blockaded buildings, set off car alarms, and attended rallies instead of classes chanting ‘better dead than coed.’

  26. Not only are CAP Cadets of all races or sex challenged and promoted based on their achievements, they participate in USAF missions that save lives. Senior members are also all inclusive and can advance as far as their talent and willingness to serve will take them. When an aircraft goes missing, the Civil Air Patrol supplies the well trained organization that conducts the search for it – not the Air Force, not the Coast Guard. It is CAP Cadets, as young as 12, under the guidance of senior officers, who conduct the missions that find the missing aircraft and sometimes save lives. These young people do not just play at camping in the woods, they perform actual life saving service. Doing something this important makes a real difference, and it shows.

  27. Having been a Cub Scout, Boy Scout and Explorer Scout and having enjoyed the experience of the Philmont program packing with burros back in the 50’s in addition to being a Scoutmaster who took his scouts camping in winter snow in Montana in the 60’s – I see challenges I would not accept.

  28. How stupid. Why would girls need to join the Boy Scouts, when they have the Girl Scouts. Are boys allowed to join the Girl Scouts? I don’t think so. Some fool at the Boy Scouts allowed this to happen, and now, we might as well take the name “Boy” off. I has become a tool for the left.

  29. The boy scouts of America have been taken over by LGBT and the CEO of ATT runs the board. He got on the board when the courts said the boy scouts had the right as an organization with a distinct mission to stay the boy scouts and to have non homosexuals teaching the boys. But the LGBT wanted access to boys of all ages like the homosexual fake priests became priests to have access to boys to prepare for homosexual activity as soon as the boys reach and went through puberty. The boy scouts annual meeting sent out letters to parents to make sure their boys brought condoms. What? I guess the LGBT figured out boys being real boys would look at the 4,000 girls in the next bed a little differently than LGBT men look at girls. Now they are insisting girls have their own units. Of course it brings in more money and it also gives homosexuals access to boys without girls reporting on them. That is the number one reason for the separate girls units. We have two boy scouts and one girl scouts at our Church. The major rule, they meet on different nights and days and they have to have two people in the room with the kids and a person preferably a parent for every four kids when going on trips. No sex involved or else the pack finds a new place to meet or inform the police of sexual activity to stay in the Church building. And if the police are not notified the pack is asked to leave while the Church notifies the police. There is no agreement between parents and the bad adult or older child to keep things quiet for “the sake of the children”. The only way to handle any organization and LGBT people is to not allow them access to kids period and report the baddies to the police period. It is not any body’s job to make children available to homosexuals or any other perversion just because LGBT and the democrats say so. I am proud and happy that I belong to a Church that puts kids in the Church building first and protects them. That is and should be always the first thing for the Church when it comes to kids.

  30. I was a Boy Scout years ago. I had fond memories of our accomplishments and deeds we performed. When I heard that the Boy Scouts were under siege from girls wanting in, I knew the idealism of the Boy Scouts of America would soon be dead and, it is dead in my eyes! The Boy Scouts will never be looked at in the same light again. The sad part is, liberals cannot understand that the Girl Scouts had their own version of scouting. No, that wasn’t good enough! It wasn’t the girls that are to blame for this idiocy, it is full blown adults that cannot keep anything sacred. I had 5 sisters, scouting and farming got me out of the house away from the sisters that sometimes drove me crazy but I loved them just the same. They, I am sure, felt the same way I did and they went to their Girl Scout meetings and Jamborees. There are many things that should be left as they were and Scouting was one of them. As time goes on, the values of Scouting will dwindle, but I am sure they already have. The end result will show itself in the near future and then these “ACTIVISTS” will be rattling their sabers on another level. They will get what they came for and they won’t like it! So be it!

  31. Women don’t screw things up! There are many Republican women who are doing a damn good job in running the Government and keeping it as Conservative as possible!

  32. The Conservative Caucaus has been growing and working on this since the elections in 2010, 12, 14, and 16. We need to keep removing the old RINOS in the Primaries and the Democrats in the General Elections. We have 100+ years of Anti-Constitutional Laws and Regulations to clean out of our Government.
    The next steps:
    Let’s start with building the Wall, reserving Birth-Right Citizenship to children born of Legal US Citizens and Legal Immigrants, Repealing the ACA, and changing the Government Retirement Program into a 401-K style system. (They get money paid in while they are in office, but not a penny after they retire or loose their Elections.)

  33. Men are the Head of the Family, and women are the heart of the family. A marriage is like a team of horses pulling equally together under the direction of God, who holds the reins.
    Too many men thought that this means they could be the Dictator in the home, instead of an equal partner or Shepard.
    Women were never meant to be Property!

  34. I agree. I grew up with the BOY scouts and the GIRL scouts. Ever since it began they were separate and I think they should still be separate. What the PC police has done is ruin these two good things. Sad, really just sad. Why can’t they just leave well enough alone? 🙁

  35. Yes, I did also. I don’t see why boys can’t be boys and girls be girls. Reality is the two sexes are different. What’s wrong with that. Nothing is wrong with that. What’s wrong is these idiot liberals. Facts are just that facts. I don’t have a problem with equal rights and women making advances in the workplace etc. But even the most level headed women would agree there is a difference in the sexes. It’s reality.

  36. This country was tamed and settled by families of pioneers. The girls and women in those families knew how to hunt, fish, chop wood, build a fire, build a shelter … in short, they knew how to not only survive but, to thrive in the wilderness. There are still women and girls today who want to know how to do those things. Until now, there has been no place where they could learn those things. I know this because my grand daughter is one of those 17 girls in Westchester County, PA Scouts BSA Troop 19. Unfortunately, we live too far apart for me to be able to teach her those things so, I am eternally grateful for the opportunity that the Scouts BSA are giving her.

  37. I have never been involved. It seemed to me that the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts both tried to inculcate religion, and I do not believe in religion. So I left them alone. But I see no reason to jump on a box, beat a tin pan, and holler about it. It’s a private-sector organization, isn’t it? So I see no reason to agitate for them to change.
    I think these notions about “toxic masculinity” and denial of natural differences between the sexes are ridiculous, but I just stay out of it.

  38. Same here. My grandsons were ine scouts but they QUIT on their own. Now Grampa take them out learning how to survive and teaches them respect for fellow citizens and country.


  40. Totally agree with you. Liberals keep pushing their views on everything. We need to start pushing back before it’s too late.

  41. Proof that the fools have sold themselves out to Lucifer guaranteeing their eternal damnation in hell when the kingdom of Babylon falls once again

  42. Ha, good one ARJAY. Hopefully they will, because we sure as hell don’t have too many men left in this country. It is disgusting hearing that wispy, lilting voice coming out of these wimpy looking bodies of supposed “men.” Geez, when did that become a voice?

  43. When my daughters were 7, I investigated getting them into Girl Scouts. The leadership made it impossible; something about forming a “Brownie troop,” and maintaining it throughout my daughters growing-up period. I had been in Scouting when I was a boy and wondered if there was a possibility that they could participate with Cub Scouts. No, that didn’t work either. So, they missed out on the great adventure that Scouting brought. Bear in mind that just because Girl “Scouts” and Boy “Scouts” had “Scout” in their name did not mean they were built on the same principles. The Girl Scout movement was pathetic. It is pathetic. Boy Scouts and now Scouting BSA is worthwhile to teach girls how to become self-reliant young women. While the Leftists had a different idea in mind, their proposal has been seized upon by Boy Scout leadership and turned into something definitely worthwhile. I wish Scouts BSA had been around when my daughters needed it.

  44. So maybe brothers and sisters should be segregated and raised separately? For what purpose? Nonsense. This is a healthy change and I’m all for it.

  45. When I was in the Air Force, I was scoutmaster of the base troop. I told the executive committee straight off that I was atheist. They said that so long as i kept my own beliefs out of it and focused on what Scouting taught, they really wanted me to lead the troop. No problem. I respect religious teachings as pertaining to life and determining morality. Leave the “god” part out. Our troop grew and grew; we were the best. You, Jill, might have something to offer; perhaps you could be persuaded to contribute time to your local troop!

  46. Girl Scouting is a far cry from what Boy Scouts offered. They are not parallel organizations. Scouting BSA is a good move.

  47. I don’t know you, so I won’t make ad hominem comments. But I can say that your rambling diatribe is sick.

  48. The Girl Scout program would have to be modeled on Boy Scouts to make it any good. if that happened, there would be no need for Scouts BSA. But they won’t. Eventually, they likely will just dissolve.

  49. The Girl Scouts is a pathetic organization. Boys wouldn’t want in if they were interested in outdoor skills. Boy Scouts, on the other hand, teaches self reliance. Scouts BSA sounds just great and I wisht it was available when my daughters were young girls.


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