The end is Nye? “The Science Guy” just made an absurd claim that tanked his whole career


Bill Nye has officially reinvented himself as an extreme left-wing phony scientist and celebrity.

But he may have just lost whatever credibility he had left.

That’s because Nye had a total meltdown on his show and made one prediction he will soon regret.

Not long ago, Bill Nye had a career as an entertainer that filmed basic science lessons for children.

The only problem is that Bill Nye was never a real scientist.

Nye only holds a degree in mechanical engineering.

He has several “honorary” degrees from left-wing universities attempting to lend him credibility, but he did not earn them through studying or his work.

Now, Bill Nye presents himself as an environmental expert and scientist to trick people into believing left-wing propaganda.

On, “Last Week Tonight” with John Oliver, Bill Nye lost it and predicted the end of the world due to climate change by setting a globe on fire.

Breitbart reports:

Appearing Sunday on HBO’s Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, Bill Nye launched into an profanity-laden and hyperbolic rant about climate change, exclaiming “the planet’s on fucking fire!”

“By the end of this century, if emissions keep rising, the average temperature on Earth could go up another four to eight degrees,” Nye said while discussing the Green New Deal, the far-left proposed stimulus package that aims to address global warming and economic inequality. “What I’m saying is the planet’s on fucking fire. There are a lot of things we could do to put it out — are any of them free? No, of course not. Nothing’s free, you idiots. Grow the fuck up. You’re not children anymore. I didn’t mind explaining photosynthesis to you when you were 12. But you’re adults now, and this is an actually crisis, got it?

Safety glasses off, mother*******,” he added.

Nye must have forgotten that burning plastic can release dangerous chemicals into the air and damage the environment.

But his rant went viral and has been met with serious backlash.

Bill Nye “The Science Guy” has now gone on record with others such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Cory Booker predicting the end of the world.

Nye has also used his fame to promote transgender issues and demonstrate how “science” allegedly proves gender is a “social construct”.

What do you think?

Is Bill Nye a scientist?

Or just another celebrity with a left-wing agenda?


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  2. When earthquakes crack the ocean floor, saltwater mixes with calcium deposits by hundreds of miles on the faultline creating BILLIONS of cubic miles of Methane, the most prolific and dangerous greenhouse gas, making man’s
    Carbon footprint insignificant; nothing. Global warming? Yes. Absolutely. Its happening. But it’s been cyclic in weather extremes since the planet formed and will continue.
    Green New Deal is a false crisis as is attacking law abiding gun owners for the criminal acts of a few. Truth. In the end, it’s all we have.

  3. Was he not aware that AOC said her claim that we’ll all be dead in 12 years was sarcasm? What a couple of idiots!

  4. Really? He is saying the world is on fire and predicting the end of the world??? Interesting. That is how God said that He will end it…with fire. But Bill Nye does not believe in God. That’s sad, as he will never know the happy ending of those who belong to God.

  5. Every person on the left is in panic
    delusional mode, and without any evidence. The only thing the green
    deal will bring is a third world country. Ole bill there, is way off the
    scientific scale, with absolutely insane
    Scaled down version of what the earth actually is, and how it operates.
    Maybe he can find something else that would work for him, like a mental

  6. Why criticize the guy just because he is repeating the opinions of over 90% of the worlds’s climate scientists? If I had to choose between him and Trump as to which has the most scientific credibility it would be Nye by a mile.

  7. Pompous, incorrectly educated idiot. I had the unfortunate experience of meeting once and immediately realized he was total “BS”

  8. Interesting, you don’t have to actually be anything. If you look like something (white long jacket = Doctor or scientist) talk like you are an expert (AOC) then you will be perceived as such. Threats are seen as power until that person has to act on that threat or die.
    Time we make these people prove what they say or shut up and go away.

  9. I never watched this idiot. He acted like a moron while on TV and still does to this day. The planet has only increased in temperature a very tiny amount and none of it can be traced to mankind being the creator of this function. That is a scientific fact. There are too many people trying to alter the data to fit their ideals.

    As far as, like, you know, AOC goes, she is, like, this totally insane, like, bobblehead doll, you know? She is, like, you know, like, gone after this term.


    HE IS intellectually corrupt, SCIENTIFICALLY UNEDUCATED, politically polluted, morally lacking any knowledge of Judeo CHristian precepts..and apparently at the incipient stages of dementia!

    Otherwise,he’s perfect!

  11. He’s not a scientist at all. He’s a left wing activist. Also, if he was intelligent enough, he would use adjectives other that filthy vulgarities he chose.

  12. We don’t criticize because he repeats what he hears.
    It’s the fact that he and the likes of Cortez go beyond repeat long what they hear from perceived experts. They then embellish by 1000%, and you seem to fall into the same fold.

  13. YEP.. I was working @ KCET 28 LA back in the mid ’70’s when he answered a casting call for his show on PBS station.. He’s an actor..

  14. “Billy Boy” Nye, when people look in the dictionary to see what a FOOL is, your name pops up all over the page! I believe that the best part of you dried up on a dirty sheet in a cheap motel room when you were conceived!!! You DUMB-ASS!!!

  15. Nye is nigh unto nuts. Besides which, people who feel the need to punctuate their tantrums with the F-bomb show their inability to think rationally, and that their rage is in control. My thinking is that the earth will eventually be cleansed by fire, not caused by CO2, but rather by GOD.

  16. I missed the part where he said Nye was a scientist. And I missed the part where he was wrong. Because he wasn’t. But every time one of you idiots on the so called right opens your F-bomb mouth, you demonstrate your ignorance.

  17. A year of so ago I came across a statement by a climatologist (name unremembered) who made more sense, in line with Medic RN, proposing that if the whole world devoted its whole resources to controlling “climate change,” it could make no more than something like one-one hundredth of a percent change, at best, and would be completely un-noticedable by us in our day-to-day living.
    The climate has always been in a state of change—sometimes in a cycle of a few years, sometimes in a cycle of hundreds of years; and so it ever will be.
    For such climate control as Ocasio-Cortez and other bandwagoneers promote, comprehensive population control would have to be implemented—-call it dictatorial totalitarianism advanced behind the smokescreen of manufactured pseudo-science. Or one might reference Karl Marx’s advancing of communist control behind what he called “the harnessing of social forces.” Thus, the cause is not the end, but the means for achieving a hidden end.

  18. Wish that were true today. Maybe we wouldn’t have so many otherwise intelligent people repeat the stupid things they heard on CNN

  19. Also, one, averaged sized volcanic eruption pours far more Carbon Dioxide into the atmosphere than mankind does in a year. Truthfully, ma can do NOTHING about climate change. All of this hysteria is just a smokescreen to allow more and more government (global) control over people’s lives.

  20. Capitalizing the first word of a sentence is appropriate, even if it is a one word sentence followed by a period. Do you have a problem with that? Which words were you referring to?

  21. I agree w/scientists who say we can not harness the weather.
    The weather is changing like it has for thousands of years.
    Libs want to bankrupt us.

  22. I do not believe in spending billions to control the weather.
    It would be impossible according to REAL scientist.

  23. Bill Nye like others acting a part for many years lose themselves in the part and become who they are acting. Has been acting the part for so many years that he has lost himself in the part. He has become the part that he was acting and believes it. He has to see therapist and it would be a long road back to who he was.

  24. God said after the flood “” while the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease>” Gen 8;22 So why should I believe you?

  25. Nye’s credibility was completely lost when he jumped on the “there’s more than 2 genders” bandwagon.

  26. The real Global Warming agenda is this in a nut shell: “economic inequality.” Re-distributing the wealth of hard workers, sacrificers, earners, investors to give to the druggies, sloths, illegal aliens, free cheese rats!

  27. Eric; you really need to grow a brain and learn how to use it. Learn how to think and rationalize for yourself, rather then let the idiots in the mainstream media do it for you!
    You might start by picking up a few REAL science books and reading about how solar storms effect our weather. Did man have something to do with those? You might also learn how the earth has gone through many cycles of heating and cooling, much of which is due to the plate movement in the earth crust and the volcanic activity it creates! You liberals give man much more ability then he has coming.
    If mankind is responsible for anything, it is corrupting himself and turning to perversions of all kinds!

  28. Nye is not a “Science Guy” and as far as I am concerned he has never had any credibility.

  29. You are absolutely correct with “it’s been cyclic in weather extremes since the planet formed and will continue”. Our planets weather is and has always been more related to what goes on with our star, the Sun. The Sun operates on an eleven year cycle and our weather seems to follow that same pattern. Just this morning I heard a report published by Leeds University scholars that the ice field of the Antarctic is shrinking again. Leeds scholars we must remember were the very climate scientists that were responsible for fudging the numbers used in all of the climate model calculations being used when Al Gore made his predictions about global warming. There was absolute “hard evidence” that scientists from Leeds manipulated the numbers collected by oceanographic buoys worldwide.

  30. If Nye is a scientist then so is Mr. Rodgers. Despite a Mechanical Engineering degree he was nothing but an entertainer.

  31. Back when the dinosaurs ruled the Earth the temperature was much warmer and tropical overall with carbon dioxide levels much higher to facilitate plant growth. That being actual fact, how do global warming zealots explain what created that condition? They don’t even touch that issue. Then what created the massive cooling that followed? Again, no answers. Back then there were few if any humans.

  32. I bet Nye the “science” guy likes little kiddies. He’s been around a ton of them most his sad life. He’s freaking out a lot in public for no real reason, and has demonstrated he’s a certified lefty nut job. I wonder if he hangs at the Podesta pad?

  33. So 90% of the scientist are totally f**ken wrong and your a moron for believing those politically-motivated Cretan. One minute they (Scientist) have you freezing your ass off and the next they got you burning in hell, that’s why I will follow El Presidente Donald John Trump Master all round scientist extraordinaire and the Fairest World leader of them all. P.S ” M.A.G.A “.

  34. If you actually believe what you said then you need to do just a little research. Where in the world did you find your facts? Outer space? 90% of 5 ain’t much and if you believe Bill Nye then I feel sorry for you.

  35. Methane and carbon. Why is everyone so excited about someone wanting proper English? It is rare enough these days. Shoot the messenger.

  36. I was referring to methane and carbon, both common nouns. There are always some of you who want to shoot the messenger. You are part of the problem, which is the slow down-grading of our language, instead of trying to uplift it, as I do.

  37. About law abiding gun owners, do they need semi automatic military style weapons to entertain themselves shooting Bambi? If not, could we possibly eliminate these military implements of mass killing?

  38. Nye like so many on shows today did not 0r could not achieve their prominence ON THEIR MERIT , BUT ON THEIR POLITICAL VIEWS…. A few of the late night talk show hosts….the cast of the View…Oprah….Steve Harvey….planted by the left to try to brainwash the public.

  39. What kind of a “scientist” accepts altered data sets and faked data without question? The answer is quite simple. A “scientist” that is unworthy of that label. A “scientist” that should return his degree to the college that he or she bought it from. Do you really want to know what causes “climate change”? At noon tomorrow go outside and look up. What you will see is a bright shinny object called the SUN!! There is the cause of “climate change” or “global warming” or whatever buzz word of the week is for you people who want to use the climate change hustle to bring about total governmental control over every aspect of our lives. No thank you. Not interested.

  40. Mr. Rogers is more than meets the eye…a former special ops soldier (reason for always wearing sweaters to hide his tattoos) who had a change of life styles…

  41. What kind of a “scientist” accepts altered data sets and faked data without question? The answer is quite simple. A “scientist” that is unworthy of that label. A “scientist” that should return his degree to the college that he or she bought it from. Do you really want to know what causes “climate change”? At noon tomorrow go outside and look up. What you will see is a bright shinny object called the SUN!! There is the cause of “climate change” or “global warming” or whatever buzz word of the week is for you people who want to use the climate change hustle to bring about total governmental control over every aspect of our lives. No thank you. Not interested.

  42. True that the climate changes constantly but Man has definitely added to it. I am not a scientist but I do know that Man or I should say SOME MEN do not care if the Earth died today or tomorrow as long as they can grab money along the way. We are screwing up the Earth for the occupation of Man. The Earth will survive long after it is not habitable for Humans. We may not be the total reason for what is happening but I do believe that we are helping it on its way to the next major weather shift. Greed has been the downfall of many societies and it just may lead to the extinction of Humans.

  43. The politicians like NYC mayor Bill DeCommio said it best that there is plenty of money but not under the control of the government. They need to take much more from those that earn it for their progressive projects.

  44. TRump and the conservatives are science deniers, climate change because of human activity is real, the glaciers are melting quickly, ice melting at the Arctic unbelievably, worst storms ever, hottest climates in thousands of years have been happening many years since 2000. Many of you believe in crackpot conspiracy theories like birtherism but not is science which includes evolution.

  45. BitinDawg: Congratulations, your ignorance actually overwhelms your stupidity. ‘Tis a rare thing indeed.

  46. There are 3 genders: Male, Female, and “I got no idea what you’re trying to be, but it ain’t working.” Why would anyone want to classify themselves as 17 times more likely to suicide themselves, even without any clintons in sight?

  47. Eric…It is you who displays your ignorance every time you post. We have nothing at all to do with climate change. It has been changing ever since this earth was formed. It is natural.

  48. Joe, your ignorance is truly profound. You know NOTHING at all of what you are talking about. You have no concept of what a conservative is or what truth is. NOTHING you said is true. Conservatives have NEVER denied science. Science is everywhere. God gave us science to study His wondrous creation. I know HUNDREDS of conservatives and ALL believe in science. I took several science courses in college. And, NO, man has no effect on climate change. It is NATRURAL and has been occurring ever since this earth was formed. That is a FACT. That is true science. And evolution can NEVER be proved because it is FALSE. It is impossible in many ways. As for “birtherism” Obama himself said he was born in Kenya, which everyone should already have known. Hint…it’s in one of his own books.

  49. Philip…You hit the nail on the head. It is their OPINION, NOT FACT. They have no facts because they are denying that climate change is natural

  50. Yes, proper English is rare because it is no longer taught. Public schools don’t teach, they indoctrinate. There is no intelligence anymore, just robots who blindly believe the lies shoved down their throats.

  51. Bill Nye is no science guy. He is a looney tune and should be put back in the archives.

  52. From the early 1900’s until about 1940 the earth was warming. ie many orange groves in north Florida. Then the earth began to cool. Scientists said an ice age was coming. They closed down businesses like the freon industry. By now we should all be frozen. All the orange groves had to move south. In the 80’s the warming cycle began again. In the last few years it has been cooler. Guess we should all run out and buy snow shoes. Or maybe just ignore the climate change profiteers.

  53. Maxx. humans didn’t come for about 150 million years after the dinosaurs unless you believe the Bible that says the Earth is only 6000 years old. You do have an iota of knowledge though, the Earth has has warm periods and some very cold periods with many Age ages that lasted many thousands of years.

  54. Howard Mayberry Jr. You are absolutely correct. Unfortunately, many people are unable to think for themselves. Instead, parroting ignorant, politically motivated movie stars or politicans.

  55. Thank you bj. Some people are just idiots, who think they know something as “fact” just because somebody famous said it. The guy called “Joe the Plumber” would do best if he kept his mouth shut & stick to plumbing so people couldn’t hear his ignorance. He needs to read a little about earth science instead of listening to “actors” & liberal politicans (all of whom have something to gain from spouting their untruths).

  56. Bill Nye is no more a scientist than Hugh Laurie is a doctor. Would you go to Hugh Laurie for your cancer diagnosis? Then do not listen to Bill Nye for your climate science.

  57. Agreed. Google Krackatoa and see the effect one very large volcano can have on the world climate.

  58. And how does this hysterical twit Nye, the Globull Warmies, and their disciples of the Church of Chicken Little explain the warm period in Earth’s climate from approx, 700AD to 1300AD? That’s how Greenland got its name…it was lush and green!

  59. And let’s not forget Dr. Michael Mann of East Anglia University and how he just omitted the data which didn’t fit his narrative from the climate research cc 2010. He was outed and criticized for that, but the IPCC and their gang of idiots gave him a pass, of course, and found nothing wrong with his analysis. If the IPCC told be water was wet I wouldn’t believe them.
    And, another glaring example, James Hansen, former NASA scientist, admitted that he exaggerated and falsified data in the 1980s just to get our attention about the climate change/ global warming hysteria. Yet he is still held with great esteem among the other climate change “scientists”.
    And the lies continue and the demented, raving morons such as Nye become more vile, extreme, and hysterical by the minute.
    I would not want my children exposed to this junk science!

  60. BitinDawg: WTF are you raving about? 1) Bambi is a fictional cartoon character, and 2) hunters do not use “semi automatic military style weapons” to hunt! You’re a nitwit!

  61. What we DON’T need is a child correcting grammar. It doesn’t matter as long as the writers thought is evident, but I’ve noted there are far too many of you children who NEVER make mistakes thus THINK you have the right to correct everyone. If you don’t like the comment, don’t read it and move on and grow up.

  62. Especially since it’s been proven the sun is moving into a dark period ans the earth has been in a cooling phase because of it for the last 10 years and Stooge McNye and many others keep ignoring that fact.

  63. Especially since it’s been proven the sun is moving into a dark period ans the earth has been in a cooling phase because of it for the last 10 years and Stooge McNye and many others keep ignoring that fact.
    (Reposting here because the system put my reply in the wrong place for some reason).

  64. I’m not going to read the article, but correcting someone’s grammar is to help them know proper English. If you don’t know simple English, it makes me wonder about your intelligence. There are a lot of posters that have no clue when to use an apostrophe. Plurals never need one.

  65. He said the earth revolves around the sun? Throw him to the lions!!
    He said the earth is flat? Make him drink this hemlock tea!!
    He said that the sun heats the earth and causes global warming? How shall we kill him?

  66. Joe, We believe the Bible because it is the true word of God. You can deny truth, but that is very foolish. If you bother to study it you would know that the history and science in it are sound. Do the research on why this is very likely a much younger earth than science previously thought. And yes, that’s what it is…just thought. There is no proof for the earth being millions of years old…just misread evidence .

  67. You’re so stupid there isn’t much else to say, except to deny humans humans have an effect on climate goes against 99+% of climate scientists. Obama was born in Hawaii as the old newspapers state from that year. Even Trump the idiot mentioned that. Even if he was born in Kenya he was still an American because his mother was. Besides, Ted Cruz and John McCain were not born in America and they ran for President. Anthropoligists all believe in evolution, sorry to burst the stupid bubble bj, a good name for you.

  68. Brenda, you are so stupid, stop leaving your crazy ass words, you know nothing about science, history, math, etc. You agreed with bj who might be just as ignorant as you.

  69. What libs want is total control over us and they will use any means to do it. They have rejected God because they can’t control Him

  70. Joe, what I said was the truth. It is very obvious that you have no concept at all of reality. You just blindly believe the lies of your lib leaders without question. sad. It’s about time you wake up and try to think for yourself. I am far from stupid, but your posts prove that you are. And please get help with your hate. It makes no difference who believes in evolution. It is FALSE. NOTHING you said in your OP was true, and THAT is the truth. And you have nothing to say except to call people names.

  71. Around 1985 or so, whenever, Carl Sagan said that there would be a nuclear winter, whatever that is, and the world would freeze to death. It never happened. He was so admired.
    There was also a claim that the polar bears were disappearing, with about 5,000 left in 1975, and they would soon be gone. We now have about 25,000 of them roaming the streets where they live, turning over garbage cans and mugging pedestrians. It is not safe to go out at night in those towns. Fact.

  72. Joe, that is all you know how to do…call people names and belittle them. You are a very sad excuse for a human being. You have nothing else to offer. Why do you come to a Christian discussion board when you have no concept at all of what a Christian is and have rejected God? We all know what you refuse to accept.

  73. And check out the study of the eruption of Mt. St. Helens shows the earth to be much younger than thought by those who reject the truth.

  74. Joe, with you lack of intelligence, I am very thankful that you are not my plumber. Mine is so much smarter than you.

  75. George. I mean, like, you know, when I start a sentence with —I mean—we don’t know what they mean because they have not said anything yet, like, you know? I mean, man, like you know, get what I mean? I mean, like, you know, and you hit the like, nail on the head with your comment, I mean, you really did, and, you know, I am with you all the way, I mean, you are the man, you know?
    As far as AOC goes, like, her name is Alexandria Occasional Kotex, and in Britain, she is known as a bloody liberal,you know?
    Also, every time I want to make a reply on this site, I keep having to put in my name and e-mail, I mean, what a drag, like, you know?

  76. Instead of commenting on the proper use of grammar maybe we should all be concerned with what isn’t being taught in our public schools. Have you seen our kids atrocious handwriting lately? Have you read any of their reports and seen how they form their sentences? Have you noticed the liberal left leaning that is being taught to our kids? These are the things we should be concerned about, not if an adult capitalized the words carbon and methane, come on people get a life!

  77. I’m still waiting for your explanation on the beginning of life. And btw, bj is not my name, but my initials.

  78. Bill LYE the sniveling guy is a foul mouthed, gullible, liberal, Demwit imbecile. So did Occasional Cortex come up with the Green New Deal or Bill LYE?

  79. Extreme Weather and Global Climate Change

    Pollution from human activities is warming our climate. The ten warmest years on record all occurred since 1990, and the last decade was the hottest recorded since worldwide record keeping began over a hundred years ago. The period between January and June of 2010 was the warmest six months on record.

    A warming climate increases the chance that we will experience extreme weather events such as floods, droughts and intense storms, and ramps up the risk that severe weather events will cause catastrophic damage.

    The floods, fires and droughts we’re seeing in places like Pakistan and Russia are consistent with the effects of global warming, including temperature increases, increased precipitation in some parts of the world, and droughts in others.

    In early August 2010, a 97-square mile chunk of ice — the largest since 1962 — broke away from the northwest coast of Greenland. (1)

    Canadian officials fear the massive “ice island” could pose a risk to ships and oil platforms. (2)

    Unless we significantly reduce global greenhouse gas emissions, we are likely to see more extreme weather events and the consequences they bring.


    1. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Earth Observatory, “Ice Island Calves off Petermann Glacier,” August 13, 2010.

    2. Randy Boswell, “Giant iceberg drifting toward Canada could threaten ships, oil platforms,” Montreal Gazette, August 10, 2010.

    Record snowstorms need two things: temperatures below freezing, and very high humidity. On a planet warmer by a few degrees on average, the Northeast U.S. will still have plenty of days below freezing; the big difference will be warmer seas producing higher levels of moisture in the air — and therefore more severe cold-season storms. (1,2)

    We can expect extreme weather to continue

    Scientists tell us that climate change has already led to more extreme weather in the United States and we can expect stronger hurricanes, more wildfires, heatwaves and droughts, to name a few. (3) The cost of inaction could reach half a trillion dollars a year. (4)

    The world is warming at a rapid pace

    Weather in one region over days or months should not be confused with climate or the patterns of weather over decades and centuries. And the science is clear here: the last decade was the hottest on record. (5) And to put this year’s weather in perspective, January was warmer than average for the continental United States. (6)

    “Global warming theory predicts that global precipitation will increase, and that heavy precipitation events… will also increase. This occurs because as the climate warms, evaporation of moisture from the oceans increases, resulting in more water vapor in the air.”

    –– Jeff Masters, meteorologist

    1. “Climate Change Causes More Frequent and Severe Snowstorms,” Groisman et al. “Contemporary Changes of the Hydrological Cycle over the Contiguous United States: Trends Derived from In Site Observations” Journal of Hydrometerology, (2004)

    2. Changnon et al. “Temporal and Spatial Characteristics of Snowstorms in the Contiguous United States” Journal of Applied Metereology and Climatology, (August 2006),

    3. Global Climate Change Impacts in the United States, Thomas R. Karl, Jerry M. Melillo, and Thomas C. Peterson, (eds.). Cambridge University Press, 2009. p.27

    4. Robin Pagnamenta, “Watchdog warns of $500 billion annual cost of delaying action on climate change” Times Online, Nov 2009,

    5. NASA, “2009: Second Warmest Year on Record; End of Warmest Decade”. January 21, 2009.

    6. NOAA, “State of the Climate: National Overview — January 2010″ ;

  80. Of course gender is a social construct. It’s a part of grammar which is part of language which is a social construct. But gender is not biological. It is not three dimensional. It only exists in the human mind.

  81. “the planet’s on ——- fire!” says bnt so-called sg
    One day it WILL be, but at God’s discretion, not due to anything mankind has done, dummy. Hope the libtards enjoy their front row seat.
    MAGA/KAG †

  82. Not to mention why the Ice Age ended. What caused the ice to melt since the world wasn’t industrialized?

  83. Quit capitalizing everything you said. But just 2 doesn’t qualify as everything. Being more specific would help.

  84. bj said plurals never need an apostrophe, and I can’t help but wonder who told bj that. Have the rules changed?

  85. BitinDawg; I am a law abiding gun owner and avid collector, I don’t hunt but I do own many military style weapons. I love my Ak’s, my AR’s, my many different hand guns, along with my sniper riffles, and so on. I have never used one of these weapons to harm even a squirrel. However I did dispatch a rabid racoon pestering my dogs at 1:30 in the afternoon one day using a military style .22 caliber Ruger rifle! LOL, yes I said military style .22 folding stock and all. And the racoon in question was out in broad daylite foaming at the mouth! So, you may see people do need these tools to defend family & pet’s

  86. Typical liberal. Desperate to say SOMETHING . . . when
    confronted with FACTS and TRUTH all that remains is to
    complain about punctuation!

  87. A few years ago, even left-leaning 60 Minutes did a segment on Greenland explaining that maybe 500-700 years ago, it was so warm that people populated the southern regions of the island, farming and raising livestock. Then the climate changed again. Some, who were able, left the island. Others did not, and the crew making the TV segment showed the deteriorating wooden cottages they’d occupied — some of which were still occupied by the skeletons of those unable to escape the cooling.

    Gee, I really need to dig that segment out of my DVD collection, watch it again, and get my facts totally accurate!

  88. How about the more recent eruption of Iceland’s Eyjafjallajökull in 2010? It significantly disrupted air traffic over most of Europe for about six weeks. What it showed about age of the earth, I have not heard.

    But I have recently acquired “The Creation Answers Book,” which provides a great deal of scientific info supporting the concept of a young earth — one not much more than 6,000-7,000 years. I found it quite persuasive.

    BJ, if you see this response, I’d appreciate some direction where I can research Mt. St. Helens specifically with respect to what it proves about the age of the earth.


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