The disgusting thing CNN wants to silence “white people” over will make you want to spit fire


The leftwing PC Police love slapping the “no longer acceptable,” label on things.

Once they do, they leap on their moral high horses and berate Americans non-stop.

And what the leftists at CNN are leering down their noses at Americans for now will drive you mad.

Radical feminists have demonized men for so-called “mansplaining.”

Their goal is to strip men from being able to defend themselves, or even participate in a conversation, without fear of being labeled “sexist.”

Now, leftists have discovered another “‘splaining” angle to denigrate straight white Americans on — so-called “whitesplaining.”

CNN explains so-called “whitesplaining” is when a person who’s white complains about the topic of racism, or anything that might have a racial component “in a condescending tone.”

What they really mean is anyone who defends themselves against a charge of racism, or disagrees with the liberal point-of-view on nearly any topic (see intersectionality), will be smeared as racist or at the very least, is guilty of “whitesplaining.”

CNN writes:

We’re facing another outbreak of “whitesplaining.”

“Whitesplaining” is an affliction that’s triggered when some white people hear a person of color complain about racism. They will immediately explain in a condescending tone why the person is wrong, “getting too emotional” or “seeing race in everything.”

The implication: These white people know more about how racism operates than those who’ve struggled against it for much of their lives.

CNN goes on to list some recent examples of what it sees as “whitesplaining”:

Some of the biggest headlines about race recently have featured some form of whitesplaining:

• Republican lawmakers in Wisconsin engaged in legislative whitesplaining when they blocked their black Democratic counterparts from honoring a former NFL quarterback during Black History Month because he was “too controversial.”

• Virginia’s Democratic Gov. Ralph Northam whitesplained when he referred to slaves as “indentured servants from Africa,” after having to apologize for a yearbook photo of a person in blackface while admitting he once wore blackface at a Michael Jackson dance contest.

• Conservative commentators whitesplained when they dismissed critics who accused President Trump of making light of the “Trail of Tears,” one of the most tragic episodes in Native American history, in a tweet aimed at Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

The PC Police are becoming the PC Gestapo.

The Left, of course, loves to try to shut down debate by playing the race card.

That’s nothing new.

But taking a cue from President Trump, Americans are no longer tolerating attempts to silence them with this disgusting tactic.

So the Left has invented a new response to shut down white people who dare have an opinion on something in or involving the black community.

And with so many of the Left’s standard-bearers, like Democrat Governor Ralph Northam, being exposed for overtly racist actions, liberals now have a convenient term that can also be used sweep aside boneheaded statements of their own.

That is to say, if you agree with them you might not really be a racist, just guilty of mere “whitesplaining.”

Whatever the case, the fact that CNN, the so-called news organization that’s never failed to see race in anything — and has run Lord knows how many stories calling for “a serious discussion on race” — is now smearing people who do just that as “whitesplainers” is sad and ludicrous.

But we want to know what you think.

Is fake news CNN just trying to shut down views they disagree with and cover up for the demonstrably racist actions of prominent Democrats?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


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