The disgusting thing CNN wants to silence “white people” over will make you want to spit fire


The leftwing PC Police love slapping the “no longer acceptable,” label on things.

Once they do, they leap on their moral high horses and berate Americans non-stop.

And what the leftists at CNN are leering down their noses at Americans for now will drive you mad.

Radical feminists have demonized men for so-called “mansplaining.”

Their goal is to strip men from being able to defend themselves, or even participate in a conversation, without fear of being labeled “sexist.”

Now, leftists have discovered another “‘splaining” angle to denigrate straight white Americans on — so-called “whitesplaining.”

CNN explains so-called “whitesplaining” is when a person who’s white complains about the topic of racism, or anything that might have a racial component “in a condescending tone.”

What they really mean is anyone who defends themselves against a charge of racism, or disagrees with the liberal point-of-view on nearly any topic (see intersectionality), will be smeared as racist or at the very least, is guilty of “whitesplaining.”

CNN writes:

We’re facing another outbreak of “whitesplaining.”

“Whitesplaining” is an affliction that’s triggered when some white people hear a person of color complain about racism. They will immediately explain in a condescending tone why the person is wrong, “getting too emotional” or “seeing race in everything.”

The implication: These white people know more about how racism operates than those who’ve struggled against it for much of their lives.

CNN goes on to list some recent examples of what it sees as “whitesplaining”:

Some of the biggest headlines about race recently have featured some form of whitesplaining:

• Republican lawmakers in Wisconsin engaged in legislative whitesplaining when they blocked their black Democratic counterparts from honoring a former NFL quarterback during Black History Month because he was “too controversial.”

• Virginia’s Democratic Gov. Ralph Northam whitesplained when he referred to slaves as “indentured servants from Africa,” after having to apologize for a yearbook photo of a person in blackface while admitting he once wore blackface at a Michael Jackson dance contest.

• Conservative commentators whitesplained when they dismissed critics who accused President Trump of making light of the “Trail of Tears,” one of the most tragic episodes in Native American history, in a tweet aimed at Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

The PC Police are becoming the PC Gestapo.

The Left, of course, loves to try to shut down debate by playing the race card.

That’s nothing new.

But taking a cue from President Trump, Americans are no longer tolerating attempts to silence them with this disgusting tactic.

So the Left has invented a new response to shut down white people who dare have an opinion on something in or involving the black community.

And with so many of the Left’s standard-bearers, like Democrat Governor Ralph Northam, being exposed for overtly racist actions, liberals now have a convenient term that can also be used sweep aside boneheaded statements of their own.

That is to say, if you agree with them you might not really be a racist, just guilty of mere “whitesplaining.”

Whatever the case, the fact that CNN, the so-called news organization that’s never failed to see race in anything — and has run Lord knows how many stories calling for “a serious discussion on race” — is now smearing people who do just that as “whitesplainers” is sad and ludicrous.

But we want to know what you think.

Is fake news CNN just trying to shut down views they disagree with and cover up for the demonstrably racist actions of prominent Democrats?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


    • The Leftists and haters of America (CNN) are to be addressed as Comrades. The Leftists and Progresives are in reality nothing more than racists, homophobes, coprophagic, xenophobic, and morons. They should be forced to exist in their Safe Spaces and never allowed to be among human beings!

      • …..”nothing more than racists, homophobes, coprophagic, xenophobic” …. and that’s exactly what they accuse Republicans of. 85% of the media is Democrat so we should not be surprised by their evil agenda and reporting. CNN and the rest of them as just as corrupt as those on the left and extreme left.

    • Right On! The Left has become such a disgusting group. They accuse the Republicans of Racism when it is they who are Racists. Seems they actually want to promote racial division and or a Race War. Maxi-Pad is actually saying people who don’t want the Wall are not Americans! The truth of the matter, is they are the unamerican, traitors and are not only do they not want a wall, they don’t want a Border, but they do want to destroy America.
      I bet Russia, China, Iran are laughing their asses off and drooling over the possibility of the Left ripping this Country apart. I am afraid America is headed for some terrible times ahead and should the Left win everything in 2020, it may well be the end for America.

        • These pieces of trash are so dirty and low down, they’re the slime at the bottom of the sewer. The Dems and liberals only agenda is to destroy the US. We need to start at the top in Congress, (Pelosi and Schumer), go down the list and take them all in cuffs to the nearest mode of transportation and get them out of the nation. Just make it over seas to some place that has the same desire as they do, DESTROY AMERICA ! ! ! !

      • Yes, the Left is pure racists, really, really racists. They are ALL the BAD things they accuse Republicans and conservatives to be. Beginning with the Obamas, they all hate this country, want to destroy it, and don’t care about future generations.

    • I totally agree. I do not watch anything on CNN and NBC local station, only weather. I mostly watch FOX or one of the home building, repair, tiny homes programs. Nothing else fit to watch. Especially Saturday is horrible on all Networks. If not for Jesse Watters and Judge Jeanine on Sat night might as well close the places out.

  1. CNN is just a rag . No class racist subhuman stains on America. Anyone listening to these disgusting people are just as bad. Dumb down so much. No more turning the other cheek. It’s all out war on these Nazis. Will not be silent anymore. You want war bring it on. Obama has trained you well to be traitors to the constitution and America. Time to take the traitors down.

  2. Swamp News, MSM=Fake News, Fox News.The Pravda Racists Divisive Commie news and their propaganda HATE machine at full throttle! They are destroying the country within! Prosecute these deep state traitors now, Pres Trump!

  3. Anyone who wastes a second of their life watching/listening to cnn is as big a fool as the nobodies spewing their garbage. As for me — cnn and the rest of the lying media dirtbags — can take their made-up words and shove them right up their collective a**es.

  4. Treason is a badge of honor for the Godless NAZI Commie liberal Racist Demoncrat Party and RINOs! The party of hate, hypocrisy, lies, deception, Fake News (Russian Collusion and Jussie M hoax) the list is endless! And the clueless minions that follow them!

  5. I like this. CNN has publicly proclaimed to the world that they are racist! No other way to explain their whitesplaining description. They have gone on record to prove they are racist as well as providing fake news. Good for them. Gary

  6. cnn = Communist News Network
    Clinton News Network
    Corrupt News Network, etc, absolutely anti-American and President Trump at the same time, the democrat party’s main spokesman.

  7. well, when you look back….white men gave everyone the vote, passed all the civil rights laws and so on to bring equality to America. All these ‘rights’ people say they are entitled to were provide by white men. Now we are all bad? We don’t need gratitude but some respect would be nice. Don’t bother letting your head explode, I won’t be checking for feedback.

  8. Whitesplaining is a term I have not heard before. But what it sounds like, as presented here, is an attempt by racist whites to justify everything from their perspective, e.g. minorities are just a bunch of whiners who were better off when white men had ALL the power, instead of just most of it like white men have now.

  9. “and has run Lord knows how many stories calling for “a serious discussion on race” A serious discussion on race by their definition is one in which only approved opinions can be discussed, since unapproved opinion is by definition not serious.

  10. Srcrew CNN there fake news. There left. Supporters. They got no brains I like to see the try it get rid of white people. There going to be in for a big surprise

  11. Par of the course of CNN and globalists who hate America and White male America in particular. they are dastardly. I am glad to read that some Americans are taking a cue of Pres. Trump and so not remain silent in this atmosphere of propaganda and hate. CNN for my money is a traitorous organization but there are so many traitors They don’t even stand out as much as they should.

  12. CNN has proven how racist they are against White People now and are the ones who are the most racist always trying to get the Conservatives doing something they don’t even check facts just keep on trying to make up negative news from their perspective just to claim they were right about us Bad ppl on the right. Now it’s backfired and u don’t hear a peep from them.

  13. This is just more of the “Progressives” work to silence people so they can impose their agenda of “Supremacy of the State and Supremacy of those in control of the State”. “Progressives” can not afford to have people thinking, or using logic and reason, when dealing with issues. Then add in “Progressives” do not like “Western Civilization”, i.e. “White Culture”, or Christianity, since “Western Culture” is based upon Christianity and Judaism, and treats people based upon their behavior and allows people to prosper. And despite people’s failures in many cases, every one has generally been able to prosper and benefit. Look at what has occurred where Christianity has not existed. CNN is just an arm of the “Progressives” and does not want to look at reality or deal with the real issues. That is what happens when people become minions. And it is the minions that are exterminated first.

  14. And when looks at real history the race issues are rooted in the agenda of the “Progressives”. Woodrow Wilson set race relations back decades. And the only people working to eliminate race based conflicts are what are called “Conservatives” and most Republicans. Real history is inconvenient to many people, especially many Black individuals, because it forces them to face that most of the problems today are self-created. And most of the the problems are rooted in decisions made in the 1970s. People rarely hate to admit they are the cause of their own problems. They would rather blame others.

  15. Biggest mistake this country made is slavery. If my southern ancestors knew then what I know today, they would have picked their own damn cotton.

    • AND it’s funny the first slave owner was black and African blacks sold other blacks sold other blacks into slavery yet it’s our fault. The very epitome of hypocrisy.

      • Don,
        You are right on both counts…first recorded court record in America about slavery involved a Black owning a Black; without the Black slavers selling their wares to the Arab slavers, there would have been no slavery in America. Tell me about reparations again!

      • Don’t forget that is was a man from Africa, who was a slave in Africa, treated as an indentured servant when brought to Virginia, who bought another man from Africa, and then went to Court to keep the man he bought as a slave, that seeded slavery in the US. Black Africans believed in and supported slavery. It was a status symbol to own slaves. Chattel slavery in what became the US was seeded by a Black man. That is in convenient history many people, especially Blacks, don’t want to admit to. Slavery is still practiced in Africa to this day and not just in areas where Islam is the controlling government. People today are looking to be a victim to avoid responsibility for what they have created – both for themselves and society.

  16. Shutting down speech that they don’t like is exactly what they are doing, but who in the hell care? They can take it and shove it to where the sundon’t shine!

  17. How typical of CNN propaganda news. Radical biased fake journalism at its finest. CNN had 0 credibility among conservatives and only panders to liberals and those too stupid to research the truth.

  18. The Commie News Network isn’t worth the air they waste. If one of them wants to silence me I say come do it to my face instead of hiding behind mikes in ivory towers.

  19. The left needs to get back to English instead of making up all these words. If they have nothing better to do then maybe they should get a job and work. And that includes the politicians who are never at work. Even when they are at work they don’t.

  20. These “Race Mongers” at CNN (Classless “News” Network) strike again. They are in the iron grip of the Democrat Progressive Party of fools that think they can change everything about our country by changing the language and culture. They have been successful to some point as we do not strike back. This Covington Lawsuit is an example of what we should do to strike back. These alt-left liberals have taken over the Democrats who have absolutely nothing to run on other than lies, one after another, claiming that they are fighting for the oppressed people of this country. They must be right because not everybody is driving around in a Lamborghini and not everybody lives in mansion so this must mean oppression. Our standard of living has gone up more in the last two years in spite of the Democrats obstruction. Wages are rising at a substantial rate, AND we get to keep more of them dues to the lower tax rates. We have got to stop the propaganda networks that lie to the people to say they are oppressed.

  21. First off, I don’t owe ANYONE AN “EXPLANATION for anything I do or say. If I hurt your feelings, I more than likely didn’t set out to do so but my best advice is to get a tougher hide and move on. This “whitesplaining” is about the stupidest thing I have heard, to date, about anything racist. It is, in my opinion, as racist as it gets. So, in other words, if I am carrying on a conversation with you and you deem it “racist”, in your little mind I will be “whitesplaining”?! That is mindlessly ignorant and it proves, beyond a shadow of doubt that there is more racism alive and well for anyone who buys into this BS! I don’t give a rat’s ass what color, religion or anything else about you. I do not judge anyone. We will be judged come “Judgement Day”! I will treat you the way I want to be treated. This you can take to the bank. Mess my family or me over, though, you will see the polar opposite from me. There is a time to be nice and there is a time NOT to be nice. So, for every action there is a reaction. You want to employ “whitesplaing”, what about whites employing role reversal here? We can call it “black explaining”. Or better yet, we can stop this asinine attack on each other and get along. I see a man or woman. I don’t see a black or white, green, yellow, red, purple or blue. I see a human being that has the same emotions, abilities and much more as I do. I was brought up on a farming atmosphere and have always worked hard for everything I have. when I was 9 or 10 years old, I was working harder than most adult men! So, forgive me if I disagree will you on different topics but, if I feel I am right I won’t sit back and be silent! Bringing stupid, mindless BS like “whitesplaining” is as racist as you can get and, as I said before, for every action there is a reaction. So, with this said, why keep stirring the “sh*t pot?

  22. Racism is alive and well in America and it’s All coming from the left. Liberal minorities are continually accusing white people in general and more specifically conservative white people of racism, when they can’t find an act or event to distort into some form of racism some on the left will simply manufacture an act or event from which they can claim racism. Although the only oppression they have known is what they read about regarding history or only that in which they are told by others. The most racist acts taking place in America today is the racism against white people not only from minorities but also from a growing number of white liberals. Conservative white people are not racist but instead, are the target of racism.

  23. CNN and the rest of the libtard dumbkoffs have been trying to squelch any speech that disagrees with their lunatic outpourings for a long time. We are still here, still talking and we won’t stop.

  24. If asked my opinion on a subject and the person who asked me does not like my answer and calls me a racist, bigot or whatever I just tell them to f-off and if you don’t really want to know my opinion then don’t ask me for it. I am 76 years old and don’t give a damn and will speak my mind if asked a question and I will not bite my tongue.

  25. it is getting more and more like the 1930’s in Germany….Hitler had to create a brand of people who where racist and the democrats are now doing the same……..

    • You might want to listen a little better to what they are saying and claiming. Too many Black people want handouts not opportunity. No one except Blacks and other “Progressives” are holding Blacks back. And especially not “white conservatives”. However “white conservatives” are not going to let themselves be railroaded for something they had nothing to do with.

  26. I am white straight male and 52 years old…Not a racist bone in my body in fact the only thing I rail against are the FAKE NEWS lefty’s like Don Le’mon… I don’t owe anyone anything but I help everyone I can every chance I get Black, Brown, White, Asian or otherwise.
    CNN is America’s ENEMY and Don (the joke) Le’mon is an angry little devil worshiper angry at God and anything good! He will be in hell when he’s done here.

    God Bless America!!!

  27. Racism exists. I am white and I have had racist remarks yelled at me. Most of the Blacks are good, law abiding, respectful people. But, there are still too many that continue to send bad messages to the White community. Believe me, bad incidences stick in a person’s mind better than a good incidence. This gives ALL Blacks a stigma of evil. That is not a good way to look at people. I look at the individual. That’s how it should be done. I would hate to be judged by the action of other, ignorant people. All people should quit the infamous RACE CARD. If we can’t unite against evil, we will lose our freedoms. I’m so tired of CNN spewing racism. Give it a rest.


  29. I grew up with racism and being of mixed race I got it from both sides. Most Dems have no clue what real racism is. The word racism is nothing but a tool Libs use when they disagree with someone. I found out at an early age those that shout racism the loudest are the real racists and Obama is one of the biggest racist, along with good ole Maxine.

  30. For years and years the Left would [& will] say or post anything that will cast doubts on anyone on the Right. They do not care if it has ANY Truth in it.
    I would vote for a law that requires ANY person or entity who presents untruths to pay a heavy fine & do jail time, including news outlets.
    Also, political correctness has gone WAY overboard and needs to be “thrown away.”
    We need to return to the Judeo/Christian morals, etiquette, standards, etc upon which our country was founded. It has worked, for the most part, for over 2 1/2 centuries… least until PC became an everyday issue, and parents forgot to be PARENTS for their children – teaching them commitment & personal responsibility, & consequences for bad actions. Children NEED to be taught that if they work hard, get good grades in school [and a few other things], they can better themselves & their standard of living.

  31. I will agree that the democrat whites are not too educated while being racist while opening their mouths. Northan said slaves came over as indentured servants from Africa. Wrong, slaves from Africa came as slaves when their chiefs and Muslims sold the blacks to slave traders who sold slaves in North and South America to mostly large farms and plantations. My white Mother came from England after WWII as an indentured servant. Indentured servants came after signing papers promising to work off the cost of getting from their homeland to the U.S. and to the home of the person who paid for their trip. As a lower class privileged citizen of England she became an equal person to anybody on the U.S. street and met and married her husband on the same farm. She left the farm after she paid her debt and her husband got a job in a factory and they had five kids. She and her husband never wanted to return back to Europe. And after slavery was declared illegal by a Republican Lincoln I don’t see blacks whose parents came from Africa as slaves returning to Africa either. They have found a better life here too even though it didn’t start that way at first. History only serves to point out the past lives of your relatives and if you don’t realize what they came from to get here you don’t appreciate that trip however made that gave their descendants better lives. Democrats better improve our schools because their knowledge of history is piss poor.

  32. If you didn’t tell me I’d have no idea what CNN or any of the alphabet media says about anything, they are all liars & scum suckers so I see no point in wasting my precious time. There are a lot worse things that a person could be called than racist however. Here are a few at the top of my list, not necessarily in order, murderer, rapist, serial killer, liberal, homosexual, democrat, RINO. Feel free to add to this list, I may have missed a few dozen. BUILD THE WALL, DEPORT THEM ALL, MAGA, OR ELSE!!!

  33. Silly women want to be men, but from what we all have seen, they aren’t doing a very good job of it! CNN needs to act like they have a brain and quit perpetuating this nonsense. I don’t watch CNN, but to see all this crap on here, FB, wherever, only makes me glad I have a brain and good taste!

  34. I just love the way supposed news organizations make up catch phrases…”splaining”. What the f**k does this kind of sh*t mean or represent? Do these people have a grade school education? Certainly they must have slept through their English courses and College (or maybe not) Journalism courses. Communication in the media has become a complete sham.

  35. I would like to think I will be long gone before the total destruction of the place and culture we have all been allowed to live in is forever denigrated by ignorant, short sighted and self absorbed media personalities. CNN, NBC, and their local ilk — print media — sorely need a reality check. Their constant focus on “grievance” reporting is not constructive but is, in truth, a prime example of their inability to analyze and accurately examine issues and their consequences. — And the “new” members of the Congress? Hopefully, this anomaly will be corrected in 2020. Maybe we’ll even elect lawmakers who have some education in economics?…at least conversational knowledge of history?…and can demonstrate adult behavior. — Let’s not give up. We must be involved…and we must not let the crazies get — and/or keep — the ability to shout us down. And, most important, we must never stop speaking our minds and expressing our values. This, I believe, is the preferred definition of MAGA

  36. What the heck. I’m white and a woman.
    I love being both. I treat everyone with
    Respect. Why should I be ashamed of
    Being white. I owe no one anything.
    I work hard. I’m sick of all this
    Nonsense. Just love yourself whatever
    You are.

  37. The left now has come up with so many names and hate – It no longer has any effect- All you will get is an eye roll and maybe a sigh

  38. Treason is a badge of honor for the Godless NAZI Commie liberal Racist Demoncrat Party and RINOs! The party of hate, hypocrisy, lies, deception, Fake News (Russian Collusion and Jussie M hoax) the list is endless! And the clueless minions that follow them!!

  39. CNN…..what a goat rope. I find it even more disgusting they have Caucasians talking down to the rest of us. Their minds are so twisted and brainwashed they no longer know who they are and are hypocrites. CNN just wants one view, their view, and if you don’t agree, their agenda is to rip you apart to the point where people quit speaking up. The worse part is the number of misinformed, uninformed, and clueless that believe the BS coming out of the media, especially CNN, even some newly elected government reps that are trying to destroy our way of life, liberty and freedoms.

  40. I am so ashamed and saddened that I had the misfortune of being born a White, Christian male ! I feel guilty about all the White privilege i’ve been afforded.. Being 1 of 8 kids being raised by a N.Y.C. fireman, OOPS did I say fireman, Don’t want to bunch up anybodies panties, FIRE FIGHTER, I had the PRIVILEGE of sharing My bedroom as well as my bed with several siblings. I had the PRIVILEGE of sharing clothe with my brothers, otherwise known as hand me downs (you snowflakes have no idea what I’m talking about) Had the PRIVILEGE of learning how to share, especially at dinner time where enough food was rare. No school programs, no free lunch. My father would NEVER ask for a handout and made it clear that we had to take care of ourselves and suck it up. Rough times, you bet but I wouldn’t trade those experiences for anything.. You learn to sacrifice, make due, appreciate what you have, WORK hard and most of all be proud of who you are… Sorry about my PRIVILEGED WHITE life….

  41. I look at race this way: If I think you’re an a$$hole, I don’t care what color or creed you belong too, I consider you to be an a$$hole.

  42. I was there in the ’60s when all hell broke loose. This is not the first time, this race issue has been going around.

  43. Have a look at the radical democrat heroes…DUMB DONNIE…MAD MAXINE….AOC… TLAHIB PRESSELEY …OMAR …NAVARO …I rest my case, your Honour.


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