The Democrat Party admitted they hate Christians with one disgraceful attack on a pastor


While Democrats claim to promote “tolerance,” they continually attack those who hold values they disagree with.

Christians are a favorite target of their hatred.

And the Democrat Party just they hate Christians with one disgraceful attack on a pastor.

The Left caters to those who oppose Christianity, while routinely attacking Christians.

And they proved this at the start of a recent legislative session in Virginia.

Republican State Delegate Michael Webert invited speaker Rev. Dr. Robert M. Grant Jr. started the session with a prayer, where he urged legislators to stand up for the unborn and the traditional family.

“I pray that we do not provoke God’s anger by making laws that can destroy the fabric of this great state and our wonderful country,” Grant said. “God is love, God is merciful, God is holy, and God is also judgment. Please do not provoke his anger and bring wrath upon this state by what you create as law. Biblical history is very clear. His wrath upon the earth is documented. We are not exempt. We are not exempt. If he does not grant us mercy for the atrocities that are being done, we will eventually encounter the judgment of the Almighty God, and may the Lord have mercy upon us all.”

Democrats clearly got uncomfortable at this point, but quickly became angry with his next line in his prayer.

“I pray that you may understand that all life is precious, and worthy of a chance to be born. God is a giver of life, and people have no right or authority to take life,” he continued.

He also touched on traditional family values, praying “that the bills and laws being passed will always protect the Biblical traditional marriage, as God instructed the first man and the first woman in the Bible, that the two shall be one flesh.”

It was with this line that Democrats in the chamber began shouting, and walking out.

The Democrat Speaker of the House quickly hit her gavel, immediately cutting him off with the pledge of allegiance shortly after.

So the Left loses their mind over a Christian pastor speaking about actual Christian values, yet they are fine with allowing Islamic prayers in the same situation.

The Left’s “tolerance” doesn’t apply to Christians who believe in the tradition family, and oppose the despicable practice of abortion.

Do you think Democrat politicians hate Christians?

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  2. Everyday some story surfaces that prove just how much they hate Christians. And by them acting this way, to a Pastor leading a prayer ,by walking our and shouting, only concretes the severity of their hate! I have seen two year olds act more appropriately then these grown adults in our government!!! Totally disrespectful and disgusting behavior!!!
    The democrat’s are totally insane and dangerous!!! I am praying everyday GOD intervenes and helps us to stop these evil, evil people……

  3. Is it a Democratic attack on a Christian pastor, or is it a Christian pastor bringing up topics at an inappropriate place and time? Americans United for Separation of Church and State and its allies recently settled a case in Brevard County, Fla., dealing with legislative prayer. Under the terms of the settlement, the Brevard County Board of County Commissioners has agreed not to reinstitute its old practice of discriminating against people who don’t belong to mainstream, monotheistic religions when selecting invocation speakers.

    Meetings in Brevard are now opened with a moment of silence. Other government bodies might want to follow suit. Not only does this practice avoid problems of picking and choosing among religions, it also ensures that guest speakers don’t go off the rails.

    Several days ago, several Democratic members of the Virginia House of Delegates walked out after a minister who had been selected to give an opening invocation started ranting about abortion and marriage equality.

    The Rev. Dr. Robert M. Grant Jr. of Father’s Way Church in Warrenton warned of God’s “wrath” coming down on those who tolerate abortion and LGBTQ rights. His remarks led one Democratic legislator to yell, “Is this a prayer or a sermon?”

    When it became apparent that Grant wasn’t going to stop, House Speaker Eileen Filler-Corn (D-Fairfax County) terminated his remarks by banging on her gavel and calling for the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance, reported the Virginia Mercury.

    Some House members later expressed dismay over the prayer.

    “It was totally disrespectful to all of us, all of us in this House,” Del. Luke Torian (D-Prince William County), told the Mercury.

    Even some Republicans thought Grant, who has been invited to give the guest invocation by Del. Michael Webert (R-Fauquier County), went too far.

    “I don’t know if he was ill-instructed or didn’t realize what he was here to do,” said Del. Matt Fariss (R-Campbell County). “This wasn’t the place or the time to do all of that. … This is a time we need to be working together and not being divisive.”

    The problem is, this sort of thing has happened before. Some guest pastors decide to use their time at the podium to launch into political harangues or attack members of the community, such as people who are LGBTQ, abortion-rights advocates and others. (Here are just two examples, one from Kansas and one from Alabama.)

    It’s offensive and rightly angers many people. After all, the government is supposed to represent all of us.

    There’s one sure-fire way to make certain that no one is offended by disturbing content in official legislative prayers: Stop having them.

  4. Democrats and muslims share the same god. They just don’t know it. He goes by many names. We all know who he is. He has dominion over this world for now.

  5. Vasu Murti is a pseudo intellectual who sadly gives imbeciles and other left leaning idiots a bad name!! God will punish those who oppose Him and also those that harm His people.
    This is an excerpt from a Sermon that i did a long time ago.
    Why VICTORY both spiritual as well as worldly has eluded the country that we live in today!!
    There is one single verse of Scripture that can be ,and IS, the total answer to all of the ill’s and problems of not just this country that we live in, but every country on the face of the earth.
    2 Chron 7:14
    Are you one of Gods people, or are you one of the ones who WLL be punished in the end???
    2 Chron 7:14 “if My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.
    Sometimes a prayer doesn’t change the situation.
    But it changes our attitudes towards the situation
    And gives us hope which changes our entire life.
    A long time ago, before I became a Christian and then a minister I saw a bumper sticker that said:
    God said it, I believe it, that settles it!!!
    I at the time believed that person to have an unreasoning, and intractable attitude!! I now realize that this is THE ONLY ATTITUDE for All of mankind!!

  6. Christians ought to be ASHAMED of themselves for voting these TREASONISTIC TRAITORS in OFFICE! They hold NO regard for either GOD or their FELLOW man, even though they have SWORN allegiance to the U.S. Constitution. These Hypocrites need to be removed from Office ASAP. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  7. Also: the comment “God helps those who helps themselves” is NOT scriptural . . . God helps those who CALL on HIS NAME in FAITH, so says the Bible. team Trump and his allies 2020.

  8. I not a bit surprised that the Dems hate Christmas. After all, they got Muslims like Tlaib and Omar in their party, so go figure!!!!!

  9. Nowhere in the bible does it say “God helps those who help themselves”.
    There is no verse in the bible that could be taken to mean that.
    Too many people pretend to know scripture while never studying it.
    I had a friend once that said he didn’t have to actually read the bible to know what’s in it.
    He said all he has to do is watch channel 11.

  10. That shouldn’t even be a question. Of course democrats hate Christians and have done so for at least 50 years. They also hate any form of decency, family values, precious innocent babies and anything to do with God. The way they acted in loony Virginia is exactly how they act always in their private lives. Simply put, if you vote for any democrat, you are voting for pure evil.

  11. In 2012 in open and broadcast Convention the Democratic Party became the Demoncrat Party by Denying God Three Times.
    so this is nothing new but the continuation of a policy with an identifiable adoption date.
    Commentary: People have noted and questioned the increasingly bizarre and irrational behavior of Demoncrats, particularly those in leadership positions. those familiar with the implications and consequences of a biblical Level Curse understand what is happening and how it plays out. By Denying God three Times the Demoncrats set themselves on a path to destruction that can only be turned aside by reversing the actions taken in 2012 in the same fashion in which they called down the curse upon themselves. I don’t see this happening any time in the foreseeable future.
    In the meantime, the Demoncrats [est. 2012] will continue on their path to self destruction until the party is ripped to shreds and reduced to a handful of third parties of ever diminishing power and influence.
    Veritas Vincit

  12. After reading all the comments here today, I am certain God will intervene in the Elections in Nov. 2020
    President Trump is one of the Christians who is fighting to reverse Roe vs. Wade and stop the Murder of
    millions of babies. This is evil and if the Democrats win this coming Election in 2020, the evil will become
    increasingly worse than it is now, Christians will be punished and the Democrats will never Allow the ending
    of The Murder of Millions More Babies even after they are born, if you do not want to raise this baby, Law
    says you can kill this baby even after 9 full months and full Birth, OH,,,, TRY TO IMAGINE THE WRATH OF GOD THEN. Now he will have to intercede and do Punishments we have never heard of. Pray daily he
    intervenes before we are doomed.

  13. After reading all the comments here today, I am certain God will intervene in the Elections in Nov. 2020
    President Trump is one of the Christians who is fighting to reverse Roe vs. Wade and stop the Murder of
    millions of babies. This is evil and if the Democrats win this coming Election in 2020, the evil will become
    increasingly worse than it is now, Christians will be punished and the Democrats will never Allow the ending
    of The Murder of Millions More Babies even after they are born, if you do not want to raise this baby, Law
    says you can kill this baby even after 9 full months and full Birth, OH,,,, TRY TO IMAGINE THE WRATH OF GOD THEN. Now he will have to intercede and do Punishments we have never heard of. Pray daily he
    intervenes before we are doomed.


  15. Michael, if we could help ourselves we would have no need of God. NO ONE can help themselves. We all need God in our life. It is God who helps us to do everything we do.

  16. Of course dems hate Christians. They threw God out and satan controls their party. They have only lies an hate, both of which God forbids. Any Christian who has anything to do with the dem party is either very confused or a CINO. No Christian should be voting dem.

  17. They hate EVERYTHING they perceive to be normal. They’d get rid of vanilla ice cream if they could. The time to stop them was 30 years ago. It’s probably too late now.

  18. Unfortunately, Republicans are also pro-abortion, because of the family cap in the state’s welfare reform (a provision where welfare payments are not increased for more babies born to welfare mothers), which passed twenty-five years ago.

  19. Ahhh, some Democrats got their feelings hurt because a Pastor recited a prayer that contained their inconvenient “TRUTH”, that exposed what the one true GOD thinks of their actions that go against His teachings, precepts, and mandates. They should quit worrying about their feelings and start worrying about their immortal souls, which GOD’s judgement can and will change, as the Holy Bible constantly warns us that we should not only love our GOD, but also fear Him and His wrath. You can’t fear something that you don’t believe in, can you! Our time on this Earth is very short, and those Democrats that complained are already more than half way through their lives, and judgement for them is getting nearer and nearer.

  20. Think back … today’s democratic and liberal leftist brainwashing began a long time ago when democrats, teachers (who are notoriously left extremists) and atheists took God out of our schools. Now we have adults as well as children who have been denied learning about love, respect and tolerance. Democrats exhibit the la k of these traits. The are soulless and morally bankrupt. I do not see any need to listen to their drivel or vote for any of them.

  21. I substitute teach in grades K-12 and I am in an elementary (K-2) classroom with kids who have frequent meltdown episodes. That is what the Democrats act like as well!

  22. Fluffy pillow: There is only one God, but if God can not be divided against himself lest he would fall. Men choose who they will serve. I serve the One Living God of the Bible, adding nothing and taking nothing away.
    There are many false gods, little g.

  23. It’s interesting that “Democrats hate Christians” when a substantial majority of Democrats ARE Christians.

  24. I know numerous Christians and Christian pastors and bishops who were once very active and stalwart Democrats. Like Ronald Reagan, they said, “I did not leave the Democrat Party. The Democrat Party left me.”

    Christians must remain strong and be followers of Christ, Who is the Word. God is working on the hearts and minds of those who will listen.

  25. That the Democratic Party hates Christians goes without saying, given its support over the last several decades for abortion, overwhelming tolerance for homosexuality, promotion of the LGBTQI agenda, and its support–for almost a full century, if not longer–for welfare programs that encourage their target voter blocs, such as blacks, Hispanics, feminists, sluttish women, and, now, illegal immigrants, to develop their wishbone, rather than their backbone, to vote Democratic–meaning, of course, that government welfare, in addition to being an unconstitutional practice–there is no provision for it anywhere in the document that is the basis for our political system, as the simplest perusal of it will attest–is also nothing more than legalized bribery, rather than leaving all manner of charitable work to the private sector, as the Bible states.

  26. James, there is no separation of church and state. You believe in something that our founding fathers did not. The only mention of it was in a private letter. Our founding fathers attended church services in the Capitol Building, required Bibles in schools, and installed Chaplains in the military. They were Christians who left us a nation based on their Christian principles, one of which is our freedom to worship God when and where we want. NO, that prayer was not inappropriate. You can believe something all you want, but denying the truth is very foolish

  27. the other tom…really???? dems are Christians???? They sure have us fooled. The dem party threw God out and satan controls the party. They have only hate and lies, which is of satan. God forbids homosexuality and murdering babies, and He created TWO genders…male and female. If any Christian is voting dem they are either very uniformed of the truth or a CINO. Guess you don’t know what a Christian is. A Christian is someone who has come to Jesus and repented and accepted Him as their Savior and follow His teachings. The dem party wants nothing to do with the truth He tells us

  28. Allen, you are right on. The dem party is far from the party of JFK. JFK would not be allowed in the dem party today, nor would he want to be

  29. Not just JFK…FDR, Truman, Carter, Clinton…hell, many of them have even turned their backs on OBAMA!!! Today, Obama is seen as too conservative by many Democrats….that tells you all you need to know about the current Democrat party. If you put Obama’s record on trial, they’d rank him an utter failure, because he killed so many terrorists, and because he deported so many immigrants. Today’s liberals are a joke. They are no longer even fit to be on the fringes, much less to wield any actual power.

  30. All U.S. currency (paper & coins) are embossed with our forefathers’ mandate: “IN GOD WE TRUST.”

    Notwithstanding the Democrats’ subterfuge, our nation was founded upon Judeo-Christian principles. In God.

    The “apostosy” is defined as the falling away from God which is prophesied. Further, the recognition by President Trump of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, and the establishment of an American consulate there also fulfills biblical prophecies. (The return — the Jubilee.)

    Perhaps, a blessing in disguise that the Democrats have been finally unmasked and revealed for their true character. No morality, no God, no integrity.

    Lies. Similarly, the twisting of truth by the serpent to Eve in the Garden of Eden.

    unGodliness is the pursuit of consumerism, self-righteousness, judgment, selfishness. Tragically, the Democrats.

  31. “Upon my arrival in America the religious aspect of the country was the first thing that struck my attention. In France I had seen the spirit of religion and the spirit of freedom marching in opposite directions. But in America I found they were intimately united and that they reigned in common over the same country. The American citizen cannot imagine the one without the other. Despotism may govern without faith, but Liberty cannot. There is no country in the world where the Christian religion retains a greater influence over the souls of men than in America, and there can be no greater proof of its utility and of its conformity to human nature than that its influence is powerfully felt of the most enlightened and free nation on the earth.” — Alexis de Tocqueville: Democracy in America

    That there is a separation of church ans state clause is a myth perpetrated by leftists/communists. If the First Amendment was meant to be like the left wants it to be today, the Constitution would never have been ratified by the people.

  32. There is a reason that so many Muslims were allowed to come to the US when Obama was President. Obama deported more than 2.8 million people who were here illegally – most coming from Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador. Those people are predominantly Catholic or of other Christian denominations. Under Obama, a record number of Muslims were allowed in the US. Granted, the ones deported were here illegally and we must stop it. But, I do find it more than curious the allowance for the Muslims. The same number of immigrants could have been allowed in at our southern border, with the avenue open to become citizens. Is it because one group are Christians and the other Muslims?

  33. Michael Javick asks, “Do you get as offended when the Muslims pray there too?” Most violations of church-state separation are not coming from Muslims, but from Christians pushing their religion on others where it doesn’t belong: Christian prayers in the public schools; Christian prayers before city council meetings; theistic expressions like “In God We Trust” on coins and currency; theistic expressions like “one nation under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance, etc.

    We’re NOT talking about radical Islam and beheadings, but about Muslim Americans and persons merely mistakenly perceived to be Muslim (e.g., Sikhs, Hindus, Bahai’s and Buddhists) facing discrimination here in the United States.

    The Department of Justice noted that it has investigated over a thousand hate crimes and other acts of discrimination against faith groups since September 11th, 2001. This disturbing trend correlates to a steady rise in crimes committed against Muslims and those perceived to be Muslim. The real 2014 total of anti-Muslim hate crimes could be as many as six thousand or more.

    In February 2016, a still-unidentified suspect broke into a Minneapolis mosque and vandalized it. Earlier, a Spokane, Wash., man broke into a local Sikh gurdwara and caused $35,000 worth of damage; he told police he believed he had discovered a mosque affiliated with ISIS. And a Buddhist monk was attacked in Oregon after a man mistook him for a Muslim.

    The Lincoln County Commission in North Carolina Chair Carrol Mitchem told local news outlets in 2015 that he has no intention of allowing any non-Christians to offer invocations before commission meetings because Christians constitute a majority in the United States. “I don’t need no Arab or Muslim or whoever telling me what to do or us here in the county what to do about praying,” Mitchem said. “If they don’t like it, stay the hell away.”

    That is what religious discrimination actually looks like.

    It’s a far cry from asking bakers to obey public accommodation laws.

  34. Yes, Democrats, with some exceptions, are anti-Christian. They are also godless, ruthless, and morally corrupt. Remember, in their 2012 convention they removed God from their platform, and were forced to reverse themselves.

  35. So since Democrats are without question not Christians, the proper step is to see that all of them are ousted from the churches they currently belong to, whatever the denomination. Otherwise their presence might contaminate the purity of the religious body they belong to. The Constitution prohibits any religious test for politics, but now it seems we’re headed in the direction of a political test for religion: if you aren’t a Republican you can’t be a member of a Christian church.

  36. Mr. Whitehead, the family cap is an attempt to encourage moral responsibility not abortion. This whole idea of “my body, my choice” is ridiculous. Most women make a decision to have sex. That is their choice. Living with the consequences of that choice and every other choice you make is called being an adult. Before you drag out the rape scenario, let me ask this question: what does killing the baby conceived in rape do for the mother? Does it make the rape go away as if it never happened? Do abortion clinics provide counseling for the rape victim to help her deal with the crime that was committed against her? The welfare system has enslaved people since its inception. This is not just my opinion, it is the opinion of black conservatives who know that playing the victim won’t get anyone anywhere.

  37. Shame on the RINO who is supposed to be a Republican for bashing Reverend instead of the Dem-Rats and their Dem-Wit voters after what they are trying to do in VA to take away the 2nd Amendment! Maybe if Del Matt Fariss had been stronger in campaigning as a Republican and denouncing the Dem-Rats, the GOP would have held on to the State Legislature in VA in the last election! Murti is a typical leftist Dem-Wit but it is RINOs like Del Matt Fariss and Sen Willard Mitt Romney who really hurt the GOP cause in my childhood State in the last election!
    Admittedly, VA is paying for the Karma of the Civil War as it took land from DC right before the Civil War that is now the abode of militant Dem-Rat government workers who now vote in VA instead of DC where they belong! Republicans as the Party of murdered, 1st, GOP Pres. Abraham Lincoln should have given back that territory to DC years ago to undo the Civil War! The VA counties that can, should go back to faithfully GOP West Virginia!

  38. What is the intent of the prayer? Was it an earnest plea for God’s blessing, wisdom, direction and help for a group of people coming together for a purpose? Should prayers be lengthy and of controversial nature or words to invoke spiritual unity and earnest appeal? Our prayers should be brief in a business atmosphere, but a prolonged, fervent prayer is made with those of similar faith. Christian values do make unethical people feel uncomfortable. This nation was founded on Christian principles, and every president has given tribute to Jehovah God and Biblical standards. Check out the historical speeches of our presidents. Thank God, that President Trump has tried to restore America. None of us want to be judged on our past, for when we have received Jesus, we have become a changed person. We aren’t perfect, just saved by God’s grace with the hope of becoming a better person, by the knowledge of the Bible.

  39. Mathew 5:10-12. “Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness sake, for theirs is the
    Kingdom of heaven. Blessed are you when they revile and persecute you, and say all kinds of evil
    Against you falsely for My sake. Rejoice and be exceedingly glad, for great is your reward in heaven,
    For they persecuted the prophets who were before you. “
    If you lie the truth is not inside you.
    The truth will flee.
    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

  40. Democrats hate Christians, anti-gun, support killing babies, do not believe in free speech, do not believe marriage is just between a man and a woman and think perverts should have special rights.

    Democrats do not sound like Americans to me.

  41. Some of you have left God totally out of your lives and the true lives of us Americans. Marriage is one man and one female, not a made-up man nor a made-up female. This will always stand as God’s word and you nor anyone else can change God’s mind. It is written You can neither add to His Word nor take it away. Knee’s service to God is what you all need most.

  42. The concept of Christianity and Republicans together is so bizarre that no one could even envision it Republicans are hypocrites frauds selfish self self destructive pigs
    basically they have Nothing to do with Christianity

  43. The founding fathers whose devout Christian principals were the framework of our once cherished government, have assuredly been disturbed


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