The coronavirus disrupted government school brainwashing in this unexpected way


The coronavirus has reshaped the country in many alarming ways.

One unforeseen area greatly affected by the pandemic has been education.

And the coronavirus disrupted government school brainwashing in this unexpected way.

One eye-opening consequence of COVID-19 has been the rise of homeschooling.

With pro-lockdown politicians keeping schools shut down and online learning seeming to be a complete failure (when not used as a supplemental tool), parents have been giving homeschooling a second look.

The practice of homeschooling has been stigmatized for decades; a writer for The Atlantic crudely summarized the homeschooling demographic as “Christians and hippies,” but that’s gradually changing.

The fascinating thing is that people are rejecting lockdown-era government schools for different reasons.

So-called “progressives” don’t like it because it widens the achievement gap between families with money and reliable Internet access, and those without it.

Conservatives don’t like it because they’ve been able to see firsthand through Zoom sessions just how radical and far-left the curriculum has become.

And people Left, Right, Center, and apolitical hate the fact that online lessons have done a terrible job of holding their children’s attention.

Government schools aren’t doing themselves any favors by making insane demands.

Teachers unions got way over their skis by calling for an end to charter schools and private schools and divestment from police departments.

They’re giving parents yet another reason not to send their kids back to government schools.

From The Atlantic:

“Rob and Jen Snyder, who oversee LEAH, a Christian organization that says it is the largest homeschooling group in New York, told me that they’ve gotten a huge surge in interest, building on last summer’s exodus from schools after the state repealed a religious exemption to vaccine requirements. While parents have been asking how to homeschool their children so that they can stay on track with traditional school, ‘there is no going back to normal,’ Rob Snyder said. He believes that the pandemic will permanently reshape how parents think about school.”

The pandemic has been an eye-opener for many parents who nonchalantly went along with the rhetoric of the Left and the teachers unions.

But COVID-19 has truly put things in perspective.

If there were ever a time for conservatives to push for homeschooling and school vouchers, now is it.

Suddenly, the idea of parents getting money to educate their kids however they see fit doesn’t sound like such a crazy idea.

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