The Christian Cake Baker is under attack again for refusing this outrageous cake


After the Supreme Court ruled in favor of Masterpiece Cakeshop, leftists threw a hissy fit.

They just couldn’t bear the thought of someone “getting away” with freedom of religion.

And what they’re forcing a Christian couple to do now will make you want to hit the punching bag.

Jack Phillips, the owner of Masterpiece Cakeshop, has become a household name due to the iconic Supreme Court case over a homosexual wedding cake.

Now he’s under attack again.

This time, a “transgender” is insisting he bake a cake that is blue on the outside and pink on the inside celebrating his so-called “gender reassignment surgery.”

The “transgender” filed a complaint with the Colorado state government when Jack refused to bake it.

The state of Colorado took action by throwing discrimination violations against him.

Now he’s suing because his religious freedom was infringed upon.

ABC7 Reports:

Lawyers for Jack Phillips, owner of Masterpiece Cakeshop in suburban Denver, are suing to try to stop the state from taking action against him over the new discrimination allegation. They say the state is treating Phillips with hostility because of his Christian faith and pressing a complaint that they call an “obvious setup.”

State officials argued for the case to be dismissed, but the judge said he was inclined to let the case move forward and would issue a written ruling later.

The Colorado Civil Rights Commission said Phillips discriminated against Denver attorney Autumn Scardina because she’s transgender. Phillips’ shop refused to make a cake last year that was blue on the outside and pink on the inside after Scardina revealed she wanted it to celebrate her transition from male to female.

She asked for the cake on the same day the U.S. Supreme Court announced it would consider Phillips’ appeal of the previous commission ruling against him. In that 2012 case, he refused to make a wedding cake for same-sex couple Charlie Craig and Dave Mullins.

The Supreme Court ruled in June that the Colorado commission showed anti-religious bias when it sanctioned Phillips for refusing to make the cake, voting 7-2 that it violated Phillips’ First Amendment rights.

State governments like Colorado just can’t bear the thought of people making their own moral decisions.

They live for shoving their own ideas of so-called “tolerance” down others’ throats, regardless of who stands in their way.

And their favorite punching bag are Christian business owners just trying to live their faith.

Should Jack Phillips be forced to bake a transgender cake? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below


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  2. This is still a free country. That includes the freedom to do what you want to your body. This is YOUR freedom. No one should be forced to condone to
    Agree with you or celebrate it with you. The other freedom in this case is freedom of religion. No one should be forced to go against ones religious beliefs. I am sure this wasn’t the only baker around that could make a cake for this transgender. She-he has the freedom to look elsewhere. Isn’t freedom great.

  3. LGBTQ is nothing more than a radical extremist movement. They harass decent God-fearing Christian Americans, business owners, and they threaten their livelihoods. With their supporters in the democrat party, media, and Hollywood, they have become a force in this nation to be reckoned with, and must be confronted and their power diminished. This case involving a trans-sexual, and Colorado’s anti-Christian bias, will regrettably once again cause havoc in the life of Jack Phillips, and eventually end up in the Supreme Court.

  4. Nope….not a punching bag……them for pushing their personal BS on others. You want a specific cake bake it yourself. He has no obligation…..and Colorado needs to stay out of it, period.

  5. They are purposely visiting this man’s shop to cause problems. Not because they really want the bloody cake. And considering the nature of the cake design, this anti-First Amendment and religious freedom terrorist could have ordered the cake without telling the shop keeper what it was to celebrate.

    But, this was a desired conflict. This baked has been embattled prior to this. If this story hasn’t been fabricated from whole cloth, then I guess he’s doomed. These human satans shall be after him, like a best of disturbed hornets.

  6. This baker should be allowed to refuse anyone he wants too. It should be his choice what cakes he bakes and these idiots should not be allowed to complain.

  7. I think in cases like this the suing person should have to pay all the legal fees no matter who wins the case! That just might stop some of this un-Constitutional stupidity!

  8. It appears that the suits are anti-religious in nature. In light of the SCOTUS decision in the similar case it is obvious that harassment is the purpose of the suits. It is my opinion that in such cases, the harassing party should be made to pay ALL court costs.

  9. We really need another stupid ruling from some half baked Judge concerning the rights of people who want to FORCE others to unconditionally do something that is against their moral and/or religious beliefs. It’s enough that people are no longer burned at the stake like they used to be for unconventional behavior, but to insist that all others must participate in those choices is beyond all sane thinking. Coming from a state like Colorado where “Pot” is now legal, one has to wonder what the hell is going on? Are the judges smoking that crap? What is going to happen in other states where it becomes legal? Will people be obligated to start using it so the greedy government can rake in more tax dollars? The cost of dealing with the results will soon outweigh any influx of revenue and then reversing the problem will become near impossible. Any Judge allowing these cases should be removed as their decisions are not based on the Constitution but on policies that actually restrict freedom from holding beliefs established and accepted by our Founders.

  10. Is there only one baker in the state, city, county? And can this trans person not bake a cake either? Or one of her pal trans persons? This is utterly ridiculous and I am sick of these sickos forcing their personal choices down anyone else’s throats when their personal beliefs are against these trans, etc. choices. We ALL have rights and one should be to not be forced to associate, provide services, or approve and condone in any way what these trans or homosexuals decide is their life style.

    Keep it to yourself and stay out of the women’s bathrooms trans too. That is stepping on the rights of women in case anyone missed it and I expect to see that in SC too. A true pediphile opportunity and it has happened since Bozo pushed it through.

    Apparently the perversions of these folks can not be left to their own groups. They keep insisting EVERYONE approve, accept and live with their deviated agenda as they do. Sorry, let this stupidity go up the ladder and hopefully this will not be forced on anyone not of their deviated agenda. WE have right too.

  11. What needs to happen is they need to put all of this nonsense on trial.

    Let me explain: there is no scientific proof that homosexuals are born homosexual. There is no scientific proof that transgender people are born transgender. Why is this important you might ask?

    When we created the civil rights movement in this country, they listed five things that you cannot be discriminated against for being: race, creed, color, national and ethnic origin. Let’s take number two first. Creed the supreme court ruled more than 100 years ago now, Is defined as “One’s stated or asserted set of religious beliefs“. So see? The supreme court actually defended religious freedom a long time ago.

    The other four categories: race, color, national and ethnic origin, are all things that we can scientifically prove through one type of examination of a person or other, that they were born as. We could do a DNA test of you – a blind test where we don’t put your name on the test tube sample or anything – And a DNA test will come back telling us what race you were born into or if you were a mixture. It would tell us what your skin color was. A simple look into your background could tell us what your national and or ethnic origin was.

    These are all things that we can prove about you, and we can irrefutably prove them. There is no test that would tell us that you were born homosexual. There is no test that would tell us that you were born “transgendered“.

    Now, there are tests that would tell us whether or not you were born a hermaphrodite. But that is different that is a genetic defect. We can pick up that genetic defect by a DNA test. Or, we may even be able to pick up that genetic defect by physical examination of the person. If a person is born with parts of both male and female genitalia, that person is a hermaphrodite. We could understand that person wanting to have a surgery to turn that person into one or the other, either male or female.

    But this: “I think I am“ nonsense is simply that, nonsense.

    The reason that “sex“ was not originally added to the 1964 civil rights act was because we had a military draft at the time. See, back then our congressmen and our senators were smarter people than they are now. They actually did their best to try and think and consider what the possible outcomes of a law that they passed could possibly be. Back then they realized that if they added sex to the law, men would be able to use the fact that women were not drafted to get out of the draft. Men would be able to say that it was a violation of the equal protection clause. And they did not want men to be evading the draft.

    On top of that, the women’s movement had not really picked up full steam yet. The Congress would add “sex“ to the 1964 civil rights act in 1971. And Congress was also working at the time to put an end to the draft. Which they would do I believe the following year.

    All of those five categories, as I have shown, are things that you cannot help being (with the exception of Creed). Those other things, those 4, Are all traits that we can scientifically prove that you have. No one should ever be allowed to discriminate against someone for something they cannot help being.

    When we can prove scientifically that you were born homosexual or when we can prove scientifically that you were born transgendered, then and only then should those categories be added to the 1964 list.

    Until we can scientifically prove that you were born that way, we should consider those things in the same way that we consider tattoos. In a sense, having sex change surgery Is like getting a tattoo. It is a process to alter your outer appearance. If I own a business, I am free to decide that I do not want to hire people with tattoos. You are free to mark yourself up anyway you want. However, I am free to decide that I don’t want someone who would do that to themselves working for me.

    That is how the courts need to be made to look at this, and that is how lawyers arguing the cases need to explain it to the judges.

  12. Oh hell – for heaven’s sake – it’s just a cake. Bake the damn thing and stop causing all this hubbub!!

  13. I just call them “freaks”. However, there’s no such thing as “gender”. (A ship is not really a “she”.) It’s purely an artificial intellectual construct. There’s only male, female and, in very rare cases, hermaphrodite. All else is bovine scatology.

  14. This man and his family certainly should not have to tolerate this kind of absurd treatment from any source. That cowardly judge should have refused to consider any such accusation knowing full well the source of the complaint. Anyone who would stoop to bring such a complaint should be fined for interfering with the baker’s legitimate pursuit and for causing undue suffering. To censor the judge in this case seems appropriate too.

  15. Next this trans will be suing a men’s store for not selling women clothes. Judges need to use common sense and understand, there is the right of personal or moral decision to just say no. The public or an individual has no right to dictate what a personal business will or will not sell or make. If this judge is so inflexible on such matters he should rule on all businesses that refuse to sell or make any item related to their product line.

  16. Yeah if you are on a phone. A PC does not do auto correct. phones do auto correct and not always correctly. It was a typo, get over it. You knew what he meant.

  17. When a transgender decides to make a bible cake for a religious person, I’d consider it but I’m guessing that will never happen so…. I think this time around, the baker was targeted and the government is trying to get their foot in the door of churches to say what we can and cannot teach.

  18. When a transgender decides to make a bible cake for a religious person, I’d consider it but I’m guessing that will never happen so…. I think this time around, the baker was targeted and the government is trying to get their foot in the door of churches to say what we can and cannot teach.

  19. I agree He should not be forced to bake a cake for this individual because it represents beliefs that are against his Christians believes

  20. Having your sexual organs removed, or modified by chemicals doesn’t change whether you are male or female anymore that putting on makeup makes a man a woman, or wearing a jockstrap makes a woman a man. In spite of what many would like to think.

  21. All of you folks are so foolish – I’ve never seen such absurdity. What ever happened to “live and let live”? This christian and bible stuff is just all “made up fairy tales” anyway. Every culture down through the ages wanted to have something to “worship” so they all “created” some god or god-like creature. Then they had something to praise or blame for everything that happened. All this stuff is just something we do or don’t do to or for ourselves. There is no god or supreme being after all. There is no such thing as prayer – it’s just talking to your self. There is no scientific proof that some being exists out there. There is no scientific proof that “prayer” does anything either. So just get off your high horses and come down to reality!!!

  22. What every Christian in business, baker or otherwise, needs to do is have a list of what they will do (a book with photos would be excellent) and ONLY do what is listed for EVERYONE. That way, there is no way they can be accused of any kind of discrimination.

  23. Nancy…you are very ignorant. You will know the moment you die that God is very real. But you can know that now. Study His word, the Bible. It is the truth. You have no concept of who God is because you have rejected Him. That is on you. Satan has you very brainwashed. It is you who needs to come down to reality. Prayer is how we communicate with God. You have no concept of what prayer is because you have rejected God. ALL who come to Jesus and repent and accept Him as their Savior KNOW that He is there for them. You can know that, too. Jesus loves you so much that He came and defeated satan and sin so that YOU can join Him in Heaven. You have the choice to follow Jesus to Heaven or satan to he!!. Only YOU can decide where you will spend eternity. Jesus is waiting for you to come to Him. It costs nothing. He paid it all on the cross. As for science, God gave us science to study His wondrous creation. There are many mentions of science in the Bible. Science is proving the truth of the Bible. There is proof for God’s existence everywhere. You have just decided to ignore it.

  24. Nancy…it is you who is very foolish. You believe that the universe and life on earth just suddenly came into being all by itself, which is absurd. You deny that it was created by God, yet believe the impossible. You have no concept of the truth or reality. sad

  25. SD…you are right on. God created two genders…male and female. And He forbids homosexuality. He tells us to hate sin, so we do not have to accept their perversion. I will never accept what they are doing. I simply do not have to. Ant that makes them livid.

  26. Nancy…yet you deny God and that is fine with you. You have no clue what is going on. Funny you should use the word “hell”. You have been very brainwashed by satan and that is where you will follow him to if you deny the great love that Jesus has for you

  27. Don…I thought the same thing. I want to punch them. They demand that we accept their sick perversion, which we do not have to do.

  28. Colorado you are high from all the potnyou been smoking. It is his business do you pay his taxes. Do you pay his bills. Then tranny Autumn, go away find a tranny bakery

  29. Boy you are a judgmental one. Pull your head out of your ass. Since when is it your right to callChristianoty foolish. I am a Jew, just to be clear. I hope you enjoy your time in candy land.

  30. Oh hell – for heaven’s sake – it’s just a cake. Have another baker bake the damn thing and stop causing all this hubbub!!

  31. This is just absolutely ridiculous!
    God’s wrath will soon come down on all of these fruitcakes! Everyone in Colorado has gone bonkers from all of that Pot They have been inhaling.

  32. Another reason to embrace republican thinking…..democrats generally support the crazies while republicans maintain common sense.

    Follow the leader. He has been right on target on these things!


  33. The fact they made the “request” on the very day it was announced they could loose in the other action against the baker over his religious beliefs and they made a POINT of stating what the cake was for when it was not required if they just wanted to get a cake with those colors for their own personal celebration as well as the PROFESSION (“Denver attorney”) of the MAN accusing him of discrimination makes it clear they did it on purpose JUST TO TARGET the baker over his religious beliefs.

  34. Where are all of our religious organizations, churches, priests, etc., and why are they not at the forefront of this and supporting this man completely with legal and moral help?

  35. bj – you don’t know anything about me, yet you think you know it all. You don’t know my background or where I come from. All this bible stuff and Christian teachings have been thrown at me for so many years that I finally decided to investigate it for myself. I’ve seen what the bible has done to so many lives. So many lies and on and on. There is no god or satan either. So just take your self-righteous indignation and leave me alone. I am entitled to my opinion and beliefs too!! You have no knowledge of science either. There is no evidence that your beliefs are any better than muslim, buhdda of any other beliefs. There is no reason to believe that christian theology is any better or more true than any other. You need to peddle your lies elsewhere!!

  36. Science says that evolution is where the universe and life came about. You are indeed the sad one – believing that some spiritual being somehow created the universe and life. That is foolish indeed!!

  37. Nope – you are wrong again. There is no hell or fire and fury indeed!! How crazy can you get??? Simply made up stuff to keep folks in line – keep the peasants from revolting!!

  38. so true , Eleanor. Colorado has become another cess pool swamp that our legally and duly elected President is trying to drain. We the People!!

  39. Amen, Bob and all!!We the people MUST stand up to these sick terrorists queers on the grass root level. That means shouting them down when they start their insane rants, dealing with them coming into our schools to warp our children, by dealing harshly with the school administrators who encourage the pollution of our children, answering every insult they hurl @ our free religion, etc.

  40. this is so sad to see satan taking over our world forcing his gay movement and homosexuals on christains. just say no.. for better to not have to answer to God in heaven for agreeing with this abominations

  41. Unbelievable. These people won’t let go. The baker has the right to charge whatever fee he wants so if they want these ridiculous cakes, make the pay. He should charge, up front, say, $3000 for the cake. If they don’t like the price, then let them go elsewhere. It’s a free market, select the bakery you want fella?

  42. My brothers and sisters,

    I have an idea what we can do to stop this breaking of the constitution, expression of religious freedom. We need to send people by the thousands to protest at the Colorado state government with signs of do not tread on our rights to believe in God as we choose to as written in the Bill of Rights. Unfortunately I personally am home bound but this is a suggestion for the people. It must be clearly communicated to the authorities that We The People is real.

  43. Lots of folks swear and use the word hell. It simply is not referring to any thing – above or below. And you know that is true. You have been very brainwashed by the so-called Christians!! I feel very sorry for you bj, whoever you are!!

  44. We certainly must NOT obey god – or any god for that matter. Who made all these silly rules anyway??? You are just reading from something that has been written and rewritten over time. It has been changed and made to fit the times it was written. It has no bearing on today. And if you are referring to the bible, it is merely a collection of stories about Jewish history, nothing more!!

  45. Your god simply does not forbid homosexuality. That’s just another stupid thing that you are reading into old bible stories.

  46. I suppose you haven’t considered what effect your support of this baker person would likely have on all other businesses. How would you like it if some business stated they would not sell to christians? No cake for you, jesus supporter!! No chairs for you, christian woman!! No suits for you, jesus man!! See how that goes? Put your thinking hats on now folks and tell me how you would like that!!

  47. Well J.C., I think you are perfectly able to look up evolution on your own. That’s all the proof I need. You can believe it or not, same as I don’t believe there is any long haired granddaddy somewhere in the sky!!

  48. Evolution is still just a theory, not proof, it does have support! Again where is your PROOF?
    I find it interesting how a socalled rational person can be threatened by people believing in something you claim does not exist! I have a question, can you offer proof that God does not exist? If no, take your own advice, live and let live!

  49. This is not about transgender nor a cake. It is about destroying a Christian business in the ongoing war to destroying the Christian religion around the world. And Christians need to fight for their religion. I don’t mean just praying to Our Lord to help. He shouldn’t have to do it alone. Each and everyone of us claiming to be a Christian needs to show how to live a Christian life. When you are out in public do not be afraid of showing that you are a Christian. In a restaurant say your blessing and thank the Lord and if other around you don’t like that it is they who have the problem. United we stand but separated we will fall. Yes there have been bad scandals in not only the Catholic church but in other churches also. We need to confess these sins and ask for forgiveness and move forward teaching and evangelizing to bring more individuals into the Christian religion.

  50. Nancy, I have just reviewed your comments about God and the Bible and evolution. Your formula about the beginning of creation should read: Nothing times Nobody equals Everything. I will pray for you and your future.

  51. This doesn’t make me want to hit a punching bag, it makes me want to smash my fist into their faces! I know that would not be Christian of me but how much more of their crap (please excuse the term) do we have to take? We have LAWS people and a Constitution that guarantee our right to practice our religion.

  52. And there you have it – just follow what trumpy said. He advocates the same act of violence you just now espoused!! Of course you say it would not be the christian thing to do, but you nevertheless wrote it down for all to see. You no longer can hide your true feeling nor the act of violence you would do!!

  53. Your foolishness is beyond comprehension. Pray all you want – it won’t affect me one iota as there is absolutely no one on the other end of your silly prayers.

  54. Anyone can believe or not believe whatever they want about the existence of God. No one has the right to force anyone else what they can or cannot do and/or believe. If you don’t believe in God or are queer or think you are not the gender you want to be, Go ahead and live your life that way. But don’t expect the rest of the world to cater to whatever insanity revolves around your brain. If you want a purple and green cake from a baker, simply ask for a purple and green cake. But if you are compelled to say it’s to celebrate your “transition” to the opposite sex, and it offends the baker, he can refuse, BECAUSE HE ALSO HAS THE RIGHT TO BE OFFENDED. YOU DON’T HAVE A LOCK ON BEING OFFENDED. THAT RIGHT IS NOT RESTRICTED TO THOSE WHO ARE OFFENDED BY CHRISTIANITY, WHITE MEN, CONSERVATIVES, CLIMATE CHANGE DENIERS, ETC. Believe it or not, the Constitution applies to us all, AND THE BILL OF RIGHTS WAS WRITTEN TO PROTECT WE THE PEOPLE FROM THE GOVERNMENT, NOT FROM EACH OTHER. WE ALL HAVE THE RIGHT TO PRACTICE OUR OWN RELIGION. By those terms, the Courts does not have any jurisdiction to force anyone to do anything in opposition to their beliefs for the purpose of satisfying another’s beliefs. If Liberal judges have nullified that right in their decisions, they are in violation of the Constitution and should be removed by whatever means provided by Law.

  55. And Science is always right? For centuries, the conventional wisdom was that the sun revolved around the earth. For years, science referred to the Antarctic Ocean, now we come to find that the Antarctic Ocean has been filled with a continent all along. Oops. All of life share the same basic needs and methods of satisfying them. Breathing, Sight, sound, feeling, reproduction, etc. All a coincidence? Luck of the Draw? Magic? Science? Who created this Science? Even if you believe that rather than God, some ancient alien master race gave us all that, where did they come from? Talk about Foolish, Nancy: Check a nearby mirror.

  56. Unfortunately, those who are plaintiffs may not have the money for finance a legit lawsuit or not recover enough money to even cover the defendant’s legal fees. The English system, having the loser pay the other’s legal fees, seems the best to me.

  57. Unfortunately, those who are plaintiffs may not have the money for finance a legit lawsuit or not recover enough money to even cover the defendant’s legal fees. The English system, having the loser pay the other’s legal fees, seems the best to me.

  58. CRB You are correct… it’s not about the cake as there are other bakers in Colorado, it’s about the LGBT forcing their views upon someone who happens to be a Christian…..People need to boycott visiting Colorado
    it’s a beautiful states with ignorant legislature….. Any business has the right to refuse service to anyone…..
    Why don’t the LGBT find another baker and be done with it……. i will never agree or condone their lifestyle, but it is their life and they can live it they want they want… they don’t answer to me, but they will answer to GOD…..

  59. I note that no one has responded to my comments about the violence that trumpy promotes. Why is that? MJ Heise – You are the one that wrote you would like to smash your fist into someone’s face. Let’s see you back out of this one.

  60. If these kind of hideous law suits aren’t stopped once and for all, There will continue to be one after the other until the baker is put out of business. I think that in reality, no one wants the cake in question, It is about trampling on someone else’s rights and any money that may be attached to this kind of suit. There are plenty who would be willing to make the cake but that wouldn’t fit their narrative. Take a look at the seriousness of this. God will and has destroyed people, even cities who have dared to try to force exactly this kind of evil on His people. We who believe, must take a stand or be destroyed along with the Godless. God will accept NO less. Thank you Eleanor.

  61. It is my belief that the transgender, homosexual community, commonly referred to as the Gay Community, has been and is going all out to make the other 99% of the world change for the 1%. Kind of reminds me of the tail wagging the dog. How can we accept this sudden change in population from a small percentage to what is a growing population of LGBT,what ever it is today, unless some groups are openly trying to brain wash kids into thinking this is correct. It Flat Isn’t. Two males cannot mate no matter how much they butt er up. Two Females cannot mate for the same reasons. They might not like the other sex but more than likely just had a bad experience and never want to go there again. I bet I have seen half a dozen women who hid under the perception of being Lesbian but came out of the hiding closet and got happily married to the correct guy. Men, well anyone that packs fudge you just have to shake your head over.

  62. And they wonder why Christians hate queers. Don’t you dare push your faith on me. MY faith is my freedom, and I promise I won’t push the Lord my God, and my faith in Him on you. I don’t care what you do and who you do it with, as long as I don’t have to see it, or hear about you bragging about it. You make your own bed, you will lay in it, I don’t want to hear about it, and will not be forced to watch, that is your sin, and you will pay for your sins, as I will pay for mine. He, the cake baker, should hang a sign on his door, that says, “I reserve the right to refuse service, to any I deem unfit to share in my art.”

  63. I nor anyone else, do not sin. That is another falsehood pushed on me and others by so-called christians. I don’t have any sin nor anything else to pay at my death – well taxes maybe.

  64. Do you mind if I take your statement and pass it around ? I don’t see how anyone could argue with this. Maybe people will wake up and start standing up for themselves. Thanks.

  65. And yet Nancy it is your lefty/communist democrats who commit the violence over everything they do not like. You are as sick and stupid as they are. You are born male or female, and if you decide your oposite it is a mental health issue.

  66. The Baker did not refuse to bake the Transperson a birthday cake. He refused to participate in celebrating a sexual transition. The same way he refused to participate in a same sex wedding. Both cakes violated his personal beliefs.
    The Tansperson knew this would happen before walking into the shop. The Judge knew this before making the ruling. That makes them the Bullies, not the Baker.
    This should go to the Supreme Court, and both of these Bullies should be proven wrong.

  67. Totally agree. Only two genders. A doctor has said that no matter what they do to their bodies or take hormones, they cannot change their DNA. Another doctor has said they have a mental problem. Jack is a target for the liberals agenda.

  68. A lot of stores used to have a sign saying: We have the right to refuse service to anyone. Who has decided you must serve everyone?

  69. It’s strange that we used to have the right to refuse service to anybody. But I guess now we’ve got so political correct that we can’t even do what we want to do as long as you’re not hurting anybody he should have the right to tell them to go get another Baker.

    It seems like they’re just trying to make a political statement so I have to agree with the baker they should have the right to refuse service to anybody

  70. I totally agree! If they want a cake let someone that supports them bake it. I don’t think a God fearing individual should be required to go against their beliefs for someone who is totally against them. Their loyality is to Jesus Christ.

  71. Seems to me that there are two sets of rules, one for the gays and none for Christians. We the People have the right to refuse business to anyone. This is so getting out of hand. If I lived near this baker I would be there by his side as a Christian…..The others are nothing but crybabies, throwing fits because NOT EVERYONE IS LIKE THEM NOR WANTS TO BE. Or two sets of rules for the demo rats, and none for the rest of us. Tolerance works both ways. But, beliefs in our religion is a God Given Right….That’s why we have a constitution. There is so much corruption in our judicial system, and government it is down right pathetic. Dear baker…. place a sign on your door, you have the right to not serve who you choose. It’s like no shirt no shoes, no service. Shame on these dang judges… they are like ambulance chasers.

  72. Christians haves duty to remain true to their beliefs and when forced defend such rediculous demands is insane, we have the absolute right to refuse service to anyone at anytime.

  73. Nancy Alexander
    If all this were to take place in our world as we know it, which it definitely won’t, may I suggest a very large investment in asbestos for you. It may not help, but it certainly won’t hurt.

  74. I’d close the store and send everybody home,,,,,,,,,,,,,, While the P O T watched!! Then turn to the misguided A&&HOLE and say,,,,,,, What do you think of that.. And then turn out the lights leaving the equipment open to rot!! Pay the appropriate fees for the now fired employees and walk away.. This happened to a friend of mine here in Apache Junction, AZ. These 2 garbage humans couldn’t go down the street to their/the shop that caters to their kind ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,”NO” they had to pick on my friend.. I was there when they came in to order the sheet cake.. He didn’t refuse them.. Just told them that it would cost 780.00 to bake the cake on such short notice.. (3 weeks) This included the 40.00 deposit,, refunded able when returning the baseboard.. He finally closed the store and put 9 employees in the unemployment line.. the cake was a full sheet 2 tier..

  75. The cake was to be 60″s X 48″s 2 tier and they wanted it delivered….. Of which the owner didn’t have the capacity to do that.. This is why us straights hate HOMO’s.. This has been (legal action) has been going on now for 3 years.. My friend is now a manager @ a Tom MaCan shoe store..

  76. This is want the leaders of our country has always said about marijuana. If you use it it leads to strong drugs. So if your gay does it lead to trangender, as the next step. It seems that these to things are being used, one to have a law to stop the use, the other to use the law to grow the voters base.

  77. Nancy…God so loved the world that He gave His only Beloved Son that WHOSOEVER believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life!!

  78. doesn’t matter what others want, what matters is the government is taking away our right to make our own decisions. 100 years ago no one would have thought twice about saying no or yes to what they believe in. Government is suppose to be by the people and for the people not to tell us how to live our lives and what choices to make. The trans guy made his choice as did the baker and thats all that matters, case closed. Stop the government from telling us how to live and what THEY think is right and wrong. Enforce the gun laws on the books, protect our american people and let us alone to live as we see fit.

  79. Those of the LGBT group that was suing that baker is just looking for publicity and not have to pay for the costs of suing that baker.
    IF the baker commits suicide then that LGBT group should be changed with Murder for forcing that baker into the point of suicide because they keep suing and suing and suing and they do not seem to be letting up and letting that baker off the hook.
    I really do NOT see them letting that baler off the hook if they think they could push the baker to the point of suicide because of their push to try to make his do their bidding.

  80. He has been cleared by the Supreme Court in a similar issue. It should be dismissed and that state better consider a change in its judgeships. These
    Leftist judges are so wrong and so biased.
    Leave this baked alone. Find another, perhaps a transgender baked who will do this personal choice task. This is still America!!!

  81. I agree. I work off a 5×7. Pad and often the fingers will hit the wrong letter. Think CAN
    was out of line with this snarky comment. You knew what baked was meant to be.
    Drop it. The point was made on the substance
    of the story and the maker’s rights.
    It is a sad day when the minority is trying to rule the majority and traditional. We are not going to turn things over to a small group of people who choose to ignore their birth sex.
    Keep it to yourself.

  82. This is harassment against the baker… he should sue the state of Colorado. If people boycott visiting Colorado they would begin to loose money and stop this nonsense.
    This is about the cake… it is about homosexuality and pushing/demanding people bow down to them… sorry….. i don’t bow down to no one except my Lord Jesus Christ and i kiss no butts…. if one is living their own lives and minding their own business they have no time for nonsense……

  83. Tell the FREAKS to fluke themselves. What kind of a GUTLESS and GULLIBLE system of government would favor a hallucinogenic 0.5% of the general population to rule over the 99.5%????? This is what happens when the most deadly and dangerous word in the lexicon which is “LOVE” is purposefully used and abused and the lame and lazy allow it to occur. Perversion isn’t love. Pampering and pacifying perverts is hate.

  84. If LGBT punks; perverts; and prissy prima donnas can defy the SUPREME COURT, then we can and should simply defy their defiance! What is the point of the SUPREME COURT if lesser and lower courts can defy the SUPREME COURT?

  85. Has ANYONE ever heard of Magnesium Citrate? It’s an ODORLESS, COLORLESS, TASTELESS liquid that doctors order for colonoscopies. It gets the insides going and cleaned out for the procedure. It comes in a 16-oz bottle. One adds a bottle of that to 1 gallon of lemonade, one drinks the gallon of lemonade, and waits for it to begin the cleaning procedure. Simply substitute the bottle of MC for 16 ozs of water called for in the recipe. I would say that the result WILL be hilarious at the reception. Kinda like marijuana brownies. Just wait for the results.

  86. Oh no, you are the one who said “punching bag”. You can’t get out of this one!! You are just like tRumpy – promoting violence!!


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