The Catholic Church is bringing the government to court after what they did during coronavirus


The radical Left saw coronavirus as an opportunity to trample on the rights of those they hate.

Christians were their main target.

But now the Catholic Church is taking the government to court because of one thing they did.

To the radical Left, violent mobs looting and rioting during the coronavirus is perfectly fine.

But attending church is a selfish act that puts the world at risk in their eyes.

New York’s Mayor Bill de Blasio has spent more time attacking Christians and Jews for attending worship services than he has scolded rioters destroying his city.

In fact, de Blasio’s own daughter was arrested at one of the riots, and he still hasn’t been as harsh on rioters as he was to those attending church.

And New York City is far from the only example of left-wing politicians using coronavirus to restrict religious liberty.

In Madison, Wisconsin, things have gotten so bad that the Catholic diocese in the area is going to court with their own government.

The city enacted a plan to re-open the state at the end of last month.

It allows shopping malls, restaurants, and bars to completely re-open with no major restrictions.

But it specifically targets churches, limited the amount of people at one service to 50 people.

So a bar is allowed to hold more people than a church in the area, which is the reason the church rightfully believes they are being discriminated against.

Also, the Mayor in Madison has specifically backed the anti-police protests, making clear that there are no limitations on how many can participate.

The law firm representing the church blasted this decision.

“This treats religious interests unequally and unfairly,” stated law firm Sidney Austin, noting that “hundreds or even thousands” of people could gather for non-religious activities together if the venue were big enough.

“But in no event, not even in the largest synagogue, mosque, church, or temple, and no matter how carefully spaced or protected, shall more than 50 people gather for worship,” the firm continued.

“This unequal and unfair treatment violates the Church’s cherished constitutional freedoms and, more importantly, hobbles unconscionably its pastoral mission.”

It is beyond clear that the city is very specifically targeting Christians.

The Left loves to use God-fearing Americans as punching bags, as Christians often refuse to stand for their deviant agendas.

Do you think churches are essential?

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  2. Yes I think churches are essential. If you don’t want to attend your churches service-don’t but don’t force your views or fears and take away another persons rights.

  3. Well, we’re in the midst of a pandemic, and the only way to stop the spread of the virus is to ban large gatherings, like sporting events. Americans United for Separation of Church and State merely points out the ban on large gatherings should apply equally well to religious as well as secular events. Here in the San Francisco Bay Area, Hindu temples and Sikh gurdwaras are closed down. You’d think all churches would comply!

  4. Another interesting thing about this pandemic. Why don’t we test for the regular flu that killed about 60,000 people either last year or the year before. And that was with a vaccine. I wonder in an average year how many of our population actually get the regular flu that is going round. Somehow I think the numbers would run about the same. As for shutting everything down-how’d that work for people who DIDN’T have covid but had heart issues, cancer and any other health issue. It didn’t. Our children are now behind in school and you will see the result of that in fall. No I don’t buy into CDC nonsense. You don’t trample other peoples rights because you disagree with them. I agree if you have health issues-take precautions. If you are a person who believes natural immunities will keep you safe-that is your right. This won’t be the last time this will be used to scare a nation. Got to say when Fauci started the 5 year nonsense-which timed just right with 8 months of Trump’s Presidency and if he would win another term-4 more years. The timing is too coincidental not to be questioned but YOU may believe what you choose and I willo believe what I choose to.

  5. The left were all saying hate speech against boomers, including saying that boomers should die, and then they were the ones calling the right grandma-killers.

  6. The Fauci-led shutdown and the current protests/riots have all been well-planned. There should have been no shutdown beyond a two-week period at the longest. Fortunately, the economy has seen a decent rebound to date. The Left loves to hate Christians because they are primarily Marxists.

  7. While I’m not really religious, I do SUPPORT THE CHURCHES in their lawsuit against the Left Government that clearly discriminated against them. Churches DO PROVIDE ESSENTIAL SERVICES for the majority of AMERICAN CITIZENS. The Left has been trying to shut them down for years. And DiBlasio, (not his real name) is particularly prejudiced against the Jewish religion.
    I am sure the Internet Cops will take down my post and so MY VOICE WILL NOT BE HEARD, as usual.

  8. churches are important. If someone doe not agree fine but they should not try to take away
    other people’s rights

  9. Yes I think churches are essential…….why…..true, we can worship God anywhere, but churches represent the earthly house of the Lord. It’s a comfort place for unity and the teachings of our Lord. It’s medicine for the spiritual soul and our place to praise God in unison. If the Left is causing this dangerous situation, where is the Right? Where are those that disagree with the Left? I do believe God understand and permits righteous anger….where are our warriors for Christ…….I don’t see them in the courts or in peaceful petitions……….

  10. You nailed it Sharon, you are exactly right. The devils on the left the democrats, the globalist will always use this scary tactics to deprive us of our rights and to advance their evil agenda. But, we are still BLESSED because we the good people are more than the evil left democrats globalist. Trump2020, and I hope after 2020, America will change for the better, all Americans hopefully will see that we are being played with by the evil left because we are tolerant and good hearted people but they did not realize that we are intelligent and smart. President Trump’s sufferings, pain, heartache and hard work from the malicious attack him and his precious family suffered from day 1 of his presidency will not be in vain. President Trump is the Best among the very best, the Greatest President ever!


  12. Good comments, Sharon and Maritas. Vasu, I don’t believe you read the entire article. My guess is you saw the headline, scanned the article, and because it was on religion, reminded us about “the separation of church and state”, which is no where in our constitution, but in a comment made by Thomas Jefferson, which I am sure has been pointed out to you zillions of times. But, you choose to dig your heels into the ground and continue “fighting back” with it. Let me add something I have been thinking about these past few months. The Democrats are assuring us that they care about our health, insisting we stay home and take care of ourselves. Most of us know that is not how they really feel. In fact, with their plotting and scheming, I would think they would want us to go to church, catch Covid from one another, get sick and die! And yes, there’s that, “Oh but, we don’t want you getting sick and passing it to the rest of us.” Don’t tell me you can’t be exposed to Covid in stores, on the streets protesting, etc. Covid might be there, too.

  13. Well well well. Looks like the dems are at it again. Trying to take religion out of our lives. With all the hate, sickness and evil in the world now they want to abolish Jesus Christ. All I can say is that there is a special place for these individuals.

  14. I have to admire the way leftist democrats devise their evil plans and plots. What is even more admired by me, is the way it backfires and how well they fall on their faces. The clown car is still operational and still packed to the gills with comedic fools, simpletons, idiots, liars and devil worshipers.

  15. Our faith in Christ is important to us….our democracy and constitution is based on the Bible….liberals have stripped us of our beliefs and faith one by one!!!! Fauci and his dithering caused a lockdown, a massive blow to our economy, our joblessness and stripped us of our way of life and many of our constitutional rights….. our attending Church , our worshipping and meeting in a Church cannot be allowed to be taken away from us…. our paid officials who are supposed to look out for us deny us the right to meet to worship, yet bars and restaurants can be filled to the gills because that is what they want…. I don’t see any sense in this ruling by the governors of the different states…. and He Catholic Church has every right to take the government to court….. and whatever happened to all the Mega Evangelists …. haven’t heard one squeak out if them….

  16. I would like to know why Trump supporters always have to use words like scum, ass holes, devil worshipers, idiots, liars, communists rats, etc,etc,etc, . when describing people who don’t support Trump. I oppose Trump but I never call his supporters any names. I also wish them to stay healthy at the end of my comments.
    There has to be something wrong in their mental states if they have to be so insulting and it reflects badly on Trump supporters who are polite.

  17. Yes – churches are essential. It totally baffles me how many so-called Christians continue to vote baby murdering hate filled Democrats…

  18. If god wanted people in churches, he/she would not have cursed us with the corona virus.

    Of course its God’s fault! **rolls eyes** and not someone who got reckless inside a Wuhan, China laboratory owned by George Soros and funded in part by the Obummers!

  19. Good for the Catholic Church. They need to excommunicate Justice John Roberts, who voted against churches in another virus case. It’s incredible the government let big box stores and big corporate businesses of their choosing open while churches and small business was ignored. I said my prayers today…. I would care less if these ignorant state governors (especially Virginia, Illinois, Wisconsin, Alabama, New York, Washington DC, and a few more , caught the coroavirus with fatal results. God has a job to do down here…

  20. The Church needs to recognize that the left is out to get them. By “The Church” IO mean the people of all faiths. Wake up Church. The Democrats are being controlled by the left in Minnesota. Read the party platforms. Then vote your conscience. You need to vote Republican as a block to get rid of this craziness.

  21. Change “Democrats” to “Hypocrites.” The foundation of our nation is based upon God as evidenced in all U.S currency’s emblem “In God We Trust.” Clearly, God first. Essential. Thank God for President Trump for walking the walk, not just the talk.

  22. Vasu Murti,
    You simply don’t get this. As a person who is so concerned about animal rights why aren’t you just as concerned about Constitutionally guaranteed human rights? What this article is stating is that –some governmental officials are saying it “Is Ok” for the protesters to gather by the tens of thousands because those gatherings “Are Not” a threat to public health by spreading the Covid 19 virus. However, It “Is Not Ok” for a few 100 people to get together an hour of prayer because that “Is” a major threat to public health. Our country was almost completely shut down for 2 months to protect people from Covid 19 and to stop the spread of this virus. All that flew out the window in the past week or so. Not only is the government trampling on our Constitutionally guaranteed right of “Freedom to Worship” but they are doing it with a double standard. Even encouraging the protests. The Covid 19 virus has hit the elderly and infirmed people the hardest but it definitely has not exclude younger people. So far the USA had held it’s ground against this virus but that may very well change in the next few weeks. We will just have to wait and see. PS Vasu Without faith there will be no government. The gentlemen who wrote the US Constitution knew that and made it perfectly clear. The devil knows he can’t break America until he breaks our Faith in God. The devil is doing everything he can to take away EVERYONE”S right to worship not just Christians. The devil wants a one world order where everyone will worship only him.

  23. Perhaps Marvin- Trump supporters are sick and tired of the Democrats who lost the last Presidetial election acting like 16 year-old high school girls who didn’t make Prom Queen.!! That is what this past 3 and 1/2 years have reminded me of. The cost to ALL taxpayers because they lost, the people whose lives they have tried to ruin or have ruined. If you are proud of that -that is your choice. So many good things under Trump’adminidtration have occurred-great economy, more jobs, higher pay, better trade deals, a ramping up on better equipment for Our Military, programs for veterans, help for inner cities (which the Mayors and etc. seem to benefit more in their own pockets than the neighborhoods the need revitalizing), great stock market and it has held remarkably well. So many have benefitted from his policies-both Democrats and Republican voters. So you make your case why he’s a bad President. And let’s not forget a lot of old Washington politicians don’t want their gravy train to end or be exposed. And he did promise to expose the swampers who ARE from all political parties.

  24. In the later days, we will see trials and tributations,we must strengthen our faith in God and obey his commandments .Seek God while he is near .Trusting God will be a mater of survival.

  25. I sure am not going to vote for Biden, do you think I am that crazy, we had been down that road with him before, hopefully not again.

  26. It s written that there will be trials and errors so God can test us in faith.If you ask God to walk with you and trials will be passed as acomplishment.Just because we are chrisrtians doesn’t mean that we shall not see strife in our lives. this a test to see how much faith we have and it show very little as no one is trusting God to keep us safe. out side of just a few.

  27. As the post modern culture becomes more secularized, faith and religion become less important and relegated to a subservient status. If the American people don’t come to their senses soon, there will be only vestiges of religion left.

  28. The founding fathers saw religious freedom, the freedom to worship in accordance with their beliefs – NOT as insisted OR prohibited by national leaders in totalitarian governments – to be SO ESSENTIAL that they crossed oceans to start a new nation ; one with the RIGHT TO WORSHIP UNENCUMBERED as a perpetual guarantee embraced in our Constitution !!! Many of them DIED for THAT CAUSE. Do not be deceived by those who would try to stop that freedom today !!!

  29. That’s China’s crap.telling the corupt dems if u let Christians church open they will stop funding they do to the Hollywood suck ups.will stop buying and having their films in china..obama had america up for sale and they all got fat..demrats want to go back to the obama ways and to hell with the rest of us..u can see how they tried to use the virus now the rioting on the streets..they condone it and have their fake news cover up the crimes for them. Plum evil and un-american.we are not china..Trump 2020

  30. As the post modern culture becomes more secularized, faith and religion become less important and relegated to a subservient status. If the American people don’t come to their senses soon, there will be only vestiges of religion left.

    **rolls eyes**

  31. It is about time.!!!!! All churches should sue for their lost income and the trampling of peoples rights under the constitution.

  32. God is essential ! A building is not the Church, the people are. So long as people obey Gods Commandments, love him, He will always be there for them. If they don’t, then times are coming when they will have wished they paid more attention to God.

  33. To Any true Bible believing Born Again Christians reading this post, please pray for America. Call your church members and start prayer groups. Even though we shouldn’t really gather due to Covid 19, Christians can still set specific times for group prayer in their homes. Maybe at 7:00 PM for example. In the Bible God says that if his people will repent and call upon his name he will hear and answer their prayers. Christians in mass need to cry out to God and ask for restoration of peace in our nation. Christians must stop trying to fix our nation’s problems on our own and entreat God’s restoration and trust that he will hear and answer our prayers. Any true Christian knows there is power in prayer. Prayer is one thing the devil hates as much as hates our salvation in Jesus Christ. Please pray!

  34. Religious belief helps people do the right things, keep moral values…so people without it will easily get evil ideas

  35. This should also go for funerals !! We should be able to respect our loved one to give them a proper funeral. People are going to riots in the thousands & they are allowed to !!! Just like the bars, concerts, parties etc. most without masks ! We are not allowed to go to the funeral except for the very closest family & then it is a small amt.. The dead person is not going to give us the virus !!!!!!!!! The live people can wear masks if they want to or not if they wish !!!!!!!!!!! Come on be fair to all people !!!! Tired of all our freedom is being taken away unless you’re rioting & burning places down wrecking statues, looting, etc..

  36. Loretta, I wholeheartedly agree with you about funerals. My husband’s 89 year old aunt died recently. We couldn’t attend her funeral. There have been several other funerals for people we knew that we couldn’t attend. Yet the rioters were/are allowed to do whatever/whenever they want. Where is the equality in that?
    People can go in and out of Wal-Mart, Lowes and Home Depot by the hundreds even without masks. However, people can’t attend funerals. I am so glad that my state has allowed churches to open again. Please pray for our nation.


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