The Catholic church could be headed for a split after a few European priests just did something radical


Many Catholics have been questioning the Pope’s actions over the last year and wondering just how devout he really is.

But, just last week, he made an announcement that has some Catholics breathing a sigh of relief.

However, the Catholic Church could be headed for a split after a few European priests just did something radical.

The Vatican released a statement stating, in part, that Catholic churches cannot bless same-sex marriages as they are not to recognize sinful relationships.

While many Conservative Catholics rejoiced that the Pope had finally said something that didn’t lean Left, many of the more Liberal Catholics cried foul.

The Catholic church has been struggling in recent years to get on message. The current Pope hasn’t helped matters with statements supporting climate change research and social justice initiatives.

But, much to the relief of many, the church stood firm on the gay marriage issue.

Now, some European Catholic priests have announced their intentions to continue blessing same-sex unions despite the Vatican statement.

The Austrian Priests’ Initiative, which has supported the practice of blessing same-sex unions, released a statement this week expressing their intention to disobey the decree.

The group of priests stated that they were “deeply appalled by the new Roman decree that wants to prohibit the blessing of same-sex loving couples.”

“In solidarity with so many, we will not reject any loving couple in the future who wants to celebrate God’s blessing, which they experience every day, in a church service,” they went on to state.

Kevin Miller, professor of moral theology at Franciscan University of Steubenville, Ohio, argued that the Vatican’s statement fits longstanding Catholic teaching.

Miller stated that the teaching is grounded in Scripture and Christian Tradition.

Those opposed to the statement said the Vatican’s stance is an act of “profound cruelty,” and it “invalidates LGBTQ families.”

Last year, Pope Francis reportedly called for the legalization of same-sex civil unions in the civil sphere. This clearly gave many gay rights activists hope that the church was leaning in their direction.

However, a Vatican official later clarified the Pope’s remarks and said that they did not change the teachings of the Catholic church.

Bill Donohue, president of the Catholic League, stated that people need to understand that while the LGBTQ movement is the one pushing the issue, the Catholic church “will never bless cohabitation” of any kind. This applies to any union that is outside of “[licit marriage].”

A quick scan of the Bible will show even the most novice reader that God does not and cannot bless sin and that homosexuality is a sin. Unfortunately, those on the Left continue to try and twist scripture to make it fit their narrative.

This could be the beginning of a very major split in the Catholic church. As Liberals who claim to be Catholic continue to push for things like gay rights, the Vatican will be forced to start making decisions regarding these topics, and they will likely be unwelcome by many on the Left.

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