The Boy Scouts’ next move will leave you shaking your head in disbelief


The Boy Scouts are in hot water.

They faced blowback when they began accepting girls into their flagship program to teach boys the skills required for manhood.

But what the Boy Scouts of America are planning to do next will make you shake your head in disbelief.

The Boy Scouts of America is speculating filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy over legal fees from alleged sexual assault allegations and court cases.

The organization, founded to teach boys to be model citizens and prepared for anything life throws at them, met with legal experts to determine if Chapter 11 bankruptcy is the best option forward for the organization.

USA Today reports:

Surbaugh said the group is focused on keeping youth safe and preparing them for their futures through character development and values-based leadership training.

“To do so in perpetuity, we are working with experts to explore all options,” he said. “We have a social and moral responsibility to fairly compensate victims who suffered abuse during their time in scouting.”

Sexual misconduct within the organization began to draw national attention in 2012, when a judge ordered the release of over 20,000 confidential documents revealing that over 1,000 leaders and volunteers had been banned between 1965 and 1985 after being accused of sexual or inappropriate conduct with boys.

Surbaugh, in his statement, apologized for anyone harmed during their time in scouting. One incident of child abuse is too many, he said, adding that the Boy Scouts have taken “proactive steps” to help victims heal and prevent future abuse.

He said the group has never knowingly allowed a sexual predator to work with youth.

The damage is done, and the organization has fallen from its original intentions.

Instead of focusing on turning boys into men, the organization bent the knee to social justice propaganda, accepting girls into their flagship program.

In the process, they neglected to ensure Scoutmasters and those in leadership positions are upstanding citizens who will teach boys to “do a good turn daily” and “do [their] duty to God and [their] country.”

Do you think the Boy Scouts should allow girls into their programs? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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