The Boy Scouts’ next move will leave you shaking your head in disbelief


The Boy Scouts are in hot water.

They faced blowback when they began accepting girls into their flagship program to teach boys the skills required for manhood.

But what the Boy Scouts of America are planning to do next will make you shake your head in disbelief.

The Boy Scouts of America is speculating filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy over legal fees from alleged sexual assault allegations and court cases.

The organization, founded to teach boys to be model citizens and prepared for anything life throws at them, met with legal experts to determine if Chapter 11 bankruptcy is the best option forward for the organization.

USA Today reports:

Surbaugh said the group is focused on keeping youth safe and preparing them for their futures through character development and values-based leadership training.

“To do so in perpetuity, we are working with experts to explore all options,” he said. “We have a social and moral responsibility to fairly compensate victims who suffered abuse during their time in scouting.”

Sexual misconduct within the organization began to draw national attention in 2012, when a judge ordered the release of over 20,000 confidential documents revealing that over 1,000 leaders and volunteers had been banned between 1965 and 1985 after being accused of sexual or inappropriate conduct with boys.

Surbaugh, in his statement, apologized for anyone harmed during their time in scouting. One incident of child abuse is too many, he said, adding that the Boy Scouts have taken “proactive steps” to help victims heal and prevent future abuse.

He said the group has never knowingly allowed a sexual predator to work with youth.

The damage is done, and the organization has fallen from its original intentions.

Instead of focusing on turning boys into men, the organization bent the knee to social justice propaganda, accepting girls into their flagship program.

In the process, they neglected to ensure Scoutmasters and those in leadership positions are upstanding citizens who will teach boys to “do a good turn daily” and “do [their] duty to God and [their] country.”

Do you think the Boy Scouts should allow girls into their programs? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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  2. I think it amusing that the Girl Scouts are suing the Boy Scouts for stealing members or potential members away from them, good, the Boy Scouts were founded to teach survival skills to young men and teach them respect for normal, law abiding, patriotic United States citizens.

  3. America is disintegrating bit by bit! But, it has been prophesied long ago and is part of the End Times realities! Immorality, intellectual dishonesty, violence and godlessness are now rampant not only in our culture but around the world! It is Sodom and Gomorrah all over again! This “sexual revolution” and gender identity will not go away! The spiritual warfare that is also raging is part of it! And in the end . . . God wins! Won’t these fools be surprised when they find out there is a God, and that He is not mocked! So sad!

  4. Social justice warriors are to blame for the emasculation of young boys by manufacturing false narratives concerning what has become a quagmire of legalese and causing the issues that are currently becoming known. Boys were never meant to become girls and girls were never meant to become boys. The girls have their own scouting groups and should stay there to learn skills that are feminine. Boys can’t join most female groups so why should it be any different? The current rules that allow boys to declare themselves female and in turn dominate female only sports should point out how stupidly the rules have been interpreted. Boys joining girls wrestling and dominating them should be evidence enough.

  5. I no longer feel this is a good group to have our children be part of. I am so ashamed of those who go not take time to teach their children right from wrong instead they leave it to a group of people that has very little values and care of our children today. No longer a good group to be part of no longer “God and Country”

    The girl scouts left long time ago bad a bush of liberals.

  6. I was a BOY SCOUT BACK IN THE 40S & 50S. What a great experience & have benefited from that experience throughout my whole life.. Putting girl in with the boys is going to cause sexual problems more.. It is my opinion that the GIRL SCOUTS SHOULD BE FOR THE GIRLS & THE BOYS SCOUTS SHOULD BE FOR THE BOYS……………

  7. There is no reason for girls to be in the boy scouts.. they have the girl scouts .. and there is a boy’s and girls club..

  8. As an ex scout and a Scout Master I am ashamed of the leadership of the Boy Scouts of America. They caved into the PC culture and completely destroyed the organization with the resulting lose of great leaders. Only the band of Eagle Scouts who have evolved into leaders in this nation can save this organization. They have to be the leaders in saving the organization from bankruptcy and “cleaning the swamp” of the morass of Godless men and women who have taken this organization into the present status. They are precisely the type of individuals that the founder of the Boy Scouts Gen. Robert Baden-Powell saw in the society of his day that caused him to found the organization with the objective of making young men self reliant, honest and leaders.

  9. You are so very correct on that, I was in the scouts back in the 70s and it was a great experience for me I learned a lot, not only about myself but how to work a team. Now days the way it has gone down hill I would never let my boys join there would be too much conflict. The girls have their OWN programs so they can just go that way, but the scouts have gotten so far off track that most from the 40s, 50s, and 69s would never recognize them today. The scouts are more into the sjw stuff, they really went down hill when the tgbl types went after them, the scouts used go stand for HONOR GO GOD, COUNTRY, AND SELF, To doing what’s right and helping people. Today not so much.

  10. It’s sad to see scouting has changed so much. We can blame it on the leadership of the Boy Scouts. Something drastic needs to be done to get scouting back to its original programs.

  11. They are boys and girls and not yet men or women. I used to worry about homo’s hitting on the boys and now they expect us too worry about the perverts hitting on our girls as well. What we really need are Christian men and women in charge directing our kids down the path of good and not of evil. The liberals are hell bound and they are determined to take as many of us possible with them.

  12. It is crazy that the liberal left can destroy an institution as great as the Boy Scouts of America. That is what they were shooting for and they were on target.

  13. Your Right, but after Liberals attacked the Boy Scouts for everything under the Sun! 1. Forcing the Boy Scouts to accept Gays. 2. Taking God and Country away from the Boy Scouts. 3. Calling the Boy Scouts sexist and forcing them to allow Girls. (Really, what ever happened to Brownie Scouts & Girl Scouts)
    I for one was a Boy Scout, where we learned survival skills, First Aid, respect of others, Pledge Allegiance to the US Flag. We learned the Morse Code, Flag Signaling, now they have been attacked by “Feminist organizations in the United States”, ” American Atheists Groups”, why? Most of this has been caused by Liberalism, where the destroy everything considered Manly! Teaching Boys skills needed in life. Liberals, turn over every stone to destroy Boyhood, and Girlhood, things our founding Fathers built.

  14. Yes they are! Until Conservatives and Christians start standing up to these people, I fear for my grand-children and what kind of life they will be forced to live!

  15. I was a Boy Scout during the 1960’s, and enjoyed the Campories, competition among the different Scouting Troops, being able to join the Order of the Arrow, becoming a Eagle Scout. Respecting Senior Citizens, doing chores for them, some of them were Seniors from the Church which sponsored the Scouts. The Boy Scouts faced attacks from Atheist Groups, Feminist Groups, Gay Groups, and Liberals. Boys can no longer have groups anymore? Boy’s should be allowed to learn skills needed in life, and not be forced to allow Girls, Parents should be allowed to let their Boys be Boys, if not the Parent can keep the boy from joining. Since, when should the Federal and State Courts decide to destroy children’s Social Groups. Even, the Liberals have destroyed the YMCA/YWCA! Nothing can be based on Christian Values anymore!

  16. Girl Scouts need to upgrade their programs to keep the girls in that have more of interest in what the Boy Scouts provide. I didn’t stay in the Girl Scouts that long because I wasn’t interested in the drama and catty behavior some displayed. I wasn’t into cooking or camping but at 18 enlisted in the military where I did well and retired 23 years later as a E-7 (MSgt) – retired in 1993 when it was the military. Social experiments have also been deployed to the military and I would be hesitant to encourage anyone to enlist into what I loved for 23 years. Sad that the agenda of the few has destroyed what the majority has worked and developed into what were great organizations. My mom spent decades in scouting as a den leader, district leader and before she passed away in 2016 expressed how angry and disappointed she was in the changes the Boy Scouts implemented to appeal to the LBGQ agenda.

  17. They have no one to blame but themselves !!!! They caved in to libtard accusation and demand. First it was girls, then it was gays, then transgenders. When is this country going to learn that once you give an inch to the libtard/progressive/demoTRASH — they will take a mile and that is just the beginning. If these organizations would tell the PsOS libtards to **** off and stick to it — things like this wouldn’t happen.

  18. This is sad. But considering the fact that the majority of men in America arrested for soliciting our boys and young men are registered Republicans, this is clearly NOT a solely left wing problem.

  19. Girls have their own scouting program and
    do not belong in a boy scout program.
    If they wish to participate in boy scout learning,
    adopt those programs into their own scouting.

    Says a former First Class Boy Scout.

  20. Bible believing denominations and churches have stepped up and are filling the moral and spiritual void that existed when the BSA changed their core values.

    This resulted in the loss of BSA members. Parents pulled their boys from the BSA and their girls from the GSA. Some joined other organizations and others did not. The loss of membership in the BSA appears to be a major factor in their pending Bankruptsy.

    It is futile do try to save the lost and sinking BSA and GSA ships. They have lost their moral and spiritual compasses. If you have a child home school them, get involved in a church that has a youth group or fellowship and follows Biblical morals and the teaching of the “Old Time Religion.”

    Love, nurture, and train your children while they are young and they will grow into fruitful trees, a planting of the Lord, that their Creator desires them to be..

  21. I don’t care what they do I pulled my 4 boys out, and sold the 17 acre tract I maintained for their use, when they started allow queers in.
    We have to separate ourselves from the liberal dem bloodsuckers it is that or civil war

  22. I was in boy scouts when i was young and let me tell you the things i learned have always been valuable assets. The boyscouts should always remain the boy scouts only. This world needs young men to grow up with integriy and honesty to lead the way. Let the girls go to girl scouts. There is nothing in boyscouts that young girls can’t learn in girl scouts. Why destroy a great organization just for the sake of political correctness.

  23. No I don’t think they should allow girls into the Boy Scouts ! It wouldn’t be Boys Scouts any more ! It would be a club for girls and boys. Males will never have any clubs for men only. Only the females will have that and they will call the men racist if they won’t allow girls into the club. Men can have nothing when women aren’t involved! But women can have anything they want and say men aren’t allowed and no body dare say they are racist !

  24. Worst possible scenario was allowing gay leaders and boys into embership under treat of United Way (a liberal and high-overhead charitable(?) organization) to withholding designated contributions. Is it any wonder BSA has pending law suits. It appears that a very, very small special interest group is destroying what has been one of te greatest boy’s organizations this country has ever known. How nausiating!

  25. It’s just another way of destroying the family. When boys are not allowed to become men, and girls are not allowed to become women, what could go wrong? We need to take a stand against the evil one. If we don’t take a firm stand, we will fall. All of our values are going down like a line of dominoes. The only way we can beat the evil one is to start small. Beat them at the lowest level and work our way up. If we do, the top will have nothing to stand on, and it will tumble down. Be strong. MAGA

  26. As you said, the atheist’s have destroyed almost all things that denote Jesus Christ and the second amendment is foremost on their list to destroy because it is a GOD given right to defend your self. One of the reasons in school a kid that defends himself is the one who gets in trouble.

  27. People who are completely empty inside and belong to groups of the same worthless people are the ones behind the destruction. The easy thing to do would be to just close The Boy Scouts. The hard thing would be to keep it open and spend as much time teaching true traditional morality as much as they teach everything else. The truly sick empty ones will protest but eventually begin to disappear.

  28. How great and wonderful the world and America were 50 and
    60 years ago. How could we have let our country destroy
    itself in one lifetime.

  29. The next time you are in an accident or drowndiing or are lost in the woods thank the political left for destroying a great organization that may have been able to save you and your kids. The left are fools of the first order!

  30. I was a Camp Fire Girl and later a Mariner Scout. These organizations were great for helping young girls become women. Kids have places like Boys and Girls Clubs. Kids need to have places where they can let down their hair, so to speak, and just hang out with their own sex and not be in competition with the other, or trying to impress the other sex. There are only two sexes. The abnormally sexed will have to fit in best they can or form their own clubs.

  31. No!!!! Girls should NOT be allowed in thw boy scouts..or any other yhing designed for men and boys. I dont care what the ridiculous feminists and culture says. I believe most REAL women want to have REAL men. Women and men are different. God made us that way and it is a good thing. More. Women need to teach young girls how to be feminine. I love to be treated like a lady. It is appreciated when a man opens the door for me. I make sure the know I apreciate it. Boy scouts teaches boys good things for boys. Girl scouts is for girls. I am sick and tired of girls trying to do guy things like football…etc. I dont care what the world says…you cannot choose your sex. Your dna will always say who you really are. We need to stand up against this politcally correct bunch of lies.

  32. i think it is time for all guys to join girl scouts and any girl organization that has girls
    oh, and dont forget the queers…….. DUMB ASSESS


  34. Has the mass public lost their ever loving minds:
    BOY Scouts are for BOYS
    GIRL Scouts are for GIRLS

    What is so darn hard to figure out about that. Sexual preditors, when accused, should be arrested, suspended in the Scouts until a legal finding is made, if innocent allowed to continue. IF guilty, removed from Scouting as a threat, and jailed, and labeled as a sexual predictor, be the male or female.
    By the the way, where were all these female predators when I was growing up in the 60’s? I would have volunteered to be molested by some of my female teachers I lusted after. hahahahahhaha

  35. The feminists are hell-bent on emasculating men. Pretty soon, our male population will be girly men or women-haters. Look at what’s happening now. With the #MeToo accusations going around, executives are reluctant to hire women or to take protegees for fear of being accused of sexual harrassment. They don;t know whom to trust anymore, except maybe their own daughters, who would still have a hard time mingling with the men in other corporations. Many men would prefer to be accused of sexual discriimination than sexual harrassment.

  36. The Boy Scouts destroyed themselves from within, particularly by its own its Administration. They disregarded their mission, it was for boys–not girls, not for boys who want to be girls, or boys or girls who do not really know whether they are male or female. They also took God and all traditional values out of their oath.

    What is left is a meaningless and pointless club that does not know where to go because it has lost track of its original goal.

    How sad–for a once noble and proud organization, which produced so many great men and outstanding leaders.

  37. they need to get back to their core values and forget this PC b.s. they’ve lost sponsors and membership because of it. they need to remember what built them into the organization that ‘was’ a wonderful organization for young men.

  38. I was a Boy Scout in the 60’s and 70’s. We had women den leaders in the Cub Scouts and had all male leaders in the Boy Scouts. We never had any problems with sexual abuse in those nine years. I became a scoutmaster in 1998 and stayed until December 2013. I resigned due to the national leadership caving into the gay agenda and allowing openly gay boys to join. Rex Tillerson the head of the national boy scouts was behind pushing this change.The Supreme Court had already ruled before this, that since the Boy Scouts of America was a private institution and not receiving government funding,did not have to let homosexuals into scouting. The LDS church could have stopped this when the vote was taken, but they didn’t. Now they are pulling out of scouting.

  39. No. Girls should not be allowed in the boy scouts. Ridiculous. Nor should pedophiles, rapists, murderers, felons, alcoholics, drug addicts, burglars, robbers, thieves, extortionists, embezzlers, etc…

  40. I was an Assistant Scout Master and have two sons who are Eagles, It was created to turn boys into men. It is disgraceful what the organization is devolving into as a result of our PC Liberal Culture!

  41. If I remember correctly UPS got the ball rolling when they announced that they would stop providing donation support unless the Scouts allowed open gays to join. They were followed by Intel and The United Way. The Boy Scouts gave in to their demands. The threat of loosing their tax exempt status must have also played a big part in this decision. I also suspect that many parents have either pulled their kids out or didn’t let them join. They may have also lost the support of religious organizations. I would not be surprised if many Christian churches and Jewish groups decided to no longer sponsor Boy Scout Troops that started allowing gays to join or become scout leaders. Giving in to pressure from a minority organization like the Gay Movement, could possibly have hurt them. With so many evil forces working hard to destroy the moral fiber and family values of America, I can think of no better place to start than with our youth.

  42. The BSA has been destroyed by the left in their program of destroying this nation’s institutions! America is doomed to the ash heap of history because the American People are allowing them to get away with their cancer of political correctness.

  43. If they were really not pushing an agenda they would just have started their own groups of gays just like the scouts and if true to what they say they would let anyone join . I don’t believe this would work due to there being discrimination throughout the world. There is still resistance to races, sexes and religions marrying I personally do not agree but I do recognize if 2 people love each other there is not much that can or should be done to stop it. On a positive note I am closer to the end than the beginning and I think that if the whole world and religions and races eventually mixed discrimination on those subjects would end. The only thing left to discriminate on would be wealth and status as has been since the beginning of time. Hopefully an ice age will solve this sooner than later.

  44. I was bought up where what is good for the goose is good for the gander, meaning what is good for one is also good for the other. If the former boys scouts have to enroll girls into their group, then why not have boys enrolled in the girls scouts? After all you do have some boys that would like to learn some “female” art and talents.

  45. The Democratic /Progressive/ Communist Party is following the Communist Manifesto to a T. Attack the core values of a country through Political Correctness and control of all arms then they can take over without firing a shot. Why do you think Obama ask military Generals if they would give orders to fire upon American citizens. The ones who said no, They were told they are no longer needed by the president and the one who said yes they were promoted to take the places of the ones who were not needed anymore. Over 300 general officers were told to leave from the Army USMC,Navy air Force and Coast Guard. We lost some of our best General Officers under that traitor. Why would a president ever ask an Gen. Officer that question? The Democratic took over the Communist Party agenda in the 1920’s and this is why we have a Democratic party as of today. It has taken them this long to get to this stage and we better wake up in mass and start to squash this Communist plot right in it’s tracks.

  46. Well said, Cheri! The “Left” (for lack of better term) have terminated men’s clubs in the past and now “they” are trying to make more than two sexes. Now “they” are violating a Boy Scouts program by making it ok for girls to join the Boy Scouts. Boy Scouts means boys are in the scouts. Girl Scouts should have girls in the Girl Scouts, not boys. Etc! Values and knowledge we teach our children. Girls for Girl Scouts and and Boys for Boy Scouts! Each teaches the same values but different! And we should NOT water either down or cross wise!!!

  47. AMERICA, needs to come to TERMS within ITSELF!, being IGNORANT, or NIEVE to problems does not solve them!, only kicks situations down the so called road, or as one POLITICIAN says it, running down a RABBIT HOLE is alright if your a RABBIT, however NORMAL EDUCATED ADULTS, SOLVE problems, not HIDE them!, WAKE UP AMERICA. The YOUTH have no guidance or leadership too TRUN to within THEIR FAMILIES or COMMUNITY leaders.

  48. My granddaughter came home the other day with an invitation to the Cub Scouts. This is nothing but BS! Girls want into the Boy Scouts, boys want into the Girl Scouts, so what is the madness behind all of this garbage? Being a Scout used to be simple. You went to meetings, camped out, guys hanging with guys and learning self protecting, of sorts, and much more. Things that we, other guys, could do and act like guys without girls. Hell, as a guy, I still need time for myself or to hang with the guys and so do women! It was our time for freedom from our sisters, too, in a young man’s thoughts. Now, dim wits are wanting these two merged or is it wanting certain girls in with the boys and visa versa? The Boy Scouts have been around for 108 years, shouldn’t that grandfather them or do the freaks that want everything changed “win”? What kind of a win would it be for these “girls”? It seems more like a win for deviate individuals to get their kiddies in where they wanted to be…

  49. I am an Eagle Scout , and so are my 2 boys that both grew up to be very responsible men , Master Sergeant in USAF & the youngest in a hospital ICU . Scouts teaches you to be direct opposite of criminals . Criminals love other criminals to give them the excuse to be criminals – That is why the liberals are destroying Scouting because they are the most evil criminals on earth right now, even the liberal voters that support their known criminal leaders , by definition , makes them complicit criminals to ALL the liberal crimes . I respect NO liberal or rino , I don’t care who they are , after the last 30 years of what they have done to America .

  50. Boy scouts are for boys and girl scouts are for girls period. Plain and simple. What is wrong with this country. Oh ya Liberals.

  51. You will find that liberals hate all that the boy scouts used to stand for and will not be happy until it becomes nothing more than another PC indoctrination program.

  52. Sadly, that’s right….but there’s a distinction between Liberals & Leftists. Leftists are the ones trying to tear down our society. The Boy Scouts caved to Leftists and since the left destroys everything it touches, the Boy Scouts are only the latest institution to fall prey to them.

  53. My sons are several years apart in age. When my oldest son was in Boy Scouts there was a discipline problem in his troop that had gotten out of control. Parents were removing their sons and putting them in other troops It seemed the parents (both mothers and fathers) thought of it as more of a social club for them and the boys were doing whatever they wanted during the meetings. My husband saw this as did one of the other fathers and they joined forces to correct the problem. They were told they couldn’t be hard on the boys because then no one would join. My husband and the other father proved them wrong and the troop doubled in size almost immediately and grew from there.

    Fast forward several years and our youngest son wanted to be a scout. We had moved so he could not attend the troop his brother had. My husband led his Cub Scout troop but was working out of town a lot when he became a Boy Scout, so I attended parent meetings. I went to one where they were trying to plan a rock climbing trip for the boys. After everything was decided as to when, etc., the troop leader said before we finalized it, he needed to inform the parents that one of the young men who would be training the scouts was a registered sex offender. What!!!!!! I couldn’t believe they were even considering the event after hearing this. But he went around the table and asked each parent if they could accept this and allow the boys to still go. EVERY parent there said they could accept it. Until they came to me. My comment was not only no but HELL NO! my son was not attending the event if it in any way jeopardized his health and safety. At that point my opinion was summarily dismissed and I left. My son stayed in the troop, for awhile, but they would not allow him to advance. He’d take the test and they’d fail him. My husband was involved in many of those advancement testing sessions with our older son’s troop and he said the point was not to fail the boys but to make sure they had completed what was necessary to advance and give them the incentive to keep moving up and hopefully one day make Eagle Scout, which many of the boys in my older son’s troop did after discipline was maintained. I know it was because of my refusal to capitulate to allowing my son to attend the rock climbing event that did it. He eventually dropped out. We tried another troop but it was in a different school district with a different spring break, etc., and he couldn’t attend the campouts that would have allowed him to advance. So he quit Boy Scouts totally. My grandson is in Scouting now and I see the same thing about it being a parental hang-out session rather than about the boys. Sadly too, my granddaughter is in the girl version of the Boy Scouts and my daughter-in-law is involved with her. I think she should be in Girl Scouts, but, in truth, I had my daughter in Girl Scouts for awhile and saw the same thing I’d seen in the Boy Scouts. We live in a rural community, and, if we’d been smart, we would have put our children in 4-H. Much better organization and it is about the kids and helping them to grow. Both the Boy and Girl Scout organizations have become more about virtue signaling than interest in helping children grow and become good citizens. Having had a friend whose husband was in Boy Scout management, I can tell you it’s as political as Congress. Our kids don’t need this so if they go away, no tears here.

  54. I see nothing wrong with the program. The shortage is scout Masters. Do what ever it takes to get kids into a positive program.


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