The Boy Scouts are in hot water after they caved into the PC Police


The Boy Scouts caved into the “PC Police” by changing their name to Scouts BSA and including girls.

They faced immediate backlash.

And now they could be facing legal trouble.

The Boy Scouts was founded with the goal of turning young men into model citizens for God and country.

But when they took fire from the “PC Police” for not being gender inclusive, the organization caved into their demands.

They also changed the name of their iconic program to “Scouts BSA” instead of “Boy Scouts” and no longer called the scouts enrolled in it “Boy Scouts.”

But the Girl Scouts aren’t having it.

Girls are now joining the Boy Scouts so the Girl Scouts are losing membership.

So they are suing Boy Scouts of America over trademark infringement.

MarketWatch reports:

…Problems arose when “core gender distinction” was altered by the Boy Scouts of America, which announced in October 2017 it would open its doors to girls beginning in 2019.

Earlier this year, the Boy Scouts unveiled new marketing campaign to back the effort. “Scout Me In,” the tagline proclaimed.

But definitely scout the Girl Scouts out of the rebranding.

The Girl Scouts’ lawsuit said the Boy Scouts of America had no right under New York State and federal law to use words like “scouts” or “scouting” by themselves “in connection with services offered to girls, or to rebrand itself as ‘the Scouts. ’”

It used to be that men were considered men and women were considered women.

Now radical “progressives” are throwing science out the window and claiming there are an infinite number of genders.

The Boy Scouts was founded to teach young men how to survive in the wild, be chivalrous, good husbands, great fathers, leaders, and model citizens.

But Social Justice Warriors’ ultimate goal is to erode the so-called “patriarchy.” So they cannot allow young boys to be instilled with these honorable values.

Do you think the Boy Scouts of America should go back to being the BOY Scouts?

Let us know in the comments below.


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  2. America is going right the hell down hill I can’t believe the problem is between the Girl Scouts in the Boy Scouts there’s no reason why they can’t stay the way they always have been I blame it on the Democrats and the queers

  3. I blame it on the weak-assed Boy Scout leadership. Until people stand up to these liberal-
    indoctrinated loud mouths, crap like this will continue.

    Boys have balls…………….apparently, their leaders don’t!

  4. I don’t and will not support the Scouts any longer – either of them. They’be been taken over by insane delusional demons in my opinion and I would never allow a child of mine to be members of either one.

  5. I have been boycotting both of them since they took the queers in and refuse to allow my children or grandchildren to have anythingto do with either of them.

  6. Boys without balls grow up to be spineless leaders. This statement intrigues me — “Now radical “progressives” are throwing science out the window and claiming there are an infinite number of genders” — in that the same people who are throwing the two genders (male and female, which should be settled science) out the window to be replaced by multiple genders, are the same people who believe in the theory of evolution, which is not settled science but they think it is. Can any say crazy, evil, mixed up world.


  8. These pathetic, spineless “men” that are supposed to be “leaders” in the boy scouts should be thrown out into the streets. The admission of girls into the BOY scouts should never have happened. The liberals should also be thrown out of the country, send them all to the Muslim countries and see how they’ll be taken care of. Keep this country as it was before these mindless CREATURES, who can’t figure out if they’re men or women take over completely.

  9. This is disgusting! Despite the opinions of the perverts, boys are boys and girls are girls. This is the way God designed it, and the perverts can’t change it through physical mutilation. When they try, it is merely mutilation and totally artificial.

  10. What Kind of “DIP-STICKS” are we allowing to Pervert their “OPINIONS” that have NO FACTS.
    They have the FREEDOM to express their WILLFULLY IG-NOR RUNT “OPINIONS” but not to require GOD DESIGNED Facts to be Perverted about being created in HIS Image. WOW —- How Far we have come???

  11. I believe that 99% of men are truly men and 99% of women are truly women. Why are we allowing a minority of 1% to dictate to the 99% what they have to do. We are born with male and female parts, so that is what we are supposed to be. But we have some sick in the brain people who think they should be what they think they are. Men and women are to be together in order to re create another human. 2 Transgenders can’t do that .

  12. I’m waiting to see how many of the girls get pregnant after the weekend and week long camping trips.
    I had belonged to the Girl Scouts in the 1960’s, in my town it was nothing but a catty organization.
    My mom was a Den Mother for my older brother, nights when my dad worked, I went to many of the Wolf pack meetings, mom usually had a craft project for the guys and I sat by myself with my own little craft project. Guess I was a little ahead of the time. I was around 4 or 5 years old .

  13. God created man, a male, and said it was good. He then created woman, a female. There is no record, Biblical or scientific, of any other sex being created. He did it for a purpose, so the human race could expand to inhabit all of the Earth. Any human of a different sex is like Charlie Brown’s Great Pumpkin or the tooth fairy, strictly imaginary.

  14. Jimbo! Women is your answer! It all started with Suffrage ! Then GOLF! The men just sat and let it happen. As someone said No Balls. Wife said no sex to nite if you don’t allow it to happen or ever. No Balls! Men aren’t supposed to have anything for men only with out the women yelling sexist and the men not answering back to them that they are sexist them self’s wanting women only clubs!
    Don’t bother to answer me back because I won’t be here to read it.

  15. The Boy Scouts went downhill when the homosexuals were allowed in as scout leaders and scouts. This is just another extension of their moral depravity. The organization will cease to exist which is the Lefties want.

  16. Absolutely!!!!!!!!! You damn right I want the Boys Scout to go back to it’s original foundation. None of this sissy stuff. If I had a son I would want him to be like Commando, Rambo, Captain America, Batman or Iron Man. Not Richard Simmons! I would want my son to be tough; brass balls like Donald J. Trump!

  17. Joann, me being a boy scout for many years agree with your assessment and think they should return to whence they came.

  18. All of this and many other of the problems that were begun during the administration of BHO were intentionally imposed by the progressives knowing full well that the conservatives would not oppose them for fear of being called racist, ALL INTENTIONAL.

  19. It is a shame what has happened to our country. Soon all of our history will be gone from our school, college and our libraries. The next generation will never know what this country was built on. Which was the foundation of God. I will no longer support the “The Boy Scouts of America “ the history is gone. May God have mercy on us. We to to stand up and fight.

  20. I was in the boys scout all the way to Eagle. I loved it then and still do now but I detest this political correctness crap, and guess what I am and was a gay boy then and never had any problems. We were there to learn and not have sex so all you dirty minded ass wipes get that thought to hell out of your mind.

  21. Why do girls want to join the boy scouts when they have their own Girl Scouts organization? Why don’t boy want to join the Girl Scouts? Is there something inherently right about the Boy Scouts and something inherently wrong with the Girl Scouts to make girls want to join the Boy Scouts but boys not join the Girl Scouts? The bigger question is, “Why do male organizations have to accept females but female organizations don’t have to accept males?”

  22. America is fast becoming a third world cess pool country thanks to liberals, Democrats and weak knee conservatives unwilling to stand up and fight the left. Thank God that at 75 years of age I don’t have to watch that much longer as my country get’s flush down the toilet.

  23. Didn’t they have to allow gays be leaders? And no one saw this coming? My grandson loved being a scout. Now he’s concentrating on playing basketball. Very sad. The Boy Scouts used to be so honorable. I guess the pledge (Do my duty to God and my country) has also been flushed.

  24. IMO, there is no reason NOT to allow organizations directed to one gender and not being inclusive to both. The Boy Scouts was originated to teach boys how to become respectable and accomplished young men that will further them becoming leaders, husbands, fathers and protectors. There is NO logical reason that the female gender should be included. The progressives need to get their demands and take a hike. They are nothing but destructive, radical, and downright demanding for all to fit their idea of what life should be. I am female and one that is sick and tired of the so called “feminists” making ignorant demands to be treated like men. It is one thing to ask for the same treatment in the work force it’s totally another to lose the respect that has been afforded to the female gender because of their and ONLY their ability to give life. There are only TWO genders, and will forever BE only two genders. No matter how many hormones are ingested, surgeries performed, each and every one of us will still be the gender we were born with on the day that we leave this world. There is NO changing this and to pretend otherwise only have men dressing like fools in women’s clothing and women acting like males and pretending to be real dudes. Both types are delusional and their actions making them look like the mentally deranged that they are!

  25. There are only two genders,male or female. This has been since man (women and men) came to be . There are no others. It is time all this BS stops. We are listening to a few to change are society.

  26. Boys will be boys and girls will be girls. The two should not be mixed in the bot scouts or the girl scouts. Regardless of what people choose to believe and contrary to popular belief there are only two genders. Male and female and they both have an important role in society. There is no such thing as alternate genders. People are buying into satan’s lie.GOD created man and woman not man and woman and whatever.

  27. The turning point came for the Boy Scouts when we allowed queers to serve as leaders. They have an agenda and we are seeing that agenda playing out as the original purpose for Boy Scouts, help them develop into men who support and protect their families, has been cast aside. And it is no coincidence that this shifted into high gear under BHO. He did his best to destroy America from within. My son is an Eagle Scout with palms, but sadly we do not encourage our grandkids to be a part of scouting today due to what it has become.

  28. cabin 1954: Your comment about evolution and multiple genders is too widely cast.
    Evolution is supported by substantial scientific work but “multiple genders” is total junk,
    promulgated by the radical gay and transgender zealots.
    (BTW; What the hell does “transgender” mean anyway? You can change all your physical
    attributes by hormonal treatments and surgery but you can’t change your basic DNA!)
    The spineless, PC wimps at Boy Scout headquarters will pay by seeing the number of
    recruits fall and their once proud reputation go down the drain. It’s already happening!

  29. You are right on…they, the liberals, are ruining everything we have always held near and dear…and the worse part is we are letting them get away with it…so glad my kids are all grown…same with my grandkids.

  30. The former Boy Scouts of America are loosing more than a third of their membership among boys. Of course some of the will be offset by the girls that leave the all girl organizations to join the boys. The new organization may retain some or even most of its cooperate sponsorship and donations. But it going to loose contribution from the vast majority of everyday people. These individual donations are generally small in comparison but they had up to a substantial amount. It is with much regret that we must say good by to a formerly great organization, The Boy Scouts of America.

  31. The Demoncrats could screw up an iron ball! They can’t even leave the Boy Scouts alone. The Demoncrats are turning America into a giant dung heap!

  32. its sad that men these days are not masculine anymore with the nail polish, the earrings, the sissy bun and so on and so on. Take the boy scouts back to the way it was. Sissifying boys is a liberal way of control. Wont support girl scouts because the support killing babies with planned parenthood. Ironic that they dont support parenting at all. Very sad.

  33. The issue regarding the Boy Scouts is a reflection of the weakening of the moral and ethical bonds holding us together as a nation in the face of the forces dedicated to disrupting them. As well as the lack of resolve and backbone among many who pretend to speak for a broad general constituency. I live in a region that has a strong L.D.S. population, and who have been key support for the Boy Scouts for nearly a hundred years. Although, I am not of that faith, I admire them for standing by their principles regarding moral issues, while maintaining a friendly relationship with the Boy Scouts. They are my neighbors. As far as the Boy Scouts and many other similar issues are concerned, I cast a suspicious eye on leaving decisions such as this one affecting the Boy Scouts in the hands of those who do not represent our local communities and are more susceptible to outside influences. Meanwhile, as far as I am concerned, we will remain – The Boy Scouts and the Girl Scouts, in the vision of their founders in the early twentieth century.

    Leave the teachings Separate. What the “H” is going on hear. It’s obvious that want to remain,…. GIRL SCOUTS & BOY SCOUTS!! THIS ISN’T ABT GENDER,

  35. My husband was a Boy ‘Scout leader who concentrated on the outdoors,. The boys loved it.

    My girls however, did not like Girl Scouts,. They saw all the activities the Boy Scouts were doing and thought Girl Scouts would be the same except with girls,. They deemed the Girl Scouts much too “sissified” and quit. Maybe if the Girl Scouts were taught how to live off the land and go tent camping like the boys,. they would not be so eager to join the Boy Scouts,.

  36. I think there is more to this story than just the “Boy Scouts caving to the PC Police”. I have been a Boy Scout leader (for Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, and Venturing) and a Girl Scout leader. Although both programs trace their history back to Lord Baden-Powell’s Boy Scouts from England, the Girl Scouts have grown so far away from the roots that, to me, they are not really a Scouting program.

    In Girl Scouts, there is no longer an emphasis on the outdoors. They are so politically correct and liberal that their agenda seems to be all about teaching the girls about social issues and becoming social justice warriors. It was very disheartening for me as my daughters went through Girl Scouts to see the program change and change again. With each change the program seems to have become more and more subjective. At one point, they even did away with most of their merit badge type awards (Brownie Try-its and Junior, Cadette, Senior, and Ambassador Badges). In looking at recent material it looks like some of these things are back but if you look at a lot of the requirements they are often not very specific. On top of that, because there is so much PC stuff involved, Girl Scout meetings tend to be like classes. My oldest daughter stayed in until she graduated high school but it was mostly because she was on staff at the local Girl Scout camp. My younger daughter dropped out because she felt like it was another day of school. Also, it’s very difficult to do any kind of adventure activities or shooting sports. When my wife wanted to take her troop to an archery range to try out archery (under the instruction of an Olympic-level Archery instructor), she had to get special permission from the Council to do so. I ended up starting a Boy Scout Venture Crew (Venturing has always been co-ed) because older Girl Scouts that I met when I took my daughter’s troop camping practically begged me to do so.

    So yes, there may be a PC element to this but I think the Boy Scouts are filling void that the Girl Scouts created on their own. The girls don’t like it because, for many, it’s boring. Finally, I also believe that the Boy Scouts have opened the program to girls because, for years, their enrollment has been declining. They have been hurting for new members (and the funds those members bring). The Girl Scouts have messed up their program so much that they have given the Boy Scouts the opportunity to recruit their base.


  38. Let just say that any parent who raised their child with testicles to be a male rather than a deviant freak that male would not wish to be a member of Girl Scouts, but to be completely fair if they wished to be a member of the Girl Scouts would they be allowed?

  39. Boy Scouts hunt and kill and Girl Scouts know how to properly make a meal, no real house wives anymore just elitist domestic royalty.

  40. I never knew that Girl Scouts had marksmanship programs, to days men are more likely to be poisoned by their wives bad cooking.

  41. Girl Scout Hunting courses, when?, certainly not over my life time and I am 57, my understanding was that Girl Scouts was far more like Home Economics rather than Survivalist skills, making clothes and mending clothes, cooking, and a few arts and crafts, no wonder there are no house wives anymore just lounge around the house princesses.

  42. I agree with the Girl Scouts. My husband was in the Boy Scouts for over 60 years as a scout and a leader and his love for training leaders for the world they would eventually live in and lead was evident in every Boy Scout meeting he participated in. Many of his toop members became leaders, many became Eagle Scouts, several of them were involved in issues which included rescuing swimmers and campers that may not have survived without those Boy Scout skills. I am so sorry that the Boy Scouts gave up their initial goal to raise boys following the scout oath and principles that would enable them to become leaders in their professions and communities after winning the Supreme Court battle to remain dedicated to young men as originally designed by Lord Baden Powell.

  43. The Boy Scouts of America have become willful victims not only of political correctness, but of radical feminists and the LGBTQ lobby, who seeks to impose their decadent lifestyle on America, especially her youth.

  44. Actually, females have stronger sex drives than boys. They are easily 3-4 years ahead and will cause boys to have sex ahead of their time. Sex will be a distraction in everything the scouts do, from hiking, camping, cooking and life saving. If I had young sons, I would veer them away from the scouts.

  45. There is “NO PLACE”, for homosexuality, in these organizations, or the Military! This error in judgement, flies in the face of Christianity, & decent morality!

    & then…..How about “Bath House Barry”….Bawney Fwank, & too many “elected” politicians, that “now”, have come out of the closet, & “brag” about their ‘affliction”! Moral decay, once “killed” a society: Sodom & Gommorah……{ remember that one….& what happened to them? ? ? ? }

  46. I think the Boy Scouts should disband and boys should join Trail Life USA who have the guts to stand up for biblical moral values and who focus on outdoor adventure, character, and leadership development.


  48. My understanding is that troops will be gender specific. That is there will be boy’s troops and girl’s troops. Since it’s inception, Boy Scout units have been chartered by a local organization that, at least technically, owns the unit. A chartering organization can charter both boys and girls troops and the troop committees can be the same for a boy’s troop and a girl’s troop but the Scoutmaster and Assistant Scoutmasters cannot be the same people for a boy’s troop and a girl’s troop, even under the same chartering organization. Although they are allowed to meet at the same time, they are required to have separate meetings (although they can open and close together). That means they will not camp together. My guess is that, for larger events, they will designate female camp sites and male camp sites with the adult leaders for the event in between.

    In one sense, this isn’t really new. Boy Scouts have had a program called Venturing that has been co-ed since its inception. Venturing is for kids between 14 and 21. I was the Committee Chair for a Venture Crew a few years ago. We took our Venturers to District Camporeee and they accommodated us. For example, our Camporee was on a military installation so we actually had use of permanent field latrines. They designated separate latrines for males and females and separate shower times for youth and adults. We had no problems. From our perspective as adult leaders, we found it easier than when we camped with the Boy Scout troop that we were part of. In part, this was because we had all older kids but a lot of the male horseplay was also toned down because the boys didn’t want to look like idiots in front of the girls. It probably helped, too, that the girls in our Crew were all from the Girl Scout Camp staff so they were seasoned campers. We had started the crew because the girls wanted to be able to do high adventure activities that were prohibited by Girl Scouts.

    With younger kids, I could see potential problems so I’m glad that they are keeping the programs separate. I’m sure there will be issues that arise but, if you keep in mind that most of the adult leaders are parents with kids in the unit,

  49. Based on what’s published from BSA, troops will be separated by gender so they won’t be camping together. Two troops of different gender under the same chartered organization cannot even share Scoutmasters. The new program is built to keep the genders separated but to provide the activities that girls have been asking for the Girl Scouts simply doesn’t provide anymore.

  50. According to BSA, troops cannot be mixed. They will either be all boy troops or all girl troops. No camp outs together.

  51. Girl Scouts has a very liberal agenda. Their program focuses a lot on social justice issues rather than practical skills. It went through quite a bit of change starting around 8 or 9 years ago. To me, they have drifted so far away from their original program that it’s hard to call it “scouting”. It’s possible to go through Girl Scouts these days and to never go camping. When it was founded by Juliette Gordon Low, it was very similar to Boy Scouts – not identical but very close. If you look, you can find copies of the original Girl Scout Handbook and when you look at it you’ll see that it’s very similar to the Boy Scout Handbook of the same era. If you follow the handbook through the years, you will see lots of changes. For example, the Girl Scout Oath and Law were almost identical to the Boy Scout ones originally. But they have changed and changed and changed over time. The Boy Scout ones have changed a little but are almost identical to the original from 1910. My girls stopped liking Girl Scouts when the program changed. I didn’t like the social agenda and I didn’t feel that it was giving the girls values and skills that my son got from Boy Scouts. I think a lot of girls and their parents feel the same.

  52. Boy Scouts have not been allowed to hunt for something like 50 years. The “hunting” merit badge is about taking pictures of animals in the wild. Yes, to me, that was bowing down to political correctness and a big mistake. Cooking, on the other hand, is and always was part of Boy Scouts. You cannot advance in rank without shopping for food for a campout and actually serving as a patrol cook.

    In today’s Girl Scouts, there are no requirements to camp, cook, learn first aid, or do any traditional scouting skills. I’m not saying they don’t have opportunities to do them but it really comes down to what the troop leaders want to do. As far as shooting sports are concerned, they are pretty much not allowed by Girl Scouts. That was one of the big draws of Venturing (a co-ed BSA program for older kids) for girls. They couldn’t shoot, go rock climbing, or do other high adventure activities in Girl Scouts.

  53. Girl Scouts was very similar to Boy Scouts when it was founded in 1912. I don’t know that they had any required hunting but they did most of the same things. As you may know, the Scouting Movement was started by Lord Baden-Powell in England in 1908. He was a British general and a war hero from the Boer Wars in South Africa. He had written a book called “Aides to Scouting” that taught field skills to soldiers who had mostly grown up in cities. When he returned to England, he found that youth all over the country were practicing skills from his book. His book was meant for soldiers and he considered parts of it to be inappropriate for boys so he wrote, “Scouting for Boys” and, it was from this book that Boy Scouts started. A few years in and troops had sprung up all over the country. They really had no idea how many Scouts there were so, to arrange for a count, they had troops from all over the country come down and parade through London. When they did this, they were surprised to find that there were troops of girls! It was at this point that they realized that the skills were of interest to girls as well as boys and they founded Girl Guides. Juliette Gordon Low met Lord and Lady Baden-Powell when she was in England and brought the Girl Guides program to the US where it became known as Girl Scouts. Great Britain and a lot of British Commonwealth countries still have Girl Guides and, if you look at their program, it’s still very similar to Boy Scouts. It’s our Girl Scout program that has changed radically.

  54. I was an Eagle Scout. It came out very handy when i was in the Naval Amphibious Forces. Who are the the candy pants twits that are now running the Boy Scouts?

  55. Navy PO2, every Eagle Scout knows that you are an Eagle for life. It’s something that is mentioned to the boys from early on and is certainly a part of the Eagle ceremony and the Eagle Scout Oath. Either you are an Eagle Scout or you aren’t. The only way you “were” an Eagle Scout is after you have passed away.

  56. The changes are NUTS! Those promoting “queerism” are evil and should be avoided at all costs. God created man and woman, not man and something else.

  57. So they segregate the 2 sexes. What about all the other sexes they have now created. What about the girl that thinks she is a boy, or the boy that thinks he is a girl?

  58. My son was in the Boy Scouts and it was an honor for us as parents to have him in this honorable organization!
    Since all the changes I guess to be political correct, my opinion is many things have been ruined!
    When they let gays become leaders in the bit scouts it has degraded what the scouts stand for!
    I understand gay life style and LGBT is a way of life of their choosing, that is well, but to say it is the Norm in society is wrong! Our children have enough confusion growing up without telling them they have a choice to be a boy or girl.
    God made man and woman not to be questioned!
    Our country needs to read the Bible and pray for guidance, not to let political corrective ness rule the world!
    God bless this country and we need to honor Gods commandments, not man made thoughts!!

  59. I am a 75 year old Eagle Scout. I was a Combat Vietnam Veteran. I lived under my poncho for 7 or 8 months. I used every scouting skill taught to me. Orienteering, Compass work, knott tying, swimming, first aid, you name it. I had to become an expert at Compass skills as I was calling in Artillery within 3-400 meters of our position. I had to convert my Artillery skills to normal compass skills when calling in gunships as they would fire in 50 meters from our positions. We sometimes would call in the Airforce bomb units which required other Boy Scout skills! We didn’t have at th GPS at that time so I had to count every step when our Infantry Company moved in the jungle. I was responsible for knowing our position 24/7.

    The Army did not give us allot of basic Boy Scout skills for survival they assumed we had them. I used every thing I learned in scouting in the jungle. The point of this is Scouting is serious business. Ask that to a couple of kids that get lost in the woods or someone that needs help when drowndiing. If progressives want to deteriate and ruin the program with foolishness, you are going to hurt the kids that want and need basic survival skills. Keep the program’s separated. There is no reason that Girl Scout programs can’t be as strong as Boy Scout programs. I’ll bet most of these leftest were never scouts and are only looking to kill the wonderfull scouting programs our fore fathers developed. Shame on you!!

  60. Marvelous and very educational reply. Good for you Frank. It always helps to have an adult in the room to respond to those misleading comments by others who are not so informed, but rather prefer to confuse the issue.

  61. You can blame “what’s happening to this country” on the man at the top!! It’s trumpy that’s caused all the chaos here. Nothing to do with the scouts!!

  62. There are much better organizations for your children, when America learns to give the middle finger to the PC folks and continue to do what you previously have done, this crap will end.

  63. Girls and boys should not be thrust together. They are at the age where they are waking up sexually. Kids can’t concentrate on the lessons at hand. We need to get this straightened out before we end up with a full generation of screwed up adults. We have enough of them already.

  64. It was under the Obama administration that all the PC gender bologna started. Homosexuals in the military. LGBT bullies being allowed to barge their way into organizations that really do not want them and have been great for years without them

  65. There have always been homosexuals around the BSA, the military and everywhere. No problems until some loudmouth leftists started pushing the PC drivel.

  66. There are only two sexes. Male and Female. Boys should be Boys and Girls should be boys.

    I f you think you are something else, then start your own Scouts.

  67. I don’t think anyone is saying anything about transsexuals in this post. No one is saying that the girls aren’t girls or the boys aren’t boys. I think the point is that the program is relevant to everyone. Cub Scout Packs will have both genders in them but Troops will be separated by gender. Check out the Girl Scout agenda and the support by many local councils of Planned Parenthood. It’s just not the program it used to be for the girls. Boy Scouts of America are providing their program to girls in a separate but equal fashion (their term not mine).

  68. “…Planned Parenthood” says it all!

    I doubt the mainstream media will cover much of it, but the trial of the investigative reporter who recorded
    damning conversations and gathered other proof of PP’s baby part trade is just now starting.
    The case will probably go to the Supreme Court eventually – no matter who wins the first skirmish.

  69. Their identity should remain Boy Scouts of America as they have been known for decades. Having been through Cubs, Boy Scouts and Explorer Scouts, and attending Philmont I may be prejudiced but now in my 80’s I feel I personally benefited and can’t believe the experience is less valuable for boys today than it was back in the 50’s.

  70. The overall organization will still be Boy Scouts of America but the program that was for boys ages 11-17 will now be for youth ages 11-17 and will be called “Scouts USA” instead of “Boy Scouts”. So you will have Cub Scouts, Scouts USA, Venturing, and Exploring programs.

  71. most, if not all of the comments are irrelevant. both the girl scouts and the boy scouts have amended their original missions to incorporate political correctness. at the time these changes took place, their ought to have been a massive reduction in individual donations and a massive withdrawal of members in order to communicate displeasure. unfortunately, the preferences of mitt romney, barack obama, james turley, randall stevenson and robert gates prevailed as did the interests of several corporations. so now there is the boy/girl scouts and the sort of girl scouts and there is no mission other than the accommodation of political correctness. and if you don’t believe that, look at what the covington diocese and the covington highschool and all media and many wrongly informed politicians did to the covington boys.

  72. Well, just like what was said earlier concerning the WHOLE reason that girls have been allowed into the “BOY SCOUTS” that being “that there is NO ONE GENDER” will cause problems. There will be some LIBERAL DEMOCRAT and POLITICAL CORRECT agitator like the ACLU that will bring a lawsuit against them for separating the boys from the girls.

    There are TOO many PC adults out there that have thrown common sense out the window and can NOT think for themselves and see the consequences of their own stupidity!

    The voters of this, ONCE GREAT NATION, have allowed these special interest groups ie. the homosexuals, transgenders, ACLU, BLACK LIVES MATTER, OBAMA, HILLARY CLINTON, HARRY REID,the SAHARA CLUB, ENVIRONMENTALIST, GLOBAL WARMING BELIEVERS and many others to BRAINWASH too many people.

    THE problem is that these groups and people who allow themselves to be persuaded to join these ridiculous causes without thinking on their own are completely tearing down the value system in this country.

    I had to work with several of these misguided individuals that decided that they wanted to change their gender, what a mess! THEY not only disrupted their own family they caused all sorts of problems in the work force. Individual locks had to be installed on the bathrooms so that women’s privacy would NOT be compromised while using the facilities. One individual almost lost IT’S security clearance because of cross dressing and entering women’s bathrooms. The idea that one can change their birth sex by undergoing a operation is INSANE!

    The Creator of this universe and our world did not intend for the genders to be ambiguous. Everyone was born with a gender identity and NO amount of cutting and whacking can change that FACT!

    The Boy Scouts of America are getting what they deserve for being such hypocrites. They should have stuck to their ideals as stated in their own oaths and motto.

    A Vietnam era veteran.

  73. I’ve never been a Boy Scout but I’ve noticed that a long drawn out explanation is an attempt to convince others of a lie. They will have two camp sites, one for the boys, the other for girls. Now there’re two groups. Make sense so, put the girls back with the Girl Scouts and still have the same two separate groups. This is like “included but separate”. Sounds familiar?

  74. I believe as most of you do, and fined this issue to be observed.

    Girls should be Girl Scouts, and boys should be Boy Scouts!

    Now if there is a group who want to be either more rough and tumble like the boy scouts, yet at the same time have an opportunity to do some of the things more associated with girl stuff, then let them start a new coed club of there own.

    There is no reason why they need to change anything about the two clubs already available to them, they should start a new club for those who want to combine the two different concepts.

    Now that being said, guys you need to stay with and continue doing guy things. There needs to be a division between the two groups.

    And girls ok you are more a tomboy then a frilly girlly girl person great. You enjoy hiking, fishing, sleeping out under the stars, I get it. This does not mean that these two groups should be merged together, it means that there could maybe be a third option, that allows for both sexes to be happy, and coexist.

    I know that this has been a crazy time for our children, and the issues being forced upon them to accept things they are being told they now have to vongorm to thr whole PC thing.

    I’m sorry if my son’s were of school age today, they would not be in the public school system, being told that they have to take classes on subjects that do not belong in our schools period.

    My son’s are full grown adults now, my oldest retired 4 years ago with his 20 years in the U.S.A.F., my youngest son has 23 years in the U.S.A.F. and he is still active duty, I raised my boys as a single mom right here in S. Ca., they were raised to be self sufficient men.

    Oh and please don’t get me started on the whole openly gay, transgender issue as we could be here for days!

    Anyway all we can do is stick together, try to reinforce the beliefs, and core values we believe in and do all we can to make sure they know what is correct for all, not just a few.

    Go with God my online family, if we stand together, we stand strong.

    God Bless

    T. S. B.

  75. The title should now be: “SCOUTS BS.” I am an Eagle Scout and PC changes to the organization that gave me so much when I was young have ruined it. could the public imagine how many troops across the nation have “seceded from the union”?

  76. I agree. This should never have happened anyway. In fact there will be trouble ahead on camping trips,
    mountain climbing, etc.


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