The Archdiocese of a major American city racked by a wave of disgusting acts you won’t believe


America saw an alarming drop of those who identify as Christians.

The death spiral goes beyond just people dissociating with the Church.

And you’ll be outraged over what an official reported in this major American city Archdiocese.

Christianity is under attack in the United States.

And now criminals in Miami are targeting statues of Jesus Christ leaving many to ask why.

For the second time in about a month, a statue of Jesus that sits at the front of St. Martha’s Catholic Church in Miami Shores, has been defaced.

On September 30th the pastor at St. Martha’s walked out to find the statue of Christ damaged.

According to Mary Ross Agosta who is with the Archdiocese of Miami, “the head was knocked off, the arm, and a hand.”

CBS4 of Miami reported that the criminals went as far as to throw the head of Jesus over a fence.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first attack St. Martha’s has suffered.

“One month earlier, on August 29th the Christ statue in front of the church was defaced as well. You can see a person throwing whatever, I’m not sure if it was a large rock or if he was using a hammer, but you can see him going at the hand, at the hand, and finally, the hand is knocked off. Then the person just walks away,” added Agosta.

Police released surveillance video of a man vandalizing the statue and are asking the public for help identifying him.

Representatives for the Archdiocese are more concerned with who and why they did it.

“Having two attacks in a month kinda makes us feel that someone needs some help. You know we are in the business of forgiveness and we’re happy to forgive,” Agosta concluded.

The U.S. is experiencing a rapid and radical cultural upheaval as more Americans move away from a biblical worldview.

Even Hispanic adults in the U.S. who historically were ardent adherents to the Catholic faith are moving away from the church’s teachings.

According to a recent study, Hispanics who identify as practicing Catholics have dropped by over 30% in the last three decades.

And they’re not heading over to the Protestant churches who are also seeing rapid declines in membership.

Perhaps most shocking is the dramatic drop in those who believe God to be the all-knowing, all-powerful creator of the universe, which is down from 86% in 1991 to 46% in 2021.

Undoubtedly America’s shift from biblical truth to living your own “truth” has aided in the radicalization of society.

And with the Catholic Church abiding pro-abortion Democrats like Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi who are self-proclaimed “Catholics,” things are bound to only get worse from here.

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