The angry leftist mob is after J.K. Rowling because of this one statement


The Left is becoming more and more like a cult with each passing day.

Leftists demand total devotion from their followers, or they will be excommunicated.

And the angry leftist mob is after J.K. Rowling because of this one statement.

The militant Left is again throwing stones at Harry Potter author JK Rowling.

Rowling again refused to bend the knee on the issue of radical transgenderism, which states that womanhood is determined by an internal feeling and not biology.

This is a point-of-view that has picked up speed at a frightening pace, so much so people can have their careers ruined for not toeing the line.

Actor and TV host Mario Lopez was forced to apologize for having the audacity to say that a three-year-old shouldn’t be placed on hormone blockers.

But Rowling refuses to play that game.

Rowling, who is a rabid leftist, is more of a devotee of second-wave feminism, which is at war with the “woker” incarnations of third and fourth-wave feminism.

Last year, Rowling tweeted that transgender people should be treated with dignity, but men cannot become women.

That anodyne Tweet triggered a shockwave of backlash.

The full force of blue-checkmark Twitter and many progressive outlets rained down hard and tried to get Rowling “canceled.”

Not only did Rowling refuse to apologize, she recently doubled-down in her beliefs.

Rowling tweeted:


For her apostasy on one issue – Rowling has supported left-wing causes almost universally over the years – the Left has cast her out.

She’s been branded with the pejorative term TERF, which stands for trans-exclusionary radical feminist.

The Left has become Orwellian down to the Newspeak they use.

Rowling isn’t the first old-school feminist to get thrown under the bus by the Left, but she’s the most high-profile by far.

Rowling would be a value scalp for the Left to collect, but she refuses to be canceled.

That’s an important lesson for people who want to beat back the cultural encroachment by the far Left.

Trying to appease them accomplishes nothing. Appeasement only emboldens them and makes them push harder.

Will the cultists on the Left continue to go after Rowling for her views?

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  2. She made her bed, now she can sleep in it. Radical leftists will be eating their young, then each other soon enough.

  3. And we were always told by the left how tolerant they are.
    The left has never been tolerant of any opposing view point.
    Just like Islam was never a religion of peace. Another lie propagated by the left.

  4. The liberal left is more dangerous then Covid 19 and ISIS. This is got to be the most group of LUNATICS since the beginning of time!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. There are only 3 genders: male, female & transsexual (born with both sets of sexual organs). People are only of 2 sexual orientations: heterosexual or homosexual. If you are Trans, you are homosexual. Is this bad? I don’t know because I have never had the feelings I have for women for a man. It may be normal but it’s not natural due to procreation. I don’t look down on gay people. I don’t understand what they feel, but that’s o.k.. I have a gay member in my family & I don’t love her less for it. If the Left wants to try & force everyone to think their way, they will only succeed in pushing more people to the Right.

  6. So if being a woman is determined by one’s simply feeling oneself to be a woman, why isn’t being, say, a neurosurgeon, or an advanced mathematician, or a great poet, simply determined by one’s feeling oneself to be one? As far as I’m concerned, the whole transgender phenomenon is psychopathology, pure and simple.

  7. No one really believes that she wrote a single one of those books. She is a front for a roomful of novel pot-boiling hacks. She supposedly wrote the first one in a cafe with a newborn daughter sitting in a stroller while she penned it longhand. Tell us another one and we’ll give you back your London Bridge.

  8. Martina Navatlova not to long ago felt thier wrath when she dared to speak out on transgender athletes. They turn against anyone including their own LGBT community if they go against the grain.

  9. No dissent from the left’s Marxist dialectic, no matter what is said or from what source it comes, will be permitted!

  10. Both the Rights and the Lefts act the same. Both of them are cultists, demand total devotion and see nothing
    good about the other “side”. Trump is greatly responsible for this with his name calling tactics.
    No president before has been so childish, not to say unimaginably rude.

  11. Our present world have pulled away from God because they don’t want to follow his laws which were made so we wouldn’t be where we are now, in a state of immorality, do what you want to do, whether it hurts others, and a chaotic self-serving selfish society. I think most people recognize sin, but have decided they want to change the rules for their convenience. And now want to force you to think like them so they will be accepted, whether you think it’s wrong or not. I stand with God and our Lord Jesus Christ, and try hard to follow his laws, and no one is going to change that. It is Satan who is reigning in the century, and we are being tested with everything he has to try and turn us from God. I will protect my children with everything I have from the perversion taught in schools now. We don’t have to except anything but what God says. We have turned into a dictator rule from these extreme leftist activists, and we are allowing them to get away with it.

  12. DNA speaks for itself. The world is becoming sick since they have lost God, and if they don’t get him back, its going to get worse.

  13. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. They are not entitled to force their opinion on others.

  14. Nicholas Copernicus – opened his eyes to the world that the Earth moves around the Sun, and not vice versa, but the Jesuits rejected this theory and declared Copernicus a heretic.
    Giordano Bruno – In 1600, for confirming the theory of Nicholas Copernicus, the inquisitors sentenced him to be burned at the stake. And With the words “But truth is always stronger than fire!”
    Do not deny and do not regret, “he accepted the execution.
    Galileo Galilei – confirmed the doctrine of Copernicus that the earth revolves around the sun. The Inquisition declared Galileo a heretic, and forced him to renounce his ideas. But they say that, leaving the prison, his first words were: “But still it (the earth) is spinning.”

    The divine Rowling refused to kneel before these snakes and toads. Yes, men can never become women. Indeed, “truth is always stronger than fire! I do not deny and do not regret it!” Because J.K. Rowling with her Potter is forever, and these snakes and toads will disappear very soon, leaving no trace. After all, “men can never become women.”

  15. As a “TERF”, Rowling is definitely a leftist, but it is very brave of her to say this simple truth when the left is collectively gaslighting people by claiming “science” in denying the very existence of biological component to gender! Ironic how the gay rights movement fought to be allowed to be with the same gender only for transgenders to demand that a lesbian cannot reject a “woman” with male parts!

  16. ALL leftists are NO longer Humans but demonic beings of hell out to murder even those who are a bit less extreme than they are. The Kingdom of Hell and the Gates of Hell are manifested from ALL leftists. Still they will lose in the end to The Kingdom of God. This is a spiritual demonic warfare going on in the USA and spreading to the rest of the world.

  17. There are some facts about the brain, one of them FACT #5, the Pre-Frontal Cortex (PFC) is the LAST PART OF BRAIN TO FULLY DEVELOP. It completes around age 25 in females, and 28 in males.
    It takes care of all the: planning, judgment, forethought, impulse control, organization, time management, procrastination, goal planning, learning from mistakes

    For that reason, adults have to act as your PFC until their’s develops.

    In other words, they are not ready and don’t have the maturity and know-how as to make the right decision upon change of sex.

    Please check, “Brain Thrive by 25” by Dr. Daniel Amen and Ed.D. Jesse Payne on their website or the book, “Change Your Brain Change Your Life – before 25.”

  18. When did people begin worrying about who screws who and why? I could not care less who has a dick and who has a vagina! I do care who is civil and treats others as another human being created by the same God as everyone else. All this crap about skin color (I thought we resolved that nonsense) and now on to who has what sexual part and the skin color screaming is back again. It seems to me that it is those of darker skin color who are bringing up racism all over again. Geez, just learn to accept one another as the person they are — no one is perfect! Remember Rodney King? Can’t we all just get along?


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