The always trustworthy Dr. Fauci had this to say about vaccine passports


First, Americans were told to social distance, then they were forced to wear masks, and now they’re being told if they don’t get vaccinated, they can’t participate in life.

Vaccine passports are just one more way the federal government will track citizens and control their movements.

And now the always trustworthy Dr. Fauci had this to say about vaccine passports.

Dr. Fauci continues to change his tune on everything from masks to social distancing.

Most recently, he had something to say about how the federal government will handle vaccine passports.

In a recent interview with the POLITICO podcast, Dispatch, Fauci said, “I’m not saying that they should or that they would, but I’m saying you could foresee how an independent entity might say, ‘well, we can’t be dealing with you unless we know you’re vaccinated,’ but it’s not going to be mandated from the federal government.”

So, it would seem that according to Dr. Fauci, the federal government will not push the vaccine passport.

While this may sound promising on the surface, the public should not be so quick to take what he says to heart.

While the feds may not enforce any type of mandate – knowing full well it’d be unconstitutional – you can be sure that they will pressure the private sector to implement these passports.

If Biden can get businesses to put in place rules requiring individuals to show proof of vaccination, it keeps his hands clean of the actual act but still accomplishes his goal of implementing communist-style rules.

As the National Review stated, “We are on the verge of empowering the private sector to become the enforcers of policies desired by federal bureaucrats.”

“A year-plus into the COVID-19 pandemic, health passports are far too late to mitigate the damage done by lockdowns, surveillance, and travel restrictions,” said Reason magazine in a recent article.

We live in incredibly scary times as the federal government uses backdoor methods to control the American public.

And, of course, Dr. Fauci himself has said that even those who are vaccinated need to continue to wear masks, leaving many to wonder if the vaccine actually works.

Forcing people to wear masks was clearly just the beginning of the Democrats’ plan to force Americans to obey their tyrannical requirements.

They had no intention of stopping there.

The next step is for them to control or use private sector companies to enforce their liberty-crushing mandates and programs.

We’ve seen this before – this is how the socialists have gained control for centuries.

And they’re going to try it again here in America before it’s all over.

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