The Academy Awards just added one film requirement for the Oscars that will shock you


Hollywood has become a “woke” parody of itself.

Leftists in the industry are always the first to adopt and promote ridiculous ideas.

Now the Academy Awards just added one film requirement for the Oscars that will shock you.

As America’s nightmarish “woke” Cultural Revolution continues apace, Hollywood is jumping in with both feet.

The pandering was bad enough when a handful of celebrities posted an over-produced, maudlin video where they declared that they “take responsibility” for racism within the industry and America more broadly.

The video was roundly mocked from the Left and the Right.

Most people are sick of being lectured to.But Hollywood was just getting started.

The Academy Awards announced that films will have to meet certain diversity requirements in order to be considered for an Oscar going forward.

This is truly nightmarish.

Hollywood has leaned Left for a long time, but now politics are nakedly guiding the art.

Movies should be based on merit, not quotas.

The process is already greatly political, but this new edict will only make it worse.

Also, diversity doesn’t seem to be a glaring issue when Parasite, Green Book, Moonlight, and 12 Years a Slave have all won Best Picture within the last decade, and that doesn’t include films that were nominated but didn’t win (Roma, Fences, Selma, etc…), or the diverse creators behind the camera.

This is simply another power grab by the cultural mandarins to dictate what is and is not allowed in art.

This is precisely how art forms die.

When they’re subsumed by politics, the consumers of the art lose interest.

That’s why oftentimes there’s a huge disconnect between what’s popular and what’s deemed quality.

The critical masterpieces of the past were also box office smash hits.

Today, the average person hasn’t even heard of half the films nominated for Oscars.

This chasm is only going to get worse.

The leftists will push more arcane and niche and propagandistic stories, and viewers will continue to withdraw.

Maybe when the industry collapses entirely, well-made popular films will be allowed to have a renaissance.

Until then, moviegoers will be subjected to #OscarsSoWoke for the foreseeable future.

Leftism already robbed the Academy Awards show of a host after Kevin Hart withdrew from the gig of a lifetime when the culture revolutionaries dug up years-old tweets.

The show will go on, but whether or not anyone watches is a completely different story.

Did the Academy Awards just stifle creativity with this new diversity requirement?

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  2. Oh PULEEZE!! I’d like to see a documentary on Eskimo life in the 1800’s try to be diverse. How would you squeeze a Muslim,Asian, Black, Hispanic, American Indian etc into that? The pandering borders on the ridiculous. Don’t make too many movies because no one is going to tell me or any true Americans what we have to watch. Another group who tested positive for stupid.

  3. America lives its own life, and Hollywood lives its own, and these lives do not intersect at all. Americans don’t give a damn what awards and Oscars are played there, for which films, and because of which these strange old and ugly actors fuss; but everyone understands that the American CINEMA is dead.

  4. I just had a thought: if you produce a documentary on the ocean do you have to have a black fish? And a fish that reflects every color, race, creed, sexual orientation etc? Reflect on the stupidity. I don’t watch TV or movies that include subliminal messages, I watch them for entertainment.

  5. This is really nothing new other than adding the word-diversity. Did the American Sniper movie get any awards yet it was a very popular movie. Any conservative leaning movie is automatically kicked out. It’s all a rigged game -so who watches the dimwits anyway.

  6. Shouldn’t ’12 Years As A Slave’ have its awards taken back, as the story is not based ob facts but far away later things someone heard of someone?

  7. Well I don’t pay much attention to academy awards anyway because a lot of films that won were terrible.
    Want an example? Brokeback Mountain.

  8. Obama has black privilege. He would have never been elected president except for his skin color.

  9. All the award shows can take a hike. I quit watching years ago. Who cares what disgusting outfits are worn on the red carpet, who beat out who for an award and listen to their dribbling acceptance speeches. Don’t care, they are overpaid mouthy fake artists. I have better things to do with my time.

  10. hollywood is nothing but a gathering of fags and whores. used to be filled with good movies and good actors, but not any more. use to have family movies and things that were good for everyone, but not now. now with all of the trash that is in these movies, i would never take my children to see any of this crap. if the people in these movies don’t start saving their money, they will be broke soon, because nobody will pay a dime to see any of this crap anymore. I wish all of you actors, and actresses a very crappy day.

  11. The newest nail in the Hollywood “culture”. Will be great to see some of these “woke” actors (especially thinking of foul-mouthed, rabid DiNiro here) never get a part again.

  12. Whether it is a movie, play, book or any other entertainment, if it is done well then a award is warranted. The Hollywood bubble heads believe they are in charge of the criteria of decision making in American culture and politics. They are not! Their opinion is just that, a opinion. I do not give a rat’s butt what they think, but they have the right to say. Just as all the Republicans have the right to their opinion. My Ancestors came to this country on the Mayflower ship for the freedom to express their religion and opinion. And many ancestors and relatives and bled and died for all Americans to have the rights they should hold dear. Freedom is not Free!

  13. Half these libtard actors/actresses have a hard time with reality when all they do is pretend. Reality…look at your ratings idiots. Goodbye Hollyweird…

  14. Other than the denizens of Hollywood and a few slavish devotees does anyone actually give a damn about an awards show that is more about those involved patting each other on the back and telling each other how great we are than letting the movies standing on their own merit? I have never watch a movie because it won an Oscar nor failed to watch one that didn’t and I surely will not do so now under this ridiculous new requirement.

  15. Haven’t watched the Oscars for years and will not go to the movies if they involve these idiotic Hollywood Critters! We don’t need our minds polluted even more from the Left! Waiting for Dinesh D’Souzas movie to hit theaters in August and that will be one to watch!!

  16. Who ever told these so called actors/actresses that their opinion matters? I never watch the so called awards…awards for what exactly? Foul mouths, sex, etc. No thanks. Don’t go to movies either…same reason. Hollywood is actually on its death bed.

  17. Maybe all the producers, – directors, and all the other MAKERS of films should rise up and refuse the offer of awards for complying with the ordinances of the award givers. Just say ” I don’t need no stinking awards- I aim to please the ticket buyers!”

  18. If the arts had anything to do with actual Americans, names like Michael Landon, John Denver, and Sylvester Stallone would comprise our cultural Mt. Rushmore. Alas, they do not. They all made fortunes, of course, because real people responded so strongly to their work….but the establishment hated ALL of them, precisely BECAUSE their work resonated so powerfully with America’s better instincts.

  19. No wonder I have not watched the Oscar show for many years. Why waist my limited time on Earth listening to a bunch of poppas overpaid ass holes! This affirmative action crap has already been going on in TV and films. I saw a fact based crime story years ago where the black criminal was cased by a white actor and the white victim as a black women. This is why they have the disclaimer “this story is based on actual events but certain characters and story line may have been changed for dramatic effect”.

  20. In my opinion, it’s basically censorship to a degree.
    This new rule is telling screen writers they have to write a movie a certain way. They have to include “this” and “CANNOT” have “this” in their story line.

    Years ago, my friends used to have parties where they’d gather together to check out the outfits of the stars when they’d walk the red carpet and do interviews. They stopped doing that when they realized what the Oscars really were all about.

    To think that we really give a rats as* what Hollywood thinks is almost insulting. They sit in their mansions, not a financial worry on their minds. And then they start vomiting their stupid leftist narratives. It makes me sick to my stomach! I’d like to throw up on one of them!

  21. Hollywood has been on death watch for awhile now. Final nail pounded in. Won’t miss any of the garbage Hollywood produces.

  22. Does anyone except libtard insiders actually watch the Oscars? I don’t know a single person who does.

  23. Marvin-glad to know you know when people are so stupid. Oh that’s when they don’t agree with you. A bit narcissistic are you.

  24. Just make movies with Only Black people! very Simple,Say that Blacks founded the country and are Responsible Anything good in the world And Whites are responsible for Everything Bad!That’s the way people think Anyway! Blacks are 13% of the population..Turn on the tv,Turn on the radio,Try to see ONE commercial with out seeing a Black face or rap music,They had a Black god in a THOR Movie and a Black guy running around with Robin Hood,As I’m writing this a gotta hear F….. Rap “Music” for a commercial on the ID Channel ,Such a Racist country..I guess they Won’t be happy until 13% of the population control Everything!!?? See How That works out 😉

  25. Art: Have you noticed commercials over the last 5 years or so? You can’t turn on the tv without seeing interracial couples, and their little high yellow offspring. Suddenly, out of the blue, almost every commercial has to feature this nonsense. But that’s not happening because of black people….it’s happening because of cowardly white people…just like most of the things you cite. For some reason, a large portion of the white population seems to absolute DESPISE being white. If white people would stand together-at least on matters of common sense-most of this problem would not exist.

  26. BLM should burn down the academy awards building, Hollywood could give the burning an award for best picture.

  27. Aww. The right wing racists are hurt because they have to watch movies that have people that are or than white in them. Well, go back to your caves, beat your rocks and your wives, and complain about the Neanderthals that moved in to the next cave.

  28. HCB: Lots of white people love the Denzel Washingtons and Sidney Poitiers of the world…It’s not the minority that we resent….it’s the minority for the SAKE of minority that makes the whole thing so foolish. The two guys I just mentioned are not where they are because they’re black…they’re there because they’re strong, charismatic, and talented. THAT should be the measure…NOT some ridiculous notion of stacking the industry with a particular race. Nobody liked Clint Eastwood or Cary Grant or Elizabeth Taylor JUST because they were white…and nobody with a brain will like anybody JUST because they’re black. This entire conversation is especially dumb, though, because the performing arts has ALWAYS featured a number of dominant African American figures. Music and film BOTH feature a heavy representation of black artists, so there’s really not a whole lot to talk about….UNLESS you’re trying to use such topics to stir up heavier black turnout at the polls in November, which is the true motivation for most of this.

  29. Hollywood is the land of the stupid. No common sense, but that is what happens when you get the liberal disease.

  30. When the Hollywood elitists started opening their mouths spouting their hatred,
    I never put another dime in their pockets. I I haven’t put a dime in Tom Hanks’ pocket for years whether it be on film or TV. (And, he was one of my favorite actors.)

    I no longer go to Hollywood backed movies. (Churchill movie was my one exception.)

    Haven’t watched any awards shows since they became a political platform for people who spew hatred. Hollywood eating their own fan base.

    How sad! Hollywood is no longer for entertainment of the populace (black. brown and white).

  31. Used to watch Academy Awards, Grammys, Sports (Baseball/Football/Basketball). No more for me. Give me a good book any day. Don’t have to watch those who disrespect the freedom all Vets fought for. Don’t have to pay to watch or waste time. Forgot to add, no more night talk shows. Hosts believe they are politicians. Get out to vote Nov. 2nd and Vote for Donald Trump. God Bless America and God Bless President Trump!
    Stay Safe!

  32. Does anyone watch any of the crappy who’s who awards? Who cares what the narcissists are doing???? Turn the channel! I realize it has become almost impossible to get anything that’s even worthy of watching…but hey Andy Griffith reruns are always on!

  33. so a free black man, a fat asian, a woke white gay trans male and a muslim walk into a bar…. not a joke… thats the scene of a awfulwoods newest movie…

    I honestly didnt know the emmys or whatever thay are called were still a thing… dont float the mainstream and definitely not hip. Just real and able to have original thoughts…

  34. A Requirement that should be imposed on all movies by the Academy should be that they actually contain some real entertainment value, instead of random acts of violence, sex and that they actually have a storyline.


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