The A.P.A. is in hot water after its new rules on “toxic masculinity”


The American Psychological Association (A.P.A.) released new guidelines on “toxic masculinity.”

The guidelines said that traditional male gender roles were “on the whole harmful!”

But now the A.P.A. is facing a complaint that could unravel it all.

The A.P.A.’s “masculinity” guidelines are being challenged in a Title IX complaint against Harvard University.

The complaint contends that because they rely on harmful stereotypes about American men, in following the A.P.A. guidelines, the university has adopted a biased training material, setting a different standard for how the school treats men and women.

PJ Media has more:

The APA is the largest accrediting body of psychology programs in the United States. It oversees accreditation for at least 406 doctoral programs in the field, and has roughly 117,000 active members.

So, while the guidelines may seem like a drop in the bucket of the culture wars, they’re likely to have a significant influence on psychology departments, the training of future and current psychologists, and the practice of psychology throughout the nation.

This worries Kursat Pekgoz, a Ph.D. student, and retired lawyer John Davis. Together, they filed a Title IX complaint against Harvard University on Thursday, arguing that a Title IX violation exists by way of Harvard’s relationship to the APA.

According to the complaint, all Harvard psychologists are informed by APA code, Harvard’s program in clinical psychology is accredited by the APA, and Harvard also partners with the organization to offer “continuing education” classes.

“By using APA’s guidelines [which were released in August], Harvard University creates a set of different standards of behavior/sanctions/treatment for men and women. This is a violation of Title IX,” the complaint argues.

As we reported, it’s dangerous to insinuate that anyone with enough testosterone to be considered male, is toxic.

And, if fully implemented, these guidelines could make their way into public school textbooks across the country.

It’s disturbing enough that the Left is so hell-bent on defeating President Trump in 2020 that they’re waging war against American men for so-called “toxic masculinity.”

But that they’d unconscionably go after American boys is beyond forgivable. Hopefully our court system will correct this injustice.

But what do you think? Will the Left’s war on masculinity be stopped?

Let us know in the comment section.


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  2. Wake up AMERICA! devil is working overtime to take down this great nation! Almighty God created man & woman! God created woman to be help mate to man! we’ve let devil creep in slowing tearing down humanity! we’re all born for specific purpose! we have to give our lives to Almighty God & let Him lead & guide us to build up our country & our families! men & women have different jobs to do! find your place in God’s plan & do your duty to best of your ability!God bless America! I love JESUS! I love America!

  3. If I didn’t know any better, it appears there are forces afoot, mainly on the Left, that are seeking to feminize the male in society and the culture. Let us say this is indeed the case, what can the effects be? Who will step up to defend America if men are no longer willing to fight and engage the enemy, perhaps they’ll prefer to bake cookies.

  4. The Leftists first sought to vilify men (white, conservative men) as founders of the “War on Women.” It failed to take root and it failed to get Hillary elected.

    Those same zealots decided to try a different tactic. They are now attacking men (white, conservative men) by classifying them as “toxic.”

  5. These people think they know more than God Who created us! But then, they have attempted to throw God out of our culture! They will fail, and when He judges this nation and the world. they will blame everyone else and say, “We didn’t know!”

  6. The unaccountable treasonous Deep State is alive snd well making Putin very happy and sure ain’t Trump doing it.

  7. Another force says otherwise – he rules – he created us – some of these people that think they know what they are talking about are literally more stupid than a normal person.

  8. Amen!!! God Bless and help us all. Read and study the Bible.
    I have met & known women who are extremely toxic…. What a shame…. Devil, I rebuke you in Jesus’ precious Holy name!!!

  9. Psychology is where people with significant psychologically issues go to justify their psychosis. It is a field where logic is replaced by ”feelings” and where the most maladjusted rise to teaaching positions.

  10. APA is a joke. It’s a guessing game. Run by the uneducated Looney. Who ever pays the most they will agree. Never take your kids to these disgusting people. They hand out drugs like candy. They should be shut down. Easy way to become a soulless millionaire.

  11. Some entity greater than our lefties and the liberal Democrats created us. Let Him judge us not some biased psychopaths. The men in my life have been exceptional, they have been kind, caring, loving and something we Women want to have in our lives. I am 78 and have met and dealt with many men in my career and none had this phenomenon called Toxic Masculinity. It is the people who want a different society than we now have that are seeking to make themselves feel better. May they not win this war because I love a man who is going to make me feel loved, wanted, and protected.

  12. Just one more thing to create and keep chaos afoot in our country. Not only have they divided us with race, economic income levels, culture, gender but now to destroy the male by making them sissies. We need to standup continually to fight this agenda to bring down and destroy everything about our country and the human being. Children today must be so confused!!

  13. These comments refresh my confidence that there are still those in America who support faith in the God, the One who assembled that group of men who toiled for many days to establish this country and constitution. These comments reflect the fact that there are those in our country who love God and their neighbor that was cited by Jesus as the greatest commandments, they demonstrate the America that de Tocqueville discovered when he toured this great nation in the 1830’s and recorded in his books, “Democracy in America”. Satan does not control all of the population. Thank God!!!

  14. Men are most needed to keep this world alive. Unconscionable that white mean are targeted because they , out of all hold woman in esteem. Woman, who are their equals by the same standards men really respect. Woman who are achievers, doers, rational rather than emotional. This country has a mental illness problem, so I’d tell psychologist that they need to do their job. Picking on the strongest shows their pathetic weakness. Look at Blassey-Ford, if you want to showcase psychology today.

  15. And yet they are silent on TOXIC FEMININITY and TOXIC LESBIANISM, and don’t even think about TOXIC STUPIDITY exhibited by the TOXICITY OF LIBERALISM.

    IF “Men” were the problem, the human race would have died off with Adam and Eve.

  16. Psychology is quackery and aimed to brainwash our youth! The Psychologist who helps people is not very common because a lot of patients come out more screwed up and they are often given dangerous drugs.

  17. About time for the A.P.A. to drag out one of their prized pupils, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, and get her back into the fray. As a freshman in college, I remember the upperclassmen offering sage advise to steer clear of female Psychology and Sociology majors. With Spring Break right around the corner, it’d be great to see the MSM do a piece on the hoards of nubile, young females that, on an annual basis, willingly subject themselves to ‘toxic masculinity’ on the beaches in Florida and Texas.

  18. Toxic Masculinity??? What about Toxic feminism or Toxic “Everything else??? What is wrong with you people that deem something you are unsure about or have had a bad relationship with the opposite sex so you “switch teams”? Next these jokers will be saying that marriage is a toxic institution. Hmmm… I might hold off on the latter example! lol I’m a country boy born and raised. I’ve worked hard all of my life, owned 4 homes, married and raised two boys. There were “toxic things” that occurred in my life and there was a choice I had to make each time. Stay engulfed in the toxicity or get away from it. Stereo-typing men or women is a mindless act. “You’re a man… BAD… YUCK!” or,”You’re a woman… BAD… YUCK!” I have never hit a woman nor will I! Only a low life SOB would do this! Not all things in this life are toxic just like not all things are good and wholesome! We have been blessed, or possibly cursed, by our Good Lord giving us the freedom of choice. Make better choices if you are making bad choices. If you made a choice and it was bad but you keep making that same bad choices, here’s the fix for that… If you don’t change the negative things in your life, nothing will change! It’s as simple as that! Plus, nobody is extremely happy with every choice in their life nor are they extremely unhappy with every choice they make! Find common ground and work on your own silly self to make your life better. Read, research and find the way to help your own silly self and learn to laugh at yourself! Some things are toxic but most things “are not” toxic. Hint: search out the “are nots”, the “toxics” are searching for you but don’t let them in!

  19. Naturally, I am anticipating the long overdue report on toxic femininity that has given rise to women destroying traditional families and relationships.

  20. This liberal group should begin to search for science and reality to replace it’s bent toward how it “feels” the world should be.

  21. When studying Physics in college, we often laughed at the PATHETIC attempts by other disciplines(at best), to
    WRAP themselves in the mantel of a true science. THE A P A has just proven again we were correct!

  22. Lets face it folks, Psychology departments, been there, done that, are in no way awash in masculinity period. There is almost as much testosterone in the Psychology department as there is in the Home Economics Department. Sounds like the Psychology Deptartment is infected with toxic femininity, otherwise known as HESHEITITUS. #BLACK GUNS MATTER, MAGA, OR ELSE!!!

  23. as the field of Psychology(perception and emotion) continues to distance and separate itself from Psychiatry (medicine, physiology, genetics) we can, unfortunately, only expect to see more of this justification of the irrational and immature which are the hallmarks of the left wing loonies.

  24. The radical left has ruined California and New York and now it’s working on the rest of the country. They have ruined our schools and colleges. We definitely need to stand up to them. The deep state, Soros and the evil Cabal has corrupted their minds. Like Michael Savage says Liberalism is a mental disorder. Thank Gid for Trump! We definitely need to pray and protect the President and his family.
    Peace, Love and Safety to all of us❤️

  25. The problem is too LITTLE masculinity. Truly masculine men PROTECT women and would never act out in the way the feminine of us portend. We have, as a society, weakened the male to the point they resent others and lash out to prove themselves to themselves. It’s actually toxic immasculinity! Yay, testosterone!

  26. APA–Toxic Anti Trumpers/ Never Trumpers, Toxic DemoRats, Toxic Rinos, Toxic femininity, Toxic Gays, Toxic lesbianism, Toxic Transgenderism, Toxic Queers, Toxic Humanity…what else is Toxic????
    Toxic Life??

  27. I’m a hell of a lot more concerned about, and America and the World in general should be a lot more concerned about, Toxic Trumperism. Toxic Trumperism is not about right and left per se, rather it is about the harm that uncontrollable ego can do.

  28. Not until the majority of federal court justices who are a bunch of psychotic, deviant corrupt who practice a combination of Communism and islamic/sharia ideology betraying the principles of which our Constitutional Republic are built and thus what is the most fair and unbiased laws to protect the rights of true patriots are indicted and removed from the bench will travesties of justice be prevented so no folks the effimination will continue to rampantly spread throughout our society.

  29. Granberg you psychotic freak take a lead injection to the head and spare us rational people from your delusions.

  30. I’ve never had any trust in nor use for psychobabblists. This sounds like they’ve been indulging in too many of those hallucinogenic drugs they prescribe for their patients.


  32. Deep State traitors are everywhere!The evil corrupted liberal demoncrat Commie Nazi’s party at work here!Don’t forget the RINOs(Grahams,Romney,Gowdy,Ryan, Rubio, Sessions, Collins, Flake, Haley)they’re just as bad! Drain the rat infested Swamp,Pres Trump!


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