Ted Cruz ripped one actor for the braindead thing he said


Hollywood celebrities became even more unbearable during the Donald Trump era.

Tone-deaf actors took turns spewing uninformed opinions on social media.

But Ted Cruz ripped one actor for the braindead thing he said.

Actor and writer Seth Rogen is one of the obnoxiously “woke” Hollywood celebrities working today.

Rogen once went on a late night show and bragged about denying Paul Ryan’s son an autograph because he hated his father’s politics.

Now Rogen is back and more loathsome than ever, this time calling Senator Ted Cruz a “fascist” who tried to “overthrow our government.”

Rogen also said that Cruz “inspired a deadly mob to storm the Capitol.”

Cruz responded by pointing out it’s the Left that’s behaving like fascists:

The Fake News Media and Big Tech have essentially merged with the Democrat-run government in a truly nightmarish and fascistic way.

Donald Trump was summarily booted from every single social media platform, and Twitter competitor Parler was digitally assassinated by Big Tech giants Apple, Google, and Amazon.

Also, Rogen’s claims are truly absurd.

Cruz voting not to certify the Electoral College results until an election audit could’ve been conducted is not a novel move; Barbara Boxer voted similarly in 2004 when George W. Bush defeated John Kerry.

And blaming Cruz for the actions of a group of deranged rioters is ridiculous.

The same logic could be applied to Bernie Sanders after one of his supporters shot up a Congressional baseball game practice and nearly murdered Congressman Steve Scalise.

Rogen and other Hollywood leftists are simply propaganda tools of the Democrat Party.

The Democrat Media Complex works in concert to smear Republicans every chance they get, but Cruz is willing to fight back on Twitter.