Ted Cruz is blasting Justin Timberlake and Antifa for their disgusting actions and what he said will blow you away


Justin Timberlake is leading a small army of radical left-wing celebrities funding bail funds to allow criminals back on the streets so they can loot businesses and destroy private property.

He’s even asking his fans on social media to donate to these campaigns.

Now Ted Cruz is blasting Justin Timberlake on social media for his dangerous actions and what he said will blow you away.

Timberlake’s call to action is absolutely disgusting.

He is asking for his fans to donate their hard earned funds to “Freedom funds” or bail money organizations.

These funds would then bail rioters out of jail so they could return to the streets and cause complete chaos by looting and destroying more private property.

Many celebrities have even defended the rioting as a form of “free speech” and seem to have forgotten their recent demands for people shelter-in-place during the COVID-19 crisis.

Timberlake does not seem to understand that many of the businesses being looted or burned to the ground are actually owned and operated by men and women of color.

Which is why Senator Ted Cruz decided to drop this bomb against him on social media.

Cruz wrote, “Justin, how about giving your millions to a fund to help the African-American and Hispanic small businesses that are being burned & looted, rather than a fund to bail out the spoiled (often white) ANTIFA terrorists who are destroying minority communities?”

Ted Cruz is 100% correct to call Justin Timberlake out on this.

He is completely missing the fact that these looters are hurting the very people he’s trying to help.

Countless businesses owned by African-Americans and Hispanics have suffered great losses during the riots and will not recover.

It is irresponsible of Justin Timberlake to use his status and social media following to encourage such reckless behavior that will ultimately hurt minorities and dishonor George Floyd’s memory.

Supporting a relief fund for those whose property has been damaged or burned down would be a much more productive use of funds.

What do you think?

Should Justin Timberlake re-evaluate his call-to-action and encourage his fans to support those hurt by the rioting?

Share your thoughts with Culture Watch News in the comments below.


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  2. Obvious that a majority of people do NOT support Pelosi’s Democratic agenda. Well then you better support President Trump cause that is what you will surely get if you vote for her left wing puppet Biden

  3. If the rioters went to his home and did what they are doing to the businesses,he would not be supporting them, He is just another ignorant rich jack ass..

  4. Hey , this is why its called Hollyweird ! All of these “Woke” so called STARS wanting to be in the limelight . It’s easy to be woke I guess , especially when it is not you business or home that was looted or burned down . Maybe Mr Timberlake would like to set up a go fund me for the family that had their home burned down while they and their children slept .
    Bail money Mr Timberlake ? I don’t think so !

  5. Timberlake just lost 50% of his fan base. This has to be his biggest screw up this decade and he will pay for it in the future. People are going to remember this. Anybody who would donate money to bail out criminals who have burned and looted businesses has a real problem. Justice would be when one of these looters goes out and burns his home to the ground.

  6. Like most ignorant celebrities, and I use that word loosely, they haven’t got the brains to see that they are in the wrong! Democrats have absolutely devastated this country, and they need to pay dearly. I hope all Republicans turn out to see that all democrats are voted out of office.

  7. Racism is just a construct the left uses to keep black people trapped. It’s called “race baiting” or “playing the race card”. The racist narrative propagated by democrats is plantation politics that democrats use to keep blacks in poverty, and dependent on government assistance.

  8. Ted Cruz is as big a POS as Fuhrer Trump. Anything he says to anyone can be assumed a lie or distortion for the purpose of furthering the anti-American alt-right agenda.

  9. To all you coke sniffing left wing liberal lunatics and Hollywood Trash; the day will come when some of this RIOTING LOOTING TRASH IS GOING TO PAY YOU A VISIT and give you a BIG TASTE of what the general public and our police force (who protects your worhless A*S ) is being subjected to.

  10. The ugly truth…cops hardly ever kill ANYBODY. Your chances are about as good of getting struck by lightning.

  11. HCB, please shut your low life trap. Again hiding in your basement and worshiping the left. You are the racist if you can’t see what these idiots in Hollyweird are doing. Sitting in their huge homes telling us to what to do. I bet he has armed guards at his home. He is a sick person just like you.
    God help you.

  12. I just saw where Drew Brees has gone down on his knees to these animals. I guess that makes it official…if they can break him, then the professional sports leagues are now completely hostile to mainstream Americans and our values. Brees is usually as close to a voice of common sense and decency as you’ll find in professional sports….and now HE’S cowering before these animals. Decent people MUST shut the NFL, NBA, etc. DOWN….Professional sports is no longer for real Americans. Sad, but true.

  13. I sure hope this ignorant statement from a so called singer, ruins his career. More whites buy, or I hope, used to buy your music, but hopefully not any more. Bye Bye Justin. Will never buy anything you are involved in.

  14. When Trump had the military teargas those protesters so he could walk to the church for a photo op someone should have gone full Lee Harvey Oswald on him.

  15. scott27 you are such a liar and a sap!they threw smoke bombs at them to block their vision! another lie from the media and dummies like you believe it! you want me to show you where to look it up?i guess not!

  16. Justin, you’re allowing evil to grow when you bail these kind of people out. Do you want to see this country to go to ‘H’ in a hand basket? Ted Cruz is right, do something constructive with the bail money.

  17. HCB,
    alt right = conservativism, capitalism, Christianity, family values, the founding fathers, and the constitution.
    alt left = communism, anarchy, race wars, totalitarianism, flag burning, poverty, and death.

  18. Perhaps, as part of their “get out of jail” bit, they be loaded on a bus & dumped at Justin’s house!!!

  19. Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty. All or almost all defendants are entitled to bail. I guess the only people you believe should escape incarceration are Trump’s friends who’ve already plead guilty or have been convicted.

  20. Just another Hollywood jerk, overpaid, under achiever, who needs to work on talent, not politics.

  21. Just so you know, Last year their were 1004 shootings by police officers, 41 were unarmed 20 were WHITE, 10 were blk, and the rest were mixed of other races, there were also 10 million police arrests last year. So sorry the media and your narrative is all BULL. Wake up America it is more cover for the real racism in America. The ELITES, THE RULING CLASS (INCLUDING THE MEDIA) are against us all of us

  22. timberlakes comments show his lack of common sense, it would be a different story if they were burning his house down, typical left wing nonsense. why these spoiled rich left wingers can see what their doing is baffling to me. they cant see the forest for the trees. it makes me sick to my stomach.


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