Teacher’s union just revealed a disgusting plan to force the transgender agenda on children


For years, teacher’s unions have been another wing of the Democrat Party.

Now they are actively working to bring the LGBT agenda into schools.

And the president of the top teacher’s union in the nation just revealed a disgusting plan to force the transgender agenda down kindergartners’ throats.

Lily Eskelsen Garcia is one of the most powerful figures in education today, as the president of the National Education Association (NEA) – the largest teacher’s union in America.

She is a long-time Democrat activist, running for office in 1998, and serving in the White House under both Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.

Just last week she joined a man who believes he is a woman to lecture a kindergarten class in Arlington, Virginia about so-called “transgenderism.”

Sarah McBride, a spokesperson for the homosexual activist group, the Human Rights Campaign, read from two different books promoting the transgender lifestyle.

One children’s book, titled “I am Jazz,” discusses a boy who believes he is a girl, something McBride tells children is completely normal.

As reported by Breitbart:

“The president of the nation’s largest teachers’ union joined a man who identifies as a woman in teaching transgender ideology to an Arlington, Virginia, kindergarten class last week.

Lily Eskelsen García, president of the National Education Association (NEA), joined with Sarah McBride, a spokesperson for the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), in reading the books I Am Jazz and Julián Is a Mermaid to young children at Ashlawn Elementary School.

“I have a girl brain but a boy body,” McBride read from I Am Jazz, the Washington Post reported. “This is called transgender. I was born this way.”

“I’m like Jazz,” McBride told the children. “When I was born, the doctors and my parents, they all thought that I was a boy.”

With teacher’s unions on board, the transgender agenda is only going to become more prominent in schools.

With school kids’ young minds still developing, the Left sees sees them as a ripe target for its agenda.

Using children’s books, they are teaching children that their lifestyle is okay, regardless of what their parents believe.

Do you think five-year-old children should be taught about transgenderism in school?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


  1. I am so sick of these nut cases trying to push this crap on little children. I can remember when I was a little girl that I was a tomboy and liked to play with cap guns and toy cars and mostly toys that little boys played with, if someone had come to the school and asked if I would rather be a boy I might have said yes, but I knew I was a girl and I was ok with it. These people are disgusting making little kids think they should change sexes just because at times they think that would be fun. I am so glad my children are adults and were not exposed to these creeps. The schools should ban them from even talking to the kids. If I had kids in school I would be tempted to home school them to keep them away from these freaks.

      • Not until all Christians and non -Christian alike Unite in true opposition against these abnormality of the perversion of the civil rights movement, will evil Fear GOOD, sometimes GOD wants people to be his tools also!

        • Parents, grand parents and other need to speak up, picket the schools and school boards and VOTE THEM OUT.
          When electing new board members this question must be asked..in favor no job ..against this indoctrination you got the job

      • I did too. My sister and I had male friends that we would wrestle with, have snowball fights together and everything.

    • My grandchildren go to a private school where they still believe in God and his works. I am so glad they are able to swing the fees. They have shaved the things from their lives they can live without for the sake of their kids. More people should go that route and the ones who can’t should challenge their schools and rout out that kind of things. Just my thinking!!!

      • I had some going to private school and parents just removed them this year & put them in public school. The only thing the 4th grader has learned is sexual and the 1st grader is teaching math to the rest of the kids in her class. The children now hate school. I am not a happy camper, but nothing I can do.

      • That sure sounds like you are a trumpy supporter. He promotes violence and you have sadly bought into the agenda. Kill off anything or anyone you disagree with. What a christian you are!! I am ashamed for you!!


          • I am still a voting Democrat – and I will vote for the next Democrat running against tRumpy in 2020. I want to see all religious groups protected in this country. So yes, that includes Muslims too. All Muslims are not alike and they do NOT want to kill all Americans. You have this crazy belief and you are so wrong!! My grandchildren are all grown – no longer little children at all. You are so wrong to continue to indoctrinate your friends and family about your evil beliefs. You really should try to practice what your christianity teaches you. But it may already be too late for you. You show no love in your heart!! I am sorry that I have to see this evil side of you.

        • So if someone has a different view or opinion then the one you are use to, this person has to be a trumpy supporter?! Seriously?l YOU are the one with the problem! Marks reference to taking them out to nature does not mean that he would assault them or kill them. Just as you are entitled to your views and opinions, he also has a right to voice his. YOU are the one making the accusations….YOU are the one that is using the words violence and kill….Maybe its time for you to seek mental counseling….! And what makes you think he is a Christian?! For all you know he could be an atheist ….You know nothing about this person but YOU sure are quick to make ‘judgement calls.’ Trump does NOT promote violence…YOU need to educate yourself and do more reading because according to all the articles that have been written about violence, it is the LEFT that is assaulting Trump supporters (like having their vehicles damaged, or having people assault them just because they are wearing a Make America Great Again hat (s), and just recently a young student who was organizing a sit in session outside a college dorm, was recently sucker punched –and this young man was NOT wearing any MAGA hat–he was just a conservative–and now the other man that sucker punched this young has now been charged assault. When he was asked why he assaulted the young student, his reply was I just didn’t like his views….So YOU need to open up your eyes and ears and do more reading and STOP LABELING EVERYONE WHO DOESN’T SHARE YOUR DELUSIONAL VIEWS AS BEING ‘A TRUMP SUPPORTER!”.

          • And you Veronika, are the one making assumptions about me. Obviously you know all about tRumpy and what he does and doesn’t do. I don’t have to do any more reading about tRumpy as there are videos everyday so we are able to see and hear what he says and believes. I hear him, in his own words saying to “rough up a protester”. And to “throw the protester out”, and “punch him in the face”. These are all trumpy’s words. You are so infatuated with him that you can’t see or hear the truth. I am sorry for you – your bigotry is so obvious.

        • Liar, liar pants on fire. I hear more hate from Maxine waters mouth spewed, than I ever heard from Trump. Show me the Trump hatred, it’s from you moron.

        • Nancy: You must be a Dem, since you do not understand that the statement was not literal. It was a figure of speech.
          However, the Dems ARE destroying our country in so very many ways, while President Trump has had the courage to make great strides in making things so much better than the last Administration did. Ye gads! THANK YOU PRESIDENT TRUMP!!!!

          • That is what all you conservatives always say. “No, it wasn’t literal, it was just a figure of speech” – “no, we didn’t mean it that way”. You always have to come back and re-explain something you have said – and meant what you said. Then when someone calls you out on it, you say, “well we didn’t mean it that way”. You said it and you meant it the first time. We all are not so stupid to believe you after all. We really do understand what you have said – and it isn’t a very good thing to have said in the first place!!

        • It’s obvious to everyone that you’re a brain dead, demonic democrat ahole. You didn’t have to even verify. Your kind is dwindling thankfully. You will be shamed for eternity in hell for your actions and thoughts. Judgment day will not be nice or pleasant to you and your kind.

          • Wrong again!! There is no judgement day – we all will just die and go to the grave never to be heard from again. You are no better or more heavenly than I am, so just forget about it. All this preaching and threatening is just so much hot air. No one is going to be judged or meet any big granddaddy in the sky. When you die, you just die. So we must be about doing all the good we can while we are still alive. I know that I am – how about you??

          • You’re right! There is no judgment day for leftist creepy pedophile democrats. They are damned directly to hell for eternity. But the good news……..you’ll forever be voting democrat regardless of how many years in hell you’ve been there.

            Just curious on how you think you’re doing all the good you can while you’re still alive. I see nothing good in you or about you. You’re fooling yourself.

    • I also agree with you. when are these dispicables going to stop all this leftist crap? trying to corrupt kids when they are most vulnerable. NEA chief should be ashamed of herself. no support for the NEA from my family/

      • I agree, I am appauled when I hear what they are telling young children, too young ! These groups have acquired lots of freedom & power . So stay the hell away from our kids !! The perversion in this country is totally Rampant and disgusting . More & more raping of children and Babies !!! Those degenerates need to burn in hell . Wake up parents !!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Paul — it will stop WHEN WE STOP IT !!!! It is apparent that our government and parents are not going to do their job in stopping the spread of this disease. These teachers need to lose their teaching certificate and not be allowed near our young people and dirtbags like this garcia ******* need to be sent packing.

  2. This is so sickening. They have no right to try to basically social engineer these little kids into believing this crap is normal. It is mental for sure and the teachers are mentally off their rockers!

    • If it is presented as a mental illness with compassion and truth about this condition. But not as a normal mentally healthy condition. And only at an age above 16. Otherwise Hell No!!

      • MAYBE, In a class at school as an elective. Agreed for students over age 16. BUT, not this stuff we have seen where Transgender men are reading storybooks to very small children. HORRIBLE! Honestly? AS Parent’s we should ONLY CONSIDER this as a Sexual Education Class. And an Elective Class. Meaning only joined by students that choose to attend. The same RIGHTS that the Transgender Students have to CHOOSE this as their lifestyle. PLEASE, DO NOT STEP ON MY CHILDREN’S RIGHTS to CHOOSE to NOT be educated or involved in this lifestyle choice.

      • “Education” is supposed to be teaching Reading, Writing, Math, Science, and Social Studies-AS THEY USED TO BE TAUGHT. There is NO place in our schools, or in any public place, for “teaching” ANYONE about life styles that are contrary to God and Nature. Those are psychology issues that should not be introduced to anyone!!!

    • The teachers are not the ones behind this, it is the Democrats who are pushing these agendas, they make up the rules and tell teachers to carry them out, and now our kids do not know whether they are boys or girls, they are punished when they question the adults. Adults do not stand up for what’s right so how are kids supposed to learn? You tell me !!!

    • Steph, smart woman, you can more than likely teach them better than anything the public schools has to offer. You can instill kindness and love, belief in God. Life experience is also a good teacher, but the best thing you can teach them is right from wrong, and that there is consequences for doing the wrong things in life. ( unless your name is Clinton)

  3. I can see a lot more home schooling and parochial schooling in the very near future. Little kids cannot even comprehend transgender and same sex couples and some nitwit wants to indoctrinate these youngsters? INSANE.

  4. outrageous – and I am a parent of 3 grown – the stuff that is going on today with children in school is past
    outrageous – and if the parents don’t get involved and stay involved to the point of knowing everything that is going on in their childs class – they will live to regret it!!!! most of Americans are upset and quite about the
    schools of today – we have allowed teachers to be teaching that have no business being in a class room

    • If I was in charge of the world (lol), I would require every parent, no matter what the age/s of their child/children is/are, even if they are grown adults, to form groups that can come up with sensible strategies to combat this. I would start by having a group (hopefully a very large group) discussion with Secretary Betsy DeVos, our Secretary of Education. But you can’t stop with one discussion: you have to keep the lines of communication open. You need to involve legislators, too. AND you must have specific objectives (ie: research how to get the head of the NEA fired.), or, perhaps,requiring any one who does not believe that a male is a male and a female is a female, from the moment of conception, to undergo intense psychological counciling.

      • You can’t force anyone to undergo intense psychological counseling just because you don’t like how they present themselves to the world. Perhaps we should require christians to undergo “intense psychological counseling” because of your belief in “magic” and devils and angels. How would you like that?? Tit for tat.

  5. This is why the whole LGBT bullcrap should never been allowed, recognized, etc. I don’t mind what these perverts do to each other in some dark alley but I do mind them shoving their idiotic opinion down everyone’s throat. That was the whole idea the dumocrats had to destroy our society.

  6. This is something that mom’s and dads should teach their kids about sex.
    Not strangers. This is wrong it’s sin. someday these people will answer to God for their actions.

  7. Why doesn’t the “teacher’s union” worry more about education in its truest sense rather than try to engineer society?

  8. Those who are mentally, and emotionally ill want us all to be, so they don”t stand out. The way to control us is to call us racist. and for the most part we shrink from that label. The liberals who want us all to call them normal, keep repeating the “born that way” falsehood, which they think makes it so. It is a choice! We can love them, we can accept them, we can socialize with them, but we are wrong to enable their illness. It is not so, and it hurts them in the now and certainly in the forever. If we truly care about them, we need to be consistently honest with them.

  9. I really think any decision one has about gender should be left to the almighty, and our duty is to deal with it. After all, he knows best, and he if he has given you a cross to bear it is your duty and you will be judged accordingly, as we all will!

    • Culture Watch just puts stuff on here that they can sensationalize. It is stated in such a way as to make you folks angry and not to actually solve anything. And we all take the bait I see. People are born as they are and will be – there is no god or anyone or anything directing this from on high. Get over it.

  10. Time for ALL parents and GRANDPARENTS to march against the schools, pull your children out of school until they reverse this brain washing, they get paid for attendance the children don’t go they won’t collect
    stop just accepting what these perverted liberals are pushing and start DEMANDING they keep this OUT OF OUR SCHOOLS

  11. Time for ALL parents and GRANDPARENTS to march against the schools, pull your children out of school until they reverse this brain washing, they get paid for attendance the children don’t go they won’t collect
    stop just accepting what these perverted liberals are pushing and start DEMANDING they keep this OUT OF OUR SCHOOLS

  12. LOOK.you bunch of stomach-turner’s (Bad Teacher’s)! There is ONLY a very small Percentage of Transgender children? So why force feed their agenda’s on un suspecting little kids? These babies do not need to become sexually aware before they are even remotely ready? What the hell is wrong with people (Teacher’s)? Maybe, as PARENT’S we should demand a PSYCHOLOGICAL EXAM on all new hires. HEY, YOU TEACHER’S ARE GOING WAY TO FAR! “We The Parent’s Have Heard Enough” and if this madness continues> Teacher’s will be unemployed.

  13. We don’t teach sex education to young children because they are NOT educated enough for it to make sense. In the same way, there should be NO discussion regarding gay or transgender people. The youngsters don’t even understand what this all means. These people should be brought up on child abuse charges. How can they be so STUPID as to think confusing children is part of a good education???

  14. Next they will be pushing the Irish agenda: that people are born Irish and don’t choose to be Irish, that it is OK to be Irish, and that we shouldn’t discriminate against Irish people or try to make them non-Irish. The bigotry of this site is boundless!

  15. I hope parents start pulling their kids out of public schools. Teachers will start losing their jobs and governmenr money will get cut back. They do know how to do themselves in. How stupid can they be? Well you cannot fix stupid but they can always go on the dole of the government handouts.

  16. The press should not even give these people any space. This country has enough problems without nut cases getting air time!

  17. This is still America and in America we can choose not to support the Gays. I have no problem if that is how they choose to live; however do not try to force me to believe as you. Let me alone and live your life and I will do the same. I do not think that America should bow down to you. America is a Christian nation and I stand with the Constitution which allows freedom of Religion. If you do not like the way America is run; you are free to go to another country.

  18. This is something that parents should have control if their children are taught about that at least until high school. I’m glad that my Grandchildren are home schooled. If someone wants to live that life fine but don’t shove it down my throat to that of children.
    I’m not to judge that will be up to God

  19. I’m really tired of “the tail wagging the dog”! We’re allowing mentally ill people tell US what we can and can’t do and it’s sickening. It’s bad enough that mature adults have to put up with same sex couples swapping spit in a restaurant, movie theater or, on the street but, now forcing our children and grandchildren to accept them as “normal” is outrageous! There is nothing “normal” about transgenders they’re sick and should be institutionalized for their own safety and the safety of others. Instead, our government has given them access to restrooms and locker rooms that should be reserved for the biological opposite sex!

  20. This is completely insane. This will only screw kids minds up. This kind od subject is for a child that is 17 or 18 years old.
    The world is getting crazy, Transgender is so much less then 1 percent of the population and we’re teaching little kids about stuff they can’t even begin to comprehend.

  21. If I had the money I would homeschool my 5yr old but right now I can’t do it. This is wrong. I don’t like it . If my daughter brings home something like that. I am prepared to protest. Everyone needs to take a stand.

  22. If you teach mental aberration (gender dysphoria) as normalcy, what is the invariable outcome? It seems the teachers’ union cannot answer this question. Maybe a bunch of them should not be in the classroom (not the children), and most definitely not making decisions regarding our children.

  23. Many of the problems that we are facing nowadays in this nation and others are related to the “political correction” of the Church. We now, may have already gone beyond the “point of no return”. I have yet to hear, from the pulpit (except when I questioned a minister concerning this) in the church, speak on these important facts:
    1. There are three levels of sin— SIN; This one is serious enough. That’s why men die.—-ABOMINATION; This is a second level sin. A more detestable sin. This sin leaves one in danger of immediate judgement. — ABOMINATION OF DESOLATION; This is the sin of all sins. There is no salvation from this one. In this case one is already dead, even while he is yet living. Homosexuality falls into the category of “abomination”, the second level sin.
    2. It is extremely Important for all Christians to read the scriptures in it’s entirety, for themselves. Jesus spoke of a “coming deception”. He stated that the deception would be so great that if it were possible, even the very elect would be deceived. Never catch yourself saying, “Well, my preacher said——“.
    3. There are far too many “enablers and sympathizers” of perversion in our society. It has always been my personal opinion that men should never be allowed to instruct at the primary and elementary school levels.
    Concerning homosexuality, allow me to share these scriptures: Genesis 4:1 And Adam KNEW Eve his wife; and she conceived, and bare Cain, and said, I have gotten a man from the LORD. The key word in this scripture is KNEW. In this context, KNEW (past tense) means “copulated with”. Genesis 19:4; But before they lay down, the men of the city, even the men of Sodom, compassed the house round, both old and young, all the people from every quarter:
    Genesis 19:5 And they called unto Lot, and said unto him, Where are the men which came in to thee this night? bring them out unto us, that we may KNOW (future tense) them. The key word here is KNOW. In this context, KNOW means “so that we may copulate with). These men of Sodom and Gomorrah, tried to break down Lot’s door in an attempt to rape the 2 angels that Lot had sheltered. That’s why “immediate judgement” was determined upon Sodom and Gomorrah. Fast forward, some 1,500 years later, and we have this scripture: Peter II 2:6 And turning the cities of Sodom and Gomorrha into ashes condemned them with an overthrow, making them an ensample unto those that after should live ungodly. With this scripture, the Apostle Peter warns that Sodom and Gomorrah were used as an example to any nation, kingdom, country or even city that got caught up in perversions and abominations of Sodom and Gomorrah, from that point forward, would suffer severe judgments. Soooooooooooooo, where does that place this nation? Even right now, we are enabling the LBGT movement, by electing them to governmental, judicial and other positions of authority. So, how much longer?


  25. I would not send my kids to a public school these days. I would try to teach them right from wrong and i would not permit the schools to go against my teachings.

  26. I have to thank God that my children went through school BEFORE these asses were teaching and my grandchildren were able to go through schools that didn’t teach this lunacy. This union is like ALL unions…..once necessary but now useless and bigoted and greedy.

  27. When the sins of the world reaches it’s full fruition…ie…reaches the Throne room of God…then, He will return to make things new and rule with an iron scepter.

    • Neither god nor anyone else is coming back from the dead. It’s been 2000 years and he/she has had plenty of time to come back. It is all a big lie and fantasy so forget about it and get on with your lives.

  28. My grandson in college can get extra credit if he attends a drag fashion show being held on campus. The world is nuts. His professor is 6’2″ and dresses like a woman.

  29. Now that American Mothers and Fathers and Grand Parents are aware that politics is on the agenda of some teachers? And College Professor’s? We need to become more involved with our children’s Educator’s. Many of us have been distracted by our demanding careers. We all agree our children and who is instructing them is now our most important concern. If we go to our PTA and Parent/Teacher conferences. We will know who and what our children are being taught. If we do not agree? We can take action immediately. It is just a matter of us adults not handing our kid’s over to the schools lock stock and barrel? We must realize that we can no longer trust the schools/Colleges to do what we want? The only way to monitor what they are teaching our children? Is to keep a real good eye on the Instructor’s. That is our MOST IMPORTANT JOB. (There is always a negative Nancy Lol on every site. I think they plant them to antagonize us.LOL) Just watch who and what they are teaching your children and we will be just fine.

    • While I am a “Nancy”, I am not always negative. And I was not “planted” here by any teacher’s union or anyone else. I began reading the comments section of the Culture Watch News and was aghast at all the outright lies and stupidity spewed here. So here I am to try to insert a little sanity and truthfulness into the discussion. Thanks for having me and allowing me to participate!!

  30. Everyone seems sick about what is happening to our children, so my question is when well we fight back just as hard as the homosexuals do to us. We are at war so put on the Armor of God and step out to fight.

  31. All labor unions are communist they are working every day to destroy this country with their extreme pay and benefits to their communist control of our businesses and our Governments. They are all use less trash and have no place in America. It is against the laws of our country to have them in the federal government for they are a controlling body within the Government and that is against our laws. It is also against the law to compete in the local economy. against the law to run against the local business

  32. I see that Nancy Alexander speaks the language of hate that is so common among leftists. I was a voting Democrat for 35 years. I was a liberal social worker for 25 years. I participated in this leftist agenda for many years. There are some out there who do not value older white men. So now I am a voting Republucan. Transgenderism is a mental illness and should be seen as such. I know schizophrenics that make more sense than the transgender supporters who write and speak from the identity politics platform.

  33. These are very disturb people, the LGBTQ is a very powerful group and they get their way because nobody is pushing back, and the liberals are all in with them, they started “drag queen story time” here in Louisville ky at the public library for children, I’ll be protesting.

    • Again the turds are telling us how to live and who to associate with. Again may I say that I thought this was America with a Constitution. Just because you can spout off your insane ideas doesn’t mean we can’t fight back. Where and when did you become the committee to force feed our children evil. These people are mentally ill. If you do not like the freedom here in America pick another country and push your devil ideas there

  34. With all the issues, a veritable smorgasbord, they can advocate for, I am puzzled why this issue. Anyone who has taken Biology 101 knows this is a lie. Anyone who has taken any psychology knows these trannies are mentally askew. Since they represent one in a thousand people, why give them any weight or credence at all? There are no votes there and supporting them pisses off 1 in 3 people. Some of these trannies, especially those who want to compete in women’s sporting events, are just flat out frauds. Teachers unions, crikey.

  35. The National Education Association has prooven once and for all it is being run by Immoral, Perverted Secular Humanist, American Bolshevik Intelligentsia the enemy of our children. I on e supported this group but the last 12 years they have gone so far left that the now resemble the The American Federation of Communist Indoctrinators once called the American Federation of Teachers, but NO MORE!

  36. PHYSICALLY, ….. XX does NOT equal XY…….. STOP RAMMING THIS NON-TRUTH DOWN OUR THROATS…..Some may choose to live as transgenders, & that’s their choice, but it has NO BASIS FOR BIOLOGICAL NORM. And should NOT be shoved at OUR CHILDREN. Teach the NORMAL BIOLOGICAL TRAITS, which are SCIENTIFCALLY “PROVEN”.

  37. This world is really going down the tubes. Why do these people want to indoctrinate these little children with such garbage. Let them be children ,they don’t need to know about stuff at this age. They want this garbage in the schools but forbid any mention of our creator . Today’s world in much worse than Sodom and Gomorrah.

  38. There needs to be a stand taken with the Gay and transgender agenda movement, there is no good reason to teach sex to children who don’t even know what it is .Why are we as intelligent people allowing it, the whole thing is destroying the innocence of our youth. Also years of Medical research into young kids thinking has confirmed that young people make bad decisions. Please there must be a person who is intelligent enough left in our school systems to realize this must be stopped


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