Teachers union bosses just got the worst news of their lives


The Chinese coronavirus is impacting every aspect of American life, with forced quarantines and business closures occurring nationwide.

And after government schools began closing in state after state, parents started to spend more time with their children.

And now teach union bosses are petrified this could be the end for them.

In state after state, as the Chinese coronavirus spreads and the death toll rises, stricter actions are being taken to slow down the spread of the virus.

In many states this has meant the closing of all government schools, either for a few weeks, or for the entire school year.

Hundreds of thousands of school aged children are now stuck at home with either no school, or some online learning.

Teachers are finding new ways to earn a living or are earning extra income while the schools pay them though there is no teaching being done.

And parents are spending more time than ever with their children, in many cases working with them or even learning how to homeschool.

The initial reactions are mixed, but an overriding theme seems to be that this homeschooling stuff isn’t so bad after all.

Unfortunately for teacher union bosses and government schools in general this could be a bad outcome.

Homeschooling, like any form of learning and teaching, has its challenges. And this is especially when families are forced into it with little or no warning.

But many families are already finding out that the benefits of homeschooling far outweigh the costs. Many experts expect the number of permanent homeschoolers to rise as a result.

This of course means the number of children in government schools will decrease.  By how much, no one is certain, but one thing is certain; the less students in the public schools, the less power the teacher unions will have.

The push for government control of education began in the 1830s when a group of reformers decided the state’s involvement was needed to ensure children from all walks of life got a better, and more uniform education.

They argued that a centrally planned and government-controlled system of taxpayer funded schools would be superior to the private, independent, and home schools that existed.

These early government school pioneers promised that taking schooling away from parents and local communities would result in better teaching methods, more centralized and unified lessons, greater efficiency, and even predicted a better nation.

One of these pioneers, Horace Mann even predicted that if public schools were widely adopted and given enough time to work, “nine-tenths of the crimes in the penal code would become obsolete.”

These goals, of course, didn’t work out. But unfortunately for the American people they were successful in forever linking the public-school system to “learning” in most Americans’ minds.

Just a quick look at literacy rates shows the damage that has been done by government control of and union boss command of the school system.

In 1840, before compulsory public schools existed, literacy rates in the United States were about 90 percent.

They have steadily decreased year after year.

Today, according to the Literacy Project, 45 million Americans are functionally illiterate, unable to read above a 5th-grade level and half of all adults can’t read a book at even an 8th-grade level.

And in states with the strictest government control it’s even worse. In California for example, 25 percent of the state’s 6 million students are functionally illiterate.

They say every cloud has a silver lining.  Maybe the silver lining to the Chinese coronavirus will be a return to private, locally controlled schools.  Or better yet, a resurgence in homeschooling.

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  2. Parents are stuck at home also. As soon as they are able to return to work, there will be no more
    home schooling.

  3. yes-and parents can control what their children are being taught with homeschooling. I’m thinking more online schooling in the future and this also applies to colleges. Unless the living on campus experience is worth the thousands of dollars that are paid to overexpensive colleges, I’m thinking the on-line colleges will see an increase also.

  4. Public schools should have been closed down a long time ago. The kids are so dumb most can’t add , subtract or write a letter. They are failing the kids today. Private schools are truly the way to go and charter schools.

  5. The only thing kids are being taught today is climate change and common core math which is completely useless outside the classroom. Maybe this virus pandemic will show parents they can do a better job teaching their children than the government schools. The smartest kids I have ever run across in my life were taught by? You guessed it. Homeschooling.

  6. Public schools and the teachers’ union do not acknowledge God. To them it is all about the power they can have over our children. So it is no wonder that kids are not getting an education in public schools. They are instead being indoctrinated into the left’s vile agenda. The less public schools the better off we are. There are much better alternatives

  7. There are three things that MUST be done, before the people can ever rescue themselves from the scourge of public education in it’s present form. 1. eliminate teachers unions totally, there is nothing they do for children, only teachers. 2. eliminate the department of education in DC, a one size fits all out of Washington will never work, the DOE only serves as a method of indoctrination by whichever party is in charge at the time.. 3. Do away with teacher tenure, longevity does not guarantee a good teacher.

  8. I was different. I am a physician and did 90% independent learning throughout my career. The 10% in classroom was marginal and only because it was mandated. And because of my alternative learning I became a free thinker. Outside of the box.

  9. I home schooled my two great nieces. One attended public school through third grade. Sadly she could barely read, couldn’t add or subtract and her spelling was worse than mine ever was. The younger one I got before grade K. Needless to say the youngest learned phonics and basic math by the first grade and when they returned to public school the youngest was well advanced above her grade level while the child the public schools had “educated” was still struggling because when you pass a certain age it is harder to learn and the bad habits harder to break not to mention having to teach her grade level as well as K through third grade. Public school will or will not teach phonics depending on the trend, the Common Core math, well my dog does better math and at least you know what his means. Time to eat, time to pee, time to play according to his math.

  10. The trouble with schools today is that they don’t teach kids HOW to think…they teach WHAT to think. It’s not education, it’s indoctrination. My kids will ALWAYS be home schooled so they will get a balanced view of right and wrong and be able to make their own decisions of what to believe when they have ALL the facts, not simply those prescribed by the state.

  11. Parents now have an opportunity to observe that it is easier to instruct their children directly than to argue with the children, and with the teachers on Parents’ Day, about the teachers’ political rhetoric and about the errors and omissions (and I’m being charitable here) in student textbooks.

  12. One of my greatest blessings was to be able to raise and help home school my great granddaughter from birth to 15 years old. Until the virus shut down high school, she’d finally started public schooling. She’s on student council, student of month, helped plan and decorate ‘Homecoming Dance’ and will complete her junior year on line or at reopened school. There is no end to the benefits of home schooling, including teaching basic values that are no longer part of public schooling in many places. Parental rights are getting a major boost from this virus. Praying for America and all my brothers and sisters.

  13. Hope this will be the demise of current education system and parents will have freedom to determine childrens educations.

  14. The first thing that have to change in AMERICAN culture is to get to a point economically where it’s feasible for families to survive on one income instead of two!!
    Wouldn’t it be a wonderful thing for daddy’s to go to work (or mother’s) and one of the parents stayed home and taught the kids.
    Between teachers unions, tenured teachers and the federal government dictating what our kids and grandkids learn, they’ve succeeded in dumbing down every generation for the past 100 years.

  15. As the owner of GM Books, a publishing company for 34 years in Beverly Hills, I have watched in disbelief the closure of over 500 bookstores across the U.S. including here in the richest community in California. Right next door in Century City and Westwood at the foot of UCLA there are no bookstores? I have watched in horror the decline in students being prepared for life’s journey. I have the firsthand experience of reviewing job applications in my company in which 17-20 year-olds can’t spell worth a damn. Can’t write a simple sentence with proper grammar and speak with a vocabulary that can only be called ghetto-speak! The “OMG and LOL” shortcuts to language have been molested by a generation only capable of communicating in code.

    In 1840, before “compulsory public schools existed,” the literacy rate in the United States was about 90%, those rate have steadily decreased year after year. And whose responsibility are…THE DAMNED TEACHERS THAT LET STUDENTS SLIDE, OR WORSE, SHOVED THEM OFF TO THE NEXT TEACHER IN A HIGHER GRADE.

    Today, according to the Literacy Project, 45 million Americans are functionally illiterate, unable to read above a 5th-grade level and half of all adults can’t read a book at even an 8th-grade level, HOW DISGUSTING AS THE LIBERAL DEMOCRATS MOCK THOSE OF US WHO DEMAND IMMIGRANTS MUST LEARN ENGLISH TO QUALIFY FOR CITIZENSHIP—A FEDERAL REQUIREMENT!

    In my state of California 25% of the state’s 6 million students are functionally illiterate. WELCOME TO THE NEW WORLD ORDER—WHERE WE MAKE THEM AN IGNORANT CITIZENARY… The Communists are right…control medical care, take away guns and make them all illiterates and you end up with a controlled society—too stupid to realize that everything is “Free” except them…

  16. First you can NOT compare literacy rate of 1840 to now. The population has tripled. In addition, we have a completely different demographic. You can not ‘blame’ teachers for what students do. With 25-30 kids in a class, 4-5 different reading levels, 12-15 students with special needs and at least 5 students with behavior issues and continual state or federally mandated assessments that have to be completed there is little time to TEACH. The ‘common core’ expectations are ridiculous, many teachers don’t even like it BUT the government says THAT is what you’re using. So all these people who love homeschooling perhaps you could make your kids behave in class, put forth some effort, do their class and homework, show some respect THEN our literacy rate would not be as dismal as reported above.
    It is odd that so many people are talking about parents home schooling and teachers getting paid to do nothing. YOU should fact check that statement. Family and friends of mine are not LOVING homeschooling, although it is not truly home schooling their kids are getting instruction provided by their teachers. The parents just have to make sure the kids do their work. In my district teachers are interacting daily with our students using district provided laptops. We are video conferencing individually and with the class to provide instruction and extra help. My school is in a very low socio-economic area with a very high population of Native American, Hispanic and Haitian students. So I say again FACT CHECK your statements before placing blame!

  17. Can understand why the union wants control…real teacher teaches truth so there won’t be sheeples
    The teacher who follows what should be taught accordingly by the union rules is what parents are fighting against
    Parents who are highly educated are aware of that manipulation
    Now the truth will come out

  18. The government wants kids in public school because they know those kids wont be able to handle everyday life so therefore the govt will have more control over the kids lives, and make them dependent on govt. the kids will grow up too stupid to know they are being used. I know a family with 6 kids and they are all homeschooled and they are well adjusted brilliant kids with morals.

  19. Parents have to monitor what public schools are spoon-feeding their children and hold conferences every semester with the purpose of ridding the schools of the liberal infestation. Yes, our children’s schools are also in need of a “swamp draining”.

  20. It has been common knowledge in Michigan for years that the strongest union in the US was the Michigan Education Association. The costs for education have increased exponentially and the results have decreased.

  21. What are young are taught in our education systems today amounts to mind controlling brainwashing in m as my instances. They graduate our schools politically correct and as far left as you can go. This conditioning has has resulted in generations of whining snowflakes with no respect or tolerance. The youth of other countries way surpass our youth in all areas. Th his is because of our biased, bigoted teachers teaching everything but the subjects they’re supposed to teach. If you want your child to have a heads up, go private or home school.

  22. My grandson has started receiving his instructions online this week. He has “class” 30 minutes a day at various designated times. They are also to connect with a link to get their homework. Any child in the school system that does not have access to internet, receive papers to fill out. I don’t know if parents go to the schools, or if bus drivers deliver them, which was suggested, but I haven’t heard if that is how they are doing it. My son-in-law teaches high school in the science department. He teaches online a good part of the day. I’m not sure how his time is divided, and if he teaches all his classrooms individually or collectively. Since he teaches chemistry, I’m not sure how he goes about with the clinical part of his teaching. I will have to ask out of curiosity. My daughter had her own in home day care, but currently does not because the parents of the children she had are all teachers, and at home now. I also work for the school system as a school cook. We prepare lunches for the community for parents to pick up.

  23. You forget that public schools admit ALL students and keep them until they graduate high school or age out at 21. Private schools(charter included) can pick and choose who they admit or keep. Also in the last thirty+ years, there have been many, many more immigrants entering the public school system who do not speak English and US business does not support their learning the English language with their allowance of people to receive messages in their native language.
    Additionally, teachers in public schools are far better trained than private school teachers and MUST be licensed (certified) to walk into a classroom and teach students who are at different learning levels. (differentiation is key). I could add much more here but suffice to say your research on this topic is thin at best.
    You are comparing apples and oranges and you ought to do a better job at research before you write any articles on education

  24. When something no longer works in private industry the market will determine that it should no longer be made. The evidence is overwhelming that public education is a total failure. It is nothing but a waste of tax dollars. I can see many children not returning to public school after being directly homeschooled or going through an internet private school service. Hopefully this will end public schools and save our Republic.

  25. What should be a response by all of America’s citizens should be look at all of the exorbitant costs that can be saved with on-line schooling for primary as well as secondary education because on-line would alleviate so many trillions of dollars that would normallybe going to building new facilities and such facilities would not be needed to such a large extent if most of the education is accomplished on-line.

  26. with schools now closed I only hope that parents are learn the true educational level their children have been receiving. I hope that this begins to show how Unionization has damaged the educational system with in the US. If each parent HAD TO PAY DIRECTLY for the education their children receive it might change what is given in school. Not the crap they get now.

  27. I’m a retired public school teacher with 32 years experience. When I began in 1964, I was advised to join both my local and National associations, so I dutifully did. When the National election was coming up, we were TOLD to vote Democratic (at that time the nominee had not even been determined). I found that disgusting, to vote for an unknown candidate simply because of party affiliation rather than the platform. After my first year, I never again joined either one. This created major problems for me as many, many times I was the only holdout in my school. It was a big deal to have 100% membership and I was literally shunned by some of the teachers who had joined. I was regarded as a traitor. I was told that I was reaping the benefits brought about by them and should support their efforts. At that time, both local and national associations denied they were unions, which was obviously not the case. I felt then as I do now that I’m not a mindless puppet who goes along to get along. I paid a price for my independence but I maintained my stance.

  28. Public schools have totally become indoctrination centers. They complain that they don’t have time to teach the students. That’s because of all the social engineering they are doing. It really is a thought control, money maker institution.

  29. The Radical Leftists/ Communists of the 60’s took over Education. Jimma Carter gave us the Dept. of
    Education giving Lefties free rein. Test scores keep going down, cost per student keeps going up! A
    bad teacher is there forever, because the Unions protect them. Always demanding more money, perks, and pensions. All the while our Taxes go up and up ! Little return on investment and no recourse. Good part-time job ( 9 months = a full year) this year = 6 months !

  30. We have a son whose family home schooled 3 kids. The results are great. They got to do things and go places as part of the educational process. They had friends that also home schooled. Some of the benefits included discipline, freedom to go to another level at the child’s own pace, getting refreshers on subjects already studied by listening to the younger sibling, go on field trips to local libraries, zoos, museums, etc. They could also travel to many states and even foreign countries.

    I stated school at 4 years old (I turned 5 about 3 months later). It was a great experience! The classroom had grades 1-6. I sat at the back of the 1st grade row, When the 4th graders came back to practice their multiplication tables I overheard then…and started learning the multiplication tables too! Another benefit was that the other grades could get refresher training as the 6 years progressed.

    Another key to getting good results is to teach discipline at an early age. For some children a stern look will change behavior. Others need a switch or maybe a rod (not a ball bat). Don’t forget to reward good behavior with a hug, a a comment, a reward, a treat, or something that will bring delight to both parent and child.

    God has given a lot of instruction on child rearing. Read Deuteronomy, Psalms, Proverbs, and the Gospels. Please don’t use the King James version. It was good in its day, but I recommend The New King James version since it is in present day English. A suggestion: Psalms has 150 chapters – read Chapter 1, 31,61,91, and 121 on the 1st day of the month then 2,32,62.92.122 on the second day, etc. Proverbs has 30 chapters – read chapter 1 on the 1st day, chapter 2 on the 2nd day, etc. I recommend The Word in Life Study Bible from Thomas Nelson.

  31. While I agree with the main premise of the article, let me make one thing clear, most teachers that I am aware of, ARE in fact teaching! One small, rural school district I know of, the school is still preparing lunches (because in that area, a great many students would not eat, or eat decently, if they’re not in school. Along with that, the teachers are preparing learning packets for each student, they, along with the food, can be picked up at certain distribution centers. Frankly, teaching in this manner is more difficult that doing so in the classroom! In one large school district, they have an online teacher’s meeting every morning, then the teachers present lessons on line, answer questions, grade work, etc. Not as good as doing so in person, but it helps and the are definitely working! Now to the unions; they, like many unions, have served a purpose, but have gotten out of control! The union leaders usually choose, for example, what Presidential candidate to support, without consulting the “rank and file”. I was a classroom teacher for 45 years, in that time, I was asked, via a survey, only once, who I wanted to support. So that, out of ten elections I was asked one time!

  32. I would be willing to bet that now that the parents are being forced to get involved with their children’s education that they are finding out just how little their children know and how much of what their children know goes against their own values. At my Grand-daughter’s school out in California rather than taking classes all year on all 6 or 8 subjects they take only 4 subjects for the first half of the year and then the other four subjects the second half of the year. According to the school, this allows the students to concentrate more on fewer subjects. So it isn’t necessary to remember how to do math problems for half of the school year until the following year when they now have been away from math for six or eight months. In defence of the schools, they do have a special class on how to study and of course, they do know all about gays and lesbines. Ain’t progress wonderful?

  33. Where you put your time in, there will be your reward…As for me and mine….I have homeschooled for over 10 years….

  34. I have a few thoughts regarding public education. It has been in the dumpster for years.

    Example one: My wife is of hispanic background and was the daughter in an Air Force family. They finally settled in Del Rio, Texas when she was in grade school. She was immediately classed as Mexican and thus put in a Spanish speaking class. Only one problem: she didn’t speak a word of Spanish.

    Two: For a couple years, I had a disabled niece and her two children living with me. Her son, a fifth grader, came home with a essay with a large “A” on it. I read it and it was atrocious in use of grammar and spelling. I took it to the teacher wondering why the high grade. Her response, it’s the thought that matters – we don’t grade on grammar and spelling.

    Three: College teaching courses are all about HOW to teach and completely ignore the subjects that teachers WILL be teaching. Everything in public education is interchangeable. For instance, they have gym teachers teaching biology. When you add in the political indoctrination (sex education, environment, leftist history, etc.) only the brightest students can rise above the mediocre. I could go on, but I think you get the picture.

  35. William, you are right on. It’s called the dumbing down of America and exactly what the left wants so they can achieve their goal of having total control over every aspect of our lives

  36. Common Core & Teachers Unions should be totally eliminated‼️ These two combinations ruined the educational system‼️ I saw it first hand how these idiotic teachers were the worst example for the educational system‼️ Get rid of the Public School System & Home School or use the Chartered Schools‼️

  37. Teachers unions are ruining our children They all need to be declared illegal.

    Most teachers have become worthless liberal brainwashed and nothing more.

    We would be better off if every teacher was forced to go get a private sector job and be replace with retirees from private sector jobs.


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