Teachers are making it abundantly clear that they are going to teach your children to hate our nation whether you like it or not


The poison known as Critical Race Theory has been seeping into our school systems for years.

And parents are finally taking a stand demanding that anti-white schooling stay out of the classroom.

But teachers are making it abundantly clear that they are going to teach your children to hate our nation whether you like it or not.

Critical Race Theory has been promoted by the Left in academia for years now.

As a result, anti-white ideologies have crept into most of our nation’s once great institutions.

And, unfortunately, your local classrooms haven’t been spared by the Left’s war to make us all hate our nation.

But as parents were exposed to what is really being taught to their children during the pandemic, they are fighting back with everything they have to keep their children from turning into the next left-wing extremist that comes from brainwashing with Critical Race Theory.

Many of us have seen the scenes of Loudoun County, Virginia where parents packed a School Board meeting and demanded an end to Critical Race Theory in their schools.

But teachers and school administration are making it clear that they could care less what parents think and they will just continue to brainwash our children.

Just look at what these teachers from the State of Washington had to say about teaching Critical Race Theory to kids in their classrooms.

Several teachers from King County, Washington sat down with Crosscut to elaborate on how they are intertwining Critical Race Theory into their classrooms.

One second grade teacher claimed, “I am willing to be that teacher that has those hard conversations. I would be doing a huge disservice to my students if I didn’t give them information that they could see themselves in.”

She also claimed that teaching students about Critical Race Theory is just as important as teaching math and science.

Another educator claimed that in their school they have “been working very hard in grades 5, 8 and 11 to de-center the traditional ‘white’ perspective and to center the voices of people of color.”

We all know what that means.

And one educator even bragged about banning classic books like The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn from their school.

He claimed that “there were so many instances of students feeling further oppressed by being in a classroom space where these books were being read aloud,” he said. “[These] have continued the racial trauma and racial stamina necessary for a negatively impacted student to endure when attending school.”

This madness needs to stop before the next generation is completely brainwashed to be the next batch of left-wing extremists.

Hopefully enough parents stand up and stop this madness in their schools.