Teacher who was fired for “misgendering” a student laid down the hammer with this statement


A high school teacher in Virginia was fired for respectfully refusing to call a transgender student by their “preferred pronoun.”

He explained it would be contradictory to his Christian faith, but he was still shown the door.

And now he just went on Tucker Carlson’s show to set the record straight.

Peter Vlaming, former teacher at West Point High School in Virginia, and his lawyer recently appeared on Tucker Carlson’s show to discuss what happened.

He explained that he loves and respects all of his students. But he just wasn’t willing to refer to the student by their incorrect gender.

And he set the record straight when he emphasized “I’m a French teacher, I teach French” and that he didn’t single out the student, but using “male pronouns [was] a bridge too far.”

The Daily Caller:

Tucker Carlson interviewed a high school teacher and his lawyer on Monday night. The teacher was fired earlier this month for refusing to use a trans student’s preferred pronouns.

Peter Vlaming, a former French teacher at West Point High School, told his superiors that he was willing to call the student by their preferred name, but refused to call them their ideal pronouns because it contradicted his Christian faith. He was fired for violating the school’s non-discrimination policies.

“The first question I think in most people’s minds is going to be, did you in some way to insult the student? Were you cruel to the student? Was there something untoward that you said to the student?” Carlson began. (RELATED: Federal Court Sides With Trans Student Barred From Preferred School Bathroom)

“Not at all. I love and respect all of my students including the student in question. I did everything I could to accommodate the student’s new identity,” Vlaming responded. “I used the new name, I avoided feminine pronouns, but male pronouns were a bridge too far. But I did everything in my power to accommodate and show respect towards this student and this student’s choices.”

“So you never attacked the student or said I disagree with what you’re doing or belittled the student or anything like that?” Carlson asked.

Vlaming added, “Not at all and it’s not my place as a public school teacher to give my view on that subject. I’m a French teacher, I teach French.”

As Carlson rightly pointed out, he was fired for something he didn’t say.

Peter Vlaming defended himself with dignity and respect.

He has every right to exercise his First Amendment right to simply not say something that would contradict his faith.

Vlaming even went out of his way to not refer to the young girl as a “she.”

This is a case of the Left compelling speech.

They want total obedience to their “progressive” fantasies for society.

And they won’t accept anything less than full control.

At best, the move to fire Vlaming highlights the issue with government schools and how they are infiltrated with leftist propaganda.

At worst, it demonstrates the shift to Orwellian behavior from the modern Left in politics and its devastating effect on American society.

Do you think the school should give the teacher his job back?

Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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