Teacher who was fired for “misgendering” a student laid down the hammer with this statement


A high school teacher in Virginia was fired for respectfully refusing to call a transgender student by their “preferred pronoun.”

He explained it would be contradictory to his Christian faith, but he was still shown the door.

And now he just went on Tucker Carlson’s show to set the record straight.

Peter Vlaming, former teacher at West Point High School in Virginia, and his lawyer recently appeared on Tucker Carlson’s show to discuss what happened.

He explained that he loves and respects all of his students. But he just wasn’t willing to refer to the student by their incorrect gender.

And he set the record straight when he emphasized “I’m a French teacher, I teach French” and that he didn’t single out the student, but using “male pronouns [was] a bridge too far.”

The Daily Caller:

Tucker Carlson interviewed a high school teacher and his lawyer on Monday night. The teacher was fired earlier this month for refusing to use a trans student’s preferred pronouns.

Peter Vlaming, a former French teacher at West Point High School, told his superiors that he was willing to call the student by their preferred name, but refused to call them their ideal pronouns because it contradicted his Christian faith. He was fired for violating the school’s non-discrimination policies.

“The first question I think in most people’s minds is going to be, did you in some way to insult the student? Were you cruel to the student? Was there something untoward that you said to the student?” Carlson began. (RELATED: Federal Court Sides With Trans Student Barred From Preferred School Bathroom)

“Not at all. I love and respect all of my students including the student in question. I did everything I could to accommodate the student’s new identity,” Vlaming responded. “I used the new name, I avoided feminine pronouns, but male pronouns were a bridge too far. But I did everything in my power to accommodate and show respect towards this student and this student’s choices.”

“So you never attacked the student or said I disagree with what you’re doing or belittled the student or anything like that?” Carlson asked.

Vlaming added, “Not at all and it’s not my place as a public school teacher to give my view on that subject. I’m a French teacher, I teach French.”

As Carlson rightly pointed out, he was fired for something he didn’t say.

Peter Vlaming defended himself with dignity and respect.

He has every right to exercise his First Amendment right to simply not say something that would contradict his faith.

Vlaming even went out of his way to not refer to the young girl as a “she.”

This is a case of the Left compelling speech.

They want total obedience to their “progressive” fantasies for society.

And they won’t accept anything less than full control.

At best, the move to fire Vlaming highlights the issue with government schools and how they are infiltrated with leftist propaganda.

At worst, it demonstrates the shift to Orwellian behavior from the modern Left in politics and its devastating effect on American society.

Do you think the school should give the teacher his job back?

Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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  2. By all means this teacher should have his job back. This leftist radical society needs to learn common sense. They are all so brainwashed and want full control over our lives. It will not work. There are only two genders, male and female, period! These transgender people need extensive psychiatric counseling.

  3. Well thought out answer. I think a case of this nature should not end until it is ruled on by the Supreme Court. That would settle a lot of free speech and freedom of religion issues. It is a very big downfall for this country that the schools and universities have turned so far left that it is trashing the constitutional rights of too many people. Nothing is left open to discussion. It is the lefts way or no way.

  4. I agree that it will probably take the Supreme Court to settle this.
    We can only hope that Ginsberg retires soon so there can be another
    conservative member on the court.
    BTW: This fuss over Kavanaugh’s decision is, I think, somewhat misplaced.
    Read his reasoning. It’s really very tight and limited in scope.

  5. The media pushes this kind of crap to far just like in the miss universe contest they went head over hills about the guy who had his junk changed instead of saying that gays and Transgender are going to far they hardly mentioned the winner they were to busy praising this idiot
    I know I got off target but the schools should not even recognize a Transgender person call them by their name like all of the other students and let it go to fire someone for using a students name is just totally stupid

  6. Alternative life styles are just that….alternatives. This is a personal choice and not to be purportrated upon any other individual that does not make this kind of choice. It is their choice….not another’s. We cannot respect them if they show no respect for others. I am sick of it really…….!! Sick of our Nation being divided by those with some off the wall personal agenda. Get a life LBGDORBFYOUQERS…..or how the hell you say it.

  7. If I was him I wouldn’t want the job back………….I would want my Atty. to sue the school board for a $million or more to teach them a lesson.

  8. A bridge too far. Maybe some other school will hire this teacher; French teachers are probably not that abundant. The issue over transgender is just ridiculous. If anyone wants to change their appearance, fine, but don’t expect the rest of the world to fall over to accommodate their preference. If that teacher did nothing to embarrass the mixed up adolescent, then he was guilty of nothing. I, like many others, are so sick of political correctness and trying to make everyone acquiesce to “their decadent life styles”.

  9. Mr. Vlamming did nothing wrong. The school district DID everything wrong succumbing to the radical left agenda. Let’s be fair and factual: Females are females. Males are males. Born that way, wired that way. Respect science and biology and sex.

  10. I don’t believe that the teacher should get his job back. I believe that the teacher should own the school and fire the “alternative” administration! The “public” shold polled to see who supports this idiocy. Those that are affirmative should pay for the trans-student. No one should be forced to pay for something they don’t believe in!

  11. I agree with you 100%, he should sue the hell out of the school and the a$$holes running the school, and include the parents of the kid who started all this crap

  12. I like your comment,short and accurate as far as I’m concerned. It’s all nonsense,they have gone crazy so to make themselves feel good they want us to be crazy too. But this is all a part of the plan to take away America’s way of life so we can be one of the rest of the Communist world they want.

  13. Appologize NATIONALLY. In other words, have the school supt. go on CNN and MSNBC and FOX NEWS and appologize and explain to their audiences the whole story so the ‘leftist’ organizations make the story available too. Give this teacher the opportunity to take back his job (he may not want it) and pay him a huge amount of money for character assassination and libel and stress. There is NO WAY an employer can take an employee’s job away, take his reputation with it and run him through the gauntlet of legal council, courts and public humiliation and not have the employer pay a very high price for this. Our society is teetering on the brink of collapse and if we don’t push the pendulum back the other way, we will all pay a huge price.
    Back to being REAL AMERICANS.


  15. Hit these communist scumbags where it hurts, in the wallet. Sue the hell out of them. A guy without a Johnson is not a woman, it’s just a guy without a Johnson. BUILD THE WALL, DEPORT THEM ALL, MAGA, OR ELSE!!!

  16. By all means Peter Vlaming must be returning to his job as a French teacher. He did nothing wrong and showed respect for this student. Personally, I feel this situation is getting out of hand; the transgender crowd is getting out of bounds with their demands. They have the rights to complain as a free speech issue; however citizens also have their rights to object to to such complaints especially when someone is fired from their jobs when showing respect to such individuals. Question; what does his/her Birth Certificate state as to the sex of the individual??

  17. Naw, just figure his annual income, with annual cost of living raises based on double the amount of inflation, for the next 35 years and TAKE THE MONEY from the school retirement funds.


  18. oooooooooooooooo……!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    that sounds like fun…..
    then line them up nude with bags over their heads and see which are marked ‘female’ and which are marked ‘male’ and which are marked ‘transgender’………
    should be interesting……DUH…….

  19. The school went way to far in firing this teacher and should be sued and not only reinstate this teacher but pay a huge fine for their actions and a one million dollars is what the fine should be!!! For this would send a very clear message to all schools that they had better act in a logical manner in firing anyone, and in this case the school overreacted period!!!

  20. If the courts can order a man who lawfully stopped and held a criminal for the police to pay the criminal for “LOST INCOME” because he was to TERRIFIED to commit another crime knowing that anyone could lawfully detain him for the police then there is a multitude of angles a good attorney could use to make the school compensate this teacher for their lost income over refusing to SAY specific words simply because someone demanded or COMPELLED them use them.

  21. Oh so now we fire Teachers because they use the wrong word????? WTF is this country coming to? Remember the sticks and stones can break your bones but names will never hurt me????? Well that’s out the window. Pi$$$ on all of you politically correct POS!!!

  22. The problem in our society is that the minority left wing, noisy left wing, have taken control of our government institutions and common sense has gone right out the door; as in this case.
    Why should a man go against his religious beliefs and be fired yet in Colorado a baker refuse to bake a cake on religious grounds and his business is destroyed and he is fined like $275,000… None of this makes sense????
    Pick a judge and take your chances….. You never can tell…. While we fix the mouthy left wing then we need to fix the judicial system, because that system is broken also….

  23. No. The teacher shouldn’t go back to work there. He should sue them for his future pay he would receive until retirement.

  24. Absolutely he should get back his job with all pay and allowances. The student should be expelled for disrupting the educational process.

  25. What does it say on the students records? If it lists her as female then legally she is a she. The teacher is so going to win that law suit. The parents need to get her some psychiatric help.

  26. I fail to understand how calling someone else by their preferred way of address would in any way destroy a person’s relationship with their supposed god. Assuming that god were to exist, they would already know the answer anyway. Right? A difference without a distinction.

  27. There are two genders, male and female. If this person wants to pretend to be something he is not at home or in his environment I guess that is his prerogative. In public he is a he. If my daughter were still alive and he tried to enter the ladies room while she was in there he would not leave on two feet.

  28. Talking with liberal dem bloodsucking parasitical ersatz life forms, is waste of time, there is only one answer to dealing with them.

  29. Yes the teacher should be given his job back. Why is it that it seems if you disagree with something for good reason your free speech is suppressed. Nothing the teacher did disrespected the student. Maybe the student should be told to leave the school for disrespecting the teacher

  30. Yes. All parents of kids at the school should stand up for this teacher. This school board has too much overreach. This teacher should get hisnjob back.

  31. Call those who do not the pronoun s…She…He….lets call the name by truth “IT” like the Adams family does…see IT run…See IT play…etc

  32. The 60’s hippie, dippe anything goes attitude of liberalism sure made a perversion of the 60’s civil rights today with a movement trying to force sexual preference [so-called gay rights] abnormality into the majority! The majority rules Not the minority [ not race o.k.]

  33. We need to ban all this Gay, Transgender, bisexual kind of crap. It is destroying our families and our country. NOBODY should have to fall in line for something so sick. You can call yourself a duck. I just won’t participate in the deception. I shouldn’t have to pay by losing my job. Until somebody important, or enough of us regular people yell, THE EMPEROR IS WEARING NO CLOTHES, this will continue to happen. The truth needs to be told. They are sick and need treatment. We are not sick. We are fine the way we are. So leave us alone and take care of yours.

  34. I agree with Eleanor Dombroski, a male is a male and a female is a female, your mind does not dictate what you are, God Did that when you were born

  35. Bob, One may be able to turn it over to the Supreme Court, but it would have to be after President Trump selects the next justice to replace J-Ruth Buzzy Ginsberg, with a sane American and even then, you might have trouble with the newest Justice Kavanaugh, who has already sided with the that Rendering Plant for murdering babies, they will continue receiving 500 million dollars budget taxpayer money to continue destroying lives and enabling the murderers to carry out their heinous acts. The Left has brought Lunacy to a new level.

  36. Your right Gary, the perversion continues…I wonder if any of those in that extreme who married their goats or sheep, ever had any off spring and do we now have some of them, parading as a legal voter, voting for further perversion. Certainly Piglosi the Speaker may be a object of consideration.

  37. This teacher should DEFINITELY get his job back. He behaved most appropriately and should not be forced to react to something that is contrary to his religious beliefs.

  38. There are many countries, that these Loonies would not see the light of day, once they wanted their lunacy life style to be a part of that country. No one can change what God gave you, not even a court, who may deem itself God. The Man made us man or woman and no court can take away that factor.

  39. I am beginning to wonder if the courts are going to be our courts, with the amount of trash that Obama and Clinton appointed to the court system. Check out the 9th circuit court of appeals… its in lower case, because it is the lowest of District Courts in the USA. Nothing but trash level morons with the power to judge bad and make their decision Worse, with no Justice.

  40. Why would he want to go back to that piece of garbage school? He needs to go some place with some class, decency, and intelligence.

  41. I totally agree and not only should this teacher get his job back, he should be highly compensated for his suffering, pain and agony for being unduly fired.

  42. Maybe it is time to replace a Board of Education and a Superintendent, as well as in all probability the Principal as well. He did not refuse to address this student by their preferred Name, but did not use the preferred gender term. I would have not used it either.

  43. Fags and trannies: Used to be a mental illness. All of a sudden it’s an alternative lifestyle. Psychiatrists in the REST of the world laugh at Americans about that. I have hemorrhoids. I expect everyone in America to change it from an illness to an alternative lifestyle. Ha, Ha, Ha!

  44. I can remember when our teacher would say line up boys and girls and I don’t remember anyone being offended. We have become a nation of idiots. Teachers are there to teach and shouldn’t have to worry about what a person is what they think they are. I hope the teacher sues and gets her job back and the education dept goes back to what they should be doing. I live in Ohio and the grades are so poor in most schools, I wonder what ever happened to reading, writing and arithmetic.

  45. Before I retired from teaching the blacks and muslims who took over our schools literally started giving their kids names from the countries they seem to still owe allegiance to. They were unpronounceable. So I did not call them by name, “Dear are you having a problem with that question.” Boy or girl it was ladies and gentlemen, bathroom time, dear whether boy or girl. I just did not care. In this country if a parent wants to give a kid a name no one knows for sure how to pronoun they can name them that name but that does not mean I have to waste teaching time trying to figure out how to pronoun it. Anything that wastes teaching time is incomprehensible in a time controlled teaching place like a school. With 28 to 30 kids with different learning skills school boards should not be wasting teacher’s time with crap that has nothing to do with getting a kid a job when they grow up. What the heck do these school boards think school is about any way pushing homosexual crap or doing what kids want or a single parent wants. School is to get kids a job as adults and nothing else. Reading, writing, arithmetic and science, not sexualizing kids which genderism is about.

  46. he should “sue” school, principal, superintendent, each school board member! hopefully people in community will vote to re-elect whole school board & hire new principal! I’d tell them to take their job & shove it “where sun done shine”! this craziness has to stop! what if child decides they’re a dog or a donkey? why they gonna do?

  47. Amen, political correctness has gone way tooo far. He did nothing wrong and didn’t embarrass the student. We still have freedom of speech. Why does everyone have to cater to the far left in every area?


  49. This teacher should fight for his job. The left has gone to far pushing there idea of changing the way we speak. This is not China this is America. The liberals are out of control and should be stopped. We have rights in America and this principle is wrong and he should’ve been fired for bullying students. Be cause that’s what it is bullying.

  50. I wouldn’t want to go back to that school, however, I would demand compensation from them until I found another teaching position…. Teachers should teach subject matter as this man did……..

  51. I have found no where in viewing Christianity, Muslim or Judaism where these religions believe in homosexual or the activities thereof…… what is the basis of LGBT? GOD made male and female differently with the purpose of reproduction within the confinements of marriage. Two men or two women can’t reproduce, so what is their purpose except satanic perversion. Indoctrination shouldn’t be allowed in public schools.

  52. Fired for using the wrong pronouns! Well, good luck in the Spanish language where not only pronouns identify a male or female but almost every word and adjective as well. “Hasto mañano!” To a former she but now he.

  53. Our society has become totally sick. It is not dealing with Truth, a man is not a Woman and A woman is not a Man!

  54. I agree with the teacher she showed respect to all the kids this one is not special because of his choice
    Bravo teacher !!!

  55. Peter Vlaming does not get to decide what is or is not the “correct” or “incorrect” gender of a client of his, and his insubordination cost him his position. The Bill of Rights has not ever given a person leave to violate the rights of others. Vlaming will exercise his right to petition the government for redress of grievances. That is fine, and perhaps the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth will be revealed in the court of law, rather than the one-sided incomplete account brought before us on this very website.

  56. We must stop CATERING to everyone one or anyone that makes THEIR CHOICE. Honestly… I do not give a crap about their choices. They can do what they want Behind closed doors BUT do NOT expect special treatment. Just shut up and do your thing and live with it.
    Should a CRIMINAL be granted special attention and tell you .. that because they decided to be a criminal or a murder that THEY should not be called any of those names? And we should apologize to them… not send them to jail and the prosecutor and arresting officer should lose their jobs? Just because the Criminal feels that Americans are supposed to understand that it is their choice to be a criminal?
    American has the right to free speech.
    That should not be overturned by someone’s alternate free choice that is not our choice. You buy a Chevy because it’s your choice. We may want to buy a different vehicle. We do not care what you buy and you should not care what we buy. So get in your car and go your way and we will get in our car and go our way.
    The teacher did Nothing wrong. And the schools and hospitals and everyone else should teach simple acceptable English and stop making up words that we do not necessarily want to use. Again…. you use your words and we will use our words …. ITS a CHOICE. NOT a Law.


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