Stephen King just accused Trump supporters of something sick you won’t believe


Hollywood doesn’t care about the very Americans who consume their media.

They prove this by constantly attacking the President that at least half the country supports.

And Stephen King just accused Trump supporters of something sick you won’t believe.

Horror author and Hollywood producer Stephen King is worth $400 million.

Despite this, he thinks he knows what is best for everyday Americans he has nothing in common with.

While those Americans support President Trump due to his policies, which help them every day, King opposes him because it is the trendy thing to do in Hollywood.

Naturally, with the coronavirus pandemic, King is yet again finding an opportunity to attack Trump supporters.

Despite Trump taking immediate action once news of the virus became clear, King believes that Trump hasn’t done enough, and that all the deaths caused from the virus are his fault.

For this reason, he took to Twitter to blast Trump supporters, blaming them for every single death coming from the virus.

“Hey, MAGA fans! Almost 90,000 dead on your boy’s watch,” King said before asking, “Is it enough yet, or do you need even more?”

King doesn’t seem to want to cast any blame on China, who did everything to keep the virus a secret and allow it to spread.

And he doesn’t seem to care that New York Governor Andrew Cuomo forced nursing homes to take in coronavirus patients, resulting in mass deaths of the elderly.

No, King only wants to attack Trump because it is the cool thing to do in his industry.

In reality, Trump has and is continuing to do everything he can to slow the spread of this virus.

And now that it is being proven that lockdowns are not as effective as previously thought, he is supporting efforts to re-open the economy.

King naturally is opposed to re-opening the economy, which isn’t shocking.

The economy could stay closed for months and King would be fine, with his nearly half a billion dollars to his name.

But for Americans who are living paycheck to paycheck, and small business owners struggling to get by, keeping the economy closed is worse than the virus.

Thankfully, states are beginning to re-open one by one to much success.

If the Democrats’ fear-mongering was true, we’d certainly know by now.

Do you support re-opening the economy?

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  2. He doesn’t think it’s “trendy”. They all think the authorities ate supposed to be God’s replacement on Earth and that Trump is a holdout for not working miracles.

  3. the trump train keeps on moving down the track carrying the president for another four-year term. all aboard carrying the man with balls to keep America great.

  4. I knew there was a reason I don’t like him, other than that I would never read one of his books. He is a liar, like all dems and has no concept of reality. China and China alone is to blame. That is where the virus came from and they tried to hide it. When Pres. Trump shut down travel from China and put people in quarantine, the dems went ballistic. Pres. Trump is doing the right thing, but dems can’t stand the truth. We should be far more concerned about the economy than the virus, which MOST people recover from. The dems are using the virus to further their sick agenda of total takeover of our lives. But they cannot win. God is in charge, not them

  5. If he wants to go down that road how many deaths is he responsible for from his books?
    Are you going to tell me that not one mass shooter or serial killer didn’t get inspired after reading one of Kings horror books? I don’t believe it.

  6. King is just not right in the head. I don’t feel that he disparages my opinions.
    What makes him think his opinions matter to me? He can vote for whoever he wants to, and I will exercise my right to vote for who I want to. Thank God we still live i a free country.

  7. Man,There is just NOBODY I can like anymore!!! The Moron should write Another book, about Another kind of virus that turns a great country’s inhabitants into Raving Idiots, where they Lose Every Ounce of common sense and commit National suicide.

  8. He and the rest of the Hollywood liberals are nothing but a bunch of witless, spineless blow hards full of hot air. They have nothing in common with the actual working class. And while they may have money to burn, we do not. And there are far more of us than there are of them. If they want to blow about something let them do it elsewhere, because like all the rest of these vermin, Stephen King can jump off a cliff and hit every boulder on the way down. I could give two cares less what him and the other idiots think. He’s a nothing to me like all the rest. China alone is to blame for their lies and treachery. MAGA!!! Trump 2020!!!

  9. He has said his father used to write stories and have him and his siblings finish them. Well, he can spin a good tale, but he can’t finish one. He thinks it’s like Hitchcock, but he’s not even close.

  10. He’s just as crazy as his Hollywood friends and doesn’t care about the real people living in our great country, which our great President surely does. Just respect those of us who think this President is the best President ever.

  11. Hey King phux, you can hate the President all f’n want….God is on his side. Jesus said to the President….”before you, they hated me first “

  12. I used to have a lot of his books. Trashed them all would never contribute to this idiot again. Vote republican!! Get all these ignorant hypocrites out of office!!!!

  13. All aboard the TRUMP TRAIN!!!! the more the so called celebs ,King etc, bash him the more determined I am to see him re elected for four more years!POTUS MAGA

  14. His comment had the same effect on me as when ” Hanoi Jane” did the “photo opp” on the North Vietnamese Anti-Aircraft gun. In Hanoi Jane’s case, it was treason,” In Kings case, its just malice and stupidity, now common in the State of Maine given its duly elected “Nanny State” Administration. King has ALL the symptoms of the “neuvo riche” . His creative ability is only exceeded by his arrogance. I’m sure he’s been told that before. Now when you write about the next “soul searcher”, start with your self Steven. Money can’t buy human respect.

  15. King’s just another weird rich dork who thinks his opinions are important while living in fantasyland. We KNOW who’s more to blame for the deaths and it’s from his side of the aisle. I don’t read his trash nor do I watch the movies made of them.

  16. Hey Mr. King, Please do Real Americans a favor. Look at the world map and Locate Wuhan, China. Draw a red circle around it and write the following names, William Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama. These are Presidents that created this monster called China, not President Trump. Also, look up the words stupid and ignorant and look in the mirror. Which are you. Stop watching CNN and MSNBC. Your mind is f**ked up enough without their hatred.

  17. As a younger man and full of fancy, or an escape I read way too many Stephen King Books. I’m not quite sure where he lost it, was it the accident? (Although he did pursue and ruin the life of the individual that struck him, eventually causing this mans death) That’s OK Steve, one under your watch is one too many!
    You have lost your wit, I’m not sure you ever had a personality, and I can’t wait til the day I stack up all of your tomes that I own, going back as long as you have written. They will burn, like you will burn, for your evil, not horrific evil Steve, but pure rot of your soul, if you ever had one. Insult me again, I’ll come looking for you and Misery will seem like a Grimm Fairy Tale!

  18. His mind is twisted like the books he writes. Mr. King you have a much inflated opinion of yourself and all I feel for you is pity!

  19. Stephen King should pay attention to his own horror filled mind before casting disparaging remarks on US President Trump supporters. Why is it these so called elites think because they have millions of dollars they could get away with telling us how to live, think, what to read what to see who to vote for, in other words we’re too dumb to think and do for ourselves. Get a grip Mr. King I am a President trump supporter forever and am smart enough to know who loves our country and has our well being at heart. Peddle your thoughts to your hollywood friends your all alike.

  20. Bollywood needs to keep their big mouths shut and stop insulting OUR President, and OUR Country.
    I have been keeping a list of everyone of you outspoken idiots and I will never go see them at the theaters, buy there books, or rent their videos. I pray everyone else does the same.

  21. He seems to have forgotten Obama/Biden and what they didn’t do to circumvent the virus that occurred during their watch and the amount of deaths that happened as a result.

  22. Hey Stephen King! F YOU! No one cares what YOU think! You have plenty of money so why do YOU care about the economy ?? I thought you were a little more intelligent than to blame OUR PRESIDENT for a virus China released!! Go back to your fantasy world and stay out of politics! Obviously you are NO PATRIOT and have NO RESPECT FOR AMERICANS WHO MADE YOU WEALTHY!

  23. I support President Trump. You have to look at the good he has done. The virus isn’t his fault. However he needs to get rid of Fauci he is evil.

  24. I am praying for Stephen King and his hateful thoughts and all of our beloved vets.

    Meanwhile, we are open and living it!!!!


  25. 62 MILLIONS FACTS – 62 MILLIONS babies butchered weigh more than all his lies, don’t they?. voting democrat makes you responsible in part for all those deaths!!.

  26. Nobody cares what you have to say, it does not amount to anything. You’re nothing but another useless Hollywood type. Go do something worthwhile for humanity then maybe you could say something, but right now, you’re just a POS.

  27. @Yoda, just to recap, can you guess the over/under number of American SARS deaths under Obama/Biden?

    Hint, if you picked under 3, as in THREE you would be correct.


  29. Hey king back in 2015 Obama and the NIH both sent 3.7 million in grant money to the Wuhan labs to develop this virus from bats!! Are you going to blame Obama too!!!??

  30. Well Yoda I was basically going to say the same but my post never showed up…oh well I’m glad you pointed that out.

  31. Why do we continue to receive entire articles detailing ridiculous things some hate-deranged leftist nutcase says?

  32. Stephen King doesn’t oppose Trump because it’s the “trendy” thing to do . He does it because this is the RIGHT thing to do . Like so many other Americans , he realizes how monstrously evil, callous , greedy, selfish , cruel, moronic, reckless, incompetent , corrupt , mendacious and narcissistic Trump is and he’s had enough ! Bravo to him !

  33. @Marvin, not very Christian of you. You have the absolute right to disagree, but when you propose violence and death you have crossed the line.

  34. Another Brain dead Liberal Cleberty Phoney Who The Hel Cares What He Has To Say He Should Remember Who made Hyim a Millionare . And To Refresh His Memory It Was The Common Folks Not The Sepict Tank Of Hollywood Liberals

  35. what did the democrats do for this virius tell me what they done because I don’t know need help but I know what trump didnstop china from going in to airports jan 31 which everyone call him names you will not believe that’s what I know tell me what you know what pelosidid or schummer thankyou

  36. When I look at Stephen King, I see evil just like all the dumb-ass novels that he writes. He is nothing short of a sophisticated nincompoop, just like most of his Hollywood compadres. Children of America & the entire world, do yourself a big favor, steer clear of books edited by S.K. Nuff said.
    R M.

  37. I remember a few years back, when a man accidentally hit Mr King with his van. Mr King showed no forgiveness or compassion. In fact the guy was driven to his death. Not exactly what I’d call a nice person or one I would value their opinions.

  38. When someone as sick as Stephen King accuses you of you of “something sick” you must be okay.

  39. Never read any of his books, never intend to. So I really don’t give a rats behind what he thinks, says, believes.
    Just another lefty spouting off.

  40. I think, Stephen King you have been writing so much about evil, that demons have got a hold on your mind, because your not thinking straight.

  41. As long as Trump’s heart is in the right place, God will help him become President again. The virus will stop nothing. And the people too, praying and changing for the good, will also have Gods attention.

  42. I have never read one of his books. people tell me that have read his books it takes a real sick person to wright that stuff. and for Trump getting the blam, where was he when people were offing million to help. King seam to forget where he made his money. the people, we have voices of our own, you are just one speck of sand on this big world, and no one wants to hear what you have to say, vote for who you like and leave the people to make their own decision.

  43. so the lab in china which was funded by hillary and obama, actually belongs to Trump?
    And with all those books and movies he’s made, he’s only worth 400 million? Seems like he oughta be trowing rocks at whoever is bilking him . or he musta signed some really stupid contracts.

  44. The H!N! under the Obama administration killed way more people and there were different strains of that virus. Obama did absolutely nothing until it was too late. Mr. king needs to do some research.

  45. mr king, i do not feel bad or guilty. this is not my fault or trumps. blame your own party, they pretty much had a hand in it. BTW, mr odumbo did enough of nothing for us in 8 years of hating america.

  46. Vittoria, I know this is a bit long, but facts and reality don’t fit on bumper stickers……….

    ONLY 2 people died in the United States from Ebola.
    Back in 2014 when Obama learned of Ebola in West Africa, Obama immediately sent a team of more than 3,000 DOD, CDC, USAID, and other U.S. health officials to Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea to assist with response efforts, as part of a 10,000-person U.S.-backed civilian response in order “to stop virus at the source.” Thanks to Obama’s U.S.-lead containment efforts, Obama successfully kept Ebola from entering our country as well as all the countries of the world to save all of mankind (not just to save the left or the right).

    Because of Obama’s superb leadership, there were a total of ONLY 2 deaths in the whole US from Ebola. First death was a man who was screened traveling from West Africa to Dallas, Texas. Two health workers that cared for this man also got Ebola but recovered. Second death was an American medical worker that the U.S. transported back from West Africa to the U.S. by chartered aircraft for treatment along with 6 other medical workers that were also infected but since recovered. During that time, Trump tweeted and demanded that the health workers not be brought back to the US and insisted that they “must suffer the consequences” for going to Africa in the first place. In all, only a total of 12 people in the US had Ebola that included the medical workers that Obama flew back and again “ONLY” 2 of these people that were infected from Ebola died in our country. This is called a “SUCCESS STORY.” Trump and Kushner have NO RIGHT to call 80,000+ deaths a success story.

    Obama didn’t have to close the border or close the country because HE STOPPED the virus at its source AND for additional safety to the American people, CDC and Department of Homeland Security personnel conducted entry screening to detect signs of Ebola or potential exposure among all passengers arriving in the 5 major U.S. airports, which receives all travelers coming in from countries affected by the outbreak.

    Adults and children were screened. Each traveler has his/her contact information forwarded to state and local public health authorities, and is subjected to 21 days of compulsory monitoring to ensure any signs of Ebola are detected early. If an individual displays symptoms, they were isolated, rapidly diagnosed, and treated. This is what a system in place looks like.

    EXACTLY WHAT DID TRUMP DO? Deny the virus, deny knowing about ANY memo about the virus, blamed Obama, blamed China, blamed WHO, blamed CDC, blamed Fauci. Blamed everyone but himself. Trump has NO plan in place, no testing available to the public, no procurement of PPE for medical workers, no accountability for 100K American deaths but run the country on his arrogance, snake oil remedies, hunches, and opinions from inexperience cronies.

  47. Maybe America’s Republican population should stop buying and reading Steven King’s books!

  48. Martha, you are right on. Joe has no clue of the truth. He denies anything that he does not agree with and only comes here to spew his hatred. He blindly believes the sick lies of his lib leaders without question and is a very sad creature. The libs threw God out and embrace satan and he is proof

  49. Stephen King denies the truth. The virus came from China and they are to blame for ALL deaths from it

  50. joe, you make a fool of yourself every time you come here. You have no clue what you are talking about. Dare to see the truth that you deny

  51. Martha, sorry that you had a hard time reading it, I know that reality is tough, so let me boil it down to your normal reading comprehension, a bumper sticker.

    Trump Lies, Americans Die …………

    Easy enough for ya?

  52. joe, YOU are a liar. You have no concept of the truth. You just blindly believe the sick lies of the dem party without question. You are a very sad creature who needs Jesus, but satan has taken control of you

  53. joe, so lying is easy for you. That is obvious from your comments. You let your sick hate prevent you from seeing the truth. You have denied God and side with satan. This is a Christian site and you obviously need to read the Bible and see the truth. You attack Pres. Trump but belong to the party of satan whose goal is total control of everything you do. Your ignorance is profound

  54. So MS. bj, you have absolutely nothing to refute my facts with, just more whining and name calling. That in and of itself is not very Christian of you, more like hypocritical.

    If you really believed whatever your cult master is preaching, then you would dispute me with facts, as Jesus did at the Temple, rather than insults as the Rabbi’s did in return to him.

  55. Joe, what I said is the truth. But you have no clue of the truth. You have shown that you have no concept what the Bible teaches but you just keep coming here and making a fool of yourself. And please show me what names I have called you that are not true

  56. joe, CHINA is responsible for the virus. THAT is a fact. When Pres. Trump banned travel from China the dems went ballistic. They said he was racist and it wasn’t necessary. They are using the virus to further their sick agenda of taking over. There should be much more concern about the economy than the virus, from which MOST people recover. But just keep denying the truth

  57. Scott 27, you better worry about whom you follow. The dem party follows satan. I follow God, who will defeat satan. God gave us a second chance with Pres. Trump. Hillary would have finished the destruction Obama wanted. The goal of the dem party is total control. They cannot fight God and win

  58. Ms. j…………..
    “joe, CHINA is responsible for the virus. THAT is a fact.” That is true, it originated in China, and as the DoD has confirmed, not in a lab or as a weapon.
    “When Pres. Trump banned travel from China the dems went ballistic.”
    At the end of February 2020, various right-leaning websites and social media users reproduced a purported Feb. 5 tweet from Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) criticizing President Trump for having “prematurely” restricted travel to and from China (in order to protect against the COVID-19 coronavirus’ being spread to the U.S.), and a month later some were still taking the tweet at face value and reposting it:
    And………In fact, Schumer never tweeted any such thing — the image of the purported tweet was just a fabrication likely created using one of the many fake Tweet generator websites that exist online.

    However many people, and not just Democrats did criticize Trump when he failed to ban other travel, including people from China who entered via other Countries, finally, it is now a proven fact that a majority of the C-19 cases in NY originated via travelers from Europe.

    bj……..But just keep denying the truth………….. pot, meet kettle.

  59. Its something else how Liberals come to Conservative / GOP sites and just spam the heck out of them.

  60. Eric, libs show their ignorance every time they come here. They can’t stand anyone who tells the truth and does not agree with them. God wins. They lose

  61. joe, why do you keep coming to a conservative Christian site and making a fool of yourself? You have denied Jesus and His great love and sacrifice and follow satan, the great liar. You have the same chance as everyone else to be saved. The choice is yours…eternity with God or satan


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