Star Wars director J.J. Abrams admits that the LGBT movement has taken over the movies in a way you’d never expect


Many Star Wars fans have complained that new movies being released are not nearly as good as the previous films.

Now we know exactly why.

The director, J.J. Abrams admitted that the radical LGBT movement has taken over the franchise and you won’t believe what he’s done to ruin the next Star Wars movie.

J.J. Abrams is not the only one that is destroying the Star Wars franchise.

Bob Iger, the CEO of Disney, has made it his mission to force his Left-wing agenda into every movie he touches.

Stars Wars is simply the latest victim.

The next movie, The Rise of Skywalker, will include an LGBT character and potentially even an LGBT romance scene.

Breitbart reports:

Star Wars fans did not fall in love with the series for taking stands on political or social issues.

They fell in love with the series for the story and characters.

Now, fans are sick of the Left’s agenda being shoved down their throats.

The producers continue to botch these new films even after receiving all of the negative feedback.

Hollywood is officially sacrificing the art of storytelling, character development, and plot development in order to promote their sick ideology.

What do you think?

Is Star Wars going too far by adding an LGBT character?


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  2. I haven’t gone to the movies in years and this story proves why!! Bob Iger is a real fool. He has ruined Disneyland and Disneyworld . Myself and many others will never visit those parks again. Thanks to him and his new policies . Now he’s promoting the alphabet people to have a love interest in the new Star Wars movie? Well, good luck TRYING to convince everyone this lifestyle SHOULD be accepted. ANYONE with morals see it differently…..

  3. Open the state hospitals back up and, put those mentally ill (queers) in them. How could this happen, was there really that many closet cases that all of a sudden came out ? How many of us are there left and, when are we going to stop this, their forcing their way into everything!!!!

  4. The only thing that the sodomites understand is DONT GO TO THEIR MOVIES! Don’t buy their merchandise!
    Don’t go to Disneyland or Disney World!
    If it doesn’t make money, then they won’t make the filth.

  5. Movie critics noted in 1977 that there were no blacks in the Star Wars universe, and George Lucas responded by introducing a black character, played by Billy Dee Williams, in 1980, in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. I see something similar, with producers introducing LGBT characters in movies.

  6. All a bunch of sick puppies, as well as those allowing this to ruin the franchise! No more Star Wars for me!

  7. This franchise has progressively gotten worse with every movie starting the Sith movie. This might just kill off the once great series.

  8. AMEN, and did you see the newest Miss Universe? LGBTQ is spreading like a plague and should be stopped. The only way to do it is with a ban on all their products and services. Hit them where it hurts, their wallet.

  9. The thing looks like an LBGT itself so it’s no wonder it’s promoting it’s kind in it’s movies. Keep your young ones away.

  10. That it why I stopped watching the star wars after Disney made the first one post George Lucas. When they chose the stupid way to kill off Han Solo. I also went dead set against Mark Hamill’s stupid Anti Trump rant. When he knew exactly nothing about what was going on. I knew 10 times more then he did and so much more then people realize I do and it blows their minds when I share the things I do know. I will never back another Democrat because of what Clinton and Obama did to this country. I am now a registered INDEPENDENT VOTER and I support President trump because he fights for my brothers and sisters of the armed forces all 100 million of them…….

  11. STOP! STOP! STOP! Stop allowing them to control everything! They are a small percentage of the population, yet want to have sway over the rest of us. Most of us have no ax to grind with them, except the fact that they keep pushing themselves in our faces, day after day, commercial after commercial, movie after movie, etc. It has become nauseating. I agree, I will not go to see Star Wars or any other movie promoting such behavior. Nor will I encourage anyone else to see it. Sad. Very Sad.

  12. In what freakin’ way does an LGBQT character in Star Wars, or even a “love scene” as commonly depicted in ANY PG13 movie, harm any of you? The Real World as you want it to be; the one where you follow the evil version of your imaginary Jesus who gives you an excuse to be homophobic; does not, or should not, exist. In the actual Real World (the one that SHOULD exist), people are allowed to simply live their lives as THEY see fit, and bigots don’t get to determine things for everybody else.

    If you don’t want to risk seeing a gay guy kiss another gay guy, go crawl back under your rock and pull it back over your head. The World will be a better place without you.

  13. Eric, Eric, Eric, my goodness!! Jesus is NOT imaginary (please prove to us that He is, if you believe He is). Jesus is light, and we who love Him, are doing what we can to show His light. That is a priority of mine, that people come to know Him as Lord and Savior, and to speak the truth.

  14. Disney has becomes an unmitigated disaster, pandering to the LGBT agenda at every turn. Now it’s Star Wars’ turn to be fully denigrated. When patrons withhold their dollars maybe these producers of such garbage will get the message.

  15. The media saturates everything with overt or subtle gay innuendos. I don’t care what anyone does in their private lives,,,,but keep to to yourself. The problem is that it just ain’t normal, so I don’t need it shoved down my throat. (Pardon the pun). Homosexuality has been around since the dawn of time. However, in rat populations it becomes more prevalent as the rats overpopulate. The world is currently over populated, so increased homosexuality is a negative feedback loop. So lets look at the bright side. Most gays don’t reproduce. Even very few lesbians have IVF pregnancies.

  16. Dissolute humans – “Anything goes!”
    God – “Man shall not lie with man as he does with woman, for such is ABOMINATION.” By inference women shall not lie with women. There’s no “anything goes” there, it’s an absolute. The LGBTWXYZ movement is an absolute abomination that Iger is ramming down our kids.
    And, Libbies, don’t try making some “context” thing about this, it’s referring to sex. Period. Gagger and his cronies work for Satan and nobody else.
    I have the original 6 Star Wars movies in my video library. There won’t be any more. After “The Return of the Jedi” they went off a cliff with the franchise and are still plunging downward.
    Liberals ruin everything they touch! That’s their mission in life.

  17. I always found Star Wars kinda’ silly. I haven’t seen one since the first and I don’t care to see anymore…especially if this article is accurate.

  18. I have quit watching certain CBS and ABC and NBC shows because they’re getting really “preachy” on leftists agendas. I want to be entertained not preached to with their misguided slant on political memes.

  19. Eric, you are wrong and obviously do not know God.. What they are pushing is an abomination that needs to be curtailed.. You will meet your maker someday and have to answer to him.. Maybe you should crawl back under your rock.. This is becoming like Sodom and Gomorrah.. It influences the children, with a very bad outcome. It will all end one day and it will be sad. I think seeing a Gay person kissing another is unacceptable… but then.. I try to live by what is right.

  20. Jesus is REAL and He said that we are ALL sinners and have come short of His Glory. That is why He went to the cross and took that horrid beating for humanity. Jesus loves EVERYONE!!!! When He went to the cross it was so that we all could be redeemed and forgiven of our sins if we ask Him to. And whether you believe Jesus is the Son of Father God or if you believe He is a man of history, you have to respect Him because what He did was selfless.
    Sir Isaac Newton, after studying the movement of the stars in the sky for decades deduced that Space and Time are relative to a Fixed observer. In other words, God is watching.
    And Einstein said, energy cannot be created or destroyed but transferred from one state to another. In other words, when this shell that we call a body can no longer contain this energy we call life and the energy is transformed back to the Great Transformer, God, what will you say?
    I endeavor not to judge anyone because only Jesus can be the true judge. If you are gay, that’s your business. But stop trying to force your chosen lifestyle down my throat. Gay folks ask to be accepted and tolerated but you have no tolerance for those who don’t completely agree with your agenda. Doesn’t mean we can’t be civil. I don’t always agree with my friends and they don’t always agree with me but we don’t fret or fight about it.
    What ever happened to ‘agreeing to disagree’. We all have differences. I even noticed that Gays are even hateful to conservative gays who follow Donald Trump. That’s sad.
    America is not a totalitarian society although the Dems prefers it to be. That is why they are chasing their own tails and putting forth lies re the fake impeachment. Wasn’t it Hitler who said if you tell a lie enough people will believe it! I’m happy to see folks on this site are wise to the Dems ruse.
    Be careful of what you say about Jesus. Whether you believe in Him or not you will have to account to Him one day for all your actions.
    Try to agree to disagree. You’ll be a better person for it.

  21. One of the many reasons I don’t see movies any more. This idiotic takeover by a hyper-vocal minority – very minority – is just plain ruining things for most people. If the sexual orientation is “incidental” rather than central, ie doesn’t come up unless needed and then casually not in your face, then I’d be willing to see more movies. This in-my-face crap is just that and I have better things to do than waste my money supporting people and agendas I don’t agree with at ALL.

  22. Jesus – the Greek name for Yeshua ben Joseph. He was real. The legends and myths have taken over, though. Most of the New Testament was hijacked for the church’s goal of control. Even the gospels were written after his death – well after.

  23. We watch TV, Go to the Movies to Get Away from all the Political Drama….Now it is even Highjacked that!!!

  24. I don’t see gay guys kissing and I live in a high-tech area – and they are hiring a lot of MORMONS here.
    People want a job done and people to come to work with a clear mind, not with hangovers.
    And besides – the world lets GAYS get away with passing HIV/AIDS to each other and they are dangerous.



  27. Eric: I really don’t know why you are even here on this site. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions but most of us here believe in GOD and honor HIS word. You do not. So please grow up and stop telling US to crawl back under our rocks. It is people like yourself that promote these lies and honor the great deceiver; Satan.We do live in the real world. Not the one the Liberals are forcing down our throats.

  28. I swore off of Star Wars after The Force Awakens. It was just a rehash of the first movie, plus there was no reason to kill off Has Solo. The male characters are being killed off to be replaced by female characters, which it turns out are Lesbians. No thanks. I’ll spend my money elsewhere.

  29. My comment right above this is meant for Eric.
    By the way Eric, May God Bless you and give you the graces to convert to the truth.

  30. Gay men are admitted to hospitals bleeding out of their rear ends.
    Let’s tell the WHOLE STORY about gays that the medical profession sees.
    They also call Medicaid to try and get taxpayers to pay for their tranny surgeries and then call weeks later for a reversal of the first surgery!

  31. I am a gay man and I don’t even agree with this. Shame on Disney! This is a story about two rival groups; Imperial and Rebel Alliance.
    Nothing needs to be added into the movie that pushes LGBTQ issues in people’s faces.
    This is why I get disgusted that people still feel that insecure and need to feel they have to push this agenda.
    Movies are made for the LDBTQ culture. If those complaining feel that strong of a need to show that then they should go and make their own version. Sorry, not backing the groups on either side.
    I am so sick of the liberal crap and Hollyweird!
    I know I will hear complaints from both sides.

    Whine on and pout like a baby: iberals are good at that! Maybe one of these days they will grow up and start acting like adults instead of children.

  32. Come on, Abrams. EVERY movie and TV drama must have at least one homosexual relationship. I see more queers on TV on any given night than I’ve knowingly encountered in the past 77-years.

  33. Disney has been a courupting influence for at least twenty years, with their ‘Gay Days’ at Walt Disney World!
    (“Gay Days”? Or pathological gender-disorientation)
    In May each year, many an unsuspecting American family will travel to Walt Disney World, where they will find themselves at the epicenter of a recurring cultural earthquake. There, at America’s favorite “family” destination, hordes of homosexuals will congregate at Pleasure Island for an annual exercise in societal entropy.
    “Gay Days at Disney” they call it — though it is anything but.

  34. Hollyweird is now a bastion of queers and communists. The likes of Humphry Bogart, Clark Gable and John Wayne would never be allowed to be in the movies these days. Real men are no longer welcome in a sissified, metrosexual dump like that. Watching these pretty boy kids try to pretend they’re men is sickening and the turn to women as the strong hero types is idiotic. How many of todays pussifed generation would have stepped off onto Omaha Beach?

  35. You ae typical I believe, but hollyweird is stacked with radicals pushing leftist agendas and don’t want the negative publicity of denying them, because you know as well as I do, they would grab the MSM by balls and scream to the heavens about the injustice of it all, thus making hollyweird look bad.

  36. Mike, you are right on. I will no longer spend one penny of my money on their movies or Disney parks. There are much better things I can do with it

  37. Vasu….NO similarity at all. You can not help what color your skin is. You are born the way God made you. He created and loves all races. LGBT is a MENTAL ILLNESS. No one is born that way. satan will do all he can to cause as much confusion and chaos as he can. And since the dems have thrown God out, they embrace all of satan’s evil

  38. Eric, God determines what is right or wrong!!! Not us. He created us and He gets to make the rules. God FORBIDS homosexually and transgender. No one is born that way. satan has them very brainwashed. He will cause as much chaos and confusion as he can. He hates God like you do. You can deny God, but that in no way changes the truth that you deny. Jesus loves everyone but all sin must be forgiven to enter into Heaven. Fortunately, that is very easy and costs nothing. Jesus died and went to Hell so you don’t have to. YOU get to choose to follow Jesus to Heaven or satan to Hell

  39. Eric, you are truly a fool. Jesus is very real. You have denied Him, so He will deny you. ALL who come to Him and are saved know that He is there. It is your great loss not to know Him

  40. It’s not only the movies, but many TV shows(STUMPTOWN is the latest) and commercials showing gay couples. WATCH OUT AMERICA!!!
    The HOLLYWOOD liberals are shoving it down our throats!

  41. bj you’re right when you push GOD to the curb Satan takes over. And the democrat party has done this over fifty years ago and the communist party U.S.A is the democrat party.

  42. Who’s morals Linda yours or someone else’s you live in a free country so you and I can say anything we want up to a point

  43. No this not anti-Semitism but the truth and the democrats like you hate the truth and so does your party now go back under your rock and see how the communist party U.S.A is taking over your party.

  44. people TALK WITH YOUR MONEY! MONEY is only thing Hollywood people think about! I haven’t seen a new movie in probably 20 yrs & I don’t plan on seeing one in the future!

  45. LGBT+ is a part of the human condition. Showing reality is hardly “shoving it down our throats.” It’s simply reflecting real life. Get over it.

  46. Typ. Holly-No-Moral-Compass-Wood !!!
    It’s Bad Enough That We Have to Watch No-Moral-Compass Hetro’s Committing Fortification @ a Drop of a Hat…but…To Watch Same Sex Acts, Just to Please 1/2 of 1% GOD HATING Group(s) is _____ ___ ______.

  47. Typ. Holly-No-Moral-Compass-Wood…
    It’s Bad Enough That I Have to Watch No-Moral-Compass Hetro’s Having Fornication @ a Drop of a Hat…but…To Watch SAME, As If There’s NOTHING WRONG, SEX, Just So 1/2 of 1% GOD HATERS Can Control ” The System ” Can Go To _______.

  48. Jack: Anyone that supports and believes in GOD and the bible. That’s who’s morals I speak of. Please don’t try to debate with me Jack. I have already stated my positions to you numerous times. Especially about freedom of speech. Which is all one-sided. The Liberals can spew whatever they want. But heaven forbid a Conservative does.. You are unyielding and a Democrat. Nothing more to say…..

  49. Eric, Eric, Eric. I’m not going to debate whether Jesus is real or not. I know He is and you believe He isn’t. What bothers none the most is the LBGTQ+ community thinks that everything needs to include that agenda. Just as you said, “Bigots don’t get to determine things for everyone else.”. Just because it’s out there in the real world doesn’t mean I have to see it in every movie, show or play. Respect goes both ways my friend. I would say I’ll pray for you but unlike you and other people with you opinion, I will not force my beliefs on you. Good day.

  50. Jack: Call us out on WHAT exactly? That we follow GOD and the bible? You know you are a cheerleader for this atheist don’t you? Or is it just because we have another misinformed, bigoted Leftist posting on this site and you are giving him some sort of back up for his foolishness ? Well, either way, you both need to start thinking for yourselves and stop listening to your parties’ lies. Or at the very least go on your own websites and high five yourselves there. At least you will have other misguided people that will agree with you both. I know, I know. Freedom of speech. Exercise it somewhere else though….

  51. Will somebody please explain to me how the LGBTQ thing, if so great, will still be such a challenge a few hundred years in the future?

    “That relationship to me is a far deeper one than a romantic one,” the A-list Hollywood director explained. “It is a deep bond that these two have, not just because of the trial by fire in which they met, but also because of their willingness to be as intimate as they are, as afraid as they, as unsure as they are, and still be bold, and still be daring and brave.”

    “intimate” “afraid” “unsure” “bold” “daring and brave”? Is he admitting that the movement will never be accepted by society? Then why is he including such trash in his movie?

  52. You are more than welcome to spend your own money to open up a new asylum. If you’re expecting to spend somebody else’s money, then you had better also expect some unpleasant pushback.

  53. We don’t know for sure what the future has in store. Haven’t you seen “The Hunger Games” movies? Didn’t you notice certain things about the populace of the Capitol of Panem? Do you really think it is impossible for certain categories of people to take over completely? The power structures of society determine what is therein acceptable and what is not.

  54. There will have to be many more rocks suitable for the narrow minded and ill informed to get under and hopefully stay under

  55. I saw no inference of lgbt in the Star Wars film, I swear people like to Allow fantasy into a perfectly healthy relationship with po and fin, why don’t you fantasie in your bedroom and leave fantasy to the big screen.


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