Star quarterback just got called out by the Governor in his state for this one simple act


The coronavirus has caused some local and state politicians to go rogue.

One of them is Democrat Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf.

And a star quarterback just got called out by Wolf for this one simple act.

The coronavirus has given Big Government Democrats a pretext to cram through all of their pie-in-the-sky leftist projects.

Other Democrats have been exposed as petty tyrants high on a power trip.

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer has been particularly off the rails, suggesting her orders are “not suggestions.”

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf has also acted dubiously in response to the coronavirus.

A class-action lawsuit was filed against the state for his administration’s handling of handing out business waivers to companies so they could stay open during the coronavirus shutdown.

The waivers were handled in a slapdash manner that granted favoritism to businesses in a certain sector over another.

Wolf also threatened to revoke licenses from businesses that re-open against his wishes.

If that wasn’t enough scandal on Wolf’s hands, Rachel Levine, Wolf’s Health Secretary, has received calls to resign after Levine transferred his mother from a nursing home while allowing the virus to ravage the elderly community.

Despite this heap of problems, Wolf decided it was important to go after Pittsburgh Steelers star quarterback Ben Roethlisberger.

Roethlisberger was injured early during the 2019 season, and vowed not to trim his beard until he could again throw an NFL-caliber pass.

The Steelers put out a short video showing Roethlisberger with a freshly trimmed beard and ready to play again.

But Wolf was none too happy because Roethlisberger defied his lockdown order and went to a barber shop.

Wolf responded to the video, “When you go to something like a barbershop and you’re not protected, I don’t care who you are, the chances of that virus actually wreaking havoc on your life increases . . . I don’t personally think any Pennsylvanian ought to take that chance.”

Wolf’s response highlights a growing divide in the country.

Leftists seemingly want lockdowns to extend indefinitely, and they instantly throw cold water on any promising news.

Meanwhile most Americans are ready to resume their lives.

As more data roll in, it’s becoming clear that people who are not part of an at-risk demographic have a very little chance of dying from the coronavirus.

A professional athlete in his 30s, Roethlisberger should be able to get a haircut cut without the Governor of the state jumping down his throat.

But Wolf and other Big Government politicians can’t keep people locked down.

Even citizens in deep blue states are getting fed up with the endless quarantine.

Will more Americans follow in Roethlisberger’s footsteps and openly defy these over-the-top orders?

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  3. PETTY TYRANTS on a power trip is the best description I have heard yet.
    Governors that have refused to ALLOW Memorial Day programs in their states MUST be voted out.
    Voters! Remember the politicians and their party for a decade at the voting polls.

  4. I love it. I hope these dictators hand out a lot more pain, and suffering to the people that voted for them. I live in one of those states. The formerly free state of NC.

  5. as Americans we are “rugged individualists”, for the most part we do as we wish, legally, and go about our lives while taking care of business. These little dics (short for dictators) think they can control us or push us around because they believe they know better. Not happening, King George thought so, Hitler thought so, Tojo thought so and Mussolini never had an original thought so. They forget who put them where they are, maybe this election we should remind them that they serve at the convienence of the PEOPLE!!!!

  6. Anyone notice that Wolf’s hair is nice and trimmed? Wonder if his wife is cutting it. Seems to me all these politicians with their mandates don’t follow their own rules.

  7. Hopefully, a high number of these little dictators are going to soon (November) find themselves in the “left behind” group, as FORMER politicians !

  8. Where is the ACLU? Oh, it’s only there when supposedly a white person infringes on a minority’s rights. Yes we all know the truth… white people according to left, have no civil rights. I wish for these dictator governors to be surrounded on the streets, their security subdued and them beaten to a pulp. F::k these commie f::ken aholes! I for one am sick of what these communists are doing to our country! Civil War, people! That’s what we need to get our country back. These slime lie to us, lie in court, have their scum judges make law when they can’t, and disregard federal and state law when they want! F::k them! Wake up Americans! Nuff said!

  9. Tar and feathers or nooses will cure this corruption of power. The politicians must be reminded tht they work for the citizens, not vice versa.

  10. I agree totally with Gerald Ladd the people crying about All there travesties have no one to blame except themselves !!! Next time they get a chance to vote for a nut job Democrat or liberal they might want to rethink there thinking …

  11. Wolf responded to the video, “When you go to something like a barbershop and you’re not protected, I don’t care who you are, the chances of that virus actually wreaking havoc on your life increases . . . I don’t personally think any Pennsylvanian ought to take that chance.” That is your right to decide for you what is risky or not. But for me and my family, WE get to decide for ourselves. that is what WE THE PEOPLE in the constitution means. get over yourself

  12. Wolf and jerks like him are the reason I left Pa the day after graduation never to return. Those left can reap what they sow.

  13. dems are idiots who threw God out and think they are God. Their goal is total control of our lives and they are using the virus to do it. I thank God that I live in a state with a governor who has common sense. We are mostly back open, which is how it should be. The virus is way overblown, as MOST people recover. The economy is much more of a concern than the virus. If you want to hide in your closet, that is up to you. The rest of us are more than ready to get back to normal and there is no reason not to

  14. T.W., That’s the way it should be, but the left has a lot of people very brainwashed. The dems have no clue of the truth and will blindly vote the dictators back in

  15. Dems want a communist dictatorship based on the Soviet style of government. They will use any excuse to try to act like they ae the dictator they so desperately want.

  16. Wake Up America these are the politicians you elected, take note and do something about it come Nov. 3rd. Your choice , your vote but your children future.

  17. Who said Big Ben went to a barber shop? Maybe he started with hedge trimmers and finished with a real sharp long Bowie knife. Assumptions, assumptions. Any videos or photos of Big Ben in a barber chair?

  18. I’m still in favor of impaling them. It’s said if done correctly they could live a day or so. Prop ’em along the highway. For nitwitmer the special “blood eagle” is reserved.

  19. Since when did Gov. Wolf become my parent, where did he think he got all the power he thinks he has?? He works for us, we don’t answer to him. I give big Ben all the credit for doing what he wanted to do. If I could find a barber shop I’d be there in a minute.
    I’m glad this is Wolfs’ last term, can’t get rid of him fast enough.

  20. And the madness continues. Wonder how long citizens of this country will put up with restricted healthcare, the tent structures and millions wasted on the overblown media coverage, and the control by some Governors of their rights. Vote in november-course if Trump wins-this could on another 5 years-Fauci’s prediction.

  21. What we’ve had (and are still experiencing) is much closer to a “panicdemic” than to a “pandemic”.

  22. Quit your complaining you vote these people into office, you got what you wanted. These are your votes at work dont you just love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Linda l ealey: I am Libertarian. Kilencven kilenc kibaszott mennydorgos kurva budos ruhos uristen basszon agyhelyen te rothadt szarevo seggdugo sorosseggnyalo patkany, hogy dogolj meg az osszes fajtaddal egyutt!

  24. Check out Rachel (aka Richard) Levine…the PA health secretary…
    Conversion job somewhere….listen carefully to the voice on tv…

  25. Caleb I agree with you. I live in Ft Lauderdale. The a s s holes running Miami-Dade and Broward counties think that EVERYTHING they say is law and we are supposed to bend over and bear our cheeks to them. We used to say to friends when we were leaving, “take care of yourself.” When the phuck did that change to “take care of yourself, and me, and the guy in the store with you and the person sitting next to you at the restaurant.”? This has been nothing but a big experiment to see just how far the sheeple could be led around before saying “enough is enough.” I work at a VA clinic and see the “at risk” crowd everyday. They think the same way I do. Maybe it is because they have fought for the rights and freedoms the politicians — both Dem and Republican — are trying to rip away from them. ENOUGH!!!!


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