Sports Illustrated just sank to a new low with this photo of a Muslim swimsuit model


Sports Illustrated is not known for its moral values or standing up to the Left.

But they’ve officially sunk to a new low.

And you won’t believe what Sports Illustrated did with this Muslim swimsuit model.

In the Islamic faith, women are often required to wear either a Burqa or a Hijab to cover their bodies and faces, or at the very least their head.

Muslim women do this in order to conceal their bodies and prevent men from ogling them, per instructions from the Koran.

Which is why this Muslim swimsuit model is making big waves in the news.

For the first time ever, Sports Illustrated is featuring a Muslim model wearing a hijab and “burkini.”

CBS Minnesota reports:

A Minnesota woman is breaking boundaries in the modeling world, becoming the first model to wear a hijab and burkini for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit.

Twenty-one-year-old Halima Aden was born in the Kakuma Refugee Camp in Kenya, but she grew up near St. Cloud, Minnesota.

The Somali-American model made history back in 2016 for becoming the first fully-covered Muslim woman to compete in the Miss Minnesota pageant.

Aden went on to sign with IMG models.

In 2017, she made her New York Fashion Week debut in Kanye West’s Yeezy Season 5 show.

Now, the Minnesota model is making history once again with Sports Illustrated Swimsuit.

According to Sports Illustrated, for Aden’s SI Swimsuit rookie spread, the model traveled to her birth country where she shot at Watuma Beach with photographer Yu Tsai.

Once this photo was released, liberals and the mainstream media praised the model and Sports Illustrated for their “brave” decision to feature the photo.

It wasn’t long ago that liberals called out Islamic radicals for oppressing women by forcing them to wear a Burqa or Hijab.

Now they are celebrating it to demonstrate how “tolerant” they are.

They’ve gone so far as to push things like the Hijab Barbie doll.

Liberals are not helping oppressed women around the globe by promoting publicity stunts like these.

Democrats claim to be the champion of women’s rights but have completely abandoned women in the Islamic world.

What do you think?

Should liberals be standing up for women’s rights in the Muslim world?


  1. Lets get this Straight,Libs and the left are on the WRONG side of EVERYTHING!! Is like a Parody movie.Cop or thug,They Love the thug ect….. And the More Minority the Better to them.They live in an upside down/Backwards world,Their sick in the head,Period! Semper Fi

          • No, the brave anti- imperialist resistance fighters missed killing your white ass with a permanent rash and the US military stupid enough to fight for the War racket. Ho Chi Minh! still lives.

          • they were being chivalrous due to jeffi looking so feminine .. typical leftist moronic BS about the military that (with help) fought a two front war from 1941 to 1945 and won.. Not to mention that they were simultaneously fighting the japs in chinkeeville helping to save chinkee lives.. which the chinkees promptly forgot.. with mao naize actually starting the schitt that led to the Korean Conflict and the Vietnam Police Action..more browns down.. commie browns.. may end up having to have veterans do some major house cleaning right here in the USA as it appears that the scum are getting restless and need a new lesson.. can remove them along with the rags and any other “immigrants or invaders” that came here for the purpose of taking over..

        • So what about the little brown people killing little brown people? If you’re talking about things like the trail of tears that was the dems same as for slavery and Jim Crow laws and the founding of the KKK.

          • Kent, Come on down and try to clean my house. I have something waiting for you! You are the one that needs a world history lesson.

          • Yep. Andrew Jackson signed into law the Indian Removal Act of 1830. The white people were greedy and wanted the Indian’s land. The Indians were promised transportation by Jackson but he reneged on the promise and they were forced to walk what is now called the Trail of Tears. Jackson was of the Democrat-Republican party then. 4,000 Cherokee died on that trail from lack of food, disease and cold. But Jackson and the white people didn’t even care. While this was going on the whites looted the Cherokee’s homes because they were forced to leave their belongings behind. The KKK was founded by Democratic as well as the Republicans. And the Jim Crow Laws were a collection of state and local statutes that legalized racial segregation named after an insulting song lyric regarding African Americans, the laws—which existed for about 100 years, from the post-Civil War era until 1968—were meant to return Southern states to an antebellum class structure by marginalizing black Americans. Black communities and individuals that attempted to defy Jim Crow laws often met with violence and death.

          • Thank you Nancy, I looked up the history because my husband’s Paternal Grandmother was full blooded Cherokee. We don’t know which tribe though. His Aunt has a picture of her with all her kids around her and she was a beautiful lady with long coal black hair. My father-in-law was one of those kids.

  2. Right wingers want to force girls to carry their rapist’s bag of cells from the time of the rape to birth, but complain when a grown woman makes a choice of what to wear.

    • Idiot comment where you compare apples to oranges. Are you serious or just throwing it out for the hell of it!

    • Sorry Eric she did not make the choice Islamic Law made it for her. There is no freedom in the Muslim religion you will adhere to it or die. Of course in this country Muslim men must flee this country once they’ve killed their daughter or wife for not living the Muslim dream I mean nightmare because we are a nation of laws. Well unless you’re a Clinton but that’s another story.

    • Eric: You don’t blame the child for the sins of the father meaning you don’t punish the child for the sins of the father. Rape is horrible but women for centuries have been raped and had to move on. The psychological scars of rape are made worse when killing a baby born of rape because the father doesn’t care but the woman knows she killed a baby which becomes front and center while the rape fades. Have the baby and give it up for adoption. Than she can say down the road I did not commit a sin, the male who raped me committed the sin and I did not make it my sin by killing the baby. Both I and the baby are alive and we made it to the other side of the rape. You are reading this from someone with experience. He is in jail, I am not in hell and the baby is alive with a family of his own.

      • Those may be your feelings, Anna, but not all women can accept what was done to them. Rape is still wrong, and being made to carry a baby from a sex act not of your choosing is simply wrong. No woman should be coerced into carrying the pregnancy to term – just to satisfy someone’s need for a “new baby”. Have the abortion and get rid of the pregnancy -and get on with your life. Abortion is not a sin, rape is, and no good will come of this pregnancy. Those lingering emotions of sin and evil will only exist in your mind if you let them. Christians want to punish women – that is the only reason for promoting continuing such a pregnancy. They say it is the woman’s fault for allowing the rape to occur. Get over it!!

        • ABORTION IS NOT A SIN?!? I have you know that abortion is MURDER!!! You are KILLING a HUMAN LIFE!! What in God’s name is wrong with you saying that? Haven’t you seen or even read the 10 Commandments?!? Number 6 says: “Thou shalt not kill” (Exodus 20:13). No woman should be coerced into getting an abortion just to satisfy the family’s evil doings. Have you ever considered the baby’s right? It didn’t ask to be formed this way, so why kill it for something it knows nothing about?!? You need to get down on your knees and ask God to forgive you for thinking this evil way!!

          • The US MILITARY have a history of rape. American rape of Vietnamese women was considered “Standard Operating Procedure”. read the book “Ideologies of forgetting: Rape in the Vietnam War. Seen the Iraq rape pictures? I would have a abortion in a minute knowing I was raped by a G.I. Joe father, especially if I were a young girl. Tell the US military not to rape and kill.

          • A baby is not formed and viable until it is born and can survive outside the woman’s body. Abortion is not murder – no matter how many times you capitalize it and shout at me. We won’t go back to back-alley abortion mills, and women dying for lack of proper medical care. Roe v Wade is still the law of the land and we will fight to keep it so.

          • You are very right Karen. Abortion is taking a human life.

            While in college my oldest daughter had an abortion and it messed up her whole life. She was never the same after that. I was never told until just a few years before she died last year at 57 years old. Everyone in the family knows my feeling about abortion. In any case she just never got over it. Murder is murder no matter how anyone excuses it!

      • Original Anne, you hit he nail on the head. The people who use Arguments by Intimidation, a Logical Fallacy one learns in Logic 101 in college. People ought to stop call others childish names. It sound like 5 year old kids in the forum. To hold a child guilty of the father’s sins is wrong. Anyone care to try to refute that? An embryo conceived in a woman is a human embryo, not a squid or a baby seal. 75 years ago a premature bay would die if birthed to early. Now Pediatric Intensive Care medicine saves many babies at an earlier and earlier gestational age. Did the unborn babies sudden become human when they were considered not human 75 years ago just because we could not keep them alive? That is absolute scientific and medical nonsense.

    • Eric most right wingers believe abortion should be allowed for rape and health reason. We just don’t believe it should be used as birth control. Also take a female child, raise her in back of the house, deny her an education and have all those who supposedly love her tell her they are ashamed and embarrassed of even seeing her. Do this until she is grown and when she can’t feel normal around people without being covered from head to toe, you call it her choice!!! Eric you know nothing but the talking points you’ve memorized. Go live in any Muslim country for a couple years and watch how they are raised and then you will know the women have no choice even when it appears they are making their own decisions.

      • {Eric most right wingers believe abortion should be allowed for rape and health reason.}

        Well you are sure wrong about that. You obviously haven’t kept up with the latest news, Ed. There are at least 4 states now where laws have been passed to absolutely prohibit ALL abortions. That is what those “right-wingers” believe and are doing.

        • and that was done to force the Supreme Court to rule in favor of states having the say so on abortion.. just think the nut case mental midget hore leftist scum bags in new dork were all cheering the legislative scum bags in albany new dork when the legislation was published allowing mommies and the murderer to “discuss” what to do when an infant “survives” an abortion attempt… “the infant will be made comfortable while murderer mommy and murderer doctor(sic) have a discussion over tea and crumpets concerning where to go from here.. what really irritates the adults in the USA is the fact that the murderers think that Real American taxpayers should pay for their being able to avoid the inconvenience of raising and supporting a child.. Many Real American adults ( most often GOP voters ) have no problem with a rape being the catalyst for abortion or the health of the mother, but you DO NOT wait until the 3rd trimester or worse yet after a child has arrived alive !!!

          • Kent – your explanation of the anti abortion law is absolutely wrong. You have misinterpreted how the law will work. You have rephrased the entire intent of the law. There is no statement that the newly born baby will or won’t be killed. You are just wrong!!

    • That’s right, Thomas – you would much prefer to see the SI models as usual – barely clothed and wearing the usual bikini!! I see you prefer the half-naked look after all. So easy to see through you!! You don’t even have to continue.

      • How about a modest one piece? That Muslim garb is ridiculous on a swimsuit model no matter what their Middle Age beliefs are!!

      • Nancy, you are astounding! I never seen, let alone thought possible, someone to be on either side of wrong and still be wrong.

        • You should have written, “I have never seen”, not “I never seen”. Where did you study English anyway?? And by the way what and where is the “other side of wrong”?? Please explain further. Maybe the other side of wrong is right!! Yes that’s it – I’ve got it now.

          • Nancy Alexander, the only thing that you’ve got now is an incredible case of stupid. How do you manage to turn a swimsuit conversation into an English lesson?

        • Nancy is using anything she can to disagree with conservatives because she cannot logically and rationally support her liberal stance! Go ahead and report me to the Nazi-grammer police, NANCY!

          • Nancy, Shouldn’t you have written, “If you would Have Written correctly”? ROFLOL
            Take your medication like a good girl and they might let you go to crafts today.

        • LOL.. just think how many folks voted for the african pretender, the hore clintoney, the bernhole, occasional-cortezhole, illhan rag from Minnesotastan and the MOFOHO rag from Michiganistan, and have voted for that epitome of ignorance, maxipad headwaters, over and over again… our one time great education system has gone rotten from the inside out.. of course the promises of stalin in the 1920s to infect the USA from the inside has helped a lot… and the dunce cap commies in hollow woody and on the news(sic) media keep reinforcing the leftist mantra..

          • I’ve never seen such hateful and racist comments on here. Your mom must be so proud!! NOT!! I don’t know where you get such absolute rubbish. There is no truth in anything you have written. You are a shining example of your stupid, lying leader – trumpsky!!

    • I do! She is displaying style and Muslim pride. What is your style? racist, misogynist, foul language etc. Hate to see you wife or so call girlfriend style.

  3. Eric she is not making a choice of what to wear she is being told what she can wear and what she can not wear. She is not allowed to wear a bikini.

  4. the satanic bitch, the koran so called rules and shari law, the moon
    god, allah is SATAN… its all b.s. made up by some muslim idiot
    when they take a leak they use their piss to wash… to insult one of the
    satanic idiots raise your right hand and point with your pointer finger
    they wipe their ass with that finger and is a insult to them.

    • What about Mormon wear? Long dresses and hats. No matter what religion all dress codes are beautiful. I’m a Atheist so I may run naked in the Las Vegas desert if I wish. Are Christians able to run around naked. Please don’t force religion down my throat.

        • LOL wicky be not liking that. I would be like forcing transgenders in bikinis down our throat…. oh wait just a cotton picking minute now that IS what is happening and they only represent 2.5% of the population.. wonder how that happens??.. oh yes the hores in the media and leftist teachers, professors, and administrative clowns assisted by scum bags elected under false pretenses by suggesting that they work “for us”, then do what they damn well please..

  5. News Flash To ALL Leftwingers
    Muslim women have NO RIGHTS
    Ol MO aka.Allah said so in the book(Koran)he wrote
    They are PROPERTY

    • Tell that to Talib and Omar! They are the token Reps to make some noise in Government and they are taking the whole hand after been given a little finger. Get my drift?

  6. This nothing more than kissing up their nonsese and spreading their garbage. A little here and a little there so all senses of this trash becomes the norm.

    • Well put. Numb the minds with legalized pot then keep repeating the lie until it becomes truth. We’re going down hill but thank GOD it’s still a long way to the bottom.

      • Wait a minute – it’s you conservative republicans that have legalized pot!! I was and still am opposed to pot use – legal, medicinal or otherwise. There are a lot of meds that can be used for pain or whatever, so that medicinal pot isn’t necessary.

        • Speaking of medication, I think somebody needs to take theirs……………..

          Besides Marijuana has been used for thousands of years. It was here fist, so let’s use that first. Therefore your pharmaceuticals aren’t necessary. [your rationale]

  7. Hooray for the morons who did this — you really know how to bankrupt a now worthless magazine. I unsubscribed from the rag as soon as they started leaning left and I’ve never looked at the rag since. This just verifies that my decision to get rid of the toilet paper magazine was the right decision. I will be clapping when you go out of business with your total libtard/demoSCUM BS.

  8. That would be like us swimming in our clothes. I wonder if the raghead takes of her shoes. I wouldn’t want to get too close to them on a hot summer day because they probably smell really bad.

  9. What do I think? I think I was just reminded why I cancelled my subscription to SI. Once again they have reached a low that I thought they already reached when they put Caitlyn Jenner on their cover which incidentally is when I cancelled my subscription. I felt good about my decision but now I’m downright proud that I don’t give that pro-left rag any of my money. Maybe they could put Hillary Clinton on the cover next. I’m sure every man wants to see a pictorial of her in her pant suits.

  10. what she is wearing is ridiculous. That picture is laughable to me. Sports Illustrated is turning into a comic book.

  11. Sports Illustrated will lose customers with this kind of front page, I hope their are conservative readers out there to rebel against these traitors!!!!!!!

    • Wait a minute. conservative leaders (and those christian conservatives and evangelicals) should absolutely LOVE this cover model. She has clothes on and isn’t displayed in a skimpy bikini!! Come on – she is fully covered – not half-naked!! What’s not to love?? Hypocrites much???

      • Very glad that she is hiding the sexual mutilations and canings her husband has bestowed upon her! I guess her gay brother has been thrown off of a high building!

  12. If a pretty girl wants to pose for pictures in whatever she wants to wear, fine with me. If SI wants to publish it, fine with me. If folks want to look, fine with me. Great significance? Not to me. As the country singer said: Puttin on the agony, puttin on the style, that’s what all the young folks are doin all the while. Sometimes when you see it it makes you want to smile. Puttin on the agony, puttin on the style.

  13. I have a feeling that Sports Illustrated just might rue the day they did this issue. I doubt if very many red blooded Americans will be running out to buy this one. I know that I won’t. Who wants to look at a swimsuit model who is only showing her face?

    • That’s right, Mike – bring on the nearly naked gals – those bikinis are what you all want!! Now the real truth comes out. Shame!!

      • Yup. Definitely something wrong with men who would be interested in looking at skimpily clad beautiful women. But that is beside the point, which is that this model has no choice in the matter. She is not free to wear what other models can wear, or not wear for that matter.

        • I am a red-blooded male, but I agree with you. I like seeing beautiful women, but think that when they are only wearing a few small triangles of cloth, whose tags are bigger than actual “clothing”, it’s just disgusting and a real turn-off.

          Also, would someone please tell what scantily-clad women have to do with sports? I can’t figure that one out.

        • My comment still goes to all those “conservative christian” males who are so hateful to this Muslim model and what she is wearing. I thought all conservatives want women to be covered up and modestly dressed. But it turns out that you all want to see half-naked women in bikinis after all!!

    • Beautiful body and face in a beautiful swim suit. I would like to see Mormons from Utah in their swimwear, ugh!

  14. That cover of the swimsuit edition must feature that rag head in the muslim version of a thong. That should do wonders for subscription sales.

    • Well Kat, you don’t seem to know much about the use of color, do you? We wear darker colors (such as black), in the winter as it attracts sunlight and absorbs the heat. We wear white or lighter colors in the summer as it deflects sunlight and keeps us cooler. So the model can’t “fry” in the white suit and she is completely covered. Now I don’t really care for total coverage either, but just making a point, The gals in the bikinis are the ones who are in greater danger – so much skin uncovered. They will be the ones with the bad sunburns, hon!!

  15. The Liberal left just never ceases to amaze me ! The Radical Muslim religion has zero respect for their women ! Women are mere property to Radical Muslims . There is nothing beautiful about these swimsuit photos . It is voluntary bondage ! Nothing less ! There is nothing for any religion to embrace from Radical Muslims . Politically correct is nothing short of Politically stupid ! These photo’s are nonsense and only promote radical Islams evil agenda against women and the Human race !

    • What about Mormon women force to wear long dresses and hats. This radical Christian religion has zero respect for women. These Mormon women only promote radical evil Christian viewpoints against women and the women race!

      • Ricky – try to keep up here. Those Mormon women you’ve seen in long dresses are from a breakaway sect led by Warren Jeffs, Last I knew he was in jail for having sex with underage girls. Most Mormon women today dress like the rest of us females. Haven’t you seen Mitt Romney’s wife in public? She dresses normally too. I’m not defending Mormons, just setting the record straight.

  16. I can see that religious tolerance is not every ones strong suit. Seems to me that most of the male commenters would love to see our American girls in the slutty “hide nothing” bikinis. A little more modesty in our culture might just be welcomed.

  17. Muslim women are brutally suppressed. SI should be supporting giving them rights rather than promoting their suppression. Trying to make their suppression look inviting is not the way to go. I am very disappointed that an American publisher would do this.

  18. From a marketing stand point, They wanted to get people talking about Sports Illustrated. They certainly accomplished that !! Good, Bad or Otherwise, People are definitely talking about the Company. I cant imagine any self respecting Muslim woman WANTING to be included in a skin rag like S.I. or more to the point, her family allowing her to be included. It certainly wasn’t so Muslim men would suddenly start buying the magazine. They wont because its a huge sin to see women undressed to the point the other models are.
    So the only other reason I can guess that they would allow one of their women to be included is to slowly but surely , little by little take over by blending in…..Trojan horse style……….Will we NEVER learn from mistakes made in the past??

  19. When will these FOOLS understand that Islam, and Democracy, are two, DIFFERENT ways of life. Just as Christianity, and Islam are DIFFERENT religions.

    The United States was designed, and built, to accept differences in opinion (as long as no one forces opinions on another).

    If an American Muslim chooses to express herself, that is HER option, under the Bill of Rights, and the Constitution.

    This is what has made the United States the envy of much of the world.

  20. Islam and Sharia law prohibit women from enhancing their looks. Many do anyway.
    Some of the most awful garish makeup I have seen is on muslim women.

    • Wow!! I see that all the “conservative christians” are out in force today. You all must be so proud of yourselves. And you sure are afraid of a photo on a magazine cover – good grief, the world must be coming to an end today!! It sure looks very petty of you all to criticize a beautiful woman like this. You seem to think that a single woman is going to crash your little worlds. Obviously you are following your god, jesus in all this criticism. (“What would jesus do”?) – I’m sure is at the top and forefront of your minds as you write this stuff!! I am so proud of you all — NOT!!

  21. Sports Illustrated and the Muslim Model should be MOONED for desecrating Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition! If I see the culprits, I will MOON them!

    • Damn Sports Illustrated!! We want to see the scantily clad models we usually see. What is the matter with you? We are good conservative christians and we deserve to see the models in bikinis. Where are they??

      • It isn’t a sin to just look at the pictures. It is a sin to lust after them. There is nothing wrong with the men just looking. You are one sad girl! You think looking at bathing suits is bad but you say an abortion isn’t sin. You are sooooo confused.

        • I don’t know what church you belong to Karen but “looking” at women in bathing suits and “lusting” are so closely related that it is hard to tell the difference. And who can judge what is going on in another’s mind anyway? I still say that these “good conservative evangelical christians” have no business commenting about the Muslim model with the clothes that cover her up and then being able to “ogle” the bikini clad models.
          Where are their good christian values anyway??

          • I go to Edgewood Holiness Church. But what I’m saying is that if you don’t lust after them in your heart and just look at the pictures then there is no problem. But if you look at the picture and have sexual thoughts then that is lusting in your heart which is wrong. There’s nothing wrong with looking at a swimsuit model and saying or thinking that she looks nice. But saying or thinking evil thoughts is a horse of a different color. I don’t know if my church feels the same way as I do but this is MY way of thinking NOT my church.

  22. Worse issue ever. It was very easy to throw in the trash can. I will never pick up another swim suit issue. Not only were there a lot of coverups, like the one above. There were a lot of women in that issue that should have been covered up. Many of them were what is wrong with a nude beach. Too many people that should not be nude in public.

  23. Sports Illustrated Said That She Was A Muslim Swimsuit Model, Therefore That Leads Me To Believe That What She Is Wearing Is A Swimsuit.

  24. The photo is disgusting and doesn’t belong in the issue! When I view the swimsuit issue, I expect to see lot’s of female skin from all the women. Perhaps she can pose for a Sharia magazine, but in this magazine, we want only women who show their skin.
    One woman who SI could have done without is Megan Rapinoe! It has nothing to do with her orientation but her short hair, which makes her yucky to look at. Her GF, Sue Bird, would have been a good choice, as would have been her soccer teammate Ali Krieger, who is engaged to marry another woman!

    • That’s right Eliot – all you fine upstanding conservative evangelical christians want to see those nearly naked women!! You could also buy a Playboy magazine and see fully naked women. Oh that’s right, you already do that!! I imagine your moms must be so proud of you!! NOT!!

  25. Nancy Alexander, You say a baby is not viable and cannot survive outside the womb before it is born? Well, I’m sorry to burst your bubble but my sister had to be birthed 2 months early due to some problems in the womb. She was only a 7 month baby and the doctors told Mama that my sis would never walk talk or be anything but a living vegetable. Well, she is now 56 years old, she is married, has a family and can tear a car engine down and put it back together. And I saw a set of twins that was born at 4 months gestation. They were alive and well but had to be in NICU due to being early. But they survived!! So…. And let me ask you something; Why is it when a pregnant woman is murdered it is called a double homicide if the unborn baby isn’t a baby? Babies can make it outside of the mother’s womb if in the right conditions. And I still say that abortion is murder. I don’t care if you are a few weeks along; it is still murder!

    • Well I can say that I am very glad that your sister survived and lived to become a wonderful person And that 7 month twins also did well after being born. However a baby born at 4 months is quite another story. I doubt that birth ended well. Still many babies born too early will mostly not do well unless they are able to be taken to an NICU. And there are not that many NICU’s available around the country to take care of all the babies that may need it. Safe abortion needs to remain as the law, so that women who need it will be able to obtain it. Abortion is a safe medical procedure and absolutely legal. The real reason the anti-abortion movement wants to stop it is only to punish women. They care about the unborn, but want nothing to do with the child and mother after the baby is born. There is no support for the single mom. And if mother and unborn child are considered as 2 individuals if they are murdered, then the child should have been receiving support payments at 6 weeks of age – or whatever age the anti-abortionists have deemed the child is viable. Also this unborn child should have been given a social security number and been signed up to vote, and whatever else a fellow human is required to have.

  26. This Sports Illustrated photo looks more like a right-wing Christian parody of Islam. Mohammed actually advanced the status of women significantly, offering them greater honor than most societies of his time. “O men, respect women who have borne you as mothers,” teaches the Koran. Muslim women were given civil and property rights—a revolutionary step in the Arab world. The practice of wearing a “chador” or a veil (what to speak of a burqa!) is not mandated by the Koran; this cultural practice appeared centuries after Mohammed. The Koran merely asks women to dress “modestly.” As far as polygamy is concerned, few Muslim males have more than one wife. The Koran allows four—if the husband can afford to provide and care for them, and if he can treat them without partiality.

    Sexual morality for Christians is detailed in I Corinthians 7. If Christians actually followed the biblical commands against fornication and sexual immorality in general (Romans 1:24-27; I Corinthians 5:1,9-12, 6:9-10,15,18; I Thessalonians 4:3-5; ); as well as the commands that women cover their heads while worshiping (I Corinthians 11:5-14); Christian women are to dress modestly and prudently, and are not to be adorned with braided hair, gold or pearls or expensive clothes (I Timothy 2:9); Christian women are to keep silent in the churches and Christian women are not allowed to teach nor hold authority over men (I Corinthians 14:34-35; I Timothy 2:11-15)… Christianity would resemble Islam!

    Genesis 38:24. Tamar’s pregnancy was discovered three months after conception. This was proof that she was sexually active. Because she was a widow, without a husband, she was assumed to be a prostitute. Her father-in-law, Judah, ordered that she be burned alive for her crime. The “Sharia,” or Islamic Law has been condemned in the West as cruel and barbaric. The penalty for habitual thievery may be loss of a hand. The penalty for premarital sex may be a hundred lashes in public. The Islamic codes of justice, however, are similar to the civil and criminal laws found in Exodus 21-23.

    The Puritans of Massachusetts enacted America’s first law against gambling in 1638. In 1682, the Quakers in Pennsylvania passed their own law against gambling and “such like enticing, vain, and evil sports and games.” During the period from 1830 to 1860, lotteries were banned across America. By 1908, nearly every state in the nation had banned horse racing. Muslims were a virtually nonexistent minority in Protestant-dominated America when these laws when into effect. Nor did the Muslims coin the term “sin city” to refer to Las Vegas. The Muslims didn’t coin the term “demon rum” to refer to alcohol, nor were the Muslims responsible for the Prohibition of alcohol in the United States. Conservative Christians also take a dim view of alcohol.

    The early American feminist and vegetarian Elizabeth Cady Stanton similarly observed that “the Bible… does not exalt and dignify women.” Husbands are to rule over wives (Genesis 3:16), young girls are to be stoned (and not with marijuana, either!) for losing their virginity (Deuteronomy 22:20-21), women are subordinate to men (Ephesians 5:22-24), women must remain silent in the churches (I Corinthians 14:34-35), women are not allowed to teach or hold authority over men (I Timothy 2:11-14).

    St. Augustine said, “Any woman who acts in such a way that she cannot give birth to as many children as she is capable of, makes herself guilty of that many murders.” Martin Luther wrote: “God created Adam lord of all living creatures, but Eve spoiled it all. Women should remain at home, sit still, keep house and bear children. And if a woman grows weary and, at last, dies from childbearing, it matters not. Let her die from bearing; she is there to do it.”

    Even Pope John Paul II instructed women to go back to their traditional roles as “obedient and serving companions to their husbands,” and refused to have an audience with anyone advocating the ordination of women in the Catholic Church. The Catholic Encyclopedia still declares that women are inferior to the male sex, “both as regards body and soul.”

    Before casting the first stone at Islam, Christians would be wise to take a closer look at their own tradition. Many Muslims, too, are alarmed at the resurgence of Islamic fundamentalism sweeping the Middle East. In an interview before his assassination, Anwar Sadat, President of Egypt, pointed out that the brutality of the Khomeini regime in Iran could not be called true “Islam” any more than the Crusades or the Inquisition could be called genuine “Christianity.” The taking of hostages—especially diplomatic ones—is clearly forbidden in Islamic tradition. “I do not break treaties, nor do I make prisoners of envoys,” Mohammed insisted. Many Muslims saw the taking of American hostages by Iran in 1979 as an embarrassment to Islam.

  27. Right On! Learning the great history of the world “without bias” will set you free. Rather be a free thinker than following the Trump Cult. Trump is a Traitor, Racist, Unfit, Misogynist, and Pervert. NOT MY PRESIDENT.


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