Something Crazy Happened To High School Cheerleaders Who Support Trump


Liberals are ramping up the full-scale war against conservatives.

And Donald Trump has had the Left in meltdown mode since 2016 with no end in sight.

Now, something ridiculous just happened to a group of high school cheerleaders who showed support for Donald Trump.

High school cheerleaders at North Carolina’s North Stanly High were punished for displaying a pro-Trump banner at a football game.

According to the Stanly News & Press, the theme of the game was “American Night,” and students were encouraged to wear red, white, and blue.

Showing support for the President on American Night was somehow deeply offensive and triggering to Leftists.

But the county went even one step further.

They canceled North Stanly’s final football game of the season.

Fox News reports:

A North Carolina school district nixed a Friday night high school football game because of security concerns, days after cheerleaders there were placed on probation for unveiling a pro-Trump banner.

Stanly County Schools said it canceled the North Stanly High game because it had received “additional information that could compromise safety measures our schools have in place for sporting events.”

The district did not specify the nature of that information.


Several people had planned to hold a rally before Friday’s game to support the cheerleading squad.

“There was no threat,” Jeremy Onitreb, one of the rally organizers, told the McClatchy news group. “Nobody’s coming up there to hurt the kids. It’s not what this was about.”

This is a common tactic of the Left.

They cite safety concerns for why they must cancel an event that could blow back on them.

They were likely afraid that the support for the cheerleaders would be overwhelming, highlighting just how unpopular their action was.

The move to suspend the girls and cancel the game shows just how deep the rot has gotten in the country’s educational system.

Students are welcome to engage in political activism . . . if it falls in line with Leftist administrators.

For example, high school students across the country were encouraged to take part in the gun control propaganda “March For Our Lives” movement that called for student walkouts across the nation.

Liberals in education need to know that their one-party approach is unacceptable.

What do you think?

Was it right for the school to suspend the cheerleaders and cancel the game?

Leave a comment below.


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  2. Steve Scoutaris: The Democrats just HATE. They hate decency. They hate morals. They hate our Constitution. They hate us. Everyday you read another horror story how they are ripping our great country apart and denying it’s citizens their rights( well, anyone that isn’t a Leftist that is) and having traitors within our own government as well! And what is being done about it? Nothing. I truly believe the United States of America will just a thing of the past if this madness isn’t stopped soon. I do support President Trump and will vote for him again in 2020. IF we are given that right…..

  3. I my paper’s opinion column Bud Nason stated if ever there was a time it is now to visit the 9th. amendment. Read it, it will start specifying some of the unnamed yet retained rights which it protects to get the government out of the business of further destroying the backbone of our society,i.e. family, along with other destructive schemes, and welcome GOD back into our lives, now might just be that time. And a great opportunity for the Convention Of States Article 5. e mail him at [email protected]. I am sure he will respond.

  4. I feel the description is “Fear”! The Democrats “Fear” as much as they “Hate”anything Conservative or what made us great “the American Way.. Since the current group of educators, mainly college professors, came through higher education during the Sol Alinsky group training of new professors. The term really is not training but a form or re-training and reeducating about the real American history not the Marxist garbage in many of the text books during the 60’s, 70’s up and including now! But what we received in the upper 50’s and back for many years. Then retrain the elementary and high school instructors but right not straighten out the boards and administration even faster. . . .WE DEFINITELY NEED TO MAKE SURE TRUMP WINS IN A VERY LARGE LANDSLIDE SO HE CAN TAKE MORE HOUSE MEMBERS AND INCREASE THE SENATE MEMBERS BY ENOUGH TO MAKE IT EASY TO FORGET THE RINOS INFILTRATING THE SENATE

  5. FYI-
    The sign violated a school board policy that prohibits the distribution of political campaign material at school events or school publications.

    “This policy does not prohibit students from speaking their minds or engaging in protected First Amendment activities,” the spokesperson wrote. “Because the cheerleaders were in uniform and were acting as representatives of the school, the display of the sign could be perceived as the school or school system endorsing a political campaign,” the spokesperson continued. “For this reason, the only action Stanly County Schools has taken is to ask the cheerleaders not to display the sign again.”

    So when they ignored the school policy they cancelled the game. It has nothing to do with support of Trump or not, but the policy of the school. The students did not follow the rules even after they were warned.

    A bunch of spoiled children who thought they could ignore school rules.

  6. The school administration and teachers need to be fired! The NEA needs to be disbanded, as well as all other teacher unions! Teacher unions, as well as all the rest of the unions, need to be disbanded due to the fact that there is really not much use for them anymore! They have outlived there time, now all they do is raise prices to offset the wage increases! Loser situation in the long run!

  7. Right, and I’m an astronaut. If it had been a banner supporting Obama, there would have been NO response from the school at all. You know it and so does anybody with a brain.

  8. When you can’t defend or discuss your position – you just punish and abuse your powers. Today’s liberals are NOT liberal or even close to liberal. A true liberal listens, discusses views, can even change their mind if they are convinced, and it they can’t come to an agreement they agree to live and let live accepting other points of views.
    Does that even come close to the bullies today who claim to be liberal but are amongst the greatest Haters, Bigots, and Closed-minded people of all time ! They have become the “owners” of the Democratic Party – did
    I just say “democratic” ? They have no clue of how close they are to neo-nazis ! They want “me” to respect their point of view – how about respecting mine next time ?

  9. The policy was written years ago, before President Obama. They would have done the same thing with any type of political campaign material. People are being too sensitive about this. It wasn’t anything personal, it is just their policy for all. The focus of Friday night football games should be on the kids, not politics.

  10. The cheerleaders should sue the school and the county. A good lawyer will easily win this case. Cheerleaders in Texas made a banner that the football players ran through. They were prohibited and sued and won. Cheerleaders are students with Freedom of Speech rights. If they wish to form a circle and pray before a game, even if it is on the field before the game, they have clearly established constitutional rights to do so. Their rights supersede any snowflake demented leftist’ feelings.

  11. Kaci would you please tell us how you know these students were “spoiled”. I applaud them for standing up for what they believe.

  12. No it wasn’t right of school board. Girls were displaying there right of free speech. The walk out of kids for gun rights was wrong then also and all should be suspended from school also. Why have a red, white and blue day to show respect for the country then?

  13. The government didn’t make the policy, the school did. The First Amendment doesn’t apply here.

    “This policy does not prohibit students from speaking their minds or engaging in protected First Amendment activities,” the spokesperson wrote. “Because the cheerleaders were in uniform and were acting as representatives of the school, the display of the sign could be perceived as the school or school system endorsing a political campaign,” the spokesperson continued. “For this reason, the only action Stanly County Schools has taken is to ask the cheerleaders not to display the sign again.”

    When the cheerleaders ignored the request to not display a political sign at the school’s football games (their right to do so), they canceled North Stanly’s final football game of the season. The school has no problem with the cheerleaders supporting any political person they want to, just not on school grounds and not while they are wearing school “uniforms” (cheerleader outfits).

    Since when is the right against school policies? Since when does the right ignore rules that are designed for everyone?

  14. Betty; You are calling US crazy? YOU exhibit your mental instability with each and every post you leave! We are truly tired of your crazy rants!! Go get help!!!!!

  15. When the cheerleaders were instructed not to display any political signs on school grounds and they felt like they were above the law and ignored the school’s policies. That is when they became spoiled children.

  16. Yep. ALL crazy. There are many of us who love our country and the working people who elected a man that also does to the office of President. You Alinski people can keep your sickness and hate.

  17. You are just another liberal projecting that its OK to reject peoples rights to support who and what they want to support. I could reply to your comments with hundreds of similar “left side” actions done in similar circumstances and were not condemned as you have done. Do you even think that Obama was supported supported and welcomed by the liberals under the same types of situations at our nations public schools. Just get a life and live it and stop trying to condemn others for living theirs even if it blocks your drainage.

  18. Kaci is right. Everyone needs to follow the rules and policies, and those who break them should suffer some consequence. If the rule or policy is wrong, voicing hateful rhetoric toward those pointing out the violation isn’t the solution. Go to a school board meeting and voice your support to change the rule/policy. But then John is right, too. The kids could have avoided any sign of support for a specific political candidate if they also carried a banner with President Obama’s picture next to Trumps’ on “America” night. It would have focused attention on the diversity in American leadership at a school-sponsored, taxpayer-supported event that is supposed to be all about something non-partisan and truly American – high school football and cheer leading.

  19. The cheerleaders violate a school policy and you cancel the football game, if a school teacher smokes in the hall, do you close the school. If they were worried the cheerleaders would protest outside of the field during the game, read the Constitution. Sounds like the school administration is a bunch of idiots.

  20. Kaci Stahi: Oh you mean like your Democratic party honors others rights? Especially what’s been going on within our government right now.. But yet you choose to rally behind this school”s so called policies?
    FYI ; Mr. Guest was only using Obama’s name as an example. Meaning the Leftists can say and do whatever they want. No matter where it takes place. Please don’t claim politics have nothing to do with this. It has everything to do with it…

  21. Betty, you are a very poor loser and very that you don’t know that it is not American to not stand behind the President of the Nation. Just get a life and flush your hate. Your neighbors can smell it! Our Nation can smell it! And the World can smell and see it. It is not something to be proud of. It makes you appear to be a very small person.

  22. The First Amendment doesn’t guarantee you the rights you think it does. One of the biggest misconceptions people have about the First Amendment. It protects you from the government punishing or censoring or oppressing your speech. It doesn’t apply to private organizations.

    The cheerleaders could show their political support, just not on school grounds and not while they are representing the school (wearing the school’s cheerleader outfits).

    Just like you can’t say or do what you want at work, the same goes for students at school.

  23. The school then should never had American Nights and wearing of red white and blue. What is wrong with showing support for the President on their American Nights and red white and blue theme. That goes with American nights. Double Standards.

  24. Betty: You are truly deranged and need serious help! Plus your garbage mouth is truly sickening. Go on a DNC and rant there!! At least you will more crazies for company .

  25. No, I am being level headed and giving you facts. I personally saw nothing wrong with students wanting to support a president. However, it is the school board’s policy to not endorsing any political person or campaign.

  26. Has anyone noticed that the liberals of today have lost all sense of civility. They can’t discuss anything without going into rage sometimes violent . The liberals are headed down a dangerous path that could actually make them irrelevant for the next 20 years or more so keep it up liberals there are far more silent God fearing Americans who care about this nation and feel we come first not the globe. We have let you drag us toward ruination for far too long and now we are fighting back with a vengeance the likes you are not prepared for and have no hope of stopping

  27. They were first given a warning and instructions not to do it again. The cheerleaders ignored the school’s policies, ignored the warning and still did it again. THAT is why the last football game of the season was canceled. There are always consequences.

  28. This isn’t about the right versus the left type of policy. This was a very old policy that has been in place since before President Obama. The exact same thing would have happened if they had a sign supporting President Obama. The school is against the display of any type of favoritism for one political party or another. They are about the kids, not politics.

  29. The school board policy prohibits the distribution of political campaign material at school events or school publications.

    That is their rules/policies. It doesn’t say it prohibits only right-wing material. Most schools have this policy. Again, this is not a right v left type of thing, but a general thing that both sides are required to follow.

  30. Bill you can start with the name Warren as a prof you describe the liar pocahontas as a Sol A. believer with her garbage politics !

  31. Betty; You are calling US crazy? YOU exhibit your mental instability with each and every post you leave! We are truly tired of your crazy rants!! Go get help!!!!!

  32. The 9th and 10th Amendments are extremely important. When he was president, Slick Willy Klinton actually issued an executive order overriding the 10th Amendment. It was only rescinded after the loud protest that ensued.

    The 9th Amendment came into being, because James Madison worried that evil doers down the road might take some presumed ‘right’ for the government since it wasn’t included in the Bill of Rights. Madison’s concern was because they couldn’t include all the rights of the American people in the Bill of Rights. The 10th Amendment was to reiterate that all rights not specifically enumerated the federal government in the Constitution were reserved to the people or the states. In our system the federal government has very few of the rights, the Founders vested the major power in the states, a system known as ‘Federalism’, or ‘States Rights’. Our nation is suffering so badly, specifically because we haven’t been operating under the Constitution for many decades.

  33. Sounds like a REALLY nice LAWSUIT to me . . . “Morgan and Morgan. #LAW, that’s all”. It’s got a NICE ring to it, doesn’t it? . . . Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  34. Kaci:

    I would argue that the First Amendment is applicable in this instance. You state that it does not apply in this situation without substantiating comment. Perhaps you should read Tinker v. Des Moines Independent School District.

  35. Bullfeathers!! You might be stupid, but we have been watching the left for many moons. I’ve personally sought to educate myself on the tactics of the communists through their history.

  36. And again I say that protesting is not the same as politics. Most schools have this exact same policy that prohibits the distribution of political campaign material at school events or school publications. Since this is an “ALL politics are prohibited” policy and not just one side of the other, it is legal and fair. The protest against the Vietnam War was a one-sided political protest and not legal.

    Let me try to explain this another way. You can prohibit all of something, but you can’t prohibit one certain thing. This is the very definition of discrimination. You can ban all people getting loud at a movie theater, but you cannot ban only black people who get loud. So they can ban all politics from being on school grounds, but they can’t just ban one political party from being on school grounds. This policy was in place way before Trump and Obama, so there is no favoritism against one party over another.

  37. So Kaci,
    In your opinion school policy is superior to statutory law and constitutional rights?
    You must be a public ed teacher!

  38. It is very interesting to see the so-called “christian” people here call me names when they don’t agree with something I said, but not once have I called anyone a name, degraded one or put another person down. You want to talk about the left being intolerant, yet isn’t that exactly what you are proving about the right, being intolerant?

    I come here in peace, with no malice. I even stated that I believed that the students had a right to support whomever they wanted as a president, however they still have to follow rules and policies when doing so on someone else’s property. I show respect when I speak here and I expect the same in return. Disagree all you want about what I state, but please refrain from making this personal, because it isn’t. Believe it or not, but we are all in this together. No one gets out alive. So shouldn’t we be more kind to one another? Isn’t that what your Jesus tried to teach you, to love one another, even your enemy?

  39. It seems the left just can’t help themselves when they continue to draw attention to their opinions and their opinion only is the one that counts. We have seen and witnessed over and over again how individuals and judges do not uphold the laws/and or break laws with no consequences. If the school was having a red, white, and blue night that tells me it was about the USA and Trump, like it or not, is our Commander-In-Chief, so why not celebrate. That was far better than showing support for Pelosi, Shummer, or the Squad. The Board needs to get over itself and use it as a teaching moment rather than showing their contempt.

  40. Kaci,
    If the school is taxpayer funded at all, then the constitution applies in its entirety.
    You have a very poor understanding of our country’s legal standards. Rules are overridden by local ordinances which are overridden by state laws which are overridden by federal laws that are not unlawful under our constitution!
    Sure glad I didn’t attend the schools you went to!

  41. The school’s policies are in line with the Constitution. They have every right to place policies and rules for everyone to follow.

    God no, I was only a Sunday school teacher.

  42. Public schools and public libraries, as public institutions, are bound by obligations imposed by the First Amendment and many other provisions of the Constitution. However, the First Amendment applies somewhat differently in schools than it does in many other public institutions.

    Modern Supreme Court decisions have made it clear that the right to free speech and expression can sometimes be subordinated to achieve legitimate educational goals. (See discussions of Hazelwood School District v. Kuhlmeier and Bethel School District v. Fraser.) A school is not comparable to a public park where anyone can stand on a soapbox or a bulletin board on which anyone can post a notice. While students and teachers do not “shed their constitutional rights to freedom of speech or expression at the schoolhouse gate” (Tinker v. Des Moines), speech is not quite as free inside educational institutions as outside.

    This does not mean that students and teachers have no First Amendment rights at school. Quite the contrary. But within the educational setting, the right to free speech is implemented in ways that do not interfere with schools’ educational mission. Students cannot claim, for instance, that they have the right to have incorrect answers to an algebra quiz accepted as correct, nor can teachers claim a right to teach anything they choose.

  43. Betty, you as well as ALL liberals will have to make retribution to ALMIGHTY GOD’S JUSTICE! If you google President Donald Trump’s accomplishments, you will see that he is making AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

    ETERNITY……..As many blades of grass there are on land, leaves of trees, drops of water in the ocean, specs of sand on the seashore, you can’t begin to count the word ETERNITY!

    Life has many choices…………. ETERNITY has only two………..CHOOSE WISELY!

  44. Hate to break it to you, but no, that is not true.

    See Hazelwood School District v. Kuhlmeier and Bethel School District v. Fraser.

  45. Betty
    You obviously don’t look at facts! Trump has done more in less that three years for our economy, jobs, security and putting America First, than the cumulative efforts of all presidents after Reagan. Minorities are overall doing way better than what Clinton or Obama or the Bushes could do! Minorities are working and making a living and are getting their pride back.
    But I suppose you want Pocahantus or Bernie or even Hillaryous? Obama nearly bankrupted us and nearly destroyed this country in economics and polices both domestic and foreign. Liberally run states and cities have the highest murder rates and homelessness.
    I for one, including all true patriot Americans appreciate a businessman who understands how life works and how to properly use psychological negotiation tactics instead of just giving away $billions like Obama gave to Iran and N. Korea and dozens of other craphole countries.
    You liberals think money is the only answer to everything!

  46. Kaci
    If the school gets any tax funds at all, it is subject to the same laws as any “guvmint” entity.
    Sorry you’re so confused!!

  47. Statesman Patriot:
    I just want to point out one thing, President Obama did not give Iran any American money.

    In the 1970s, Iran paid the U.S. $400 million for military equipment that was never delivered because the government was overthrown and diplomatic relations ruptured. After the nuclear deal, the U.S. and Iran announced they had settled the matter, with the U.S. agreeing to pay the $400 million principal along with about $1.3 billion in interest.

    The $400 million was paid in cash and flown to Tehran on a cargo plane. The arrangement provided for the interest to be paid later.

    It was their money to begin with, not the US’. It was right to give their money back to them since the deal fell through in 1970. What I want to know is why it took the US so long to give someone’s money back to them?

  48. It’s more appropriate to show just the sitting president. If they should have to show Trump and Obama, then they should have to show every president. The cost to the cheerleaders would be too great.

  49. Viet Vet; Who exactly was your nasty comment directly at??? If it was directed at Linda M. and K k than you are just a low life as she is! You shove it pal….

  50. Yes, the school was RIGHT (Not “right”), both to discipline the students, and to cancel the game.

    His school is supposed to be final preparation, for sensible adulthood.

    IF these students wanted to show support for a candidate, they should have joined the debate club.

    As for Mr. Trumps insane, new, Berlin Wall, all I can say is “Ask the Communist Party just how “effective” the first Berlin Wall was, in post World War Two Germany.”

    If these students had read their history books, they would KNOW that Donalds plans are nothing more than a REPEAT, of both the Communist Party, and the Confederacy (1861-5)

    Both FAILED, miserably. If students had STUDIED their lessons, they would KNOW this.

  51. How about just the presidents in the last 100 years or just the last 50 years? How about just the last 5 presidents? Wouldn’t that have been more appropriate than just one president to show something non-partisan and truly American?

  52. Kaci
    “The $400 million was paid in cash and flown to Tehran on a cargo plane. The arrangement provided for the interest to be paid later.”

    That in itself is a sign of somerhjnf very illegal! Why not just do a wire transfer like they do with everything and everyone else.

    The story that it was Iran’s money already and was just being returned to them was made up as cover for Iran agreeing to sign Obamas nuclear deal, which gave no protections at all. Irans was continuing to develop and enrich their capabilities.

  53. OK, then you explain what happened to the $400 million that Iran paid the US hoping to exchange for military equipment in the late 1970s.

  54. Kaci Stahl; I didn’t read each and every post, but ones I did, I did not see anyone calling you names. They were disagreeing with you. Which we have a right to do. Nothing more.

  55. That made some sense back in 1986 but today the courts have allowed such individual speech without establishment of a forum.
    It just hasn’t gotten to SCOTUS yet to reaffirm or reverse.
    I believe SCOTUS would support these cheerleaders as their actions were in line with the “theme of the game was “American Night,” and students were encouraged to wear red, white, and blue.”
    Therefore a forum was established for that speech and it had nothing to do with the effect on their education.
    Under this basis, Hazelwood School District v. Kuhlmeier and Bethel School District v. Fraser would not apply.

  56. Why are you trying to make this about right vs left? I believe you can agree with me that both parties have been known to not follow rules/policies, but this isn’t about that. This is about school policy prohibiting politics on school property, about school prohibiting in endorsing one political party and a group of cheerleaders who didn’t follow the rules even after they were warned. Take feelings out of it and see it for what it is really about, students failing to follow rules, period.

  57. These cheerleaders represented the school; therefore they must abide by the rules.I am a 2 war disabled Vet and I support President Trump. However during my 30 years service I was not allowed to politic while in uniform,thanks to The Hatch Act. Example: you represent what you wear, be careful !

  58. Here are a few examples:

    Viet Vet September 25, 2019 at 11:00 am
    Bullfeathers!! You might be stupid

    Dave September 25, 2019 at 11:01 am
    you verbose buffoon the school and it’s so called policy is asinine you people are like the gestapo

  59. “America Night” does not mean endorsing a particular party. This isn’t us versus them, it is one nation that stands together, even though we don’t agree on everything. Wearing the colors of our country isn’t political, but endorsing just one side over another is. The school wants to be about the students. They want to keep the school together, not divide it. But adding a political party to an American celebration at a school is just asking for trouble, regardless who the political party is. We (all of America) celebrates the Fourth of July together, regardless of which political party you lean towards. That is what the school wanted, celebration together, not separation.

  60. Exactly, Joe Connor. Thank you for your explanation into this matter. I hope that people will understand better now that this wasn’t about politics, but about following school policies.

  61. Kaci
    So people who protest political issues are out of line because protests and politics are different?
    Political protests occur regularly and violently by the left, i.e.- BLM and Antifa!

  62. Now you’re really reaching for some kind of logical argument.
    I’m sure if oabama were still president, you’d have no problem with just his picture, and neither would the school.

  63. Schools don’t fall under eye Hatch Act!
    If they did, they wouldn’t be able to do many things they do now.

  64. So it was just fine when schools bowed to Obama, but they can’t mention Pres. Trump in any way. The left is truly deranged. They have nothing to offer but hate and lies. They can’t stand anyone who doesn’t agree with their sick perversion.

  65. Alfred, the dem party threw God out and embrace satan. They cannot win. There is a battle between God and His people and satan and his people. God wins.

  66. Kaci, It does not matter at all what you believe. Truth is truth. And the truth is that you either belong to Jesus or satan. You get to choose which one. And since you are an atheist, why do you bother to come to a conservative Christian site?? You have no clue at all who Jesus is or of His great love and sacrifice for you. sad.

  67. John, you are right on. The left cannot stand anyone who they do not agree with. No one is allowed to think differently from them. They are very sad creatures.

  68. Kaci, the first one is not name-calling. The truth is never name-calling. He merely said you might be stupid, which, judging from your positing he might be right.

  69. Oops, you are confusing Nazis, the KKK, the alt-right and Other White Supremacists with protesters of Black Lives Matter and Antifa. All four of the former groups have been labeled as hate groups with the Southern Poverty Law Center and violent groups. The two later groups have not been labeled as a hate group or as a violent group, even though some people disagree with this. More crimes have been committed by just one of the former groups than the latter two groups combined.

    Now I am not saying that BLM or Antifa is perfect, far from it, but you can’t compare apples to oranges or domestic terrorists groups to protest groups. They are just not the same thing.

  70. Kaci, it seems you know nothing about “our” Jesus, who is also “your” Jesus. Jesus died for the sins of everyone and everyone has the same chance to join Him in Heaven for eternity. You may have read the New Testament but you have no concept at all of what it teaches. Either you follow Jesus to Heaven or satan to Hell. It costs nothing at all to accept Jesus as the Lord of your life. He paid it all on the cross.

  71. Kaci Stahi: What I have noticed you keeping imposing your opinions on others. You just don’t post one opinion and that’s it. You keep trying to correct everyone. Plus, you do know you are on a Conservative Christian site don’t you? Not to mention you state you are an atheist and a Democratic ! Do you really think everyone will treat you with kid gloves? And on top of all this, you try to belittle others by stating is this what YOUR Jesus tried to teach you? Come on now.

  72. You are assuming things that are not in evidence. The policy is prohibiting ALL endorsing of any political party, that even includes President Obama. Please stop playing the martyr when there is nothing to support your statement. This policy has been in place for years in almost all schools, even in the deep red states.


    All civilian employees in the executive branch of the federal government, except the president and the vice president. In 1980, Congress established the Department of Education as a Cabinet-level agency, i.e. executive branch.

  74. No, I said I WAS a Sunday school teacher. For many years. Went to college, received a bachelor’s degree in Ministry so that I could teach Sunday school. WAS at church every time the doors opened and even opened them when they weren’t open to the public. But then I became an atheist. Now I am not here to convert anyone, just giving you information about my qualifications regarding religion.

  75. I do not believe in god or satan, just as I don’t believe in Santa Claus, the tooth fairy or bigfoot. Just because you believe doesn’t mean that is the truth. Though it might be truth to you, it is not the truth for everyone.

    I think my bachelor’s degree is proof enough of my “clue” to what Jesus is to Christians. Beyond that, I really don’t need proof of what I believe. Just like you don’t need proof of what you believe.

    I come to all sorts of different news sites to learn, teach and debate. I think the real question should be why don’t you open your mind to sites that are out of your comfort zone? Didn’t Jesus teach you to reach out to all, not just other Christians? (hint Matthew 5:44)

  76. Just because you all keep repeating something doesn’t make it so. You just want to play the martyr. Its time to get off the cross and stop assuming things that isn’t in evidence.

  77. My bachelor’s degree in Ministry disagrees with your statement. So does my many, many years of being a Sunday school teacher and getting paid to do so.

  78. We should start a fund to send those cheerleader’s to visit the White House and president Trump all expenses paid they deserve it

  79. bj, well that just proves that you just like to thump that bible instead of reading it. Derogatory name-calling is not what Jesus would do. If you ignore every single thing Jesus commanded you to do, you’re not a Christian.

  80. Betty, you are a true liberal Democrat, full of hate and violence. I feel sorry for you. I have made more money in the stock market in 2019 than all the years Obummer was in office

  81. It costs you nothing to believe in the tooth fairy or bigfoot or Santa Clause but you don’t. Why not? No proof they exist. I feel the same way about Jesus, no proof. I actually feel better now than I did when I was under religion. But that is my life and I am not here to try to tell you what you should believe or not believe. I expect the same courtesy.

  82. You seem to want to blame me for you not following your god. I am not making you fall from grace. That is solely on the individual who forgets what that book you thump writes. You can’t have it both ways, either you are a Christian or your not. Stop saying one thing and doing another. I will not fault you for not believing nor for being a believing, but just pick one and stick with it. You so-called “christians” are giving me whiplash with your constant back and forth. Talking about god, yet acting like your so-called satan. Or tell me the book and verse where Jesus called someone a derogatory name. Try Matthew 5:22 for insight. You’re welcome.

  83. Kaci, What I said is the truth. Telling someone something that is true IS NOT name-calling. Truth is truth. And since you are an atheist, you have no concept at all of what a Christian is. The Bible is just a bunch of words to you. You have not applied what you read, so have no idea what it is like.

  84. Kaci, you are correct. I support Trump and consider myself a strong conservative, but this action by the cheerleaders was the wrong place, wrong time. The rules were in place, and these girls knew them. I am sorry, however, that they cancelled the last game. I would have loved to see the blowback the administration would have received even though they were in the right.

  85. If that is how you feel, then why do you continue to send me comments? Wouldn’t that just be a waste of your time?

  86. There is proof everywhere. You just reject it. And there is HISTORICAL PROOF that Jesus was here. Guess you flunked history. And if you do not like what we say, then you do not have to come here. No one is forcing you. So you feel better having rejected the great love and sacrifice of Jesus. satan has you truly brainwashed

  87. Kaci, the SPLC is a HATE GROUP!!!!!! And BLM and Antifa have BOTH committed violence. And the KKK was created by dems who have been proud leaders.

  88. So let me get this correct, your idea of converting someone is to call them derogatory names?

    How is that working out for you?

  89. I despise the left and democrats with all my being. They are trying hard to destroy our country. I definitely see civil war in our future because we cannot go on like this. They claim that Trump has caused all the division. No, he hasn’t. It has been the left wing democrats because they got their feeling hurt when Trump won the Presidential position over a crooked, lying wench. Ever since their only agenda has been to destroy him not try to work with him for the betterment of our country. I am so sick of democrats I could just spit. If I come across one on fire, I won’t even waste time to piss on him/her.

  90. Kaci, unless you have come to Jesus and repented and personally accepted Him as your Savior, NO, your degree means nothing at all. ALL who have accepted Jesus HAVE proof that He is there for them. But you are truly clueless.

  91. Donald, the dems have thrown God out of their party and satan has moved in. They embrace his hate and lies. Yes, their agenda is to destroy this country that they hate. They cannot stand it that our founders were Christians who left us a nation based on their Christian principles. But they will all lose in the end and they will join their master satan in Hell. When Jesus returns we will be free of them.

  92. ???? I never called you names. But you are showing your ignorance of the truth. We all know that God exists. YOU are the intruder who is trying to tell us we are wrong.

  93. Betty, You are Mentally Ill, Seek help. DT Syndrome is running rampant in that mini Brain of yours. Get ready for 4 more years. Obummer was the Worst Pres in my lifetime,that includes Carter. Nobody on your side can beat Trump. Enjoy your misery, I do!!

  94. “Civil rights lawyers Morris Dees and Joseph Levin Jr. founded the SPLC in 1971 to ensure that the promise of the civil rights movement became a reality for all. Since then, we’ve won numerous landmark legal victories on behalf of the exploited, the powerless and the forgotten.”

    “Our lawsuits have toppled institutional racism and stamped out remnants of Jim Crow segregation; destroyed some of the nation’s most violent white supremacist groups; and protected the civil rights of children, women, the disabled, immigrants and migrant workers, the LGBT community, prisoners, and many others who faced discrimination, abuse or exploitation.”

    Definition of a hate group: An organization whose goals and activities are primarily or substantially based on a shared antipathy towards people of one or more other different races, religions, ethnicities/nationalities/national origins, genders, and/or sexual identities. The mere presence of bigoted members in a group or organization is typically not enough to qualify it as a hate group; the group itself must have some hate-based orientation/purpose.

    I actually stated that both BLM and Antifa are not perfect and have done some bad things, however, the other groups that I stated did more crimes that these two combined. And both these groups were formed in protest. You can’t say the same thing about the KKK, Neo-Nazis, white supremacists or the alt-right. They were formed in hate.

    Mostly former Confederate veterans and southern conservative democrats (now conservative republicans) started the KKK, but the republicans are keeping the group alive.

  95. Kaci, open your willfully blind eyes and dare to see the truth that you deny. You have been truly brainwashed by the left.

  96. How’s that Agent Orange doing Viet Vet? You certainly dont make sense as well as your Dumbocrat friend Betty. I’m a Viet Vet too, but it didn’t scramble my brain. Wake up!!

  97. Been there, done that, even bought the T-shirt. But now I follow my own path. You don’t have to like it, but you should do as Jesus would do. As one examines the teachings and life of Jesus, we find him not only befriending, loving, and affirming some of his societies most despised and vile people, but chastising the religious leaders who condemned them for their sin. So who are you more like, Jesus or the religious leaders that Jesus condemns?

  98. Bill, FEAR is simply an acronym which is: false evidence appearing real. Just like the god of this world that is a master of deception and fear who also knows his time is very short
    Come quickly Lord Jesus!!

  99. First, I never have tried to convert a single person here. I support everyone’s right to believe in what feels right for them.

    Second, you can say that you believe god exists. You can say that most everyone here believes god exists, but you cannot say that EVERYONE believes god exists, because that is simply not true.
    A. Which god is it that you believe exists? There are over 2,500 deities of the world.
    B. Atheists do not believe any gods exist.

    Third, I do not tell people they are wrong about their beliefs. It isn’t for me to confirm or condemn. I just support what they believe in. But if you through ungodly things at me, believe me, I will remind you of how to be a better follower in your own belief.

    Calling someone stupid, even trying to soften the word by placing the words “might be” in front of the word stupid, is still calling someone stupid. But you know that because you are not stupid.

    bj September 25, 2019 at 2:03 pm
    Kaci, the first one is not name-calling. The truth is never name-calling. He merely said you might be stupid, which, judging from your positing he might be right.

  100. I believe you are confusing democrats with right-wing Christians. You know, the ones here who have repeatedly stated how they hate anyone who doesnt’ think as they do.

  101. bj; Let me give you a little insight to Kaci, which is all public knowledge via these sites. She will always get the last word in. She will keep coming at you like a pit bull, until she has the final word. She thinks she’s always right. She rarely concedes that someone else’s view is correct. She loves to twist people’s words and tries to use those words against whoever is challenging her..She thinks she’s the only one with a college degree and loves to flaunt her degree.. Even that Jim P. that was being kind to her, she turned on him. Just read it and you will see. She seems to forget just because we are still Christians , that does not make us perfect. We will commit sins until we die. But she wants us to be constantly kind and courteous to her( and others) even when she is belittling someone.But when someone replies,Then she points her finger and states ,see you are not a Christian. Look how you behaving.
    Well bj all I can say is, with the college degrees I received, I used them wisely.

  102. Love versus hate, I chose love every time. I do not hate or condemn gays, transgenders, blacks, Mexicans, Muslims, women, children, disable people, immigrants, Christians, Buddhists, atheists, Jews, Pakistanis, or anyone else. I don’t condone people for wanting the same type of life as I was lucky to have. It was only by luck of the draw on which parents I would be born with. It had nothing to do with if I was more blessed or more deserving to be born in the US. I want everyone to have the same rights as everyone else. I want to live in a world where people do not believe in “us versus them” but believe that we are all joined together in the human race.

  103. Kaci Stahl; You know lady I tried to show you respect. But it’s quite obvious you have nothing but hate and contempt for anyone that doesn’t bow down to YOUR twisted view on what it is to be a Christian. Or your opinion on anything! You may not say it, but it’s there…
    You know the name you called those cheerleaders? Spoiled children wasn’t it? Well that’s how you are acting. You’re not all knowing and all powerful. Get over yourself, lady. And if someone cares enough about you to care about your soul, stop attacking them. You don’t have to take their advice. Just be gracious about their gesture. Oh and on a personal note, I never called you a name. Though a few are coming to mind right now. I don’t need your advice on what books to read in the bible either. I read the bible with love and thankfulness. I don’t try to use it as a weapon like you do. You’re welcome.

  104. Betty, you are a garbage and fool. you are so ill and you don’t even know. wait for all illegals to take over your job if you have a job, and your health care and everything.

  105. Grow up and face the inevitable. Trump will be the PRESIDENT in 2020. I truly believe (if voter fraud is kept at a minimum) that God will put the man into office that best serves His purpose. That man is Trump, the best US president ever!

  106. Linda, Thanks for your input!! Kaci will find that she will not have the last word when it is her turn to stand before Jesus to be judged. God will have the last word. I pray that she comes to know Jesus.

  107. ????? What does that have to do with the fact that Jesus was a real person that walked on this earth??? You obviously have no clue about history. You can reject facts but that just makes you a fool. You can go outside on a sunny day and swear up and down that the sky is purple with pink polka dots but that will not change the fact that it is blue.

  108. Kaci, ALL who come to Jesus and accept Him as their Savior know that He is there. We have done that. You have not. Do not try and tell us that we don’t know the truth that you deny. You have the same chance as everyone else to know who Jesus is. It is your choice to spend eternity in Heaven or hell. You have chosen satan as your master. That is on you. You may have read the Bible, but you have no concept at all of its meaning.

  109. Kaci, you have no concept at all of what a Christian is. That is very obvious. You have not accepted Jesus as the Lord of your life. You are clueless. Christians are not perfect, but they are saved. They will spend eternity in Heaven. And what I said is the truth. When you reject God, satan moves in. He hates God and everything that He created. The dems embrace satan, who is all about lies and hatred. That is all they have to offer. You are proof of it.

  110. Kaci, there is no such thing as luck. But you are blind to that fact. You have no idea what you are even talking about. God does not hate anyone. He loves all whom He has created. But He hates our sins and sin is not allowed in Heaven. Jesus loves us so much that He willingly came and died for our sins so we can enter into Heaven. But we must come to Him and ask forgiveness. I do not hate anyone either. But when homosexuals, etc. try and FORCE me to accept their sick perversion, I do not have to.
    Immigrants??? Who are you calling immigrants? IMMIGRANTS come into this country LEAGALLY, obey our laws, assimilate, work hard, and are proud to become Americans. My grandparents were immigrants. Those coming over our southern border ARE NOT immigrants!!! They are ILLEGAL INVADERS. They care nothing at all about our laws, which they are breaking just by coming in that way. They are criminals and don’t care at all about this country, only what they can take from us. You want everyone to have the same rights as everyone else??? Even those who break our laws, obviously. Guess we should just empty out the prisons. You have no morals. very sad.

  111. Kaci, tell me again why you come onto a conservative Christian site??? You are way out of your league. When you come to Jesus and accept Him as your Savior you WILL know that He is there. But you have rejected Him and have no concept of who He is or His great love and sacrifice for you. He died and went to Hell for you so you don’t have to, but that means nothing at all to you. He is waiting for you to come to Him but He will never force Himself on you. He loves you more than you can ever imagine, but you are blind to that. You have been blinded by satan, who will take all to Hell with him that he can. You dismiss the Bible, but it is the true word of God. If you knew Jesus you would know the truth.

  112. Kaci, you are showing that you really have no clue who Jesus is or what He teaches. The Bible is just a bunch of words to you. When you reject what you have read, you have no knowledge of its truth. There is ONE God and you WILL know that He is there the moment you die. But will you know Him as your Savoir or your judge? Only YOU can decide that. You cannot remind someone who knows who God is how to follow Him. That is truly absurd. You are blind to His teachings. Your postings show that you have no understanding.

  113. Kaci, you repeat the same propaganda over and over, but that does not make you correct. Blm and Antifa committed enough crime, riots and terrorizing to become terrorist groups and hate groups.

  114. Kaci, people are calling that phag who calls himself betty by names and he deserves the worst name calling possible. They may confuse you with him.

  115. Norman Hitlerlitter: And your problem with the wall is? — Ask the Hungarians. They built a dual 13′ fence, not even a wall and it cut the illegal immigration there by 99.9%. — The Berlin Wall was built to keep people in, not to keep the out. Duh!

  116. Yes….and they they blame our President for the great division in the Country.
    Very sad and so dishonest….We The People MUST reelect President TRUMP and in the meantime, show our support.

  117. What about the rights of the football PLAYERS…some of them probably Seniors and getting scholarships for college..why should their game be cancelled.

  118. Kaci Stahl….. I thought you said you were in the Ministry and taught Sunday School.????? You even said you held a paid position in the ministry and didn’t teach public school when you were “accused” of doing pub. teaching. Might want to check your posts…you sound like a lonely phoney just trying to get attention.
    Gone Girl!

  119. This punishment goes against everything we Americans believe Free Speech. Where did these idiots come form that are against Freedom. People from every Country in the world want to come here because of our Right to Free Speech.

  120. Jim P: You have only shown me contempt from the first reply to me. What you see is a reaction to your action. If you can’t handle quotes from the bible, then maybe you should rethink your religion. Just a thought. Peace out.

  121. bj: You really need to get some new material. You are sounding like a broken record. I have already made my choice to not be a Christian. I will never change my mind. You believe in what you want and let me believe in what I want.

    This is a discussion on cheerleaders disobeying school policy. Please try to stay on topic.

  122. bj: Just saying that you are speaking truth doesn’t make it true. I can say the exact same thing about Christians and their lies that they speak, but I refused to get into a pissing contest with you. The subject is cheerleaders and their disobedience. Keep up.

  123. Betty I sure hope for your sake that you are either very good looking or rich. Because if you are not either you can not possibly have anything going for you. You obviously have no brains or common sense.

  124. bj: Human beings are not illegal. For people to seek asylum they literally have to be standing on US soil. Where is your compassion for other human beings? What is wrong with you?

    I wasn’t talking about your god hating anyone. I was referring to the so called Christians who want to hate anyone who doesn’t think the same way that they do.

    People being equal and having equal rights has nothing to do with people who commit crimes and having to deal with the consequences of their actions.

    Homosexuals wanting to be treated equally to everyone else is not the same thing as Christians who want everyone to be converted to their religion. Sexual preferences and religious beliefs should be treated like a male sex organ. It’s great to have, but no one wants it shoved in their face. Believe what you want and leave others to believe what they want.

  125. bj: Says the person who believes that the person in the White House is a christian and was chosen by your god. The god in your bible doesn’t reward adulterers or liars or abusers.

    Just let this sink in a moment, you voted for a person who is a reality actor. A character on TV.

  126. Parduc: No, American Night is a celebration of America, like the 4th of July. You don’t need politics to party for America.

  127. Parduc: Schools are under the Hatch Act. I wasn’t aware of this until I did some research. That explains why I was finding other schools with the same policies. They are literally forbidden from endorsing a political party or candidate.

  128. Parduc: Thank you for your opinion, but just because you don’t like those two groups doesn’t make them hate groups. They were not formed from hate like the actual hate groups and they do not normally look for or commit violent acts.

  129. Parduc: It is possible, but some people are typing my name and then call me names. I react to those posts when I really shouldn’t. I try not to take things personally but I usually end up making posts that I shouldn’t. I will try to do better in the future.

  130. Parduc: So you agree with the hate? You agree with this statement: “If I come across one on fire, I won’t even waste time to piss on him/her.”

  131. Marlene: Because of consequences. If you disobey or break a rule/policy, you have to deal with the outcome. They were warned.

  132. marlene: Past tense. I WAS a Sunday school teacher. I am no longer one because I am an atheist now. I never taught in public schools only in churches. I went to college and received a bachelor’s degree in Ministry. I was paid to teach Sunday school in several churches. Crystal clear now?

  133. Kaci Stahl: You truly believe you’re are so superior with your condensing remarks and snide comments., don’t you? And just like a small child, you have to get the last word in as well. Going down the line commenting on almost everyone’s else’s comments. Taking pride in bragging you are an atheist when addressing Christians. And just like a child, you choose to make fun at GOD. I pity the children you taught in Sunday school. They must be traumatized for life having you as their teacher.
    Bragging about your parents and what a wonderful life you had and have. Let me guess, you were an only child that was spoiled rotten. I bet now you have never been married and have no children . Thank our GOD for those miracles.
    Like I said earlier to you, just because people are Christians that doesn’t mean we are meant to be ridiculed by someone like you and just keep turning the other cheek. Even Jesus became angry in the temple with the money changers, remember that? You do bring out the worst in people and I think you take great delight in that. Another of your talents. Did you get a degree in that as well ?
    But my favorite post of yours was you come in peace with no malice. And you love everyone. Yeah right. You have shone nothing but malice and hate when people have told you your faults or caught you in a lie and you go off on one of your rants. Even me. But that’s all right. Your opinion of me means nothing.
    You signed off by saying peace out. Really? Haven’t heard that expression since the 60’s. LOL!!!! I know I will get another alert that good ole Kaci Stahl once again had to have the last word and responded to me. Well, you just keep acting like a child and feel like you got the better of me. I won’t respond again. I said my piece as others have to you. At least others have seen your true side. Not just me..

  134. Jim P: Stating a fact about one self is not bragging. I am not bragging that I am an atheist, but I do not try to hide it either. I am not ashamed of being an atheist nor do I think that I am better than you because I am one. I am shocked to see the so called christians here and the ungodly things they say and do. Even when I was a Christian I NEVER thought I was better than someone who wasn’t a Christian but I always used the WWJD motto. I never forced my religion on others nor preached to people who weren’t interested. I have never “bragged” about my parents. I have been happily married to a wonderful man for over 20 years with children and grandchildren. When I taught as a Sunday school teacher, I was a christian with all the christian beliefs. I even won a few awards for my teaching and was highly sought after in teaching at different churches, thus the explanation for my salary.

    Replying to a post about yourself is not trying to get the last word, it is the polite thing to do. I was taught manners, but I am guessing from your lack of understanding that you weren’t. But not my place to judge.

    Yes, I am that old that I remember my hippy days. Question for you though, what do you have against peace?

  135. POOR KACI STAHL … I hope you all realize this person is on here for the attention she is receiving. She was once a True Believer in GOD. I’am not sure what happened to her? Maybe, she figured out that she can get a rise and it appears a good deal MORE ATTENTION by claiming to be an Atheist? What we can do for her? Is to IGNORE HER. ANYTIME SHE SPEAKS ON HERE? … IGNORE HER COMMENTS. ACT LIKE YOU NEVER EVEN SEEN THEM. And go on talking to the other rational folks with Common Sense! LOL … GOD BLESS ALL YOU CHRISTIAN WARRIORS FOR GOD! … Sometimes you just got to shake the dust off your shoes and go on. AS ….FAR AS THE CHEER LEADER’S GO!!! …..I WANT MELANIA TRUMP TO INVITE THEM TO THE “WHITE HOUSE” and I WOULD “LOVE” To see these CHEER LEADERS on DONALD TRUMPS CAMPAIGN TRAIL! 2020

  136. So you are against debating a topic and have to result in cheating to get your way? Is that what you are telling the good people here? Thanks for your continuous acts of fake Christianity. It just keeps reinforcing my atheism.

  137. vee: I totally believe in Karma as well as expanding my mind and getting out of my comfort zone. I enjoy a good debate about a number of topics, without ad hominem. So I am good, thanks. 🙂

  138. IGNORE KASI STAHL; THANK YOU FOR YOUR COMMENT!! She’s MORE annoying than that Vasu person . Correcting. Judging. ALWAYS has to have the last word, which SHE claims is being polite. No it’s not! She’s a judgmental pest. As another poster pointed out, she IS acting like a child, by always having to have the final word, as you can clearly see. She believes in Karma, huh? well she better watch her sad behind after her performance here…..
    Well, thanks again!

  139. If both claim to be christians why are you fighting amongst yourselves?
    90 % of USA news is fake news against president Trump. They make up countless lies about him to discredit him. It is wonderful that these students do stand behind the president. If you both do also, do not fight among yourselves. If they did break the rules they did it with good intentions. Stick together! Support each other. The country is divided enough between conservatives and liberals. Please work together! The game is not as important as unity. It is satan who causes division, arguements, strife! God wants christians to love one another and reflect His light, jesus to the rest of the world in love, how can you love the other party, if you have strife within your own party! christians only have Jesus peace when there is no strife! God bless you all! Cb

  140. Kaci, you may have read the Bible, but you in no way have any clue of its meaning. it is all just words to you. Please tell me in a few words why God had it written. You can’t.

  141. Kaci, your ignorance shows every time you post. YES, there are LOTS of places that human beings can be illegally. This country is one of them. We have LAWS for people to come in the right way. MOST of those pouring over our borders are criminals. It is a slap in the face to those who come in here legally. And since you know the Bible so well you know that God is for borders and laws. We have BORDERS for a reason, but it is lost on you.

  142. Connie; What you are failing to grasp is this Kaci person is not a Christian . She is an atheist and has been attacking anyone, by her condescending and snide remarks. So we Christians are not attacking each other. It’s us standing up for our GOD and our faith. I am sick to death of having to hide, thanks to the radical Leftists , forcing us into the shadows and judging us because what we believe. They have removed GOD. But we haven’t. Not to mention, standing up for President Trump. Calling him and his family all sorts of hateful names. What a disgrace!
    I hope this clears up your misconception of what’s been happening. GOD bless!

  143. Kaci, I don’t believe there is a God. I KNOW FOR A FACT that He is there. You can know that, too, but you have chosen to deny Him. That in no way means He is not there. It just means that you refuse to acknowledge Him. You brag about your degrees but you have not applied what you have read. That is on you. There are over two billion people in this world who know what a fool you are. You do not have any qualifications to teach others about God until you have personal experience of who He is. The disciples were qualified. You are not.

  144. The “left” have truly become total left do as I say Communists – & they scare hell out me – Nancy has lost all control of her party!! Trump 2020 – maybe that will shut them all up & they can crawl back into their holes & leave the rest of us alone and make sure you take the piece of trash “aoc” with you she is the worst of the bunch along with the other 3 pieces of garbage.

  145. Kaci, ????????????????? I believe that Pres. Trump is a Christian???? NO, I do not. I know that you have no clue, but a Christian is someone who has come to Jesus and repented and accepted Him as their Savior. Pres. Trump has not done that yet. I pray for him every day. And I voted for him because he is FAR BETTER than the alternative. He was not my choice, but he was what we had. Hillary was what YOU had. Hillary has been extremely corrupt for many years and lies every time she opens her mouth She hates everything this country stands for and would have continued Obama’s sick destruction of this country. The whole dem party has become deranged. They have thrown reason to the wind and embrace hate and lies. They want nothing to do with decency or what our founding fathers left us. Ben Franklin said that we have a Republic if we can keep it. Dems have no intention of keeping it or any semblance of what we are. But just keep denying the truth. You are very sad .

  146. Kaci, it doesn’t matter what you believe. You are very foolish. FACTS are FACTS. You can deny FACTS but that makes you the fool that you are. God is a FACT. You would KNOW that if you had a personal relationship with Jesus as over two billion people on this earth do. When you come to Jesus and repent and accept Him as the Lord of your life, get back to us. Until then you are clueless.

  147. Kaci, peace is what we will have when Jesus returns. Until then, there will be no peace. satan is gaining ever more ground and he will take as many into his army as he can. It will only get worse, but you should know that since you know the Bible so well.

  148. Connie, Yes, satan is causing all the division, chaos, hate, and strife that he can. There is a battle between satan and his army and God and His army. satan has the democrat party (who has thrown God out), atheists, communists, muslims, and all others who reject God in his army. It is going to get very nasty before Jesus returns to rescue us. But yes, we need to love and help each other and help as many as we can find their way to Jesus. We need to stand our ground for Jesus against the hatred and chaos satan is causing. He cannot win. We know how it ends.

  149. Connie; It’s fine. I just didn’t want you to get the wrong idea about what’s been going on.
    GOD bless and have a blessed day!

  150. Kaaci, When you were a Christian???? Really????? You have no clue. A Christian is someone who comes to Jesus and repents and accepts Him as their Savior. It is a personal relationship and is everlasting. Once you belong to Him it is forever. He will NEVER turn His back on you. His love is true and He died and went to hell for you. So it is very obvious that either you were never saved in the first place or if you were, you have strayed and you will find your way back to Him. NO SUCH THING as WERE a Christian. Guess you don’t know the Bible so well after all.

  151. bj: Your god didn’t write the bible, man wrote the bible for the same reason they invented your god, to control the masses.

  152. Come on Kaci, you know as well as I do that there is a plethora of unbiblical sources that record not only His existence but also His crucifixion. That’s not like you to put something that elementary out there.

  153. Mary Ann Hewitt; It’s sad to say but you should be scared . The Leftists and their followers are insane and what’s been happening because of them is a total disgrace to this great nation! For the past 3 years, ALL they have done was waste the taxpayers money on their constant witch hunts. Which another one is going on right now. I have NEVER witnessed such disrespect shown to any other sitting president that’s has been shown to Trump. The Leftists have completely ignored all the corruption, treason, and totally inappropriate behavior committed while Clinton and Obama was in office. They just brushed all those abominations under the rug. But because Hillary wasn’t elected ,they have made it their ONE mission to totally destroy Trump and the whole Republican party! They are the Nazi party that is pushing for a NWO. And will not rest until this happens. Our only hope is to have the lot of them is voted out and hopefully we can regain our country and it’s values again. Keep the faith Mary and Trump 2020!!

  154. bj: No human being is illegal. What they do can be illegal, but humans are not illegal. It is very sad that you would say something like that about another human being. Just shows that you do not follow the words of Jesus or your god.

    You talk about law, but there was also a law about slavery. It was even in the bible, yet we changed those laws. Ungodly laws can be changed and you should fight to do what is right.

    Let’s look at what your god and Jesus said about immigrants, borders and laws.

    Deuteronomy 10:17-19
    “For the Lord, your God is the God of gods and Lord of lords. He is the great God, the mighty and awesome God, who shows no partiality and cannot be bribed. He ensures that orphans and widows receive justice. He shows love to the foreigners living among you and gives them food and clothing. So you, too, must show love to foreigners, for you yourselves were once foreigners in the land of Egypt.

    Hebrews 13.2
    Don’t forget to show hospitality to strangers, for some who have done this have entertained angels without realizing it!

    Matthew 25:31-33
    “But when the Son of Man comes in his glory, and all the angels with him, then he will sit upon his glorious throne. All the nations will be gathered in his presence, and he will separate the people as a shepherd separates the sheep from the goats. He will place the sheep at his right hand and the goats at his left…

    Matthew 25:41-46
    “Then the King will turn to those on the left and say, ‘Away with you, you cursed ones, into the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his demons. For I was hungry, and you didn’t feed me. I was thirsty, and you didn’t give me a drink. I was a stranger, and you didn’t invite me into your home. I was naked, and you didn’t give me clothing. I was sick and in prison, and you didn’t visit me.’
    “Then they will reply, ‘Lord, when did we ever see you hungry or thirsty or a stranger or naked or sick or in prison, and not help you?’
    “And he will answer, ‘I tell you the truth when you refused to help the least of these my brothers and sisters, you were refusing to help me.’
    “And they will go away into eternal punishment, but the righteous will go into eternal life.”

    Revelation 21.23-25
    And the city has no need of sun or moon, for the glory of God illuminates the city, and the Lamb is its light. The nations will walk in its light, and the kings of the world will enter the city in all their glory. Its gates will never be closed at the end of day because there is no night there.

    Food for thought:
    Helping people is not breaking the law. We can be friends to sojourners in our foreign land. Why? Because Jesus was first a friend to us, and because we know what it’s like to be sojourners: strangers and exiles on this earth, temporary residents in a world that will be no one’s permanent home.

  155. Connie: A bit about myself. I was a Christian. I was a Sunday school teacher for years. I went to college, received a bachelor’s degree in Ministry and taught in many churches throughout my years, but then I became an atheist. I no longer believe in a god, but that doesn’t make me automatically forget all my ministry education. I am not here to convert anyone (nor do I want to be converted back again). I am here with open thought to learn, teach and grow. I do not own a tv and I do not go see movies. I read, a lot. I like to see all angles of a debate. I like to debate but I don’t like personal attacks. I do react to other peoples attack on me, however. I do not call anyone names, though I am not given the same courtesy by a lot of people here. I am not here for malice, regardless of what others might think. They are threatened by my lack of belief in what they believe. What confuses me is if their faith was so strong, why would they see me as a threat? I support other people’s beliefs, no matter what they are. I support what religion or non-religion makes that person happy.

    So this is my side of the story. How you treat me going forward is up to you.

  156. bj: I really hate to disagree with you, but you cannot know “for a fact” that there is a god. Your belief is based on faith. That is what Christianity is all about.

    2 Corinthians 5:7
    For we live by faith, not by sight.

    What my beliefs are or are not are irrelevant to this debate. We are discussing the cheerleaders and their lack of obedience to a law from their school.

  157. bj: I have this strange feeling that you are not secure in your faith so you want to take it out on me. I am not the enemy. I may not believe everything you believe in, but there are more similarities then there are differences.

  158. bj: My bachelor’s degree, years of teaching and being sought after is all the proof I need to know that you are just threatened by my presence. You would rather me go away than have an honest debate about anything. Which is very sad.

  159. bj: You must think that I changed my views at the drop of a hat. I carefully researched for a few years before I formally announced my discussion to become an atheist. The answer to your question is yes, I did. But that is all I will reveal about my belief. It is off-topic.

  160. Jim Tierney: No, there isn’t. There is no scientific proof that there was a man named Jesus walked this earth and was crucified. Now there is proof of many, many people being crucified, but no proof of “Jesus”. I am not trying to change your views and if that is what you believe, then great. But keep facts and faith separate, please.

  161. Gee Staci Stahl you said you believe in Karma, is that not a belief in something, so then you are not a true atheist for a true atheist believes in nothing, correct? My name is Paul Ulrich, I am a Born again believer, also a Viet Nam Vet with some P.T.S.D. also a widower married to another Born again believer. I will spend some tome to support my view that Jesus Christ was a real person, and was crucified an the cross as there is historical evidence that this did in deed happen and not just in the Bible. Even though the Bible is a very accurate history book as it does not say once upon a time but does state times,places,dates that things happened with peoples names including political systems, etc. I hope you get the drift but probable will give me some sort of absurd repley??? OH p.s. I am also a college grad., several professional licenses which I have let lapse since retiring. I will not comment on the cheerleaders issue as I feel way too much has been spewed out on that subject already from not just From you Kaci Stahl but eveyone.

  162. Poor Betty….you are so far beyond just stupid… you’re willfully ignorant, and since you seem to have no problem listing the faults of others… here’s one of yours….you’re a piece of shist!

  163. Wow “Kaci”….you are quite the “scholar, and well versed…on pretty much everything! Except that there’s no continuity, logic, reasoning, or rationale to most of the garbage you spew! But hey, keep trying…we could all use the good laughs that come with your nonsensical ramblings!

  164. Actually I don’t believe Kacie was ever a true believer. She, in all probability, believed in her mind but not in her heart. Mental ascent does not cut it. That’s why she was able to “walk away”. The Word says that “If you believe in your heart….” I know this because I believed only in my mind for years so I speak from experience. Kacie, I have only one last thing to say to you as we have debated before, when you see believers both dead and alive being taken to heaven you will know you’re in for the rest of the tribulation. You will still be able to be saved but it will cost you your life. Best of luck

  165. Paul A.Ulrich: You are wrong about the definition of atheist and karma. One can believe in karma and still not believe in a god.

    a person who disbelieves or lacks belief in the existence of God or gods.

    the sum of a person’s actions in this and previous states of existence viewed as deciding their fate in future existences.

  166. Jim Tierney: Glad to know that you know what was in my heart without even knowing me. Can you give me the lottery numbers as well?

  167. Yes, the history in the Bible is very accurate, as is the science. And speaking of dates, Jesus’ birth divides B.C. and A.D. That alone is proof that He was here.

  168. Oh, really??? That is all you have to say??? What I said is TRUTH. You obviously were never a Christian. You gave yourself away and have no defense against the truth. Have you done the research yet?

  169. bj: Asked and answered.

    Kaci Stahl September 26, 2019 at 12:36 pm
    bj: You must think that I changed my views at the drop of a hat. I carefully researched for a few years before I formally announced my discussion to become an atheist. The answer to your question is yes, I did. But that is all I will reveal about my belief. It is off-topic.

  170. bj: You can’t use the bible to prove the bible. It doesn’t work that way. That is like saying that “Green Ham & Eggs” is true because it says it is and it goes to all different places.

  171. bj: Consider Satan as an example — would you consider him to be an ex-Christian? Your bible claims that he knows god intimately, that he walked with god, that he communes with god. He was once the highest of all angels — was he a True Christian then? Is he still one now, or do you need to retune your claim?

  172. Kaci….????????????????? BC and AD are NOT in the Bible!!!!!! They are how we divide time. And check the history and science in the Bible against history and science. Are you really that ignorant?????

  173. Kaci, you are very confused as to what a Christian is. That is very obvious. A Christian is someone who has come to Jesus and repented and accepted Him as their Savor and will spend eternity with Him in Heaven. They are His forever. THAT is a fact. It is what a Christian is. A Christian CANNOT become unsaved. Once you belong to Jesus you will ALWAYS belong to Him. HUH???? Your ignorance is profound!!!! satan was NEVER a Christian. He was a angel, which has nothing at all to do with us. We are an entirely different creation from the angels. He tried to take over Heaven and was cast out by God along with all of the other angels who followed him, which are demons. They will all be cast into Hell for eternity along with anyone here on earth that follows them. satan has you very confused. That is what satan does. He will create as much confusion, hate, and chaos as he can. It is very obvious that you really have no concept at all of what the Bible teaches. Get a study Bible and study it. You come here and try to tell us who know better what the Bible teaches, but you really have no clue. You missed the MOST IMPORTANT part. You never applied what you read, so it is all just a bunch of words to you.

  174. Kaci, it is YOU who comes on here and tries to tell us how to believe. No one is forcing you to come here. This is a conservative Christian site and you have no clue of either one.

  175. Jim, you are right of course. I told her to do the research, but she refuses to check out anything that is the truth. She just blindly believes the lies of satan.

  176. Kaci, HUH???? Scientific proof??? Really??? Your ignorance is unbelievable. Check HISTORY, not science. There is HISTORICAL proof that Jesus was here. THAT is a FACT. But you refuse to read anything that does not fit what YOU believe. History is history. It is fact. If you want to deny history, that proves you to be a fool. YOU ARE AFRAID OF THE TRUTH. Why??? Are you afraid it might prove you wrong?? satan has you very brainwashed. sad

  177. Kaci, HUH????????????????????????? You have absolutely NO CLUE about me. I have no party!!! I am INDEPENDENT!!!! I do not vote party. I vote for the best person for the job. And it is very clear that is NOT A DEMOCRAT!!! JFK would not be allowed in the Dem party today. They have thrown out everything they once stood for. They are deranged and have nothing but hate and lies. They cannot stand anyone who does not agree with their sick agenda. They hate this country and everything it stands for and our Constitution. Open your willfully blind eyes and see them for what they are. I used to vote dem but NO MORE!!!!!!

  178. William, actually he is probably right about the civil war. It is probably the only thing that will cleanse this country of those who hate everything we stand for. The deranged dems want to totally take over our government and they must not be allowed to do so.

  179. Kaci, you have no clue. You come on here and prove your ignorance every time you post. Yes, men wrote the Bible, but they did it at GOD’s direction. God told them what to write. If you actually bothered to study it you would know how wrong you are. Please explain how that EVERY SINGLE prediction made in the OT about the birth of Jesus came true even though it was written over 700 years BEFORE He was born. Please explain how we know when the NT was written. Please explain how the science and history in the Bible are accurate and science is now proving the truth of what is written. I could go on and on, but you have closed your eyes and mind to the truth. Control the masses? Really??? God gives us free will. And Jesus will NEVER force Himself on us. You just keep coming on here and doing satan’s work…trying to convince us there is no God. But that is impossible. Once you belong to Jesus you know that He will always be there for you. We know the truth that you deny.

  180. Kaci, your degrees will not mean a thing when it is your turn to stand before Jesus to be judged and they will not mean a thing in hell. A piece of paper vs. what is in your heart. God only cares about what is in your heart.

  181. BJ: The Anno Domini dating system was devised in 525 by Dionysius Exiguus. His system was to replace the Diocletian era that had been used because he did not wish to continue the memory of a tyrant who persecuted Christians.

    BC and AD aren’t proof that Jesus existed, just proof that Dionysius Exiguus believed he did. That is not the same thing.

  182. bj: Actually truth is what I hold on to the tightest. Where you hold onto your salvation, I hold onto what is the actual truth. Things that can scientifically be proven.

  183. bj: Why do you continue to ignore the facts that I have researched Christianity, god and Jesus for a couple of years before I became an atheist?

  184. bj: I am so very sorry to say that no, there is no definitive physical or archaeological evidence of the existence of Jesus.

  185. bj: Why do you care about what I believe or don’t believe? Isn’t the mere thought of me spending eternity in hell good enough for you?

  186. Kaci, you come here because satan sent you here. You believe his lies. God is very real. That is a fact. You have no clue because you have rejected God and have no concept of His great love and sacrifice. You can deny truth but that does not change it. You are just a pawn for satan.

  187. Kaci, no, you come here to try and tell us that God is not there. You can teach us NOTHING at all. We know the truth that you deny. And you REFUSE to learn anything. And you sure don’t debate. It is what YOU think or nothing. You are just a pawn of satan, who will cause as much confusion and chaos as he can. Even satan knows that God is very real. It is impossible to tell a Christian that God does not exist. We know that He is there. You have no concept of who He is.

  188. God gave us science to study His wondrous creation. He also gave you the knowledge for it. Science is proving the truth of the Bible. But you deny the truth.

  189. Kaci, it is YOU who is very sad. Your bachelor’s degee means NOTHING AT ALL. You have not applied what you read. THAT means everything. God does not care about your degree and it will not get you into Heaven. ALL who have been saved and know they will spend eternity in Heaven do not care one bit about your degree. We have the proof that you deny. NO!!!!!! I am not one bit threatened by you. YOU are a fool!!!! I couldn’t care less if you want to join satan in Hell. That is where you will go if you reject God. I won’t have to deal with you.

  190. I am very secure. I have done what you refuse to do. You have the same chance as everyone else to come to Jesus and be saved. You get to choose Jesus or satan. You have chosen satan.

  191. bj: That’s different. Wouldn’t a plant try to convert you all into becoming atheists as well? I have refused to tell the story/reason for my disbelief for that exact reason. I don’t want to convert anyone. My path is my own, but I support your paths totally. Think of me how you will, but know that I come here with no malice, no plan, just honest debates.

  192. bj: As soon as I see scientific proof of god’s existence or evidence of Jesus, I will reconsider my position. Until then, my belief stands.

  193. bj: Psst, you have to believe in god to believe in Satan. I believe in no gods, no religion at all, that includes not believing in Satan.

  194. bj; Stop debating with her. She is not worth it. Like I stated, she is always right (so she thinks) and always has to have the last word. But she is also a liar. She made a reference to the church lady from SNL. But she also stated she doesn’t have a TV. So how would she know about the show? I know she will come back with another of her stories to cover up that lie too. But who cares. She” claims” she came here without malice , but to teach(more like lecture) and have honest debates. We all saw how that worked out. That other poster was correct. Just ignore her. That’s what everyone SHOULD have
    done. I have a life as I’m sure you do. But that one. ..Who really cares if she chooses to be an atheist . That is her choice. Like Jim T. pointed out, she couldn’t have been a real Christian to begin with. You know when you have truly accepted Christ as your personal savior in your heart and soul. And no matter what happens in your life, it stays with you. But I find so disturbing about her is that she uses the bible as a weapon. Not as a guide. So what does that say about her? Let her rant. Her opinions mean nothing.

  195. vee: I never said that I never have watched tv in the past. I said that I don’t own a TV set and I don’t go to movies. By the way, SNL Church Lady is from the 80s.

    If you are going to quote me, then quote the WHOLE sentence. I stated I came here without malice to LEARN, teach and debate. You left that first word out to fit your narrative. Wouldn’t that make you the liar?

    It is called free will. When I became a Christian and when I decided to no longer believe in it. Both were my choice and both done with free will. Unless you believe that after you become a Christian that you no longer have free will, one can become an ex-Christian.

    If the bible is “truth” and written by god, then how could it be used as a weapon?

  196. kaci ;Why are YOU answering a comment I made to bj.? I wasn’t addressing you. Always looking for a fight aren’t you.? Not interested in any more of your lies, thank you.

  197. vee: For the same reason that you have answered a comment that I have made to someone else. This is a discussion board, not a personal message board. All comments are open for anyone to comment on. But you knew that, so wouldn’t that make you the liar?

  198. While the school board is part of the local government they cannot trump the 1st Amendment. The school board did NOT endorse a political party, the individual students did.

  199. Actually it would depend on a person “on fire”. I can probably come up with a list of at least 100 people for which I would agree with that statement.

  200. Parduc: The cheerleaders were in uniform, they were acting as representatives of the school and they were on school grounds. They were not stopped in exercising their 1st Amendment rights, they were stopped in doing so on school grounds and in school uniforms (outfits). They can show their political support off school grounds and without the school outfits. Thus not violating the Hatch Act.

  201. Parduc: With that logic if you belong to any of the following groups: anti-slavery, anti-choice, anti-Semitism, anti-rape, anti-child abuse, anti-domestic violence, anti-satanism then you are a part of a hate group.

    In your own link, white supremacists were called out 9 times, but antifa was only mentioned once as someone who “claimed” to be a connected to antifa. Not that same thing.

    “anarchist claiming affiliation with the “antifa” movement ”

  202. Parduc: What kind of person wouldn’t put out another human being that was on fire? Where is your compassion, your morals?

  203. Politics does not necessary has to involve a certain party. The subject cheerleaders celebrated the president, not a party. Your favourite LGBTQ groups meddle in politics all the time. When Pelosi replaced the Veterans flag with the gay flag, it was politics.

  204. anti = opposing to or hostile to.
    Yes, the logic is clear: anti = hate.
    Antifa = hate fascists, anti-abortionist = hate abortionists, anti-slavery = hate slavery, and so on. If you belong to an anti group, you hate a group of people regardless of their actual guilt.
    And yes, WE ALL belong to a hate group or two, no need denying.

  205. Parduc: You are talking apples and oranges. You have a school, having a party, on school property with the cheerleaders in school outfits, representing their school. None of these things can promote a single political candidate, even if it is the president. If they do, they are breaking the law.

    If students want to celebrate the president, then it has to be off school property and they cannot wear anything representing their school, i.e. cheerleader outfits, school colors, etc.

    All different groups can “meddle” in politics as long as they are not representing a government, they are not on duty at a government job or is not done at their government workplace.

    Hanging a “gay” flag is not a violation of the Hatch Act.

  206. Parduc: Anti doesn’t mean hate.

    Oxford definition of the word “anti”:

    opposed to; against.
    “I’m anti the abuse of drink and the hassle that it causes”

    “neither side in the debate, whether anti or pro, has offered a particularly convincing case”

    a person opposed to a particular policy, activity, or idea.
    “a shadow army of antis who endanger your sport”

    To be anti is to be opposed to or against something, like an action, political party, or government.

    Definition of hate:

    feel intense or passionate dislike for (someone).
    “the boys hate each other”

    intense or passionate dislike.
    “feelings of hate and revenge”

  207. Parduc:

    Oxford definition of the word “anti”:

    opposed to; against.
    “I’m anti the abuse of drink and the hassle that it causes”

    “neither side in the debate, whether anti or pro, has offered a particularly convincing case”

    a person opposed to a particular policy, activity, or idea.
    “a shadow army of antis who endanger your sport”

    To be anti is to be opposed to or against something, like an action, political party, or government.

    Definition of hate:

    feel intense or passionate dislike for (someone).
    “the boys hate each other”

    intense or passionate dislike.
    “feelings of hate and revenge”

  208. Linda you forgot one of the things that they really hate more than most of the other crap they hate and that’s the Bible and the people who follow it. Nancy piglosi is one of the worst she loves to quote the Bible but either misapplies the quote or rewords it to fit her narrative. None of the dims care about it they pretend to care and claim to be Christian when they know right out they’re not and they despise it and everyone else who believes in God.

  209. Hi Linda I want to apologize I named you in a comment and it was supposed to be Betty the street corner hustler. I’m truly sorry for the mistake.

  210. And obozo laughed at the Constitution so now all the dingbat dims think it’s their job to read the Constitution as they see fit. In other words they twist it on a daily basis and only adhere to it if it’s in their favor otherwise they don’t like it and don’t want it. Thanks for your service brother and a long past due welcome home.

  211. Fyi they didn’t do it in the stadium and didn’t do it in front of other people only their group. Stop being such an ass they’re kids and didn’t break the law. It sounds like you have a problem with kids having fun and supporting their President. Kaci you need to go take your meds before you start running around acting like a chicken again and those guys in the white jackets come looking for you again.

  212. Exactly they celebrated a person not a political party and weren’t asking anyone to vote for him. They weren’t even out in front of people they were basically alone in an area outside of the stadium. The left looks for things to whine and cry about.

  213. Munge: Looks like you need to learn to read. The following paragraph was taking directly from the above article.

    “High school cheerleaders at North Carolina’s North Stanly High were punished for displaying a pro-Trump banner at a football game.”

    That implies that they did both, displayed the banner to the crowd and did it in the school stadium. Both were violations of school policies. Or are you against following rules?

  214. Munge: What the did was in violation of school policies. There is no getting around it. Throw your little tantrum all you want, they still broke school rules and were punished for it. They need to learn to follow rules and you need to be the adult.

  215. Bless these girls teen hearts. They are beautiful young girls who don’t care what adult democrats say. These will be the women of the future so democrats can’t destroy our youth with their nasty lies. Real people see what the democrats are doing to our society and even teenagers can see it more readily than their parents can. I applaud this schools youth for their stand on the first and second ammendment. May the people who put them down reep many damnations from God in the future. Trump 20/20!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  216. betty you are truly an insane MORON!!! Go show your hatred somewhere else. People like you will get yours soon enough.

  217. viet vet if your comment was directed at Linda M then you are a MORON & don’t believe you ever wore the uniform. Would love to meet you on the street!!!

  218. betty you should be ashamed of that mouth!!! I’m sure your parents are ashamed of the evil being you have turned out to be. Haven’t you read all the negative comments about you?

  219. pat ty. Read Your Above Posted Message & In The Last Sentence, The Word Is “REAP”, Not “REEP” Like All republican RETARDS, You Cannot Even Spell Correctly! Though Only A republican RETARD Would Be An BUTT KISSING SUPPORTER OF THAT BLOND HAIRED, BRAINLESS OVAL OFFICE ORANGUTAN APE!

  220. I wish I was a “Brain Dead ORANGUTAN APE, That MENTALLY ILL MONKEY” So that I could make billions. By the way, how many millions have you made? Anyhow, the “Brain Dead ORANGUTAN APE, That MENTALLY ILL MONKEY” left office about three years ago.

  221. Not mentioned is who they would be playing. they were all pretty white girls so their team is likely the same but the team they are playing is nit likely to be the same.

  222. Actually if you think about it, if their is a civil war, who will fight for the left? They have big mouths, and have great power behind their computers, but who fights for their rights? They do not join the military, die for their country? That would be us. So if their is a civil war, other than a lot of nasty threats and big talk, what else do they have? Not much do they? The elites and their bratty kids do not join the military, they protest and whine and threaten us with WORDS. Perhaps they should do as they tell us to do and abort their kids, for a better world. I am not normally in favor of abortion but may be convinced of it in this case, for, a better world. Just a thought, not a threat.

  223. They are able to get away with this stuff because there’s no consequences for their actions! I want action. You want action. The only answer is to hang these liberal scum as our Founding Fathers would do if they were here.

  224. Be careful around that “Betty” person. She has been diagnosed, correctly by the way, to be suffering from and is a carrier of, a virulent mental disease …Trump Derangement Syndrome. It can be exceptionally contagious but has been found to be susceptible to treatment with facts and actions.

  225. My highest praise to these young ladies for honoring the PRESIDENT of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Whether you agree with President Trump or not ( and I do ) he is still the COUNTRY’S President
    and deserves;s respect, as is any person holding the highest office of any organization. I salute these young ladies and applaud them for showing honor to OUR PRESIDENT. God Bless THEM and our country.


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