Snowflakes hissed when Mike Pence was invited to this campus and got smacked down by the last person imaginable


Liberals love to go mad over any perceived slight.

Raging in protest over any conservatives on campus is a favorite event in the Left’s daily “Outrage Olympics.”

But their temper tantrum over the Vice President showing up just got them owned by one prominent figure they never saw coming.

America’s colleges are infested with whiney, left-wing student radicals and activist faculty who throw a fit any time they see an opportunity to try and silence conservatives.

Sadly, not even evangelical Christian colleges are immune to the Left’s campaigns to snuff out traditional Christian values and silence conservative voices.

And when Taylor University invited Vice President Mike Pence to speak at their commencement this year, leftists threw a fit, launching a petition.

They wanted the school’s leadership to cave and disinvite Pence.

Student radicals even trotted out for media interviews, attempting to justify their ludicrous attempt to silence the Vice President with scripted statements like how the university “should be ashamed…I am physically shaking…I feel personally attacked.”

Taylor’s leadership rebuked the brat activists stating the school “is an intentional Christian community that strives to encourage positive, respectful and meaningful dialogue.”

The school stood firm saying, “We look forward to hosting the Vice President.”

But Reverend Franklin Graham has had enough of the Left’s despicable culture war tactics.

Graham took to Facebook asking, “What are these people smoking?”

The Christian dignitary, who’s respected nearly universally, then continued the smack down in the most loving way possible stating: “This reminds me of Paul’s words, ‘You foolish Galatians! Who has bewitched you?’”

Christian Headlines reports:

Thousands of students, alumni, and allies of the small evangelical college, Taylor University, are protesting Mike Pence’s May commencement speech at their school.

“Inviting Vice President Pence to Taylor University and giving him a coveted platform for his political views makes our alumni, faculty, staff and current students complicit in the Trump-Pence Administration’s policies, which we believe are not consistent with the Christian ethic of love we hold dear,” a petition read.

Taylor alumnus Alex Hoekstra started it. “As an alumni of Taylor and as a gay man I’m pretty personally injured by the policies of the Trump/Pence administration and I know that a lot of alumni who identify as other minority groups are personally affected by the Trump/Pence administration,” he told Newsweek.

But not all alumni share Hoekstra’s concern. Kevin Holtsberry, another alumnus, shared with Fox & Friends, “The vice president has very orthodox Christian beliefs – very traditional beliefs – that a vast majority of Christians believe. His political views are shared by a large section of America, so it’s not a radical choice, and I think people should be able to engage and disagree with his views and do it in a mature fashion.”

Taylor University leadership is holding firm to its decision despite the backlash.

“Since making the announcement of Vice President Mike Pence’s upcoming commencement speech, we have received feedback from people on either side of the issue. Taylor University is an intentional Christian community that strives to encourage positive, respectful and meaningful dialogue. We look forward to hosting the Vice President next month,” Taylor University spokesman, James Garringer, said in a statement to Fox News.

Franklin Graham was disappointed in the student’s actions. The evangelist took to Facebook to ask, “What are these people smoking?” He continued, “This reminds me of Paul’s words, ‘You foolish Galatians! Who has bewitched you?’ (Galatians 3:1). Vice President Mike Pence recently told CNN that he is ‘a Bible-believing Christian.’ Is that what they are objecting to?”

Many of the students have taken the news personally. According to Fox News, one Taylor grad said the school, “should be ashamed…I am physically shaking…I feel personally attacked.”

This is yet another example of the intolerance of the so-called “tolerant Left.”

Of course, demonstrating love and respect for fellow human beings isn’t at all what the Left wants.

They want to stop any speech they disagree with and they’ll use whatever tactic they can, especially on our college campuses.

They believe it’s their “turf” and that by shutting down actual intellectual debate in America’s colleges, they not only silence conservatives, but also steer the next generation toward their radical ideology.

Leftists have become more and more unhinged since the Trump-Pence ticket took what they thought was Hillary’s or Bernie’s White House in 2016.

Now the Left’s so-called “tolerance” often means outright violence committed against those they disagree with.

But it might be the lesser forms of tyranny being pushed by student radicals, the left-wing faculty, and school administrators in America’s colleges today that are most dangerous.

Left-wing professors spoon feed radical views to impressionable students and coerce those who dare think for themselves into silence by holding grades over their heads.

Radicalized students shout down free thinkers who dare stand up, and college administrators refuse to stop any of it.

In fact, all too often they’re willing accomplices in drowning out conservative thought and undermining America’s students.

That’s not surprising when the vast majority of them leech on the promise of higher education bilking taxpayers and students alike.

Tragically, these supposed educators are turning out not just a generation of snowflakes, but worse: a generation of indentured servants facing decades of student loan payments.

And for all these “educations” are costing, the biggest toll may be that the leftists being radicalized on college campuses are learning how to throw temper tantrums really well, while others are just being taught to shut up and keep their heads down when bullies show up.

The good news is, there are still religious leaders like Franklin Graham inspiring Americans to stand up to bullies.

Likewise, institutions of higher education with leaders who refuse to back down when left-wing activists target campuses and attack Vice President Pence.

What do you think? Are leftists in academia intolerant?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.


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  2. These students are Christian in name only. They and the parents that raised them should hang their heads in shame for their outright bigotry.
    Too many very left leaning liberals are leading our schools of higher learning and their influence is overwhelming the right thinking students of which they have more or less control.

  3. Things need to change if not all your freedom will be gone.
    We have had too many soldiers die for our Freedom.

  4. A “gay man” started the protest….enough said. just another freak sicko looking for attention…he is truly representative of the even sicker democratic party….biggest collection of weirdos this planet has ever seen….and much closer to communism than democracy….and when they fully convert to communism, their own kind will be locked up…touche.

  5. Poor widdle cup cakes. My advice: Go home to mommy and daddy and take up residence in the basement with all of your warm fuzzy stuffed dolls and animals. I’m sure that your pacifiers have missed you. GROW UP FOR CHRIST SAKE. YOUR PATHETIC LIFE HAS JUST STARTED, SO GET OVER IT. QUIT WHINING ABOUT EVERYTHIMG YOU CAN’T CONTROL. FOR ONCE, TRY CONTROLING YOUR ANGER AND SEEK HELP. IT IS YOUR ONLY CHANCE FOR SURVIVAL. Regards, retired engineer, deplorable, Texan, US Navy vet.

  6. There should be cameras aimed at the students and the audience and anyone acting inappropriately Should be ejected and NOT given a degree.

  7. Take a vote to see how many Christians want the Vice President
    To speak at their campus —( match the number of votes up with actual students — voter fraud is common
    Among liberals )
    I’m sure a Christian university would want a Christian speaker ????

  8. In agreement Bob. I think the ability to be civil even when holding different views has been lost, most definitely in the last 10 years. It started long before though. Christ did what He did for all of us. We need to be mindful of the terrible price He paid for our redemption. I praise Him daily.

  9. Having grandchildren in college this line of thinking is shameful. We need to be aware of who are teaching at these colleges. I do not want these professors near our young adults. They are NOT teaching but trying to change our USA.

  10. What a bunch of babies these students are! I have 3 grandnephews who act more maturely than those little snots! All three of them are still babes in arms!

  11. The Colleges should CANCEL every class of every protestor, declare them Persona Non Grata and escort them off Campus.

    Their Tuition should be Forfeit with no refund, same with dorm room expenses.

    ALL Credits be DENIED and Discarded.

    Their personal belongings from their rooms can be picked up curbside across for the Campus in a few days.

  12. these students at this school ARE THE ONLY CHRISTIANS THERE unlike others who decides who is in our LORDS favor and who is not GOD CREATED US all equal even Pence from his younger days

  13. This incivility and intolerance has grown exponentially in the last ten years. We have watched it with weary eyes and it will not end up good for the Nation!

  14. These students should read the definitions for the following words:

    Unfortunately none of the above words are in their vocabulary and therefore they really don’t understand or know how to use them. So very sad for our Country!!!!!

  15. You have the best idea I have heard in a long time. The kids now days rule the home and school as no one DARES TO STOP THEM! The teachers would lose their jobs and soon the schools and colleges will have a very hard time hiring GOOD HONEST TEACHERS that teaches what the colleges says to teach. The cry babies need to go back home and hide under mommy’s skirt .! This is what happens when the kids are not taught to mind what their parents are telling them to do and not cassing back or going in to a pout. Kids now days need to learn that the parents and teachers rule not them the kids. Or the kids will suffer a good hard training even if it means a paddling or a slap across the mouth with out the law interfering

  16. These people spout their dictated talking points but never can give concrete examples. No one has ever explained HOW Trump and Pence are prejudiced or bigoted. What specifically has either one done or said that was bigoted? They shout racism but illegal is not a race. I have never seen nor heard either say anything against gay people so the gay guy who is protesting is just a gullible dupe of the left.

  17. The Christian community is taught to be a loving & tolerant community. We love our neighbors no matter what their personal beliefs. We do not agree with some lifestyle choices, but that will be up to our heavenly father to judge, not us. We can pray for people and share our views, but we should not be haters like the left. We need to be above that.

  18. At Iowa State we took control back in the spring of 1966. The “liberal” rats were protesting the U.S. Military recruiting on campus, and blocking people getting in to apply for jobs (College of Engineering). Our Wrestlers and Football players came in an “un-blocked” the way so they could see the recruiters.

    Too bad taday’s colleges don’t allow the same thing to happen. Now they’re too busy keeping the “snowflakes” from melting. What are they going to do in the real world when the boss yells at them for screwing up a job? Break down and cry?

    Grow a Backbone and work for what you want!!!

  19. Very disturbing to learn of the students protest against this God fearing person: Vice President Mike Pence! Thankfully the administration is not allowing these students to make the decisions for Taylor University! These students are representing the immaturity that some of their age group pose and I will pray they will soon grow up and become rational thinking adults!

  20. it’s not the college’s fault, they invited him. you can’t blame them. it’s some of the students who protested his coming. just because they are going to a christian college doesn’t mean they are christian themselves and clearly they are not. but to lie and say they are shaking in fear is laughable at best. that person should be going to a performing arts school instead majoring in acting.

  21. You, sir, nailed it on the head. And thank you for your selfless service for this nation – including for these brainwashed sheeple. I salute you.

    BTW my dad and several cousins served in the Navy from WWII to Operation Desert Storm. My heartfelt gratitude to them and to you.

  22. That’s if a boss even gives them some kind of chance by hiring them. I’m creating a lovely series of interview questions to weed out the intolerant, selfish, ignorant snowflakes before they get past interview number 1.

  23. Who in the HELL let all the Faggots be in-charge of teaching our students ? These Gay B’stards need to keep their sexual inclinations within their homes ! I don’t care if they are flaming or not … just keep it to themselves !

  24. These snowflakes are free to choose another school or university to go to. I would not consider any of them a Christian. The left have really got a mental problem and they should seek help

  25. Just make sure the Secret Service is there to guard our Vice President and that they make themselves known to the people who attend. I don’t want any harm to come to Vice President Pence or any of his people who may be in attendance. Thanks to all those who welcome the Vice President to speak!

  26. can hardly wait till these snowflakes get out in the world your shaking now you feel wronged and abused just wait till the world starts laughing at you .

  27. They should add a warning sign in application stating “This is a Christian College. If you are offended by any preaching the bible, we suggest you look elsewhere for a college education.”

  28. I think the university should invite the intolerant leftists to attend school somewhere else more suitable to their view like UC Berkley. that goes for faculty members too! If you are probably anti christian like most leftists what are you doing here??

  29. A true end comeing time is here are near the vesals are being open upon the earth and signs are happening need be strong in Christ and stand for Christ and shine our light in Christ love into other as your self a storm is coming and stand in middle eye in Christ

  30. I agree. The Bible is being fulfilled every single day and a lot of people do not see it. Like Matthew 7:22 says – Jesus says to them, “Many will say to me in that day ‘Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works?’ And then will I profess unto them, ‘I never knew you; depart from me, ye that work iniquity.'” One song that I sing in church has the chorus, ♪ ♫”He’s coming soon there’s no doubt, I’m gonna leave this world with a shout. Sins will be gone and things will be right, keep looking up he may come tonight.”♫ ♪

  31. That’s what is wrong with some of the young people today; they’ve become waaaay too dependent on Mommy and Daddy’s money and have no Idea how to budget their money. Shoot! I can remember when I was growing up if we wanted any extra money we had to work for it. If we were going to protest anything the parents would stay back and let the kids work it out. It needs to go back that way. The parents are too scared of their children this day and time. That’s the whole problem right there!

  32. Gays get an extra 10 points with the Democratic Party, but they are not discriminated against by the Republicans as most of them claim. Like the false talking points they keep espousing. Trump has appointed gays. The gays causing all the rift will say that I am wrong. That’s because they only listen to the talking points, but never watch the news and we are not talking about CNN or MSNBC as having any news. Those networks are only about gossip, much like the view. Even if one in their social group is watching the news and has an idea that differs from their narrative, he/she may never let their true feelings known to prevent ire from the others. There is a subset of gays Candice Owens and her gay guest was talking about who has all the same set of principles and values as you and I, except for that one thing…being gay. If you are a gay Republican, I would be happy to have you as a neighbor and not worry about my kids playing outside, but if you are gay and also a Democrat, I may be suspicious of you at the start because I don’t know to what extent you have drank the kool-aid that the mob of Democrats constantly feeds their sheeplets to follow the leader to successfully divide the different groups into hating each other and then accuse the other group of racism.

  33. Viper, I agree on that. There could possibly be students there whose tuition is furnished by left-wing people who want to turn the Christian college students into left-wing robots like all the other colleges. Just a few of them can cause havoc to make it seem like majority opinion. I’m sure that even a Christian College probably has mostly liberal Professors to push the weaker minded people into becoming liberals.

  34. As former Mayor of New York City, Rudy Giuliani says, people will protest know matter what it is, no matter what issue it is or anything to protest about.

  35. Just more liberal lunacy!! As Holy Scripture says, “In the last days, many will fall away from the faith.” First Timothy 4:1

  36. My question is, now that the school leadership has learned that it has an infection, what are they going to do about and to the progressive liberal professors. This represents an internal problem that if they hope to have a good name, worth the cost of the education they are selling, they need to clean house. Don’t worry about their future, there are plenty of state schools that will hire this type of progressive liberal scum.

  37. It’s time to bring back The Draft. These student punks will get an attitude adjustment! There will be times when they will wish they were never born. They will come out glad that they were born in the United States of America! God Bless America!

  38. These kids are too stupid to realize that the dem terrorists want to keep them stupid and brainwashed so they can be controlled easier. They are playing right into their hands. So sad. I dont want these pussies to be the future of this country.

  39. Yes and everyone will face the Lord God, believers or not, the Lord God who knows both sides of every story and doesn’t have to ask anyone’s opinion, knows all, hears all, sees all. And can tell everyone everything we have said, done, etc. God is love and His wrath will come in His timing as hates the sins American’s are tolerating and o.k ing. Romans chapter one start about vs 13 on.. takes care of one. Why happens.

  40. Anna Reminds me symptomatically, of the victim of a kidnapping, held captive for a period of time, fearing fateful tragedy to self or family should escape be attempted, who to survive becomes emotionally compliant to the kidnapper for ultimate personal need, approval, safety, belonging value. These college kids ‘join’ simply for the sake of being part of group thinking, group behavior, are similar in the sense of having allowed themselves to be kidnapped. They are captives of their own inability to think rationally.

  41. If these WHINY IGNORANT snowFLAKES did not want a CHRISTIAN speaker at their graduation then they should NEVER have went to a CHRISTIAN SCHOOL.

  42. If these cowardly “wiffle-balls” that are supposed to be adults feel so humiliated or threatened then they need to have a choice; that is, end your semester here and then go to another university or be expelled for their own good. After all, no one wants to see them faint in the street let alone have a nervous breakdown, do we!

  43. These college kids are pathetically immature philosophically and intellectually. What a disappointment! Suffering from the inevitable consequences of the bad choices they a likely to make will bring them in touch with reality eventually unless mommy or daddy or our government takes pity on them and paves
    the way for them forever and forever and forever……

  44. Sodoma and Gomorrah doesn’t want Mike Pence at the university because they feel uncomfortable with the truth. Ashamed of them.

  45. Are these the same students who attack young people wearing MAGA hats? Are these the same students who march in demonstration or protest? These so-called brave individuals are *afraid* to listen to another point if view? Suddenly they…they…are threatened by another viewpoint…another voice? Grow up. This used to be the America that had free speech…FOR ALL.

  46. Funny how these “kids” think. I was watching a movie the other day (Karate Kid) and Mr Miagi had a line that kind of says it all. He said “no such thing as bad student only bad TEACHER, teacher say student do” Pretty profound for Hollywood.

  47. Well said. As another Navy vet I was going to say would someone from Texas send poor baby Hoekstra a pacifier and a diaper change, please.

  48. Wtf? Are these idiots learning anything but hate and how to throw hissy fits if everything doesn’t go their way? Ummm wake up cry babies Everything in life won’t always go your way, so put your big panties on and act like a civil human being! Boy their parents should be so proud of them “ NOT” I feel bad for the college kids today that are not persuaded by their ignorant leftest instructors, I had a instructor try to persuade me that all white men are bad and pretty much everything bad is the “white mans “ fault! Thank god I was old enough to know better!!! God bless America and our president and Vice President of the United States of America!!

  49. A Christian college is just that-Christian. If the students don’t like it they shouldn’t be there.

  50. In my humble opinion,I feel the students are being taught by non Christian believers in the college they attend.VP Mike Pense should go to that school and teach those students that Christians help each other.Gays belong to this group as individuals not as partners since Christians do not believe in same sex couples(No such thing as Gay Marriage.Its Made up,Not acknowledged by Christianity.LGBTQ have the right to exist with each other but,Not have the same rights as Heteros.

  51. Odd that these freaks who SAY that they’re “physically shaking” and feel “personally attacked” are the first ones to throw a rock at you if you say something they don’t like.
    I’d really like to know how their parents are responding to their kid who now can’t handle anything different in their life.
    Did the parents do this by coddling the little dear with every whim ?
    The school system, who now seems to erase things from our HISTORY they don’t care for ?
    Wait until they go into the real world and tell their boss they need to head for the safe space for a while.
    A few weeks ago, some of these wannabe antifa-types (the supposed “protectors” of these poor, abused snowflakes…) staged a protest.
    Almost all had the standard issue “anarchy” symbol somewhere on their cute ninja pjs.
    I asked a couple of those scrawny teens if they truly believed in anarchy, understand it’s meaning, and if they understood what that would mean.
    Most said a “world without rules”. Well, close enough…
    Looking over to the football tackle-sized men with “red hats” at the sidewalk, told each if that was true, NONE of them would have been there spouting their nonsense, that they’d all probably be dead by now.
    Anarchy would mean ALL participate, it’s not just a thing for this little group of kids in pjs.
    It took some a while to sink in…

  52. Maybe those so called “CHRISTIAN” students aren’t really christian and shouldn’t be allowed in that school

  53. Maybe the little twits will get their comeuppance when they appear before God on Judgment Day. Then their trembling little souls will have something to tremble about.

  54. THIS is a college! I would definitely send my granddaughter to this college! This is where she would get an outstanding education. If only one side of a story is told, nobody will know the full truthuntil it is far to late.

  55. In my opinion, the left-wing response to any conservative student or teacher is a form of bullying. They refuse to debate their viewpoints in a mature manner because evidently they don’t have viable arguments.

  56. James, I was a recruiter of Navy aviation officer pilot program during that time period. The “students for a democratic society used to protest against us frequently. They would take our brochures from the tables in the student center and throw them on the ground, etc. etc. We were under strict orders not to retaliate against the jerks and we just had to stand there until they left. That certainly was not my personality but again we were under strict orders.

  57. The Taylor alumina Hokestra needs to read the New Testament. When asked what God thought of homosexuality Jesus said it is an abomination in the eyes of God. I’m not saying a homosexual can’t be saved, but not a practicing homosexual. No matter what the politically correct say, a person can not flaunt the rules laid down by God and not expect judgement. This goes for those who kill babies claiming it is their right. Jesus loved children, and those that kill them and those that abuse them will have eternity to regret it in the fires of Hell. Don’t tell me that there is no Hell. Jesus mentioned Hell more than he did Heaven, and warned people they did not want to go there. As for me and my family, we will honor God, believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and serve them. Scientist who set out to prove Jesus was a myth became believers after finding there was a positive preponderance of evidence Jesus was in fact a real person, was killed and on the third day rose from the dead. Even before they came to that conclusion, I knew Jesus was exactly who he said he is, the son of God and rose from the death that the Romans visited upon him, and today sits at the right hand of Almighty God, and will again return to earth when the time comes, and the nonbelievers will be judged by their deeds and beliefs. Life on earth is fleeting, but eternity is forever. I do not want to spend eternity in the pit of fire.

  58. Time to take these snooty, whimpy snowflakes out and show them what life is actually about. Time to reinstate the draft for everyone. It all comes back to the parents letting the whinny snowflakes have their own way.

  59. It’s a shame that colleges have become a place of indoctrination rather than a place for higher education. It’s only by the grace of God that keeps me restrained. There are days when I would love too act like them and silence their voices permanently.

  60. The above article is the best example of why I can’t/don’t/ won’t go back to school. I am able to think and evaluate on my own without some bonehead “professor” trying to channel my thinking thru his/her mush mixer. I personally refuse to have boneheads change my thinking for the sake of change, mushy liberal discourse and mushy thinking leaves a lot to be desired.

  61. Psalms 37:1-2 KJV
    Fret not thyself because of evildoers, neither be thou envious against the workers of iniquity.
    For they shall soon be cut down like the grass, and wither as the green herb.

    I keep this posted on the wall at my desk and look at it whenever my blood starts boiling over how stupid these young liberals are!


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