Snitching on businesses and neighbors is becoming a national pastime thanks to these people


The coronavirus has resulted in drastic government crackdowns on freedom under the guise of “flattening the curve.”

Everything from churches to beaches have been closed and social distancing and mask use has become mandatory.

And one ugly result is that snitching on businesses and neighbors has become a national pastime thanks in large part to these two segments of the country.

Everyone has by now likely read or heard about the salon owner in Texas who was jailed for trying to feed her children.

And many watched in horror as the cameras showed a mom being led away in handcuffs for the horrible “crime” of taking her children to the park.

Of course, jaws-dropped nationwide when the Mayor of New York City announced he was going to begin rounding up and arresting Jews.

But the frightening similarities to Nazi Germany and East German Stasi haven’t stopped there.

Because as these types of government overreach become more common place, one thing that can’t be overlooked is the use of neighborhood “snitches” who are notifying law enforcement officials of “violations” to the draconian crackdowns on freedom.

And, to no one’s surprise it turns out Democrats and millennials admit they are far more likely than their elders and Republicans to snitch on neighbors – and even family ­– for violating lockdown commands.

If you saw your neighbor with more than 10 people at his home, or in the yard, in violation of your state’s lockdown orders would you report him or let it go?

This question was recently posed to Americans and pollsters found that more than a third of all Americans would snitch on their neighbor.

The really interesting numbers, however, showed that a strong plurality of Democrats said they would call the cops, while only a minority of Republicans would do so.

The poll also found that liberals and younger Americans were far more likely to report their neighbors than conservatives and older Americans.

A recent poll conducted by highly respected pollster Scott Rasmussen asked participants, “Suppose that, in violation of stay-at-home rules, your neighbor had 15-20 people at their home. Would you report them to the police?”

According to the Rasmussen poll, some 36% of all Americans said they would report their neighbors, with 43% saying they would not.

The poll numbers showed a huge difference between self-described Democrats and Republicans. The Democrats are almost twice as likely to turn in their neighbors with 44% saying they would call the cops, compared to just 25% of Republicans.

And those who say they planned to vote for presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden (likely meaning so-called Never-Trump Republicans too, one would assume) would turn in their neighbors by a margin of 47% to 30%.

Americans who planned to vote for President Donald Trump would not turn in their neighbors to authorities, by a margin of 61% to 24%.

Not surprisingly, the poll showed that the more conservative one is, the less likely one is to turn in a neighbor or family member. While the more liberal, the more likely one is to turn in their friends, family, and neighbors.

The poll also showed that younger Americans, especially those considered millennials were far more likely to snitch than older Americans.

In fact, the poll showed, the older the respondent the less likely to turn in.

That is in large part probably because millennials are less likely to know about the horrors of Nazi Germany and the holocaust than the older respondents.

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  2. I think all this shows is democrats don’t get along with their neighbors.
    Doesn’t surprise me.

  3. These people should be labeled as SOCIAL LIBERAL “NAZI” SYMPATHIZERS, it is also these people who abusers of the “red flag”, UNCONSTITUTIONAL, law where innocent people have lost their lives to “SNITCHERS” AND WEAK MINDED CRYBABIES.

  4. Wait till the government starts to round up them. They will really wail and moan then

  5. We need to go back to “snitches get stitches” unless they are violating someones immediate safety or actually harming someone. Where did these governors get the authority for these orders, I realize they are supposedly falling back on the safety of the population argument , but unless the state is under martial law they have exceeded their authority.. Restaurants and hair and nail salons all fall under Depts. of Health in most states so they may be fair game because of direct human close contact. I am sure there is an army of lawyers gathering clients that know their rights have been violated as their right to life , liberty and the pursuit of happiness have. Why is it mostly democrat run states that are the forefront of these violations but are also the most infected states in the country. Are democrats toxic by nature.

  6. dems are vile and can’t stand anyone who does not agree with their immorality. I am very thankful to live in a state that is not in lockdown. We are opening back up and it’s high time we do

  7. The worst part of this is the scum people that where elected are PUSHING SNITCHING….that is truly disgusting…they MUST BE REMOVED…

  8. As far as I’m concerned. They are no better than the Nazis and should be treated the same. These snitches needs a good beat down. Or like a lot of nazis in WW2; “BANG”. or any commie.

  9. Yes, I am a conservative. I also believe as Jesus told us to, love your neighbor as yourself. Neither are we to judge. Am I without sin? Absolutely not. God will judge each and everyone of us at the appointed time.
    I am 69 years old. I also study history when I a have time. One thing I have learned over time is if we fail to learn from our mistakes, history will repeat itself. Very striking similarities to Nazi Germany. Unfortunately, too many of our millennials are being taught watered down history. The only reason for one to snitch is if a person’s safety is being threatened.

  10. My father ingrained in me to despise thieves, liars and rats.
    Can’t say I’ve never lied.

  11. It’s funny, they’ll “Snitch” on their neighbors for failure to “social distance”, but if yhey sold, and or, used drugs, they would keep their mouth SHUT! I feel like we are living in the early 1940’s and are being ruled by ” Adolf Hitler and the NATZI S.S.”! I live in NYS, so we have “Little Hitler FREDO” as Governor!

  12. No I would not snitch on my neighbors for breaking the stupid social distancing nonsense. They can choose to follow it or not. That is THEIR freedom to do so as it is mine. Our neighbors have been having their family over several times. They are in their 80″ and Mom is going blind and deaf. She should be able to see and hear her kids & grandkids if they choose.

  13. Tar and feather these rail riding snitches. Shave their heads as they did to NAZI sympatherizers during the World War II era.

  14. They don’t use any thought – one man complained that a parent brought a child to the grocery store. Didn’t occur to him that the child who was too young to be left home alone had a parent who was working in a hospital. Or maybe a one parent household. He just felt superior and wanted the parent to be punished. Makes me sick.

  15. I just had a bunch of friends over,had drinks and caught up in my driveway..if the police had shown up,when I was done dealing with them I would be immediately deal with the liberal leftist rat that snitched on me.

  16. Fluffy, dems don’t get along with anyone that does not agree with their sick immorality. They hate the truth and anyone who tells it

  17. Since revised history does not cover any of the atrocities of their heroes, like Hitler, Stalin and Mao, democrats are far more likely to embrace the draconian style of the the SS, KGB and Stassi because they have never been taught what those organizations were really all about. It was about round ups and extermination of all those who did not do what the government ordered them to do or protested in any way. Millennials are going to turn this into a commuist county without knowing a damned thing about the evils that entails.

  18. Tom, you are right on. Millennials are very naïve and have no clue of the truth. They just blindly do the bidding of those who control them and are using them for their evil agenda. They are very dangerous but God is in control and He will take care of all who belong to Him

  19. Snitchers are nosey people that have nothing to do so the watch their neighbors. They can’t mind there own business and will end up being very lonely people because no one will trust them.Funny thing about snitchers is that
    funny thing that snitchers don’t realize is, that when you snitch to someone that person looses all respect for you and will never trust you.

  20. It’s so easy for Democrats and others on the left to brand President Trump as a Nazi because they have no idea what a Nazi is. They are the Nazis and their ignorance is rampant.

    The other day, I was walking my dog and we passed a house that was having a big backyard party. I kept walking. That was their business and nobody else’s. But then, I fit the categories of Conservative and older.

  21. When I was a kid, not requiring papers to travel about the country and not “snitching” on our neighbors to the political police was what set us apart from the Russians and other communist countries. Now I guess these so called “patriots” like the never Trumpers, news media and most of the Democrats allowed to speak on the television or internet think we should be like them. After the revolution they will be tracked down and …

  22. Seems simple to me by the mindset of the typical left, which those followers cling to their every word, playing into the hands of their Dem leaders who say they will give freebies to freeloaders, same as Dems and Dem voters. These freeloaders have a 1 track mind, and that is free anything, and the left plays them right into their heads by hollow promises of freebies. That’s it, the brain of a Dem voter has no further thoughts other then doing the Dem deed of only having to vote them in, and in return the Dem promises them welfare without having even the funding to give these voters what they promise, but Dem politicians call these voters their bread and butter because they allow Dem politicians to grow those rivers of funds they siphon off of all these freebie plans promised, but the funds are not being for the voter, it goes to the corrupt politicians who live off of taxpayers money that they steal at every turn. The voter really gets only the same without change but they cling to every word that comes out of the Demonicrats mouth. You be surprised what a freeloader will do for money or even a bama phone

  23. This sad when the Democrats are telling people to snitch on their neighbors . We are in the United States of America not Nazi Germany . I would not snitch .

  24. This type thing always reminds me of the times of Hitler and neighbors snitching on their neighbors and those neighbors were sent away to those horrible camps. Those people that called in on them didn’t know what kind of hell their neighbors were going through until the war was over and Americans took them to these horrible camps and saw those that they turned in…by pictures I’ve seen , the horror of this reality shook up those that turned them in. People need to remember the past and change it in a good way, instead of letting evil take a hand in things.

  25. I wonder how that phone call would go…Hello, police department? Yes, I’d like to report people not living in fear.

  26. I’m a republican and I would never call and snitch on someone but I would do is go tell them asswipes to get there ass home and stay there

  27. “Everyone has by now likely read or heard about the salon owner in Texas who was jailed for trying to feed her children.”

    No, that is a lie. First she went to jail for Contempt of Court because she tore up the Judges decision, on the front steps of the court house, in front of the media.

    Second, she didn’t need to open her hair place to feed her kids, she is worth a bit over 1.5 MILLION Dollars, another lie from the anti-Americans who are doing their best to keep this darn virus circulating.

    And bj, this has nothing to do with God, or your cult……… (ps, I have a few posts to respond to and I’ll get to yours later).

  28. 19, You have no clue about God. That is very obvious. If you did, you would know that God is in charge and EVERYTHING has to do with Him. You have rejected Him and follow satan. And I don’t belong to a cult, fool. I belong to Jesus, whom I serve. Sorry about you. You will join your master in Hell if you don’t repent

  29. Kevin, yes, this country is very much in danger. satan will do all he can to cause all the chaos and evil that he can. He loves the dem party, as they follow him, and he loves the way they are using the virus to gain control. But Jesus will be victorious. There is no way they can fight God and win. Life is short. All who follow satan will be gone


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